Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 144


Chapter 144 Killing Beasts

Chen Ying is white and beautiful, with a graceful figure.

As the only daughter of Elder Chen, she has a very outstanding appearance and naturally has many suitors. However, she has revealed her martial arts innate talent since she was a child, and her vision is also extraordinary.

Ordinary guys are hard to catch.

The young and talented people in the city each have their own shortcomings in her opinion.

To this day, she is nearly thirty years old, and she is still alone, even without a male partner, which is a big joke.

In this world, a woman can be a mother at 16, and she is too old to be married at 20.


Even if it is because of the delay in martial arts, it is rare.

Some people even murmured in secret, guessing if there was something wrong with her, that’s why she hasn’t had a man for so many years.

A few years ago, Chen Ying didn’t care, the increase in strength was enough to ignore the eyes of others.

In the past two years, the cultivation base has been stagnant, and a strange feeling has gradually developed in my heart.

Especially when I see my playmates of the same age, get married and have children one by one, and gradually become estranged from her, without contact, I feel even more lonely.

Even Elder Chen took a rare serious attitude, urging her to get married as soon as possible.

A list is added.

Lei Prisoner,

is one of them.

The beloved son of Gang Lord, her status is not bad, and she is more than enough for her.

However, Lei Prison’s Cultivation method is weird, and it is impossible to live without women, which makes Chen Ying unbearable.

As a result, it never worked.

As time passed, she gradually lowered her requirements.

Zhou Jia,

Into the eye one day.

And introduced by Yuan Xisheng.

According to her previous vision, a person with such an ordinary appearance and a dull personality would hardly even glance at her, and was not one of the candidates.

Nowadays, I don’t mind getting acquainted with one or two.

After all, first impressions are not annoying.

But to be honest, in Chen Ying’s opinion, Zhou Jia’s character, although not likable, is hard to be hated.

All the way!

“Miss Chen, wait a moment.”

The house is not small, but it is slightly dilapidated, and the corners are overgrown with weeds. It is obviously neglected, and Sanshui leads Chen Yingxing inward hospital.

“Master, Miss Chen is here.”



Inside the house.

Zhou Jia facial expression grave, hold a dropper-like thing in hand, squeeze gently, mix the medical liquid inside with the ointment below.


The blue smoke rises, and a strong medicinal fragrance hits the nostrils.

Zhou Jia’s eyes remained the same, his hands slid lightly, the source power was like a rapidly turning grinding wheel, and the ointment in front of him one after another was rubbed into pills.


A dozen pills of the same size were neatly stacked in front of me.

Jade Essence Pill!

The appearance is similar to what Heavenly Tiger helped to give, but the color is darker.

Slightly hesitated, he took one and put it in his mouth.


The indescribable strange smell permeated his mouth, making his expression distorted, forcibly suppressing the desire to spit it out and swallowing it.

It’s just unpalatable, and the patience will pass.

The medicine pill is taken into the stomach.

A warm and warm current quietly emerged from the belly, and instantly swept through the whole body, and a feeling of fluttering comfort also surfaced in my heart.

Every inch of skin, every cell, seems to be permeated by the gentle water flow, allowing it to wash away and take away the slightest impurities.

It seemed like a long time, it seemed like a moment, Zhou Jia returned to his senses.

As soon as the thought subconsciously fell to the Sea of Consciousness, a look of joy appeared on his face.

It’s done!

And it works surprisingly well.

“Three years!”

After a moment of silent calculation, Zhou Jia came to an answer:

“At most three years, you can achieve the tenth grade, and the progress Perfection, if Yuan Xisheng’s words are the norm, he should be a special case.”

Ordinary tenth grade, if you want to hit the black iron, you need at least seven or eight years of accumulation, more than ten years, three years Simply incredible.

Even if it has a Top Grade Jade Essence Pill, it should not.

Be aware.

Other people don’t have Zhou Jia’s Sea of Consciousness light curtain, the impossible 10th rank Perfection can only break through, and most 78th achievements will try.

The three years in Zhou Jia’s mouth is to push the progress of the tenth grade to 100%.

In the previous Dalin Dynasty, even if you don’t take Ultra Grade Originium, it is very possible to achieve Black Iron, that is, Innate Realm.



Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly:

“My body is damaged. It should have been repaired a lot by the Dragon-Tiger Xuan tire, and it has been repaired, otherwise it will be difficult to explain.”

This is undoubtedly a good thing!

But there is a problem.

It usually takes three to five years from the application to the issuance of the Ultra Grade of Xuantian Alliance.

This may lead to the fact that he has already succeeded in Perfection, and the Ultra Grade source material has not yet come down.

