Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Unicorns

This is a waterhole.

deep water is clear and deep.

The surrounding rocks are smooth and the ground is flat, which is completely different from the roughness in the forest.

This place is a gift from heaven for those who have been running around the jungle for many days and have never been groomed.

Especially for some women, their eyes lit up, and the dirt on their bodies, which had been ignored, also caused physical discomfort again.

But for the sake of safety, everyone did not rush to approach.

Not only because of water quality concerns, but also because there is a white creature jumping back and forth near the pool.

The creature looks like a white horse, but is taller and more powerful.

Its body is snow-white, without the slightest variegation, and its white fur gleams in the moonlight, as if covered with a layer of silver thread.

The only difference from a horse is that it has a single horn on its head.


The one-horned white horse raised its front hooves and jumped happily on the edge of the pool, splashing around like a spirit fish swimming in the water.

Compared with the wolf head monster, everyone can’t feel the slightest hostility in it.

Smart, holy, just like…


Someone groaned in a low voice:

“No Is there really this thing?”

The rumored unicorn is a white horse with one horn, which often symbolizes dignity, holiness, and likes pure people.

Of course.

It usually only appears in Western Myths and Legends.

“We’ve all come to this kind of ghost place. It’s not surprising that there are unicorns. We’ve all seen werewolves.” Someone said:

“I remember, it seems to be Harmless, right?”

“Who knows?”

“Why don’t you go and try?”

“Go ahead and try!”


“You think I’m stupid!”

“Don’t talk!” Fatty Han raised his voice, suppressed the voices of the others, and looked towards an armored youngster:

“Gangzi, shoot an arrow?”

After a period of time, Fatty Han’s body seemed to have grown bigger, with more scars on his face and more power on his body.

His voice fell, and the others were silent, obviously in awe of him.

The armor on youngster’s body is obviously from the wolf-headed monster. He holds an iron bow in his hand and has bows and arrows on his back. Hearing this gently.

bend bow and place arrow , aim for the unicorn.


The one-horned white horse seemed to sense something, and stopped suddenly, moving his head sideways towards the crowd in the jungle, his ears shaking.


The iron arrow pierces the air, full of power.

This youngster is obviously a good bow player, with the tip of the arrow pointing straight at the horn, and his strength can even make the players in the arena blushed with shame.


Everyone saw the afterimage flashing, and the one-horned white horse had appeared six or seven meters away.

The arrow missed.


It did not show anger, but jumped on the spot with excitement, and its eyes were even brighter.



youngster coldly snorted, bend bow and place arrow again, flick his fingers, and shoot three arrows in a flash, locking the opponentโ€™s dodging direction.


The afterimage flickered, and the three arrows missed again.

At this time, youngster didn’t continue to work, but moved towards Fatty Han with a sideways look, and shook his head with a solemn face:

“If you only break the limit twice, no would be its opponent.”

Fatty Han hearing this frowned.

During this period of time, they fought all the way, and everyone’s strength has improved a lot, especially him, who has broken the limit twice.

But even he didn’t dare to get too far from youngster.

In other words, this one-horned white horse…

is stronger than everyone present!

“What is she doing?”

“Ada, don’t go over there!”

In the crowd, there were suddenly whispers with nervousness in their voices. .

The two turned their heads and saw that a blond foreign woman had walked out of the jungle, cautiously moved towards the one-horned white horse.

“She’s crazy!”

youngster frowned and was about to speak, when Fatty Han reached out and stopped him:

“Let’s see first.”

Under the gazes of everyone, the blond woman slowly came to the one-horned white horse. There was no abnormality on the way, and the white horse did not show any malice.

There was silence in the field, and everyone held their breath, as if waiting for something.


The blonde woman was obsessed, and reached out on tiptoe to touch the unicorn of the white horse, stuttering as if excited and fearful:

“Is this true…really?”

The white horse blinked, his smart eyes seemed a little puzzled, and then grinned.

Immediately afterwards,

a terrifying scene appeared in front of everyone.

The white horse full of diving aura slowly opened its big mouth, and there were actually fangs interlaced in it, and a black smoke full of terrifying aura rolled in the throat.

The four hoofs tread lightly, and the black energy emerges out of thin air from under the hoofs and wraps around the soles of the feet.


The white horse stretched its mouth forward, opened mouth bites, and bit off the blonde womanโ€™s head in full view, swallowing it whole.

