Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 141


Chapter 141 Assassination

Liu Tousheng has a pair of triangular eyes, his face is fierce, but in fact he is also temperament vicious, and he loves torture Those ordinary persons who dare not fight back.

Sanshui’s shouting, not only did not make him feel scruples, on the contrary, he wanted to kill.

Being exempt from military service must have some background.

If you’re blackmailing…

Maybe you’ll get some benefits.

Forget it!

Thoughts turned, he expressed congeals:

‘It’s better to kill to save trouble! ‘

Pu Dao broke through the air, crossed a sharp arc, and slashed towards Sanshui’s neck. The whistling wind even rolled up the weeds on the ground.

This knife is powerful.

He also had the confidence to hang his head, just as he always did.


A dark shadow shot up.


Juli slammed into the blade, Liu’s head was trembled, his arms were numb, and the Pu blade in his hand couldn’t hold it and fell to the ground on the spot.

And that shadow also fell to the ground, it was just a leaf.

Flying flowers and picking leaves can hurt people!

Grade 7 and above expert!


β€œCome out!”

one silhouette, stepping out slowly.

The coming person is nearly two meters tall, with a strong, burly body, and an ordinary appearance. He is dressed in a long gray coat, and walks closer to the stretched branches.

Faced with the hostility in the eyes of dozens of people, the person who came here doesn’t change and looks indifferent.

It was Zhou Jia.

Sanshui escaped from death and saw his own patriarch’s house again, his body trembling with excitement, tears in his eyes, and he didn’t know how to speak for a while.

“Who are you?”

Liu Tou felt numb in one hand, so he had to hold his right wrist with his left hand, pressing down his trembling arm, and gritted his teeth, looking towards the person who came:


“Tianshui Village was ordered to arrest those who escaped military service and make up for the lack of conscription. This is a decision made by all Great Influences at the same time. Do you want to intervene?”

His voice was stern and physical. But subconsciously backed away.

My family knows their own affairs and can shoot down the Pu Dao in their hands with a leaf. I am afraid that their strength is already Grade 8 or even upwards, and they have no power to fight back against the opponent.


He looked back at the Deputy Branch Lord, sure.

“He’s my man.” Zhou Jia stretched out his hand and pointed to Sanshui, his eyes swept over the frightened Liu Tou and landed on the person behind him:

“In the lower belt Let’s go, do you have any comments?”

Although there were many people in Tianshui Village, there was only one person who really caught his eye.


The orderly collision of Jiaye sounded.

Behind the crowd, a man in his mid-thirties slowly got up.

The man looks handsome, but a scar on his face destroys this beauty, and he still looks a little ferocious. Looking coldly, he bows his hands and says:

“Tianshui Village is located in Kirishima. Rudder Qin Rong, didn’t ask for advice?”

“Jin Huang, Zhou Jia.” Zhou Jia nodded.

The name Qin Rong is extremely unfamiliar to him, but Tianshui Village has eight sub-rudders, and it must be extraordinary to be the Branch Lord.

Even the Deputy Branch Lord is amazing.

Under Qi Observation Technique, the other party has never concealed his breath, and the cultivation base Grade 9 is only one step away from the tenth grade.

Grade 9?

It seems a little weaker.

For the current Zhou Jia, Grade 9 is indeed not strong, but in fact, no matter where it is placed, Grade 9 belongs to the mainstay.

even more how , still a Grade 9 in his thirties, with endless potential.

Even the Xuantian League Inner Sect is not bad.

“It turned out to be a friend of Jinhuang lineage.”

Qin Rong’s eyes moved slightly:

“There are many talents on Xiaolang Island, my father and Yang Jinzhou Senior Yang is inseparable, speaking of which you and I are not outsiders.”

“Do you know Senior Brother Yang?” Zhou Jia smiled:

“So, Qin Brother, might as well save face.”

“It’s easy to talk, easy to talk about.” Qin Rong nodded again and again, his voice suddenly changed:

“But I brought so many brothers here, and everyone has a body on them. They all have tasks, and it doesn’t seem to look good which one is released, after all, they came all the way.”

“It’s simple.” Zhou Jia said:

“I’m here. This servant has the qualifications to be exempted from military service, and you can find out at a glance.”

“Really?” Qin Rong rubbed his chin, frowned:

“But he mixed with these fugitives, It is also a big crime, Brother Zhou should know that taking refugees and not reporting them is the same crime, not only to serve, but also to extend the number of years.”

β€œEven if you are eligible for exemption from military service, you have to go for a while. Suffered.”


His face sank and his attitude changed suddenly:

“You said you were from Jinhuang lineage, That’s it?”

Zhou Jia’s smile slowly subsided, and his voice became indifferent:

“What do you mean?”

