Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 142


Chapter 142 Apology


It is famous for the perennial fog on the island.

There are two places around Shicheng that are famous for their fog, and Kirishima is one of them.

The fog covers the eyes and the wind does not disperse.

There are eight rudders in Tianshui Village, and Kirishima is a unique one.

Great hall.

โ€œBranch Lord.โ€

The subordinate beckoned, and let people carry two large boxes. When they were opened, the jewels shone with a charming luster, and the source stones were neatly stacked one by one.

“A few days ago, the Han Family was found to have been covering up the escapees in recent years, and the matter was very big. They wanted to invite the Branch Lord to be magnanimous.”

“This It’s a thank you gift!”

“Han Family?” Qin Wuying looked thoughtful:

“Han Family where Han Tong is?”

“Exactly. “Subordinate nodded:

“A dozen wealthy households on Longchang Street are actually not very clean behind the scenes. This Han Family should have provoked some right and wrong before it was exposed.”

Every time the army is recruited, there will be large and small troubles.

It’s very common.

Hide people who escaped military service.

It’s easy to go big and destroy a family. There are many families who have been borrowed by the Great Influence to get rid of it.

That was the case when Lei Batian killed Nie Family.

It’s just a matter of one sentence.

The Imperial Court is now weak, and the rights are divided among the Great Influences below. If Tianshui Village opens its mouth, it will sell a face.

“These years, Han Family’s filial piety has been considered timely, this time even if…”


A panicked, hurried shout , interrupting Qin Wuying’s words, and then one person hurried to the great hall, knelt down and cried:

“Deputy Branch Lord, I was hurt!”

” What?”


The seat under Qin Wuying suddenly shattered, and his silhouette also turned into a streamer, instantly appearing on the ground in front of the person.

He pulled the man up and lifted his feet off the ground:

“What did you say?”

The out-of-control source power made him roar like thunder, The messenger of the bang bleeds from Qiqiao.

“Branch Lord!”

At this time, another person came running outside the door with anxious eyes:

“Deputy Branch Lord is catching the fugitives. On the way back, he was assassinated, and unfortunately died, the dragon boat was also destroyed, and the fleeing people scattered.”

There was silence in the field.

An invisible oppression force expands in the temple.


Qin Wuying held one hand empty, the power of black iron erupted, and the messenger gang members in the palm directly scattered blood.

“oh la la…”

In the hall, everyone knelt down, shiver coldly.

Lin Miao’s throat rolled even more, inwardly shouted in his heart, luckily, fortunately, he made him a pawn, otherwise he would die.

“Who did it!”

Qin Wuying’s voice was roaring with anger mixed in.

“Righteousness Hall!”

Lin Miao knelt down and said:

“It should be the Righteousness Hall.”

The moment he passed the message The news came one after another, and finally pointed out that Zhengqitang was saving people when Deputy Branch Lord Qin Rong was assassinated.


It is to let go of the fugitives!

Fight against the Imperial Court!


Qin Wuying’s steel teeth clenched tightly, the hard ground under his feet cracked silently, one after another crack moved towards spreading all over:


“Very good!”

“Is there any news about Zhengqitang?”

“This…” Lin Miao’s expression changed. Bai, after a little hesitation, he saw that Qin Wuying’s face was wrong, and he said hurriedly: “There is a youngster named Guo Ping who is fighting injustice everywhere. According to the information we got, he may have something to do with Zhengqitang. “

“Check!” Qin Wuying gritted his teeth:

“Check it out for me, and find out who is behind it, I want them to a debt of blood must be Paid in blood, to comfort my son’s spirit in heaven.”


Lin Miao should be.

“Also.” Qin Wuying said again:

“That Zhou Jia, also teach him a lesson.”

“Zhou Jia? “Lin Miao looked up:

“This person is the Disciple of Jinhuang lineage, and he didn’t…”

“If he didn’t hurt my son beforehand, just a Grade 8 Sword dao, how can you kill my son?” Qin Wuying roared:

“get lost!”

“Yes, yes.” Lin Miao responded repeatedly:

“Subordinate back.”

great hall.

Sudden silence.

“What are you still doing here?” Qin Wuying was immersed in grief, but when he saw that there were still people in the hall, he couldn’t help roaring.

โ€œBranch Lord.โ€

The man body trembled and whispered:

โ€œYou havenโ€™t ordered about the Han Family.โ€

“What can I tell you?” Qin Wuying was furious:

“Hiding the fugitives is a serious crime. All the Han Family members are sent into the army, and the older ones are directly killed with a cane. warn others from following bad examples.”


The subordinate’s heart trembled, looked at Qin Wuying again, his eyes were red, like a madman, he didn’t dare to persuade him, he hurried Repeatedly nodded:


“This subordinate will do it now!”

He sighed in his heart.

Han Family, this time it was a disaster.

It should have been fine.