Forget it!

Zhou Jia shook his head and stood up.

One step at a time!




Today’s Chen Ying put on a black dress, with a white waistband Buckle jade pendant, more and more slender waist, slender legs.

The long hair like a waterfall is simply tied behind the head, and the natural and beautiful face is full of collagen, which does not look like a woman in her late thirties.

The temperament of practicing martial arts all the year round and occupying a high position is even more outstanding.

It even makes people want to conquer spontaneously.

Even if Zhou Jia’s heart is sent, he still can’t help but light up. Unlike other people in this world, teenage girls don’t match his aesthetic.

“Brother Zhou.”

The slight changes on Zhou Jia’s face could not escape Chen Ying’s eyes, and the beautiful eyes flashed slightly, and a little joy could not help but appear in his heart.

Who doesn’t like being appreciated?

Even if the other person doesn’t like it.

“Today is your day on duty, don’t you mind if I join in the fun?”

“Why?” Zhou Jia said with a smile:

“I can’t ask for it.”

“The casino is a Treasure Gathering Pot.” The two got on the carriage, and Chen Ying reminded:

“The west city casino is not that simple, Gang Lord knows that Lao Liao’s hands are not clean, so he still uses him, there must be other reasons.”

“Oh!” Zhou Jia frowned.

The last thing he likes is trouble.

“As far as I know.” Chen Ying glanced at him and said what he had heard from the father:

“There are two deacons in the West City Casino, the one surnamed Zou is in charge. Manage the casino, followed by Vice-Gang Leader Qiu Bowei, who is surnamed Wen in charge of bookkeeping, has a close relationship with Qi Hufa, and has several Su Family friends.”

“What are you going to do?”

“According to the rules.” Zhou Jia said:

“The casino has been open for so many years, there must be rules. I act according to the rules, and other people will have no objection if they want to come. .”

“Senior Brother said that this is a leisure time, you don’t have to go often, you can just do cultivation at home when you have nothing to do, can he still lie to me?”

Said, faintly smiled.

Chen Ying frowned.

Zhou Jia’s so-called strain made her very dissatisfied. If it was just such a little ability, it would be a waste person with good innate talent.

This world.

It’s not just martial arts that can run amok.


“I’m afraid they will be dishonest.” Chen Ying said slowly:

“Although the surnamed Zou is old, he is a Rank 10, it is not easy to deal with.”

Zhou Jia is Grade 9, although it is said that he is very strong, but this is only said, the last shot was half a year ago, and few people saw it.

The real strength is unknown.

Zou deacon’s tenth grade is real. Even if he is old and frail, he is also experienced. Martial skill is more skilled than youngster.

“It’s not good to fight and kill.”

Zhou Jia shook his head:

“Convince people with virtue.”

Chen Orioles was speechless.


A sound of gongs and drums came from outside, and the speed of the carriage also slowed down, followed by some rapid footsteps.

“What’s the matter?” Zhou Jia lifted the curtain and looked towards the hurrying pedestrians on the street.

“The main house.” Sanshui looked excited and said:

“It’s killing beasts in public!”

“The yamen released two Ultra Grade ominous beasts. , sold at a high price, and bought to be slaughtered on the street, it is said that those with good luck will also get a few pieces of meat.”

“The meat of Ultra Grade ominous beast will definitely make a difference!”

As he spoke, he licked the corner of his mouth, his eyes burning eagerly.

“Ultra Grade ominous beast?” Zhou Jia was also moved:

“Who bought it?”

“I don’t know.” Sanshui Shaking his head:

“It must be a rich man. I heard that killing an Ultra Grade ominous beast can make a Grade 5 Yijin directly promoted to a Grade 7 joint force.”

” When I was a kid, I even heard that one person went from Grade 4 to Grade 7.”

The essence of Ultra Grade ominous beast is extremely scary, it’s not surprising to help Grade 5 liter Grade 7, Grade 4 liter Grade 7, It depends on luck.

Not to mention low-quality, even if it is him, it is inevitable that he will be moved.

“How to sell?”

“Brother Zhou wants to buy one?” Chen Ying chuckled:

“It must have been discussed if you can get it out. Okay, the main house, it must be too late to go now, but the gang sometimes sells it.”

“You can wait for the opportunity.”


After thinking about it, she said:

“But for you and me, killing ordinary Ultra Grade ominous beasts, although beneficial, is not big, and powerful ominous beasts are hard to catch alive.”

“Usually, the gang won’t let anyone above Grade 8 take action.”

Zhou Jia slowly nodded.


With his current cultivation base, killing an ominous beast may not be much faster than taking a medicine pill. For the Heavenly Tiger gang, it is more cost-effective to let the following people kill.

