Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 139


Chapter 139 Longevity

Stone City, dragons and snakes mingle, has many forces.

Similar to the Three Rivers Gang, there will be one in a few days.

And there are very few people who can really gain a firm foothold in Shicheng and can be named.

But no matter how you count it, the Heavenly Tiger gang, founded by Lei Batian several decades ago, must be one of them.

The Thunder House.

The backyard is Lei Batian’s private house, and the front yard is the helm of the Heavenly Tiger gang.

The gate faces south, the stone steps are the 9th layer, and the two Heavenly Tiger stone sculptures weighing dozens of tons stand on both sides.

The vermilion gate has been opened, more than a dozen burly men stand on both sides, and Lei Family Young Master graciously greets them.

Lei Batian’s birthday is approaching, many people came to visit.

The long street in front of the door is full of traffic, people coming, people going, Zhou Jia glanced around and saw a crowd of people, no less than a hundred people.

The source star!


Before he could find the source star, the Sea of Consciousness Apocalypse fell silent, and it seemed that the source star was beyond the sensing distance.

Zhou Jia accelerated under his feet, moved towards the gate of Lei Mansion, and just took two steps, when he was stopped by a voice.

โ€œJunior Brother Zhou!โ€

Yuan Xisheng with a long sword hanging from his waist came from the side and waved with a smile:

โ€œI thought I came by myself. It’s early enough, I didn’t expect Junior Brother to be one step ahead of me, just in time, let’s go to see the master together.”

Speaking, he approached and hugged his shoulders, with a brotherly friendly look.

Zhou Jia stopped, sighing inwardly.

It seems that the source star cannot be found temporarily.

However, this time the source star appears here, most likely on the body of a person who congratulates Lei Batian on his birthday, and he will definitely appear again when his birthday is a few days later.

It was unhurried for a while.

Nowadays, there are so many people, so many people walking back and forth, it is not easy to find them.

“The master has arrived?”


Yuan Xisheng was nodded, and asked casually:

“I heard, the former A few days ago, Junior Brother had an argument with a small gang in the city, and they fought over it?”

“Yes.” Zhou Jia said:

“Three Rivers Gang.”

“I haven’t heard of it.” Yuan Xisheng shook his head:

“It was the Junior Brother who made a name for himself in the first battle, and his anger shook the sky, but it scared a lot of people, and even the uncle asked about it. Your business.”

“Senior Brother is joking.” Zhou Jia’s expression remained unchanged:

“It’s that Tan Xiong is too weak.”

“Who is stronger? Whoever is weaker, obvious at a glance.” Yuan Xisheng chuckled:

“However, after this incident, the name of Junior Brother has also been established in Shicheng, and it will be much more convenient to leave the island and enter the city in the future. .”


He pondered for a while, then said:

“You and I are the same sect senior and junior brothers, we should be close to each other, If you run into trouble, just let me know, and I will do my best to help you settle it.โ€

โ€œmany thanks Senior Brother.โ€

Zhou Jia surrendered.

That’s one of the benefits of backing with Great Influence.

With the background, others will have scruples when they do something.

Yuan Xisheng has a black iron cultivation base, is the Disciple of Jinhuang lineage, and is one of the Heavenly Tiger Gang’s six Great Protectors.

In Shicheng, it belongs to the famous people!

Of course.

He can say such words, not only because of the relationship between the two, but also because of Zhou Jia.

As Yuan Xisheng, when entering and leaving Lei Mansion, he didn’t have to be as troublesome as outsiders, so he said hello and entered the mansion through the side door.

The Lei Mansion is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with gurgling canals. Inside, there are five steps, one scene, ten steps, one change, and pavilions are dotted within a short distance.

The arc of the turret is like a crescent moon, and at the end of the trees, you can see the glazed tile roof, gold and jade in glorious splendor, and there is domineering in the majestic atmosphere.

I don’t know how much manpower and material resources have been spent in such a mansion, let alone how much craftsmanship has been exhausted.

Shan Muhua and Shan Zijin have already entered the government.


A dignified lady in colorful clothes is greeting herself.

The lady is not too young, even with proper maintenance, wrinkles can still be seen between her brows, but her face is not diminished, and her beauty is still the same.

It is Mrs. Lei Yuelong.


โ€œSecond Senior Brother, Junior Brother!โ€

Several people met each other, Shan Muhua also asked about Three Rivers Gang I am also amazed at Zhou Jia’s control over the Zilei Blade Technique.

“Junior Brother!”

While speaking, a loud voice came from outside the door.

The sound comes first before the person arrives.

A few people turned their heads, and saw a big man who was more than two meters tall, with broad shoulders and a back of a tiger and waist of a bear, dressed in purple clothed Chinese clothes, stepping inside.