Deputy Branch Lord Qin Yu had previously fought against Lei Prison, broke his appearance, and led people out to arrest the fugitives. His original intention was to kill some people to relax his mind.

I never thought…

It would end up like this!

‘I promise Han Family, and I agree with him. It seems that this money can’t be earned, um…, Han Family extinguish sect, there are benefits to be gained. ‘

After calming down, the subordinate respectfully stepped down.

No one really cares about Qin Yu’s death except his father.

As for the two boxes of things sent by the Han Family, they are all accounts, and it is impossible to return them.




Zhou Jia declined again Yuan Xisheng’s suggestion.

It’s not unbelief.

After all, he is a Grade 9 expert, and he can use it in person. There are very few cases, and it should be by rights to arrange spare time.

The point is, trouble later.

Joining the Heavenly Tiger gang will inevitably involve participating in the entanglement of gang forces, just like being in vortex, it is impossible to be alone.

Just like at Huo Family Fort.

As the manager of the mine, he was also idle at the time.

But also involved in the power of the two Elders.

It’s better on this small Lang Island, as long as you don’t take the initiative to provoke the arrogant characters on the island, you won’t be disturbed.

“Senior Brother be careful!”

Next to the small courtyard, there is a Martial Practice Stage.

Shan Zijin held a sword with a solemn expression and looked directly at Zhou Jia:

“I’m here!”


Zhou Jia is holding an axe and shield, and his body is loose and slack, seemingly defenseless, but in Shan Zijin’s eyes, there is no weak spot.

Now loudly shouts, attacking with swords.

Azure Lotus Sword Art!

The blade vibrated lightly, and dozens of sword qi roared out, like a lotus blossom, and the sword qi followed a mysterious trajectory towards Zhou Jia.


Zhou Jia’s eyes brightened, and he couldn’t help but praise:

“In just a few days, Senior Sister’s sword technique has been There is progress, I admire it.”

While speaking, his arm shook lightly, the 3rd-layer shield turned around, and the sword qi had collapsed, and he swung his axe moved towards Shan Zijin.

The Azure Lotus Sword Art is not one of the three powers and six methods of the Jinhuang lineage, but it is also extremely good. It is said that the origin is mysterious, and it is also the Peak Sword Art.

Just that.

Zhou Jia’s cultivation base is stronger, and the 3rd-layer shield counter is a sword qi nemesis, so it can be cracked with no difficulty.


The axe’s blade broke through the air, and its mighty power made Shan Zijin’s breathing stagnate for a while.

The incoming axe light is like a thunder from the sky, with the prestige of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth, covering all directions, giving people a feeling of unavoidable and inevitable.

There was even a numbness that emerged from her body, making it difficult for her to exert strength.

This is because the opponent is strong-willed and has an overwhelming advantage over her. The leaked source power will affect her own fighting intent.


Shan Zijin hummed softly, Gold Jade worked with all her strength, suppressing the strangeness in her heart, her eyes focused on Divine Sword, and sword qi roared out.

A thousand lotus blossoms!

The lotus blossoms, blooming endlessly, appear before the light of the axe, seemingly slowly but quickly consuming the Power of Thunder on the double-edged axe.


A cold glow appeared.

The sword breaks through the sky!

The sword qi condensed and merged into a sword qi that there is no stronghold one cannot overcome, like a shooting star tearing apart the night sky, with a dazzling brilliance, it pointed obliquely at Zhou Jia’s throat.


A shield that appears before the blade.

The surface of the shield was surging with energy, and although the sword gang was condensed, it still felt heavy pressure when it touched it, and its speed suddenly slowed down.

Missing a single hit, Shan Zijin’s complexion remains the same, and she walks with the sword, cold light flickering.

In an instant.

The sword qi in the Martial Practice Stage is like a lotus, one after another, a murderous intention emerges from time to time, launching violent attacks from various strange angles.

In comparison, people with axes and shields are clumsy.

But he is strong as an ox.

The shield is swung, and the lotus flower will be shattered with a single blow.

Sometimes he attacks with an axe, the power is comparable to earth shattering.

It erupted from time to time, and the axe was so powerful that it even pressed down the sun in the sky, as if to shatter everything.

Whenever this time.

The sword qi in the field is weak and powerless, like a boat in the tide, if you are not careful, it will capsize.

โ€œding ding dong dong…โ€


The two fought for a while, Shan Zijinโ€™s breath gradually weakened, and the sword light also changed Dim, clearly at a disadvantage.



“Hu Chi!”

With a rush, Shan Zijin pulled away Flying back, sweating profusely, his clothes were almost soaked with hot sweat, showing a good figure inside.

“Junior Brother…Junior Brother is strong as an ox, Senior Sister is not as good as you.”

“Senior Sister is not bad either.” Zhou Jia put away his axe and shield with a calm expression:

“Senior Sister Sword Art is outstanding, Lightweight Art is great, if it hadn’t been against me several times, it would have lasted for a long time, and it could be fought or retreated.”

