Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 136


Chapter 136 Silence

Zilei Blade Technique!

Before the Dalin Dynasty fell into the Ruins Realm, there was a martial skill in the rivers and lakes. Once it was completed, it would have the unpredictable power of Ghost God.

There are many martial arts sectors, and only the cream of the crop group has such inheritance.

Once it is born, it will definitely attract the coveting of many experts in all corners of the world.

Invisible to ordinary people.


Innate martial arts!

These kinds of martial arts are inspired by Innate Qi, and they can shock Ghost God when they make moves.

Zilei Blade Technique is an Innate martial arts.

Only when one falls into the Ruins Realm and all sentient beings fall, and martial arts no longer have their previous prejudices, will such martial arts be presented for people to practice.

Following the cheat book, Zhou Jia looked contemplative.

He is considering whether to change the cultivation technique he has learned.

There are pros and cons to changing and not changing.

Without changing, the Perfection Realm uses the Lei Axe Technique. His precise control of the Axe Technique can be integrated into the Axe Technique to increase the formidable power.

But how much it can increase is unknown.

Incorporating the axe method of Zilei Blade Technique, it is very likely that it can’t compare to the original Blade Technique, after all, this is the inheritance of a Peak black iron expert.


In a short period of time, Zhou Jia’s martial arts strength will not increase much, and if he uses a knife to fight the enemy, there may be a lot of inconvenience.

The benefits are also obvious.

Zilei Blade Technique is Innate martial arts after all, and it is the inheritance of Peak, once Perfection Great Accomplishment, the power will definitely be stronger than his axe technique.

With the blessing of Tianyingxing’s characteristics, as long as there is enough time, he can repair this Blade Technique to a great Perfection Realm.

Long time.

Zhou Jia shook his head slightly and made a decision.

No change!

If you change the Blade Technique, the combination of the axe and the shield will also be damaged, and the shield technique will also be changed.

The 2nd layer shield can’t be considered brilliant for him today, but no matter what the situation is, you can save your life first.

This is a decision made by weapon attributes.

No matter how good the Blade Technique is, the interception is not as convenient as the shield.

It is not impossible to modify the Blade Technique again.

With a decision, thoughts go up and down in my mind.

The martial skill described in the Purple Thunder Blade Technique, one after another is integrated into the Thunder Axe Technique. This strange and magical experience has been disappeared for a long time.

The Sea of Consciousness light curtain changes with it.

The Thunder Axe is transformed into the Purple Thunder Axe.

Purple Thunder Axe Mastery (2100/6000)

Zhou Jia’s eyes were slightly raised, and his face showed surprise. It should be noted that even if it is the Great Perfection Realm of Thunder Axe, the experience is only 4,000. That’s it.


Proficient at six thousand.

Innate martial arts, really name is not in vain!

He picked up the double-edged axe beside him, and flashed many Blade Technique moves one after another in his mind.

But vaguely, a violent Power of Thunder emerged.

No verification required.

Zhou Jia can be sure that now swinging his axe, his formidable power will definitely be higher than before.

Purple Thunder Axe – Silent Thunder!

The axe blade flickered silently, but there was a long table outside the two zhang in front of him, but suddenly many cracks appeared, and then it collapsed.

It is a hard stone hall wood, which is like rubbing powder.


Already Great Perfection’s 2nd layer shield counter is also integrated with the shield shock, Zhou Jia is too lazy to name it again, and directly calls it the 3rd-layer shield counter.

The defensive power has greatly increased, and there is still a little attacking ability.

day after day.

Time passed slowly.

In an instant, it’s been half a year since I came to Xiaolang Island.




β€œcreak ……creak ……”

It’s raining and sunny .

On the official road full of mud, the dilapidated carriage is slowing down.

The sun is rising.

Chu Hai, who was sixteen years old, waved his long whip and urged the carriage to move forward, wiping the sweat from his forehead from time to time and pouring cold water from the pot.

Going out of the city for ten times, not only is he tired, but the horse is also tired.

Even with the whiplashes, the old horse pulling the cart was still weak, swaying its tail slowly, and stroking its four hooves one step at a time, refusing to exert any force.

“Little Chu.”

In the carriage, a slightly indifferent voice sounded:

“Find a place to rest in front.”

“Yes.” Hearing this, Chu Hai’s eyes lit up and he was in high spirits:

“The main house, there is a tea stall not far ahead, how about we rest there?”


In the carriage, the sound is random.

Arriving at the tea stall, Chu Hai first took a basin of water to wash the old horse pulling the cart, and at the same time took down a piece of grass to feed it.

“You bastard, you only enjoy, and you don’t know whether you are the master or I am the master.”

