Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 143


Chapter 143 medicine pill

Xue and Yang have been married for generations and have been firmly in control since 200 years ago The position of the master of the Jin Huang lineage lineage will be replaced from generation to generation.

Xiaolang Island is like their private property.

The most central and prosperous places on the island are the two houses.

Every night, singing and dancing, brightly lit.

Zhou Jia hides in the dark, looking thoughtful.

With his current strength, it shouldn’t be a big problem to teach Yang Jinzhou a lesson, but he definitely needs to inspire violence and hold an axe and shield.

This will definitely reveal the identity.

I am afraid that it will cause a lot of trouble to compete with the black iron with the mortal rank.

Moreover, Yang Jinzhou not only represents himself, but also the forces behind him.

That’s the root of the problem.


Shaking his head, Zhou Jia suppressed the restlessness in his heart.

The thought returns to Sea of Consciousness.

cultivation base: 10th grade ordinary (23/50000)

10th grade advanced, the fleshy body has reached its limit, the next step is to repair the past wounds and make the fleshy body closer Perfection.


The limit of breakthrough is reached.

This is a slow and continuous process, similar to Grade 8 Dragon-Tiger, and unlike Dragon-Tiger, killing ominous beasts sometimes doesn’t work.

Increasing strength too quickly will lead to an unstable foundation, which will affect subsequent breakthroughs.

Unless, at first fleshy body is flawless.

But such people are few and far between.

Zhou Jia has been injured, and has been injured many times. Although the injury was cured by killing the ominous beast, the foundation has been damaged.

This is an origin-like damage that is extremely difficult to repair.

There are medicines.

But it can’t be done overnight.

Name: Zhou Jia.

cultivation base: 10th grade Perfection.

Origin Stars: Tianyingxing (trait: Handing Soldier), Dimensing Star (trait: Violence), Dimoxing (trait: Listening to the Wind), Dixiongxing (trait: Dragon-Tiger ), Tianxuanxing (trait: Qiankun Can), Di Fuxing (trait: Yushui Can)

cultivation technique: Perfection of Sanyuan Zhengfa

martial skill: 3rd-layer Shield Anti-Mastery , Master of Gnar’s Breath Technique, Perfection of Purple Thunder Axe, Master of Yinfeng Life Seizing Sword, Master of 9th layer Climbing Steps, Master of Tie Yuan Body, Three Body Steps, Python Spitting Pearls…

and several years compared to before.

Light curtains are luxurious.

With the advancement of the cultivation base, the carrying space has also become a little larger, and the shield can already be put down. As for the double-edged axe, there is still some distance.

Spirit rain, watering spirit plant years also increased ten-twenty years.


Fengming Building.

One of the most famous restaurants in Shicheng.

The top floor.

Yuan Xisheng hands behind ones back, standing in front of the window, his clothes fluttering in the wind, overlooking the small half of the city.

His temples were white, his eyes were distant, and he said in a slow voice:

“There are many industries in the city, food, clothing, housing, herbal medicine, weapons, brothels, dart shops, casinos, etc., we Heavenly Tiger Gang. We have all been involved.”

“We have the upper hand in all other aspects, except that water freight is controlled by Tianshui Village.”

He Faintly smiled, looking back:

“After all, there are tens of thousands of brothers to support, and if you don’t have any property, how can you maintain it?”

The property of the Heavenly Tiger Gang covers half of Shicheng, and even the Fengming Building where they are located. Also has a Lei Batian background.

In this kind of place, there is no background, and it is impossible to support a family.

“Senior Brother said yes.” Zhou Jia nods:

“What am I going to do?”

“Hmm…” Yuan Xi said. Resting his chin, he said:

“Although there are many industries in the gang, there are a few businesses that are extremely profitable. They don’t need many people, and they can supply a lot of Originium every year.”

” Junior Brother knows, what kind of business?”

“I don’t know much about business.” Zhou Jia shook his head and tried to speak:


“Not bad!” Yuan Xisheng tapped his palms and said:

“Casinos are one of them.”