With good eyes, you can even see the whole process of the head bulging and falling through the neck.

“pu ๅ‘ฒๅ‘ฒ…”

The headless corpse swayed, and blood spurted from the neck.



This horrific scene made the crowd agitated.

Rao is Fatty Han and the others experienced during this time, and couldn’t help but turn pale.


After swallowing the head, the white horse became more and more excited, its eyes turned scarlet and ferocious, its four hooves stepped on the ground, and its body suddenly disappeared in place, moved towards the crowd where to rush.

It’s speed is astonishing, only afterimages remain in the field, and the strands of black energy brought out from the body did not dissipate for a while.

“Be careful!”

Fatty Han gritted his teeth and roared, clenching a long spear in both hands, staring at the rushing monster.


How could this thing be a unicorn?

Anyway, unicorns are this thing!


“shua shua!”

youngster’s face was tense, and he quickly bent bow and place arrow, and the arrow pointed straight in front of the one-horned white horse , shot in advance in a predictable manner.

His arrows played a role, and the white horse had to change shape halfway.

But its speed is too fast, even so, before the crowd has time to disperse, it has already rushed into the crowd.



In an instant, the forest screamed again and again.

In the forest, the foliage is dense and the terrain is uneven. Even the wolf-headed monster is restricted, but this white horse is hardly affected.

The four hooves jumped back and forth on the ground, branches, and bushes, like a white ghost, quickly reaping the lives of the living.

Even if it is hit by sticks or irons occasionally, it will not affect its movement.

“Use the net!”

“Quickly use the net!”

The wisdom of the working people is endless. In order to deal with the wolf head monster, everyone thought a lot One way, the net woven by vines is one.

In order to increase the lethality, the mesh is also tied with sharp iron pieces.

“It’s too fast!”

The one who pulled the net shouted, and before the sound fell, he was hit by the white horse head on, the spiral horn directly penetrated the heart from the back. emerge.

The iron armor and pikan on his body are like nothing in front of the single horn.

How could it be…

“pu chi!”

“Ah!” It suffered heavy casualties.

Even experts like Fatty Han are helpless in the face of this situation.

Zhou Jia pushed aside the grass and saw this scene.


A white shadow flashed in front of me and slammed into it.

Zhou Jia raised his shield subconsciously, his body conditioned reflex to shrink back, and at the same time he swung the axe in his right hand, moved towards the front of the shield, and the fiercely was a slash.


A huge force came, and he felt as if he was hit by a speeding truck. With a sweet throat, he flew out backwards. .

The arm was almost broken on the spot.

But at the same time, the axe seems to be chopping on something.

In the humming of both ears, someone could vaguely hear someone shouting with ecstasy:

“It’s hurt!”

The white horse obviously I didn’t expect it to hit a hard bone this time. When the single horn hit the shield, a flash of electric light suddenly appeared from the shield and fell on it.

The electric light is weak, but it can paralyze the body, making the white horse’s body stiff, unable to dodge in time, and the front leg is immediately slashed by the axe.

The blood flowed from the legs, revealing the stubble, and the speed was also reduced.

Seeing this, everyone couldn’t help but be overjoyed, and surrounded by Fatty Han from all directions.

“Use the net, use the net quickly!”


The happy cry of the white horse finally showed panic.

Under the desperate efforts of everyone, a large net finally covered its body, and the sharp iron objects on the net kept cutting through its fur.

It does not have flexible hands. Once caught in the net, its speed and lethality drop sharply, and the more it struggles and the tighter the net is, the more serious its injury will be.

But in the blink of an eye, the body was covered in blood and screamed again and again.

“Kill it!”

Fatty Han’s eyes were red, and he was not just angry, but excited.

He vaguely felt that he was about to reach the third limit breakthrough, but he had not been able to achieve it recently. If he wanted to kill this white horse, it should be fine.

Thinking turned, he had clenched his long spear and rushed forward, his body exerted force, and the tip of the spear pointed at the white horse’s throat fiercely.




A dark shadow appeared out of thin air, first with no difficulty knocking the long spear flying, then flying around in the air, fiercely drawn on Fatty Han and knocked him out.


At the same time, a cold icy voice sounded.

This voice is not Mandarin, nor any language on Earth, but it is well understood by everyone.

(End of this chapter)

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