Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 140


Chapter 140 Military Service

The Blood Vine Building is a mysterious organization.

No one knows the identity of the owner of the Blood Vine Building, and no one knows where the Blood Vine Building is located, and even the gang members are very mysterious.

It was born 20 years ago and is often the enemy of the Heavenly Tiger gang.

Some people speculate that it is related to Nie Family.

Because Lei Batian slaughtered the Nie Family whole family 20 years ago, and since then, the Blood Vine Building has appeared to help many experts who have used Nie Family knives.

It is said that there has also been a black iron expert holding a Nie Family mysterious soldier.

A big birthday should be decorated with lights.


see one’s child die before oneself, the white silk hangs, the joy turns into a mourning cry.

“Blood Vine Building!”

At the funeral, Lei Batian was glaring with anger and gnashing teeth:

“Sooner or later, I will destroy Ermanlou. , let go of the hatred in my heart!”

On top of the low roar, the eyes echoed in the air, full of murderous intentions, and even swept the audience and paused on everyone in Tianshui Village.

In the past 20 years, if it wasn’t for Tianshui Village’s repeated obstruction, he would have had the opportunity to eradicate the blood vine tower.

Tianshui Village!

Blood Vine Building…

‘All be damned! ‘

A violent anger surged in his heart, as if to destroy everything.

Zhou Jia bowed his head and remained silent. He had already made a decision in his heart, and he would not leave the island in any case until his strength was not strong enough.




Xiaolang Island.

The four seasons here are like spring, with flowers blooming all year round, and the scenery is intoxicating.

“Mrs. Lei!”

Zhou Jia stopped in front of the Shanmuhua Courtyard with two yellow phosphorous fish in his hand, moved towards the oncoming lady with her head bowed, accustomed to it :

“You’ve come to see the master again.”

Mrs. Lei and Shan Muhua are deeply in love, and the other is a frequent visitor to the island. Come and visit.

“en.” Madam Lei nodded, with tears in her eyes:

“Mu Hua’s body is getting worse day by day. I don’t know when…”


She sighed softly, the soundtrack was sad.

Zhou Jia opened his mouth, slightly hesitant.

He didn’t think the situation was that bad. Shan Muhua had been sick since he came, and he still looks like that today.

It looks as if a gust of wind can blow it down, and it will be a short life.


After all this time, it’s still the same.

I don’t know if it’s because of his hard life or because the medicine Lei Batian sent is effective.

Mrs. Lei looked towards Zhou Jia:

“Are you here to deliver fish to Mu Hua?”

“Yes.” Zhou Jia said:

“Senior Sister said that the master likes to eat yellow croaker. I happened to catch a few when I was free. I was lucky today, so I sent it here.”

“I have a heart.” Madam Lei nodded , with relief on his face, and a trace of doubt in his eyes:

“However, why didn’t I know that Mu Hua likes to eat fish?”


She shook her head and chuckled:

“I’m afraid she didn’t like to eat, so she deliberately asked for an excuse. What are you two doing, don’t hurry up and take the fish.”

The last sentence is to reprimand the servant girl beside him.


The servant girl stepped forward and took the yellow croaker from Zhou Jia.

“Speaking of which.” As the two walked, Mrs. Lei asked casually:

“I remember Batian mentioning that he wanted you to help Heavenly Tiger, and there were also It’s been a while, why hasn’t it passed yet?”

“This…” Zhou Jia said:

“There are still some things that have not been settled on Junior Island, and it will not be able to pass for a while. I will do it as soon as possible.”

β€œAs you like.” Mrs. Lei didn’t care about it, she just asked casually, moved towards the single person running from the room when she heard the movement. Zijin motioned:

“Come on, you want the yellow croaker.”

“Aunt!” Shan Zijin looked coquettishly:

“It’s my father He likes to eat, I…I just eat two bites with him.”

“I know, I know.” Madam Lei’s voice tape was doting, and she reached out and caressed the top of her head:

“Mu Hua Where?”

“My father went out to look for medicine.” Shan Zijin said:

“Don’t worry, Auntie, there is Xue Martial Uncle to accompany you, everything will be fine, you come in and sit down , my father should be back tomorrow.”

“Going to look for medicine again.” Mrs. Lei frowned, seeming to blame:

“Running around all day, just letting go People are worried.”

Seeing that Shan Muhua was not there, there were all women here, so Zhou Jia didn’t go in, so he said goodbye and turned back to his small courtyard.




months later.

β€œgu lu lu…”

There is no charcoal fire under the medicine barrel, but the potion inside is strangely spontaneously boiling.

The strong medicinal fragrance permeated the whole room, and the water vapor surged, causing white smoke to spread all over the tub, making it impossible to reach out.

Zhou Jia was soaked in the medicine bucket. Under the high temperature, his whole body was red and his hair was expanding. He was breathing in the power of the medicine bath with every breath.

The secret medicine!

This is the secret medicine of cultivation Tie Yuanshen.