Other industries, even brothels, require a lot of manpower. It is possible to make money only by careful operation, but the casino is a special case.

As long as someone is willing to gamble, even if there are only two thatched cottages, a large amount of source money can be quickly collected.


After thinking about it, Yuan Xi said in a low voice:

“There is a business that makes more money than a casino, but it is a pity that Su The family is occupied, and others canโ€™t do anything if they want to intervene, just sell the five-stone powder.โ€

โ€œThat thing can make people drunk, and it is said that it is more enjoyable than going to a brothel. Master is using it.”

“Of course.”

He said, his expression froze:

“Junior Brother, as long as you still have ambitions for martial arts , don’t touch that thing. No, even if there is no future, you can’t absolutely touch it.”

“Once it is contaminated, the whole person will be ruined!”

“Understood. “Zhou Jia nods.

Five Stones Powder…

No wonder Ji Family is so interested in Xingcheng Heidi’s Bliss Water, and seems to want to do a similar business.

“There are a total of three casinos on the surface in the city, and we Black Tiger Gang have two, one each in Dongcheng and Xicheng.” Yuan Xisheng said:

“Some time ago, because of conscription, There was trouble in Xicheng, many mobs attacked various shops, and even more upright people contributed to the fire.”

“Old Liao, died at that time.”

Then explained One sentence:

“Lao Liao is the supervisor of the Xicheng Casino.”

“Senior Brother wants me to take care of the Xicheng Casino?” Zhou Jia said.

“Not bad.” Yuan Xisheng nodded:

“Gambling is a good business, even in bad times, there are nearly a thousand Origin Stones a day, and in good times, a lot of Origin Crystals can be credited to the account. .”

“There are always some people who are too happy to gamble and ignore it.”

Zhou Jia understood.

Gambling is a kind of inferiority of human beings.

Unlike a brothel, where you can stay as long as you want as long as you have enough money, a casino is a bottomless pit.

Even a lot of money can go bankrupt in an instant.

“The gang has collected bills once every ten days. There are many and few, and sometimes there are nearly 10,000 Origin Stones. You can’t be less than this number.” Yuan Xisheng said sternly:

“Lao Liao has been confused a few times before, and almost made the Gang Lord angry. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was an old man who has been with the Gang Lord for several decades, I’m afraid he would have been kicked out long ago.”

“You Don’t make the same mistake.”

“As long as it works in the past, it won’t be a big problem in the future.” Zhou Jia’s expression was casual.

It really doesn’t work, don’t do it at worst!


Yuan Xisheng watched his words and expressions, and couldn’t help but feel helpless:

“There are many benefits to joining the gang. If you advance to the tenth grade, there will be no shortage of Jade Essence Pills.โ€

โ€œCultivation technique cheats, famous teachersโ€™ instructions, no worse than the island, and a lot of money…โ€

“Jade Essence Pill?” Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly, and he automatically ignored the other benefits:

“I heard that the gang also sells Pill Recipe?”

This pill is a spiritual medicine that can heal people’s fundamental wounds, and it is also something that every ten-grade expert must take.

“Not bad.” Yuan Xisheng nodded:

“But it’s pointless to have a Pill Recipe, not to mention the Alchemy Technique, many of the medicines in it require a certain age, how can one person get it all together?”

In this world, there is no safe time to cultivate herbs for you, and only the Great Influence, which has been passed down for hundreds of years, can there be a Medicine Garden.

Ordinary people, even if they get Pill Recipe, are useless.


This is not a problem for others, but Zhou Jia is not a big problem.

Old years of herbal medicines are hard to find, but herbal seeds are certainly not expensive. Watered by the spirit rain technique, I am afraid that it is more effective than medicine pill medicine in Gangli.

“I’m just curious.” A faint smile appeared on Zhou Jia’s face when he got the answer.

“Sit down!”