While complaining and busy, she ordered tea after cleaning up neatly.

The tea stall is simple and simple, with only a straw shed for shade. Under the shed, some coachmen squat by the table, enjoying the coolness and drinking tea.

Foot-picking, snoring, and more.

They are all poor people, and they are not so particular about it.


The carriage curtain was lifted, and one person walked down slowly.

The field was quiet.

The visitor is nearly two meters tall, strong and burly, with dark eyes, and the clothes on his body are of great value.

The appearance is mediocre, but the imposing manner is amazing.

Everyone just glanced at them, then lowered their heads subconsciously, and stopped even whispering.

“The main house.”

Chu Hai was taken aback for a moment, and hurriedly greeted him with a bowl:

“I’ll just take it to the car for you.”

“No need.” Zhou Jia waved his hand and stretched his muscles and bones at will, but it felt like an ominous beast revitalizing his qi and blood, making his breath stagnate, and other people unconsciously retreating where he walked. open.

The huge tea stall is actually an empty space.

“I’m tired after sitting all the way. Come down and do some activities, and bring me a pot of tea.”


Chu Haiying Yes, I diligently wiped the low stool back and forth, and even washed the large bowl used to make tea over and over again, lest it be unclean.

Chu Hai is the grandson of Lao Chu, and he has become Zhou Jia’s coachman. He usually travels between Xiaolang Island and the nearby city.

He is young, his hands and feet are flexible, he has some martial arts skills, and he is a cultivation base Grade 4.

In the ordinary person, it’s not bad.

There are no famous teas at roadside stalls. Fortunately, it is cool and refreshing to relieve the heat. Pedestrians who have been exposed to the scorching sun for a long time need this thing to quench their thirst.


While drinking tea, an exclamation came from a distance.

Someone looked sideways, some remained unmoved, Little Chu was still young and curious, and he immediately looked towards the direction the voice came from.

β€œlittle girl, what are you running for?”

β€œplay with the big brothers!”


It’s a very common scene of hooligans molesting a woman from a good family. The woman being molested looks like she’s dressed, and she should be a nearby commoner. For some reason, she doesn’t have any companions.

A few thugs are not in a hurry to catch up, hehe haha in their mouths, and seems to prefer this kind of cat-and-mouse game.

They held swords in their hands, swung them a few times from time to time, and they didn’t hurt anyone, but they just slashed the woman’s clothes off piece by piece.

In this weather, even a woman is impossible to wear too much.

In just a moment, the pink arms were shaking, the alluring white shadow was visible, and the woman was screaming again and again, frightened and frightened, and the pretty face had already turned pale.

“broad daylight…”

“It’s a servant of the Lu Family.” Someone was about to roar when someone reached out and stopped him, and whispered:

“Forget it, don’t worry about our business, don’t get in trouble.”

“The Lu Family is amazing, isn’t it just a show at the fish shop!”

Someone Indignant, but did not make a move after all.

They are all ordinary people with no background or strength.

There are even some people, their eyes flashing back and forth, looking towards the gangster with eagerness and eagerness, it seems that they want to be replaced.

“bully intolerably!” Chu Hai was young and vigorous, slap the table and stand up when he saw it.

After thinking for a while, he looked towards Zhou Jia and tentatively opened his mouth:


Zhou Jia held up the tea bowl and chuckled when he saw it , nodded:



“It doesn’t look like you are needed anymore.”

“What?” Chu Hai was stunned, and saw a person roaring out not far away, rushing to the gangsters In front of him, fight with him.

The cultivation bases of several people are all three Grade 4, which is not much different.

On the other hand, the man’s martial arts foundation is still solid. After avoiding the weapons of a few people, he counterattacks in an orderly manner, and knocks down people one after another in a short time.

The gangsters fled in a panic, and the woman was rescued.


Chu Hai shouted with excitement:

“The strong man is very capable, but he should have beaten the underdog just now, it can’t be as simple as that Just let them go, or I’m afraid someone will suffer in the future.”

“Little Brother is also good.” The other party is a young brawny man in his early twenties, with strong features, shirtless, facing Chu Hai Yaoyao surrendered:

“If Little Brother hadn’t stood up in anger, Guo would not have the courage to do it.”

“Under Guo Ping, I love to fight injustice!”

“My name is Chu Hai, this is my patriarch…” Chu Hai raised his head and wanted to introduce Zhou Jia, opened his mouth and scratched his head in embarrassment.

In his opinion, the status of the two is too low, and the host family is afraid that they are not interested in getting to know each other.

“Let’s go!”

As expected, Zhou Jia put down the half bowl of tea left and stood up expressionlessly:

“It’s time to go back.”