It is made from several decades old herbs melted into black iron ominous beast blood powder. It not only assists the cultivation iron body, but also has a little effect on the cultivation base.


After a long time, the white smoke in the field suddenly gathered inwards and merged into Zhou Jia’s mouth, accompanied by a light spit, like a sharp arrow lashing out several feet away.

A solid slate that quietly appears a depression.

Skilled with Tie Yuan (620/1000)


Zhou Jia stood up from the medicine barrel, his flesh trembled slightly, stained with The water droplets on the body collapsed and flew out, and the body instantly recovered to dryness, and he casually pulled the long gown on the side and put it on.

Since Dragon-Tiger entered the body, along with his cultivation progress, the fleshy body is constantly getting stronger.

But the fleshy body becomes stronger, it does not mean that the Body Refinement hard work has no effect.

Just like this iron body.

As the core inheritance of Tieyuan School, the strength of strength emission skill is amazing.

Nowadays, even if a Grade 6 expert is slashing with a weapon, he doesn’t do the slightest resistance, just relying on his physical strength, he can be harmless.

It seems to be wearing a layer of armor, even a Grade 9 expert, it is not easy to hit him hard.

And the cultivation base…

Grade 9 Nei Jin (28100/30000)

It is only one step away from the tenth grade.


The stature of lightning flashes, and the 9th layer steps are like stepping on a ladder. It is clear that there is nothing in the void, but Zhou Jia still takes a few steps before falling gracefully.

9th layer Climbing Step Mastery (60/1500)

With the improvement of cultivation base, strength, and vision, even if there is no such thing as a soldier to support Lightweight Art, the progress is still not slow. .

After all.

Grade 2 and Grade 9 are a martial skill for fellow practitioners, so Grade 9 is definitely faster.

Only the operation of strength, the exertion of muscles, and the control of source power are as different as heaven and earth.

In addition to listening to the wind, Lightweight Art is no longer an obvious weakness of Zhou Jia.

Of course.

It’s still far inferior to those who specialize in light-weight kung fu.

“The main house.”

On the water surface,

A boat with a single leaf sails across the rivers and lakes.

San Shui, who was wearing a robe, stepped out from under the awning and beckoned from afar:

“I’m going on a trip today?”

Looking around, the lake was bright and watery. , one after another, his mood could not help shaking, Zhou Jia carefreely smiled:

“Go to prepare wine and vegetables.”


Sanshui Ying Yes.


A boat with a single leaf, rippling in the water.

Zhou Jia was sitting alone on the bow of the boat in a sackcloth, with the stove crackling and smoking white smoke. The warm wine on it was hot and ready to be eaten.

He was completely oblivious, holding a fishing rod and staring at the water.

In a few moments.


The fishing rod was thrown high, and a yellow croaker was pulled out of the water, and in the afterglow of the sunset, it brought a little splash, and it was heavily thrown on the board of the boat.


Zhou Jia chuckled, skillfully put away the fishing line, and poured warm wine.

The fish basket at the foot has already plentiful harvest.

Yellow Phosphorus, Greentail, and Longyang Fish are all high-quality fish caught in the nearby waters. If they are sold, they may sell a lot of Originium.

He doesn’t care about these fish catches, but enjoys the process.

This life is difficult, and only at this moment can I relax, forget the fighting and killing of the outside world, and be at ease.


Not far away, a silhouette turned into a long and thin white line in the water, upstream from the island, came to the front, and jumped onto the boat .

β€œThe main house.”

Sanshui wiped the water droplets on his face, took off a tarpaulin pocket from his body, took out something in it, one after another yard Good:

“This is the meat braised by Liu Ye, and the side dishes made by Third Young Lady, your favorite cold noodles.”

“en. ”

Zhou Jia nodded and looked towards the small island not far from the reeds:

“Where are they?”

“Yes.” Sanshui nodded:

“It’s time for military conscription. They have no money at home and no exemptions, so they can only hide on the island and go back when the conscription period is over.”

“What should I do at home? “

“It doesn’t matter if a broken house is worth three or five dollars. It doesn’t matter if someone smashes it or takes it. As long as one lives, life can go on.”

Zhou Jia silently .

Every two years is the day when the Chixiao Army recruits.

Being a soldier is not a good job. Few people can stand out, and more people are bullied and even killed.

The recruiting here, regardless of gender, only depends on age.

Anyone over the age of thirteen and under the age of sixty is required to serve in the military.


The same is true.

They are also useful in the military.

It’s not necessary to say what it is for, but a woman who has served in the military will never be wanted by a good family, either by subsidizing money to marry or being a prostitute.

There are many brothels in the city, most of them are women who have served in the military.

If you want to go or not, you need to have a quota for exemption, or pay a deduction.

So every time at this time, some people are trying to avoid military service. The rich people are easy to say, and the poor people escape with their families.

However, the Chixiao Army has a quota for conscription.