“It doesn’t make any sense.” Qin Rong caressed the scar on his face with hatred in his eyes:

“It’s just doing things according to the rules. It’s not easy to recruit soldiers these days. There are still many gaps in our Tianshui Village.”

The implication is that I don’t want to let people go.

“Hmm…” Zhou Jia groaned, then said:

“How do you know that people like me know that the people here are fugitives?”


He moved towards Sanshui, indicating:

“Do you know the people here are fugitives?”

Sanshui The reaction was quick and he said hurriedly:

“I don’t know, I don’t know, I was just playing in the vicinity, I happened to be on this island, and they caught me when I didn’t know anything. “

“It seems that this is a misunderstanding.” Zhou Jia looked towards Qin Rong:

“Qin Branch Lord, what do you think of the explanation below?”

“Fuck you!” Qin Rong suddenly roared, his face grim:

“You don’t know if he doesn’t know? I also said he knows, not only him, but also you today. Come with me, too.”

“Don’t fail to appreciate somebody’s kindness!”

This guy is crazy!

Zhou Jia’s heart moved. This man’s eyes were crazy and temperamental. He knew that he was the Disciple of Jinhuang lineage, but he did not give in for his servant.


is it possible that, it’s just to find fault?

The scar on the other person’s face is very new, and when he touches it, he looks at him with hatred in his eyes. Could it be that he was hurt by his own person?

This makes sense.

The Tianshui Village is not to deal with the Jinhuang lineage.

“Brother Qin doesn’t believe in his status?”

Zhou Jia nods.

“Actually, it’s easy too”

Before he finished speaking, his figure suddenly rushed forward, beckoned with one hand, and the Pu Dao that fell on the ground had already landed in his palm.

Thunder suddenly appeared in the field.

The invisible source power is turbulent in the sky, like clouds and mist colliding, and filaments of electric light grow from the void and converge on the blade in an instant.

Purple Thunder Blade Technique – Spring Thunder!


The dazzling blade light ripped apart Liu’s head in front of him, smashed away Qin Rong’s interception, and the blade gently slid across his neck .

One move,

The winner is the winner.

“Brother Qin.”

Zhou Jia smiled lightly:


Qin Rong’s body was stiff and terrifying murderous Intention made his mind go blank in an instant, and the power of thunder also made his body stiff.

When he came back to his senses, his eyes narrowed, his anger and hatred subsided, he forbeared the roar in his heart, and slowly nodded:

“Zilei Blade Technique, Your Excellency It really is the Disciple of Jinhuang lineage.”

Immediately waved:





The reason why Tianshui Village can be vertically and horizontally nearby is to compete with the Heavenly Tiger gang with the outer sect of the Xuantian League as the background, and it is natural to rely on it.

Not to mention the forces behind it.

Only shipbuilding, such a huge stone city, has nothing to resist it.

The dragon boat swims on the water of the long river. The hull of nearly ten feet is divided into three layers, the upper and the lower.

There are arrow crossbows and cannon barrels on it, like a mobile military fortress.

Qin Rong’s face was gloomy, standing on the deck without saying a word.

No one in the field dared to speak, and everyone knew that the Deputy Branch Lord had been humiliated successively. At this time, whoever dared to speak up would most likely use it to vent his anger.

“Deputy Branch Lord, I found it.”

One person hurriedly rushed over with a bird in hand:

“Zhou Jia, Mr. Hua’s Disciple, cultivation base Grade 9, has been staying on Xiaolang Island. The last time he took action was a conflict with a Three Rivers Gang force half a year ago.”

“It is reported that this person was killed with an axe. I have a Grade 9 expert who has an excellent control over the Zilei Blade Technique and was once praised by Thunder Tiger.”

“Zhou Jia!” Qin Rong touched his neck, his eyes grim.

On his neck, there is a shallow scar, the scar is small, but very new.

“And Lei Prison, these two people…”


Both of his hands exerted force, and the hard armrest immediately Grabbed to pieces by him, he roared in a low voice followed closely from behind:

“Sooner or later, I will let them die!”

Lei Prison gave him a knife in the face .

Zhou Jia, humiliating him in full view.

For Qin Rong, who has grown up with compliments from others since he was a child, how can he bear it, for a time, his anger has nowhere to vent.


A faint sound suddenly entered the eardrum.


Someone’s sneak attack!

Qin Rong’s eyes shrank, and his five fingers grabbed suddenly to the side.

He has a Treasure Item on his hand, which is not afraid of slashing and slashing by swordsmen. The power of his fingers and claws can shatter the steel essence.

I grabbed with both hands, but it was empty.

A cold sword light folded in the air, ignoring the existence of gravity, accelerating strangely, stabbing his throat.

The sword light refers to,

The wind is blowing, and it is cold and chilling.