The big man has bright eyes, three-dimensional facial features, and a majestic temperament. When he steps inside, he instantly attracts all eyes.

It’s Heavenly Tiger helping Gang Lord Lei Batian!

Nicknamed Ray Heavenly Tiger.

But it is said that his opponents call him Thunder Tiger.

Lei Batian was followed by a lot of people, but the moment he appeared, the others naturally became background boards.

No one cares about the people behind him.


It’s the focus of the game!

“Gang Lord!”


Yuan Xisheng and Zhou Jia got up and moved towards the person who came to salute.

Lei Batian is about to turn 70 years old, but he doesn’t look old at all, and no one will believe it if he is forty.

His appearance is not outstanding, but he has been in the top position for a long time, and his power is amazing.

This kind of power is not only a kind of bearing, but also a manifestation of powerful strength. The invisible coercion is naturally released outwards.

Zhou Jia just glanced at the other person one more time and felt heavy breathing, like a mountain on his back, and even his perception of the outside world was quietly shrinking.

It was like a room with a huge ominous beast suddenly appearing.

The space that others can occupy is suddenly compressed.

Zhou Jia’s heart beats.

Not just shocked by the strength of the other party, but…

Original Star!

The Origin Star that was sensed in front of the Lei Mansion before was on Lei Batian’s body.


It should be…

His body!

Zhou Jia’s heart was beating wildly, but he was a little helpless.

With Lei Batian’s cultivation base and strength, even if he has many blessings, it will not take ten or eight years to catch up with him.

And when his cultivation base is enough, he is afraid that the other party is almost dead of old age.

This Origin Star…

In a short time, hopeless!

“Are you the Disciple newly acquired by Junior Brother?” A loud voice brought Zhou Jia back to his senses, and his eyes fell on him if there was any substance.


He cupped one fist in the other hand:

“Junior Zhou Jia, I have seen my master.”

Looking up, the two looked at each other.

An invisible thunder halo staggered in the line of sight, a faint sound of muffled thunder echoed in the field, and the silent discussion was fleeting.

“Haha…” Lei Batian raised his eyebrows and laughed loudly:

“Not bad!”

“You are young enough to be able to Zi Lei Blade Technique has been cultivated to High Level realm, no weaker than I was in the past, youngster, and will have boundless prospects in the future!”

“Master is too famous.” Zhou Jia bowed his head, and couldn’t help but be secretly shocked.

Lei Batian’s real strength, he doesn’t know, but for the control of Zilei Blade Technique, it must be unimaginable realm.

Thunder is born in the eyes, and the mind moves with the law.

He even doubted that even the founder of Zilei Blade Technique, his attainments in this Blade Technique might not be as strong as Lei Batian.

When the other party revealed the true meaning of Blade Technique just now, it was like the True God who controls thunder!

No wonder!

He was able to sit firmly in the position of the three peak experts of the Jinhuang lineage with the cultivation base in the middle of the black iron, alongside Xue and Yang.

“You brat is good.” Lei Batian said:

“Are you interested in helping Heavenly Tiger?”

“Forget it.” Zhou Jia shook his head Decline:

โ€œmany thanks for the love, but Junior is used to being alone, and has been busy with Cultivation recently, so he doesnโ€™t want to indulge in other things.โ€

In a few months , he has ten grades, and then he can apply for the Ultra Grade source material, and then he must be in order to prepare for the breakthrough of the ordinary grade.

I don’t want to waste time.

“Hey!” Lei Batian shook his head with a look of regret:

“Communication with people is also essential, Cultivation also needs to be relaxed and self-cultivation, and finally It can’t be a climate.”

“What your uncle said is.” Shan Muhua nodded echoed:

“Speaking of which, Zhou Jia, you have been on the island for more than half a year, and you have been in seclusion all day. , I hardly go out to communicate with people, which is not good for Cultivation.”

“Since Senior Brother is interested, you might as well take a part-time job at Heavenly Tiger, thinking that Senior Brother will not arrange troublesome errands for you. “

“Let’s talk about…”

He paused, gasping for breath, and when he recovered, he said:

“Follow your teacher Beside Bo, if there is anything you don’t understand about Zilei Blade Technique, you can ask for advice at any time, which is much more convenient.”

“Not bad.” Lei Batian nods:

“We have this lineage There are many cultivation techniques of Zilei Blade Technique, but there are not many realm like you.โ€

The implication is that cultivation is intentional.

“This…” Zhou Jia hesitated for a moment:

“How about when Junior packs up the island and comes over?”

“No Question!” Lei Batian waved his hand:

“When the time comes you look for Xisheng, let him arrange it for you.”

“Thank you, uncle!”

Zhou Jia surrendered.

It can take three to five days to pack up, or three to five months, but it will take a year or a half, for fear that the other party has forgotten about it.