Yuan Xisheng shook his head:

“Wait a few friends will come, I’ll introduce them to you, the city is no better than other places, You still have to pay attention to some rules.”

Zhou Jia understood.

The meaning of Imperial Court lies in this.

Although secretly whoever is stronger is justified, they can’t break the rules, otherwise the whole city will be scattered and unsustainable.

Shicheng has a yamen.

The yamen is responsible for managing things in the city and investigating cases.

How the Heavenly Tiger Gang and Tianshui Village open strife and veiled struggle, the City Lord Yamen does not care, but if any wealthy family in the city has an accident for no reason, they will definitely ask.

This can be considered The bottom line.

“City Lord’s Mansion, Yamen, there are many experts.” Yuan Xisheng said:

“Some people, maybe for the so-called justice, maybe want to have a safe place, and I don’t want to join the Jianghu Sect faction, so I tend to join it.”


“People are coming!”

As Heavenly Tiger Gang Six One of the Great Protectors, Hei Tie expert, Yuan Xisheng wants to introduce to the people Zhou Jia knows, naturally it is not general.


The fourth son of Lei Batian is also Mrs. Lei’s biological son.

In addition to Mrs. Lei, Lei Batian still married several concubines, also has its bloodline, Lei Prison is a well-known figure among the sons.

Grade 9 Peak at a young age.

Different from Lei Batian’s roughness, Lei Prison’s handsome appearance and free and easy temperament are similar to Shan Muhua’s has several points of.

My nephew looks like my uncle, as expected.

There is another daughter, Chen Ying, who is the only daughter of Elder Chen and also has a Grade 9 cultivation base.

Zhou Jia didn’t care much about their cultivation base, just glanced at them and fell on a knife and a sword on their body.

Black Iron Profound Soldier!

The second generation!

“Some time ago, the Datang River was turbulent and washed down several villages. Some merfolk ran out and killed a lot of people.”

“A few days ago, Chi A batch of goods escorted by the Xiaojun was robbed halfway at the Michen lineage, and they are now being investigated. They dare to provoke the Chixiao army. They are very courageous.”

“I heard that it is a batch of spirits. material and Yuanjing?”


With Yuan Xisheng as the middle tune, several youngsters became familiar with each other, and Zhou Jia also learned a lot of news from the two. .

This kind of news, if you are not at a high level, will definitely not understand.


While speaking, Chen Ying’s beautiful eyes flashed and she said:

“Over there, it seems to be the deacon of the West City Casino?”

Several people turned their heads.

In the restaurant diagonally opposite Fengming Building, several people are sitting and talking, two of them middle-aged man, it is the casino deacon.

Too far away to hear what they are saying.

It is also Chen Ying who has outstanding eyesight to recognize people.

“It’s a coincidence.” Lei prisoner said with a smile:

“Brother Zhou, why don’t you ask them to come over and recognize your incoming supervisor?”

“Forget it.” Zhou Jia sighed softly in both ears, a strange flash in his eyes, and then shook his head gently:

“I haven’t taken office yet, there is no need to disturb, just let them go.”


Several people didn’t force it.


Several people said goodbye and parted. Zhou Jia went straight to the gang station and, with the help of Yuan Xisheng’s token, started Jade Essence Pill’s Pill Recipe.

I then changed my identities many times and bought the needed herbal seeds from various pharmacies in the city.

I finally returned to the house I bought in Shicheng.

The house is remote, secluded, and of great value. Fortunately, he has plenty of source crystals in his hand, so he doesn’t care about this small amount of money, and even opens a secret room.

Used to grow herbs.

As long as the medicine pill is prepared.

With the three-element orthodox secret medicine, Jade Essence Pill, he is at the tenth level, and he can also make rapid progress.

As for the casino…

Don’t worry about other affairs.





Zou deacon is holding a cigarette stick in his hand and is puffing out the smoke.

“I found out.”

