Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 137


Chapter 137 Heads

Behind the courtyard is a Martial Practice Stage that covers an area of hundreds of square meters.

Several youngsters with extraordinary bearing and luxurious clothes were standing on either side, staring intently at the silhouettes of the two fighting each other in the field.

One of them was dressed up, with a hint of ferocity between his brows.

He fights against the enemy with a pair of fleshy palms. His palms are fierce and sharp, his steps are mysterious, and every move has a kind of dazzling power hidden inside.

Stamped, the hard, rammed ground is like ripples in the water, and the radius is more than 100 meters away.

Even from a distance of tens of meters, the vibration of the ground can be felt.

Raising his hand, the air was torn apart, and the sharp and sharp whistling sound was only the aftermath of the palm wind, the arm was waving, and the wall outside several feet was slightly sunken.

If it is implemented, the rock will also be shattered.

The body is surrounded by more strength, and the body protection energy of the black iron realm can easily smash the steel, just like an ominous beast that wants to eat people.

This person is Yang Jinzhou.

A few years ago, he achieved the realm of black iron and is a well-known figure among the young generation of Yang Family.

His opponent wears black linen robes, with a simple and elegant style, a tall and straight body, handsome facial features, and bright eyes.

In the strong wind howling, this person’s robes flew over, his face was neither too fast nor too slow, he had a free and easy and handsome like a jade tree.

Yuan Xisheng?

He’s forty-fifty years old and doesn’t look at all.

Twenty or thirty would not make people think there is anything wrong.

The temperament is even more extraordinary.

No wonder…

Shan Zijin would say that his Second Senior Brother is suave, very popular with women, through a field of ten thousands flowers , A leaf didn’t touched body characters.

Compared to Yang Jinzhou’s mighty and fierce, Yuan Xisheng held a long sword, and his sword qi was like a drizzle, dancing endlessly in the whistling energy.

Drizzle Sword!

This Sword Art is not one of the three methods of Jinhuang lineage.

When it comes to rank, he is no better than Yang Jinzhou, but Martial Skill and Cultivation Art not only depends on his own strength, but also depends on who is using it.

The drizzle sword is endless, the sword qi seems to be inconspicuous, but it penetrates into the opponent’s gang strength little by little, and the sword qi is soaring, suddenly like a shower.

Change quickly and slowly to gain the upper hand.

On the other hand, Yang Jinzhou’s Heavenly Splitting Hand, which looks fierce, lacks subtlety, and his proficiency is probably not as good as Zhou Jia’s mastery of the Purple Thunder Axe.

This is also normal.

If it is not an extraordinary natural talent, the progress of ordinary people’s martial arts is not as good as that of a soldier.

“Ding ding… dang dang…”

The collision sound is like strong wind and swift rain, and it does not stop for a moment.

Gold Jade is a lineage Peak cultivation technique that is not only powerful, but also the fleshy body can be as strong as Gold Jade after the cultivation base is successful.

Even under the constant collision of the drizzle sword, it will not hurt.

Both of them are black iron experts. When they fight, their strength and speed are astonishing, and their moves are even more mysterious.

Even if you can see clearly, you can’t tell who is stronger and who is weaker.

Only Zhou Jia.

His face remained the same, but his heart could be substituted into it, even dismantling his own moves, and how to deal with it in his own words.

‘If they are on the same cultivation base, without the help of foreign objects, if they simply compete for martial skill moves, these two people are not the enemy of their own hundred moves! ‘

“Junior Brother, you don’t have to worry.” Seeing Zhou Jia’s eyes flashing, Shan Zijin thought he was worried about Yuan Xisheng, and said in a low voice:

“Second Senior Brother can definitely Win!”

“Oh!” Zhou Jia sideways:

“Senior Sister can see who has the upper hand?”

“That’s not it.” Shan Zijin shook his head:

“But I believe that Second Senior Brother will definitely win. He was a few years earlier than Jinzhou Senior Brother, and he has excellent martial arts innate talent.”

“…” Zhou Jia opened his mouth:

“Senior Sister said yes.”

While speaking, he expressed congeals.

It’s almost over.


The sound of the sword murmured softly, Yuan Xi’s body was like lightning, stepping on the lotus flower, and the long sword in his hand pointed out layers of rain, and fell down in an instant.

It’s raining!

Shen Lei!

These two moves are the most ferocious moves of the Drizzle Sword. They are suitable for attacking in one go when you have the upper hand, and can store up the previous strength.

This spare no effort, Yang Jinzhou couldn’t help but shrink his eyes.

Step on the ground, shrink your body, raise your palms against the trend, gather all your strength between your breaths, and your imposing manner will instantly reach Peak under heavy pressure.

Crack the sky!


The energy collided, and Yang Jinzhou’s face flushed red, and he stepped back several steps before he stopped.