It’s even more captivating.

Yinfeng Life Seizing Sword!


Qin Rong roared in his heart, his arm suddenly turned back, and at the last moment he stopped the tip of the sword, his five fingers exerted force, and he wanted to break the long sword.

In the eyes, sneak attack’s own silhouette also appeared.

Black clothed person!

Grade 8?

Sword Art is amazing.


The long sword that was supposed to be in his hand suddenly trembled and accelerated, like a nimble swimming fish, making Qin Rong’s hand slip and unable to suppress it.

Not good!


The blade pierced into the throat, and with a slight shock, the plasma surged.

The black clothed person’s body flipped in the air and hit Qin Rong’s chest with one foot. While kicking him into the river, he also used his strength to fly to the side.

“shua shua!”

Several crossbows came to help, and they shot in the air.

Before the others had recovered, the black clothed person had already jumped off the dragon boat, and even took the opportunity to smash the bottom of the boat and poured a large stream of water inward.


Lower level.

It’s pitch black here, and you can’t see your fingers. It was supposed to be a place to store goods, but now it’s used to detain refugees one by one.

The small place was crowded with hundreds of people, everyone crowded in a narrow space like livestock, sleepy.

Hundreds of people eat, drink, shit and piss, all here, the weird smell is nowhere to be released, comparable to poison qi.

The thin and stagnant breath even caused many people to fall into a coma and even die.


Here is the livestock.

The people of Tianshui Village don’t care too much about these escapes. A little casualty, as long as it’s not too many, is within their tolerance.

I don’t know when.

Several silhouettes appeared in the crowd. They took medicine pills in their hands and gave them to the comatose person. After waking them up, they whispered.


“Don’t make a sound, we are upright people, here to save you.”

“wu wu…”

Fugitives nodded again and again, gasping for breath.

I don’t know what these people gave them. The exhausted Divine Idol was given a booster. Even though he hadn’t eaten or drank for several days, he was still full of energy.

Even the thin air seems to have little effect.

“When we get off the dragon boat to the Three Forks River, our people will break the cabin from the outside, where there are many branches of water, which is convenient for escape.”

“Everyone, when the time comes An Tianming…”


Before he finished speaking, the side deck of the ship suddenly cracked, and the dazzling sunlight penetrated the gap and fell into the cabin, bringing one after another water flow.

What’s going on?

A few people in the dark looked at each other in blank dismay, obviously it’s not yet time for the appointment?

But other people couldn’t control that much. Seeing the gap in front of them, the dragon boat staggered and rushed out with a cheer.

A lot of fresh air also gave them a boost.

“I can’t take care of that much anymore.” One person spoke, took out a dagger from his body, rushed to one side of the ship’s board, and tore the hull with a single stroke.

Obviously, the dagger in his hand is extremely sharp.

“Let’s go!”

Everyone’s eyes were confused.

These guys are all good.

There are many waters in the Hongze Region, and there is no one who lives in this area who can’t understand the water.

One of the black clothed persons mixed in with them is particularly amazing in water quality. Under the water, as if they were on the flat ground, when their body swayed lightly, they had already broken through the running water and galloped more than ten feet away.

In the blink of an eye, disappeared.




Leap ashore.

Zhou Jia’s body trembled lightly, causing water droplets to fly, and at the same time tore off his night clothes.

Wearing night clothes during the day is a bit weird, but there is no other choice for a while, and the person who kills merely a trifling Grade 9.

It doesn’t matter.

At the last moment, those so-called righteous halls appeared strange.


With a slight movement in his eyes, Zhou Jia slammed the night clothes in his hands. The light clothes were like heavy objects, plunging deep into the water and wrapped around the water plants.

“Junior Brother!”

Immediately afterwards, Yuan Xisheng’s voice sounded in the distance:

“You make me look good.”

“Second Senior Brother.” Zhou Jia’s face was as usual:

“Why do you have time to come here, I heard that I have been very busy recently.”

“It is indeed very busy.” Yuan Xisheng came from the forest and sighed:

“The gang is in urgent need of manpower, so don’t keep dragging it out. It’s been almost half a year. You should promise to help me this time, right?”

“Senior Brother.” Zhou Jia frowned:

“I really don’t like chores, and it’s time for conscription, I don’t even know about it, what can I do? “

“Don’t worry.” Yuan Xisheng waved his hand:

“I’ll arrange a freelance job for you. Recently…”

He rubbed his forehead, his face filled with distress:

“There is a self-proclaimed righteous organization, a self-proclaimed righteous man, who obstructs conscription everywhere, and even dares to forcibly intercept it. The people who killed us still lack a lot of places for military service.”


He sighed again, looking really distressed.

A righteous hall?

Zhou Jia moved in his heart.

(End of this chapter)

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