Cultivation, which means little to others, is perfect for him.

As long as it is cultivation, the martial skill will be improved. There is simply no such thing as suffocation or level.

โ€œcough cough!โ€

Shan Muhua covered his mouth and coughed lightly.

“Mu Hua.” Madam Lei looked worried, looking towards Lei Batian, and said:

“Go ahead and greet the guests, Mu Hua’s body is not good, I will take him there Take a rest later, don’t let the guests be left out.”


Lei Batian nods.




in the room.

Mrs. Lei took a towel soaked in warm water in her hand, wringed out the moisture inside, and came to Shan Muhua’s side, wiping his cheeks carefully, with gentle and careful movements.

“How is your health during this time?”

“It’s the same.” Shan Muhua shook his head:

“You haven’t been to the island for a while. It’s over.”

“The tiger will soon have its 70th birthday. There are so many things here, I can’t get away.” Madam Lei rolled her eyes at him. More and more weird, with charming eyebrows and sweet voice:

“Besides, don’t come to me when you have time.”

“It’s not very convenient.” Shan Muhua breathed Growing thick, her eyes were red, and the detective took Mrs. Lei in her arms:

“It’s not good to be found.”

“Several decades, who found out? Mrs. Lei rolled the eyes, her body was allowed to be manipulated by the other party, and her breathing became more and more rapid:

“You are just timid.”

“Yes.” Shan Muhuaqing Sigh:

“If I wasn’t timid, how could I have an ‘elder sister’ like you?”


” Hurry up!”

“Good younger brother, don’t worry, it will be bad if Thunder Tiger comes over.”

“Don’t worry, he will be busy for a while ahead.”


Under the shadow of the window, the two silhouettes gradually merged together.




โ€œOn the great birthday of the master, the large and small forces of Shicheng will come to visit, and after the Junior Brother If you want to come, it’s better to get familiar with it.”

Front yard.

Yuan Xisheng pointed at the crowd with a smile, and said:

“These people are all here to eat and drink, let’s not mention it, the one that really catches my eye, Dashicheng, There are only a few.”

Zhou Jia listened intently.

He doesn’t plan to join the Heavenly Tiger gang, but it’s good to know.

“Su Family!”

Yuan Xisheng moved towards the corner of the courtyard with a light finger, with a solemn face:

“Su Family is backed by the Chixiao Army, and there are military In the background, the power in Shicheng is no less than that of our Heavenly Tiger gang, and even stronger.”

There are many forces in the hospital to congratulate, but the Su Family is located, and there are not many people but occupy it. It’s a big place where no one gets close.

The military?

Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

In Hongzeyu, the most powerful force is the military, and every year the Xuantian Alliance and the Imperial Court have to make offerings to it.

“That’s Tianshui Village.” Yuan Xisheng turned his head and gestured to the other group of people:

“Tianshui Village and our Heavenly Tiger Gang do not deal with each other, but on the surface they always have to It’s okay, they are here too.”


He pointed lightly at a middle-aged man beside Lei Batian and said:

“City Lord Zhu Chen, belongs to the Imperial Court’s forces, this person is very deep, and the surface is not obvious, but absolutely cannot be underestimated.”

The Dalin Dynasty is still there, but the Imperial Court’s control over all parties is not large, at least not as wide as Xuantian Alliance’s influence.

In every Great City, most of them have a City Lord.

It is also a Great Influence.

“There is another force.” Having said this, Yuan Xisheng frowned and said:

“It’s called the Blood Vine Building.”

“The Blood Vine Building? “Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.

In the Dalin Dynasty, Heavenly Tiger belonged to the legendary Divine Beast.

But it has a nemesis, the blood vine, which is born from Heavenly Tiger and grows up by swallowing the flesh of Heavenly Devouring Tiger. It is a parasitic evil.

It is said.

Wait until the blood vine is really mature, it also means Heavenly Tiger has fallen.

With this name, it is obvious that the other party has a grudge against Lei Batian!



At this moment, there was a rapid banging of gongs in front of the door.

A voice echoed from nowhere:

“Heavenly Tiger’s birthday, blood vines came to congratulate, a small gift, not a tribute, I hope Lei Tiger will accept it, I Let’s say goodbye!”



one after another silhouette jumped from the courtyard and rushed out the door .

Yuan Xisheng and Zhou Jia looked at each other and walked out.

In front of Lei House.

A dozen corpses lay side by side on the ground.

Two of them made Yuan Xisheng’s complexion greatly changed:

“Lei Yun, Lei Chong…”

Lei Batian’s son!

Zhou Jia’s heart was beating wildly, and he even decided that he planned to leave the island if he could not leave the island!


Too dangerous!

(End of this chapter)

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