Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 138


Chapter 138 Seeing Origin Star Again

Chu Hai’s eyes are wide open, his expression is terrifying, and the steel teeth are broken in his mouth Cracked, messy hair, covered in blood.

It can be seen that

He was tortured before he died, and even after he died, there was still anger and unwillingness in his eyes, as if he wanted to eat the living.

A thin layer of something similar to lime powder covered his head, making Little Chu’s complexion slightly pale, and suppressing the faint smell of blood.



Let’s bow first and then soldiers.

Zhou Jia sneered in his heart, this Three Rivers Gang is quite particular about what he does.

He knows Little Chu’s character. He has a righteous heart and a lot of blood, but he is not stupid, and he will not get into trouble on a whim.

It will only show off one’s military strength when it is with you.

The people of the Three Rivers Gang don’t say the reason for the incident, they only say that they are competitive, that they have concluded the cause and effect, and laid out the ending. There must be something to hide from him.

One-sided and untrustworthy.


This is the end of the story, so what’s the use of saying more?

“This is the way of the world.” Zhou Jia’s expression was indifferent, he reached out and stroked Little Chu’s head, helping him brush his messy hair:

“Good people don’t end well, Only the wicked can live long.”

He moved slowly and his posture was casual, but his actions made several people in the field feel chills, and several women stepped back subconsciously.

After all.

Killing is acceptable.

It’s too weird to play with a human head?

“Where’s the body?”

“…” The steward looked embarrassed:


“That’s it! “

Zhou Jia waved his hand gently:

“Whoever killed him, hand over the person, this matter is over.”

He has no intention of pursuing the matter. After that, it doesn’t make sense who is right or wrong, and the attitude of the Three Rivers Gang is barely acceptable.

“Make someone?”

Without waiting for the steward in front of him to speak, the big man who had placed Little Chu’s head in the wooden box before, frowned and said with displeasure on his face:

“Master Zhou, we have given enough sincerity.”

“For this Chu Hai, our Three Rivers Gang has also killed and injured many brothers. He would have killed him a long time ago!”

The steward complexion greatly changed, hurriedly waved his hand, but how could he stop the other party’s words.


Zhou Jia looked thoughtful, reached out and picked up an Originium and played with his fingertips:

“Original stone, yes Good stuff.”

Saying, flicks with the finger.

His movements were random, as if he had not exerted any force, but the Originium was in a flash, crossing two zhangs to the front of the big man.


The big man was well prepared and suddenly drew his sword to block.


The energy exploded, the hundred forged steel knife was actually smashed by the source stone, and there was still enough power to blow the big man into the restaurant and fell to his death on the long street I don’t know.

The body trembled, pale.

Dahan is a Grade 6 expert in the gang, good at using Blade Technique. Although his strength is not Peak in Three Rivers Gang, he is not weak.

This time, so unable to withstand a single blow?

Zhou Jia’s expression was indifferent, as usual.

Now, his cultivation base has reached the middle of Grade 9, and he has a Dragon-Tiger fetus. The grand competition overwhelming majority of Jinli is even stronger than the ten-pin expert.

A trifling Grade 6…

Flicking the dust on his fingertips, he said slowly:

“I was invited to come here, but the host didn’t even face. Is it a bit rude to show a show?”



A crisp high-five came from the second floor.

A group of people walked downstairs slowly, and one of the high-spirited men with a beard on his face tapped his palms and said with a smile:

โ€œDr. As expected of the Disciple of the Jinhuang lineage, the lightning strikes with a flick of the finger, and Tan admires, admires!”

“You are…” Zhou Jia tilted his head.

“Tan Xiong.” The big man said:

“Three Rivers Gang Gang Lord.”

“Tan Gang Lord.” Zhou Jia surrendered:

“There is labor to entertain, you have heard what Zhou said just now, shouldn’t you be embarrassed?”

“This matter is not urgent.” Tan Xiong waved his hand with a bold expression:


“I’ll introduce a friend to Zhou Daxia first.”

Speaking, he stretched out his hand and drew a handsome young Master beside him:

“This is Lin Family Third Young Master, like Young Master.”

“Lin Family?”


There are many families in Shicheng, There are not many black iron experts, and Lin Family is one of them.

pampered young master Lin Yunru is less than twenty years old, with a female appearance, holding a folding fan in his hand, he stepped forward and moved towards Zhou Jia and bowed his hands:

“I have seen Brother Zhou, Yun Ru and Xue Caiyun of Xiaolang Island are quite familiar, I have heard the name of Brother Zhou for a long time, I can see it today, really name is not in vain.”

Damn name is not in vain.

Before he came, he simply didn’t know there was such a character in Jinhuang lineage.


Just now, a Grade 6 was blown away with one blow. This person’s strength is quite good. Why have I never heard of it? This is a bit strange.

“Master Lin Young.” Zhou Jia looked at this person, only to feel that the rouge was too strong:

“You came, but to talk?”

“Not bad.” Lin Yunru held a folding fan and tapped the palm of his hand:

“The so-called enemy should be resolved rather than knotted, but it’s just a coachman. I think Lord Tan Gang has given enough sincerity, so let’s just leave it alone.”