Yuan Xisheng’s figure also jumped high, and he rolled in mid-air for several weeks before landing heavily, showing a posture of rising breath.

“Junior Brother is amazing!”

He gave up his hand and said with a smile:

“It seems that today you and I are tied.”

“hmph!” The corners of Yang Jinzhou’s mouth twitched, he knew that the opponent would show mercy in the last blow, otherwise he would definitely lose.

The other party said this to save face for himself, and his face was nodded:

“Senior Brother Sword Art is outstanding, Junior Brother admires it.”

tone barely fell , his face sank suddenly, took two steps together, moved towards the two figures outside the courtyard, and even shouted:

“Who’s there?”

“Give me Get out!”

He was already depressed in his heart, but this time he was angry, and the imposing manner was amazing.

The reason why Zhou Jia and Shan Zijin were not admitted to the hospital was just because they were worried about disturbing other people, but they suffered this unwarranted disaster.

Although Shan Zijin’s cultivation base is not weak, she lacks the experience of fighting with people, so she was frightened by the power and stayed in place for a while.

“Senior Sister, be careful!”

Zhou Jia habitually stood at the back, and this time he stretched out his hand to pull Shan Zijin, the shield behind him fell into his palm, and his body bowed slightly to meet the opponent.

3rd-layer shield against!


With a muffled sound, Zhou Jia’s complexion suddenly changed.

He only felt a terrifying giant force rushing from the shield, his body involuntarily retreated, and two ravines were plowed out of the rocks under his feet.

This strength…

It’s only one point weaker than inciting violence.

And the strength is condensed, completely different from the mortal-level source power, like a steel needle piercing the shield, and then the huge force erupts.

This makes the counter-attack ability of the shield counter-attack nowhere to be used.


He shot down with one palm, but no one was injured. Yang Jinzhou’s anger increased rather than diminished. Even though he had recognized Shan Zijin, he didn’t plan to stop.

“Good boy!”

“A little capable!”

In the roar of anger, his body burst into flames, one hand was like a scythe, and he was as powerful as Mowing the grass, sweeping over where Zhou Jia was, and the wind was howling.


Zhou Jia held a shield and shrank behind him, and was swept away by its blow.

Yang Jinzhou’s strength was unforgiving, his body approached, his fists and palms changed, his body shape rushed from all directions, and different slammed to the shield.


“peng~ peng~!”

Zhou Jia gritted his teeth, defended, and his anger grew even more, but There was little power to fight back under this hurricane attack.

Ordinary rank, black iron, not only the cultivation base has a breakthrough.

It is the evolution of the whole.

Speed, strength, Divine Sense… all climbed more than one step, the key is the change of strength, and the transformation of Innate the day after tomorrow.


Until now, Yuan Xisheng’s scolding arrived slowly.


Zhou Jia rolled over, crashing into a wall, and the attacking sword qi also made Yang Jinzhou stagnate and had to stop.

“Junior Brother Yang, it’s my own.”


Yang Jinzhou looked at it coldly, and then snorted:

“Sneaky, really looking for a fight, teach him a lesson this time and keep his memory long.”

“Yes.” Yuan Xisheng said with a smile:

“Junior Brother said Yes.”

Then looked towards Zhou Jia where he landed:

“Are you all right?”


The bricks and stones flew, and Zhou Jia, who was covered in dust, stepped out slowly, his face was calm and composed, and his breath did not change.

“I’m fine.”


Yuan Xisheng raised an eyebrow.

This Junior Brother seems… unusual.


“Yang Jinzhou is strong and has a deep background, so we can’t afford it.” On the way back, Shan Zijin looked annoyed and comforted Zhou Jia at the same time:



“Junior Brother, don’t be angry, wait until we become a black iron, and then find the place again, when the time comes, he is good-looking!”

“en.” Zhou Jia’s voice was indifferent:

“I understand that my strength is not as good as others, so I have nothing to do.”

“Senior Sister, don’t worry, I’m not the kind of impulsive person, I know I’m not an opponent, and I’m going to smash my head into blood. Flow.”

“Junior Brother is right.” Yuan Xisheng laughed:

“Not to mention Junior Brother, I also need to take care of Yang Family’s face, just get used to it, at The worst is not on the island, what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.”

Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

Yang Jinzhou…

Hei Tie, also merely this!

A cold light flickered in his eyes.

Just now, Yang Jinzhou didn’t rely on the Black Iron Profound Soldier, so his strength should be more than that, and the Xue and Yang families behind him are even more troublesome.

However, after this encounter, he did have some understanding of the black iron realm.

Incitement to violence may not prevent a war.


Fight it!

Zhou Jia clenched his fists, and his heart was undulating with murderous intentions.

“That’s right.”

Shan Zijin opened her mouth and changed the subject:

“Second Senior Brother, you are here to see my father. Is it right?”