“We, It’s a tie.”

“You Grade 9, I’m Grade 8, and I win the tie.” Shan Zijin straightened up, with a proud face:

“You said that?”

“en.” Zhou Jia smiled lightly, but didn’t deny it:

“Senior Sister said yes.”

The two often competed, and he competed against each other. Zijin already knew the bottom line, but the other party obviously couldn’t force out all his potential.

If he really wants to do it, he is sure to win within seven strokes.

This is not to say that Shan Zijin is not strong enough, and he can stand in front of him on the Grade 8 cultivation base for so long, and he is proud enough.

Sword Art is also really good.

It is precisely because of the frequent exchange of sword techniques that Zhou Jia was able to repair Life Seizing Sword to Great Perfection not long ago and fuse together with Yin Wind Sword.

It’s called the Yinfeng Life Seizing Sword!

Yinfeng Life Seizing Sword Mastery (354/2000)

It is with this sword, coupled with the sudden explosion, that Qin Yu can be killed in one fell swoop.

As for Zhou Jia, after nearly a year of getting along with him, Shan Zijin has long regarded him as his own, and called out through Junior Brother Chang Junior Brother.

Actually, in my heart, I recognize that the other party is a brother.

He has a gentle temperament, is considerate, respectful to his father, and kind to himself. Except that he is a little boring, he has no faults at all.

Unlike other Senior Brothers who treat her like Little Sister and never care about their opinions.

โ€œZhou Jia!โ€

A coldly shouted voice came from outside the Martial Practice Stage.

“Xue Caiyi.” Shan Zijin turned around and frowned when she saw the person:

“What are you doing here?”

“There is something !” Xue Caiyi rolled the eyes:

“You think I’d like to come?”

Half a year ago, she was invited by her good sister and planned to pull Zhou Jia, Let him get in touch with his circle of friends.

Who would have thought, a cold face.

No longer paid attention to since then.

“Sister Xue Senior.” Zhou Jia surrendered:

“Anything with me?”

“en.” Xue Caiyi nodded:

“Jinzhou Senior Brother asked you to go to Shicheng and bring some things to meet the Branch Lord Qin Wuying of Tianshui Village. Be polite.”

“In addition…”

“Take your servant with you, and take the head over there. Make a mistake with the other party. For the sake of Senior Brother’s sake, this matter can be dismissed.”

“Why!” Shan Zijin raised her eyebrows and said angrily:

“His son died, what’s the matter with my Junior Brother?”

She also heard about what happened to Zhou Jia a few days ago. , I still secretly resented the injustice in my heart, saying that Qin Yu should not have been let go so easily at that time.

I applauded when I learned that the other party was killed.

At this time, she apologized to the other party…

She couldn’t help but complain:

“People from Xiaolang Island, why should they apologize to outsiders, and this is a matter of fact. It has nothing to do with Junior Brother, Jinzhou Senior Brother prefers foreigners!”

“hmph!” Xue Caiyi pouted:

“Do you like to go or not, anyway, I have brought it here. .”

“Don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

She glanced at Zhou Jia and said:

“These words were ordered by the Kinboat Senior Brother himself. Yes, if you don’t…”


She coldly smiled and turned away.

Zhou Jia’s position on Xiaolang Island is somewhat special. The master is a sick child, and he has no foundation. The only support is to have a good teacher.

But most people, will not offend him.

Because the Grade 9, who is in his twenties, is very likely to become a black iron in the future, and everyone is not a fool, so naturally they will not find fault.

Offending a future black iron…

Not worth it!

To say close is also impossible.

The Xue and Yang families are the most valuable on the island, and even Lei Batian was pushed out of Xiaolang Island to set up a new door, and they would not be too short.

It’s the black iron like Yang Jinzhou who doesn’t care much and still maintains the attitude of aloof and remote.

“Junior Brother, don’t be afraid.” Shan Zijin grabbed Zhou Jia’s sleeve and said:

“We won’t go, I’ll see what they can do to you. Like this? At worst…at worst, let’s go to Master Shi to complain.”

She is not really naive, she knows what Yang Jinzhou’s words mean in Xiaolang Island, especially for people like them.

Only the words of Lei Batian will help.

“I see.”

Zhou Jia sighed, then looked towards not far away:

“Senior Brother Yuan, since you’re here, why don’t you show up? ?”


Yuan Xi laughed and jumped off the tree lightly:

“I came here by chance, but it seems, Junior Brother is in trouble.”

Said, winking at Zhou Jia.

“en. โ€

Zhou Jia’s expression remained the same:

“Senior Brother said that the idle time, I don’t know whether to do it or not?”

“en.” p>

“Of course you count!”

Yuan Xisheng said in a voice:

“Join the Heavenly Tiger Gang, and the people of Xiaolang Island will no longer be able to control you.”

(End of this chapter)

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