“I wait, I can also have a good relationship!”

“Exactly.” An old man also echoed nodded:

“Old man Lu Sheng, We ordered wine and food upstairs, Zhou Daxia might as well go up and take a seat, let’s talk while drinking and be friends.”

“Uh…” Zhou Jia said with a thoughtful look in his eyes, and said slowly:


“Lin Family.”

“What is it?”


He glanced at everyone in the audience, the soundtrack Disdain:

“What kind of thing, is it worth making friends with me?”

There was silence in the field.

Lin Yunru seemed to have never been bullied like this before, her whole body trembled with anger, and her eyes were filled with tears, as if she was about to cry.


Zhou Jia got up.

Although he is tall, he is nothing in this restaurant.

But as he got up, an invisible power expanded, like a big restaurant for a while, and it couldn’t hold him alone.

Others, breathing is stagnant.

Those weak women were even more frightened and retreated.

“Whose idea?”

Zhou Jia stretched out his hand, moved towards the box with the head, and his voice was cold.

He had no intention of having more troubles today, but the Three Rivers Gang actually failed to appreciate somebody’s kindness, and even delusionally wanted to use Lin Family and Xue Family to oppress him.

Since you can’t tell good from bad, there’s no need to mess with them.

The Lin Family has a black iron expert in charge.

But also…

It’s just a ‘one’ ‘black iron’!

“What do you want to do?” One of the Three Rivers Gang had a chill on his face:

“I’ll be kind enough to invite you over to dinner, don’t…”


Before he could finish his words, there was a roar in the field.

The ground under Zhou Jia’s feet was abruptly sunken, and his figure appeared in front of the speaker at an unimaginable speed, waving one hand lightly.

The person who spoke was body trembled and flew out.

In mid-air, it is already twisted and deformed, and the dead can no longer die.

Zhou Jia stood there with a calm expression, as if he had just chased away a fly.

His attitude also angered others.

“You dare to kill?”


Gangs hang out, and they don’t pay attention to fighting alone. The whole group of Rivers Gang immediately roared and rushed forward.


Zhou Jia hummed lightly and his body shook.

3rd-layer shield against!

Three times of counter-attack, let the energy around him rush about one zhang, like a transparent dome of energy, and bounce those who rushed over.

One person took the opportunity to approach, and before he could swing a knife, he was grabbed by his head, and fiercely moved towards the ground.


Brains burst and blood flew.

Although everyone’s offensive was fierce, it was not worth mentioning in front of Zhou Jia.

Sweet away.

“Zhou Jia!” Tan Xionggang clenched his teeth, eyes wide staring angrily:

“Okay, very good!”

“I was about to ask, Your great move!”

“It’s just you?” Zhou Jia face revealed disdain, and when he stretched out his big hand, the double-edged axe was already in his palm.

Purple Thunder Axe!

The furious thunder!

Perfection Realm’s purple thunder axe method, aroused the surrounding source power agitation, and then a huge thunder came into everyone’s eyes.

The thunder passed away in a flash, but the afterimage was deeply imprinted in my heart.

Last time!



It’s hard to resist!


The rumbling sound echoed in her ears, Lin Yunru only felt her body lighten, and her whole body was swept away by the howling wind.

The scene in front of her made her heart shrink.

A terrifying force erupted from the inside of the restaurant, ripping apart the walls and roof, and countless bricks, tiles and wooden sticks were flying around.

Tables, chairs, benches, wine jars and dishes shattered…

one after another silhouette was swept out by a giant force.

The field was a mess.

As for the location of Three Rivers Gang Gang Lord Tan Xiong, with the thunder falling, the silhouette only lasted for a moment, and then shattered into a blood mist all over the sky.


rumbling sound, echoing in my ears.

The restaurant not long ago had been turned into a rubble. Dozens of people fell on the rubble, screaming in pain.

A tall silhouette standing in the ruins, holding an axe in one hand, glanced coldly at the audience.

No one dared to look at him.

Everyone looked horrified.

Tan Xiong of Grade 9 internal strength was unable to withstand a single blow in front of the opponent, and the others were only swept away by the aftermath, and ended up like this.

I don’t even have the qualifications to be close.

This person…

What is the cultivation base?

Lin Yunru also lowered her head obediently and honestly, not daring to move when the other party’s gaze swept over.

โ€œka-cha, ka-chaโ€ฆโ€

Zhou Jia stepped on the ruins and stopped in front of a terrified Three Rivers Gang:

“Apart from Tan Xiong, who has the final say here?”

He helped everyone trembled and subconsciously moved towards one person.

Vice-Gang Leader Sun Yong cursed in his heart, but he had to stand up tremblingly, not bothering to sweep away the dust on his body, forced a smile and said:

“Dr. It’s…”

He gritted his teeth and said heavily:

“It’s a misunderstanding!”

“Give you two days.” Zhou Jia’s voice was indifferent , didn’t care about the other party’s explanation:

“Hand over the murderer, if you can’t hand it over…”

He glanced at the other party:

“I’ll come Looking for you.”

Sun Yong’s body trembled, with a hint of fear in his eyes.