“I should meet the Master.” Yuan Xisheng said:

“In addition, the 70th birthday of the uncle is coming soon. I wonder if the Master has time to pass. Or Sister Junior can also go.”

“70th birthday.” Shan Zijin’s beautiful eyes lit up:

“Can I also enter the city?”

“Of course you can.” Yuan Xisheng nodded:

“Junior Sister, you are not too young, and it is time to go out and explore. In fact, the master has already planned this, and this time is just right.”



“Zhou Jia!” Shan Zijin said.

“Junior Brother Zhou.” Yuan Xi said:

“You haven’t met your uncle, have you?”

“Yes.” Zhou Jia nods:

“I’m about to meet.”




Lei Batian’s 70th birthday is approaching, People close to him on Xiaolang Island are preparing, and many people will leave the island to visit at that time.

Before that.

Zhou Jia plans to buy another batch of blood meal.

Compared to the martial skill of the weapon with the characteristics of the hand, Tie Yuanshen and other Body Refinement skills, he mainly relies on the secret medicine to assist Cultivation.

Otherwise, the progress is too slow, and spending a lot of time on cultivation will outweigh the gains.

Therefore, the consumption of medicine ingredients is extremely high.

“Little Chu isn’t here?”

Today’s driver is Chu Hai’s friend Sanshui from his hometown. Sometimes Chu Hai doesn’t have time and will let him drive the car instead of him.

I am used to it.

“en.” Sanshui nodded:

“Brother Hai entered the city temporarily for something, he didn’t know that the master was going to use a car today and couldn’t make it back.”

“Forget it.”

Zhou Jia shook his head. He was also improvised and waved immediately:

“Let’s go!”


The rut, moved towards the city.

After one hour.

Zhou Jia opened his eyes and looked thoughtful:

“Sanshui, hurry up.”


Outside The Sanshui should be, urging the old horse to hurry with the whip.


A few sneaky silhouettes glanced at each other and had to speed up their pace, moving towards the direction of the carriage and running.

Not long.

“Zhou Daxia!”

Near the city gate, a middle-aged man dressed as a steward brought a few people to stop the carriage, moved towards the carriage and bowed respectfully:

“My Gang Lord is asking to see you, I wonder if I can go and talk?”

“Your Gang Lord?”


Management nodded:

“Three Rivers Gang Gang Lord, we had some disputes with the driver next to Zhou Daxia a few days ago, and we hope to see a conclusion.”

In the carriage, Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.

He knew that there were many Great Influences in Shicheng. He had never heard of the name of the Three Rivers Gang. It was obviously a small gang.

There are many such gangs in the city.

Fighting all day long, one will pop up every three or five days, not worth mentioning, and too lazy to remember.

See yourself?

Little Chu?

“Lead the way ahead!” A slightly indifferent voice came from the carriage.

“Yes.” The steward led the way, and the carriage followed.

The entire group came to a restaurant, the first floor of the restaurant had been vacated in advance, and some Three Rivers Gang members were guarding near the restaurant.

Zhou Jia walked off the carriage, a little surprised.

Qi Observation Technique glanced over at a glance, these gang members are not strong, but their behavior is moderate, and they don’t glance around when they see people coming.

It’s more like a man in the military who has been strictly trained.

On the second floor upstairs, there are also several Grade 5 Yi Jin people holding hands, each holding a sword and a soldier, with eyes full of spirit, guarding the upstairs silhouette.

Into the restaurant.

Sit down on the first floor, and immediately several well-dressed young women held wooden boxes in their hands and presented them.

The steward had a flattering smile on his face:

“Be careful, it’s not respectful.”

Speaking, he motioned his subordinates to open the wooden box.

Original stones, secret medicines, gems…

Various treasures come into view, brilliant lights and vibrant colors are fascinating, and the value is not cheap.

Zhou Jia raised his eyes, his expression unchanged:

“What does this mean?”


The steward sighed lightly and said:

“To tell the truth from Zhou Daxia, some time ago, a person named Guo Ping had a dispute with a few people in my gang, and that person started very ruthless, lost my life.”

“Let’s not mention the cause and effect of the matter for the time being, I’m waiting for a foothold in the city, and I can’t take this bad breath, so I found that person to find a way back.”

“I never thought…”

He glanced at Zhou Jia and continued in a low voice:

“Then Guo Ping knew Chu Hai next to Zhou Daxia, and the two fled into Tie Yuan martial. arts hall, for the sake of Zhou Daxia, we will take the initiative to stop.”

“Who knows, Guo Ping will not give up…”


Zhou Jia frowned and interrupted him:

“Where is Little Chu?”

“This…” The manager’s expression changed, seeing Zhou Jia’s gloomy face, he had to Clap your hands lightly.


One person holds a large wooden box on the table.


The lid of the wooden box opened, and inside was a dead head.

(End of this chapter)

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