“Yes, yes.” Chu Hai nodded, moved towards Guo Ping and said hello, made an appointment to meet again at some time, hurriedly poured a sip of herbal tea, and went to lead the horse to tie the carriage.

As for the others at the tea stall.

Everyone looked indifferent.

This world…

Heart-hearted people are always in the minority.




Go to the island and return to the residence.

Put the purchased items in the room where the elixirs are prepared.

Cultivation is the secret medicine needed for the three-element rectification.

Even if the seed is left, there is wealth.

If he wasn’t worried about revealing the secret, he could even sell it.

However, to match the secret medicine with Tie Yuanshen, high-quality ominous beast blood powder is required. The higher the ominous beast grade, the stronger the medicine efficacy of the secret medicine.

There is no such thing.

Normal blood meal is easy to get, but what he needs is different.

In order to match the herbal medicines for several decades, the blood meal purchased by Zhou Jia is made of ominous beast fresh blood refinement after death.

Fortunately, most of these ominous beasts are huge in size and have a lot of blood, so they are not too rare.

As soon as the secret medicine was prepared, a familiar voice came from outside the hospital:

“Junior Brother, Second Senior Brother is back, Dad asked you to meet.”

Second Senior Brother?

Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly.

Second Senior Brother Yuan Xisheng, the only black iron expert in Shan Muhua Disciple.

Cultivation cultivation technique is the divine brilliance of Jinhuang lineage. This technique is passed down from Secret Sect. It pays attention to the three rounds of 7 meridians.

Dark Iron Early-Stage cultivation base.

It is reported that this person is free and easy, handsome and extraordinary, but unfortunately he has been outside and has never seen him.

“Come on!”

complied, Zhou Jia pushed the door and walked out.

After thinking for a while, he picked up the weapon, axe and shield.

It’s been more than half a year since I started, and I saw Second Senior Brother for the first time. I’m afraid that I would inevitably try to test the martial skill, so I can save it and go back again.

speaking of which.

Until today, he has not really played against Hei Tie expert, and he does not know how strong such a powerhouse is.

Outside the hospital.

Shan Zijin is waiting for herself.

She is more aggressive than ever in a strong suit. She has practiced martial arts since childhood, so that she has no fat on her waist and abdomen, her legs are slender and straight, and her body proportions are exaggerated.

The long sword scabbard behind it is simple and simple, and the fierce sword intent is hidden in it.

This is a black iron mysterious soldier.

With this sword in hand, Shan Zijin, who is just entering Grade 8, can even compete with the tenth-grade expert, and will not hurt the foundation like Qian Xiaoyun.

β€œLet’s go!”

Seeing Zhou Jia come out, she is satisfied nodded.

Although this Junior Brother Zhou has a slightly dull temperament, he is polite to her and does not hold his identity because of his age.

For more than half a year, it is not hard work, but it is also respectful.

It’s just too dull.

I spend all day either refining medicine or practicing martial arts in seclusion. I rarely leave the yard, which is very boring.

Not long after the two walked, Zhou Jia noticed something was wrong:

“This doesn’t seem to be the way to the master?”

“en “

Shan Zijinnodded:

“Second Senior Brother went to Jinzhou Senior Brother.”

Zhou Jia subconsciously frowned.

The Jinzhou Senior Brother mentioned by Shan Zijin is Yang Jinzhou, the grandson of the lineage master of Jinhuang, who is arrogant and unhappy for him.

Not only Yang Jinzhou.

Although Xiaolang Island has a small character, it also has a complicated relationship.

At the center of the island, the Yang Family and the Xue Family are entrenched, they inherit the position of the lineage masters of Jinhuang from generation to generation, and they are completely different from others.

The eyes of these people are arrogant and look down on everything, and they even scold others at will, which makes people uncomfortable.

For more than half a year, Zhou Jia never went there unless it was necessary.


Sighed softly, but had no choice but to follow in the footsteps of Shan Zijin and move forward.


A courtyard comes into view.

Surrounded by white walls and covered with black tiles, the courtyard is shaded by green, quiet and elegant.

Only some collisions broke the silence.

A slightly arrogant voice sounded:

“I haven’t seen it for more than a year, Senior Brother Yuan’s Sword Art has grown again, admire, admire!”

“Junior Brother is not bad either.” Another voice was cheerful and cheerful, with a smile:

“Gold Jade, Sky Splitter, Cloud Treading, Junior Brother, these three martial skills have all been accomplished now, if it’s not for this brother. I haven’t been idle for two years, I’m afraid I’m no longer your opponent.”


“Senior Brother, be careful!”

Zhou Jia, Shan Zijin looked at each other and walked towards the place where the voice came from.

(End of this chapter)

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