The one who killed Chu Hai was the brother of the Liu family, the old man of the gang who had followed Tan Xiong from the very beginning, and he belonged to the backbone of the gang.


He turned around abruptly, and the people who moved towards Three Rivers Gang shouted in a hoarse voice:

“Go and catch the Liu family brother for me. Come here, if anyone leaks the rumors and lets them escape, I… I’ll kill him!”

Zhou Jia watched coldly, put away his axe and shield, and waved at the bewildered three in the distance. When the water comes, put away the heads and jewelry in the box.

Then sit on the carriage and leave slowly.


โ€œZhou Jia!โ€

Back to Lin Mansion, Lin Yunru changed into new clothes and let down her long hair, showing her daughterโ€™s home Dressed up, there was no fear in his eyes, but a strong curiosity:

“This person’s strength is too powerful, why do I feel like a black iron expert?”

“He Bo, what do you think?”

“Miss, this child is very good.” He Bo facial expression grave, said:

“The cultivation base may not be considered It’s too high, but the control of Zilei Blade Technique must have reached an extremely realm, otherwise it wouldn’t be like this.”

Zilei Blade Technique, but Innate Martial Skill!

“I can’t believe that Jinhuang lineage has such a character. Although this child is not a black iron, he is definitely not his opponent.”

“It seems that there is another one. This handsome man is about to make a name for himself in Shicheng, and we are no longer qualified to intervene in this matter.”

“So powerful!” “He doesn’t seem to be very old, I wonder if he has a wife?”

“This…” He Bo was stunned for a moment, and then his face was thoughtful:

“Not at all. I can’t think about it, but Miss, this person has a narrow temperament, is very ruthless, and takes people’s lives at every turn, so I’m afraid he’s not a kind person.”

“He Bo, where do you want to go?” Lin Yunru stomped her feet, With a coquettish look on her face:

“I’m just curious.”

But after thinking about it, she blushed again.






In the stone pavilion, Lao Chu knelt down and wept bitterly, Luo Xiuying lowered her head, Zhou Jia lost Hands stand.

โ€œmany thanks, Lord!โ€

Holding the box containing Chu Haiโ€™s head, Old Chu shook his head and kowtowed.

He has more than one grandson, but only Chu Hai likes him.

That tax-free quota also fell on Chu Hai.


“Get up.” Zhou Jia waved, and an invisible force slowly lifted Old Chu up:

“Old Chu, Are you old?”

Old Chu’s body froze, as if he had guessed something, opened his mouth, and said:

“little old man … seventy years this year. There are six.”

“Seventy-six.” Zhou Jia nodded slowly:

“At your age, it’s time to go back to enjoy your old age, and then work in the fields. I am afraid that others will say that I am abusing the elderly.”

He waved his sleeves lightly, and the box containing Originium and jewelry fell beside Lao Chu.

“This is something from the Three Rivers Gang, take it and go home.”

“The Lord’s House!” Lao Chu’s body trembled and raised his head, only to see Zhou Jia’s icy expression, and he couldn’t help but feel despair in his heart.

Then slowly nodded:

“Thank you, Lord!”

“You mentioned earlier that the father of Sanshui can also handle farm work.” Zhou Jia Opening:

“Let him come.”

“Yes!” There was a glimmer of hope in Lao Chu’s eyes, nodded:

“Thank you, Lord!”

He is old and frail, and he doesn’t have many years to live. Except for Chu Hai, everyone in the younger generation is good-for-nothing, and there is no hope in the future.

This time I introduced my work to the Sanshui father, and I can also take care of him, even more how the relationship between the two is good.

At least until I die, when there is no problem.

As for the younger generation…

The things in their hands are enough for family heirlooms!

As for whether he can keep it or not, at his age, he can’t control that much.

Watching Lao Chu leave, Zhou Jia pondered for a moment before looking towards Luo Xiuying:

“Then Guo Ping, is still with you?”

“No. “Luo Xiuying hurriedly shook her head:

“The other day I found out about the situation, so I kicked him out.”

“en.” Zhou Jia nominates:

” I heard that your martial arts hall only accepts children, only the basics, and not much money?”

“Yes.” Luo Xiuying should be:

“Shicheng dragons and snakes mingle, I’m a weak woman, and I’m already satisfied to be able to support my family. I don’t dare to grab the business of another martial arts hall.”

“Not bad.” Zhou Jia showed satisfaction:

“But your own strength is the foundation. In addition to teaching martial arts, don’t forget your own cultivation.”

“I always remember Uncle Zhou’s teachings.”

” Exactly, I’m going to Shicheng too.”

Zhou Jia fluttered his sleeves:


“Yes.” Luo Xiuying responded and hurriedly brought the carriage .

Now she is sixteen years old, but she has matured like a seasoned adult.

Facing Zhou Jia, he also learned to hide his mind.

If Luo Ping sees it, I don’t know if he will feel relieved or sad.

When they came to Shicheng, the two separated, Zhou Jia walked straight to Lei Batian’s residence, and just approached, his footsteps stopped.

Discover the Origin Star!

Discover the Origin Star!

Discover the Origin Star!


(end of this chapter)

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