Liu Liu whispered:

“The name of the new supervisor is Zhou Jia, who is Hufa Chen’s Junior Brother. The Disciple of the Jinhuang lineage of Xiaolang Island is comparable to the tenth grade.”

“Zeng Yiyi, hacked to death a Grade 9.”

“Zhou Jia.” Wen deacon looked thoughtful:

“It seems that Hufa Chen also wants to put his own people in the gang.”

“That’s black iron expert.” Zou deacon chuckled:


“There are only three black irons out of the six guardians. How can you and the others be able to manage this and the others if they want to install them?”

As for Zhou Jia, he did not I don’t care much.

Grade 9,

It is really expert in other places, but it can only be regarded as Peak in Heavenly Tiger gang.

Not to mention the black iron.

Under Grade 6, the ominous beast can climb quickly.

There are people who do similar business in the city, and they catch the ominous beast for people to kill to increase the cultivation base.

Next, as long as you live long enough, Cultivation is not slack, plus family help, you can almost achieve Grade 8, Grade 9 or even ten.

Zou deacon is a top ten expert.

It’s just that it’s a little late to achieve the tenth grade. He is forty-nine years old. After a few years of warm up, there is no hope of breakthrough.

It is said that it is a tenth grade, and its strength may not be as good as Grade 9, but it still has the power of tenth grade in a short-term outbreak.

There are many people like him.

“That’s what I said.” Wen deacon nodded

“Brother Zou, what do you think?”

“Old rules” Zou deacon said:

โ€œWe can just do our part, no one comes to the casino, and we donโ€™t earn enough Originium, isnโ€™t there something wrong?โ€

โ€œDo you want to do business with peace of mind?โ€

It’s expensive.”

“Brother Zou.” Wen deacon frowned, the soundtrack was displeased:

“It’s not an outsider, why bother talking about him, don’t tell me that you don’t secretly Privately set up a secret shop to gain benefits.โ€

There are only three big casinos in the city, but there are far more small casinos in the dark.

It’s no small matter to find out if you’re lying on the Heavenly Tiger gang to suck blood.


Zou deacon raised his eyebrows:

“Zou has a sense of proportion, there is just a little trouble, can’t be considered what .”

“If Director Zhou is willing, I don’t mind giving him a share, just like the former Director Liao, how much money can I earn just from the monthly salary in the gang?”

“Really?” Wen deacon obviously didn’t believe it, but he didn’t say much, and instead asked:

“Wang Family, how are you doing?”

“A rundown house. .” Zou deacon pouted:

“I got addicted to gambling, and I took Wushi Powder again. It’s no help. Now let him taste the sweetness first, and he will receive the bill later.”

“” Wen deaconen waited.

“His wife and daughter have been attracted by Young Master Su, don’t forget to tell me that the money surnamed Wang owes is not enough. , Young Master Su canโ€™t do without our benefits.โ€

If itโ€™s not enough, itโ€™s natural to sell his wife and daughter.

As for not wanting to sell…

When the time comes, how can you not sell if you don’t want to?

“You still have a good track record.” Zou deacon grinned:

“Even Su Family can get involved, no wonder they are not afraid of the new supervisor.”

“Just kidding.” Wen deacon said with a smile:

“I’m just an errand runner, I can’t compare to Zou deacon.”

“Hey…” Zou deacon chuckled lightly , sighed lightly, the smoke filled the air, but there was something strange and incomprehensible in his heart.

surnamed Wang’s daughter is extremely shrewd, and it’s normal to be liked, but his wife is already a yellow-faced woman, what’s so rare?

Wacky hobbies!

Shaking his head, he said indifferently:

“As for Zhou Jia, it’s actually quite simple. Let him know that the casino business is not so easy to do, and naturally he will cooperate with us.”

“I have a friend who is very open in this industry, known as a thousand hands.”

“Oh!” Wen deacon’s eyes lit up:

“Believing or not?”

“Unless I die.” Zou deacon squinted with disdain:

“Otherwise, he will never betray me.”

(end of this chapter)

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