If it’s not enough…

Everyone in Shicheng has not had a good life!

A few years ago.

There is a city that failed to complete the task of conscription and was conscripted by the Chixiao Army. Millions of people in the city were slaughtered by it.

The city was slaughtered for seven days, leaving no survivors.

At that time, blood flowing into a river,

It is said that the scene is terrible!

Therefore, in order to complete the mission, City Lord’s Mansion, Su Family, Heavenly Tiger Gang, Tianshui Village, and even the Blood Vine Building will do their best.

All influences will give up their prejudices and work together to find enough people.

‘Big fish eat small fish, small fish eat shrimp, shrimp can only find a place to hide, struggling on whilst at death’s door. ‘

Zhou Jia couldn’t do anything about this, just as an indifferent bystander, quietly watching the changes in the situation.

“The main house.”

After setting up the things, Sanshui said eagerly:

“I went over.”

“en .” Zhou Jia nodded, seeing his eager face, he couldn’t help laughing, and threw a fish at him:


“Thank you, Lord!”

Sanshui was overjoyed, kowtowed eagerly, and hurriedly packed the fish into the bag.

He was actually curious as to why Zhou Jia came out and harvested so many high-quality fish every time, saying that good luck is definitely impossible.

Once is good luck, is it good luck again and again?

He also quietly rowed to the place where Zhou Jia was fishing and tried, but got very little.

I asked once, but I didn’t get an answer, so I didn’t dare to ask again. He knew the identities of the two very well and never dared to cross.

Sanshui obviously doesn’t know that there is a thing called baiting pills in this world.

Although Zhou Jia doesn’t have bloodline, the son of the forest, he has a recipe, and with the spirit rain technique, it is easy to get some high-quality medicine ingredients.

If he wanted to, he could make a fortune just by salvaging the fish.


Swinging his long sleeves lightly, his energy surged, the Wu Peng boat was like an accelerated arrow, cutting the waves against the water, moved towards the front lasing .

Not long ago, we came to several li.

The waterways here are vertical and horizontal, the undercurrent is surging, and the Wu Peng boat floats along the water. Zhou Jia is too lazy to adjust it.

The drink is in the stomach, and the side dishes are delicious.

The fish are caught continuously.

I don’t know how long it took, the drunk Zhou Jia frowned, sniffed lightly, waved his long sleeves suddenly, and pushed the Wu Peng boat to a small island not far away.

Before getting close, a strong bloody smell hits the nostrils.


β€œgu gu!”

The carrion birds hovered in the air, fluttered from time to time, and shouted in excitement.

Some bird’s beaks also have bright red meat sticks in their mouths.

Zhou Jia’s face was gloomy, his eyes swept across the reeds and grass, and the corpses drenched with blood hanging on the trees came into view.

The corpses included old people, children, and women…

There were not many young men.

Each one of them was tortured before death and experienced severe torture.

The shabby sackcloth fluttered in the wind, showing that their life was not rich.

It should be to avoid military service and hide here with his family.

The smell of blood has not dissipated, and the blood on the corpse has not dried up. It seems that they died not far from now.


Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly, the boat under him was already accelerating, and he moved towards the direction it came from.






A scream came to an abrupt end.

In the reeds, two half corpses fell into the water, and the blood infected the water surface and spread slowly.



“Dare to run away from military service, causing the old men to run around like catching mice It’s just courting death!”

On the island,

the forest is lush.

A group of men and women with frightened expressions surrounded a group of men and women with baleful aura faces, armed with knives and guns.

Someone tied them one by one with ropes in their hands. When they encountered a little struggle, they were punched and kicked, and there were corpses lying on the left and right.

The Han Dynasty is uniform in clothing, embroidered with wavy water patterns on the chest, and is a person from Tianshui Village.

“My lord, my lord.” Someone knelt down and shouted in panic:

“I served in the military service the year before, not long after I returned. If you don’t believe me, you can check it out.”

This person is surnamed Huang, known as Old Huang.

Wrinkled face and full of white hair, in fact, he is only twenty-five or sixteen years old, just born old.

“Have you served in the military?” A cold icy voice sounded:

“Since you have served in the military, why hide here?”

“Even if you really It is also the same sin to be with these people who are hiding here to avoid military service.”

The person who spoke was full of flesh and grim eyes, and waved his hand casually:

“Take them all!”

“Yes, Liu Tou.”

“Sir.” Sanshui was also in the crowd. His clothes were broken on his back, and red marks were visible. , hurriedly said:

“I am eligible to be exempted from military service!”

“Oh!” Liu Tou’s mouth curled up:

” Now that you have this qualification, what are you doing here?”

“Is it possible to protect these people?”

His voice sank, angrily roared:

“You said , These people are hidden here, did you arrange it, who was the person who exempted you from military service, and did they also get involved?”

Sanshui’s expression stiffened.

“Don’t say it?” Liu Tou looked grim:

“Then go to hell!”

(End of this chapter)

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