On the one hand, it can inspire people, and on the other hand, it can also be a publicity.

“Have Young Lady Chen ever been killed?”

“Of course.” Chen Ying nodded:

“Before Grade 7, I was mostly caught by my father ominous beast came to kill promotion, and once killed an Ultra Grade ominous beast, I was very scared.”


“Brother Zhou didn’t kill it?”

“Never killed Ultra Grade.” Zhou Jia shook his head.

He understands why there are so many Grade 7s in the city. This is a world of powerhouses.

Ordinary person, it is difficult to repair to Grade 5.

And those with high positions.

Even if it is boiled, it can be boiled to ten grades!

In the Huo Family Fort, ordinary people can overturn the inner city, but in this stone city, ordinary people face the Great Influence and have little power to fight back.

“Don’t run!”

“Stop him!”

Just then, chaos erupted in the streets.

A blood-soaked silhouette sprang from an alley and fled forward in embarrassment.

Behind him, five or six people armed with swords, roaring and chasing, shooting hidden weapons from time to time, even ignoring the pedestrians on the street.


Chen Ying’s beautiful eyes flashed:

“People from Tianshui Village, who are they chasing?”

while speaking, begin to stir.

Heavenly Tiger Gang and Tianshui Village have never dealt with each other. If it is her own people who are chasing and killing, she will definitely take action since she encounters it.

Guo Ping?

Zhou Jia knew the man, Guo Ping, who had indirectly killed Little Chu.

I haven’t seen him for some time, he already has the cultivation base of Grade 6, and he has learned a movement method from nowhere, which is quite mysterious.


shouting loudly, from not far away.

Under the tea stand, the silhouette was like electricity, and the sword light was flickering. As soon as he was in the air, he stopped a hidden weapon and floated lightly in front of Guo Ping:

“What are you doing?”

“Courting death can’t be done in the street!”

“Black iron.” Zhou Jia’s eyes narrowed, his face solemn.

The temperament of the people who come here is not obvious. Sword Art seems to be simple and simple, and the cultivation base is deep. He is a black iron expert.

“It’s the Chief Constable Penalty Five who came last year.” Chen Ying said in a low voice, with a rare solemn voice:

“This person has a weird temper, and Sword Art is extremely good, known as an eagle. Eyes catch, even Hufa Yuan has eaten and hanged in his hands.”

“If you see him later, just ignore him.”


Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

A black iron, drinking tea at a roadside stall, seems really strange.


Looks all right.

“Let’s go!”

Shaking his head, he casually lowered the car curtain, not curious about what happened next.




The casino covers an area of nearly 100 acres, with towers and pavilions.

It is said to be a casino, more like a Hundred Flowers Building. There is a lot of noise in the building, and there are many women dressed in cool clothes coming and going.

There are also guest rooms upstairs for those who are tired to practice.

There is a restaurant on the side, so you don’t have to worry about eating and drinking.

As long as you can think of it, here are perfectly clear for you, just for people to stay here until they empty the last source of money in their pockets.

“Big! Big! Big!”


“Quick, quick!”

“ I won!”


The clamor is in my ears, and it has a blood-boiled aura. It seems that when I come here, I can’t help but get angry. Blood surged.

“Medicine?” Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.

“Not bad.” Chen Ying nodded, a trace of disgust flashed in her eyes:

“Something to add to the fun.”

“Director Zhou!” A loud voice , came from the crowd, a fatty with a short stature, separated from the crowd and greeted him warmly:

“Director Zhou is coming, why didn’t you tell me in advance, I’m ready to prepare.”

“My subordinate, Wen Zhong, manages the financial accounts of the casino in a complicated way.”

Wen Zhong sweated on his forehead and kept wiping it. in this way.

“Don’t be so troublesome.” Zhou Jia waved his hand lightly:

“Find a quiet place.”

“Yes, yes.” Wen Zhong repeatedly nodded :

“The supervisor is here, and Young Lady Chen is also here.”

“I’m here to see the excitement.” Chen Ying chuckled lightly.

On the second floor, the people in the casino have already received the news that Chief-In-Charge, including Zou deacon, has come to the room where the supervisor is.

Wen Zhong brought several thick account books and put them in front of Zhou Jia respectfully:

“Director, this is the account book for the last three months, because of conscription. , the income of the casinos in the past three months is lower than before.”

Zhou Jia flipped through the account book and asked:

“I can collect the bills for the help, can I meet the requirements? ?”

“Supervisor.” Zou deacon said:

“I used to be able to achieve it, but now the business is not good, I’m afraid it won’t work, I heard that you are a disciple of Gang Lord Junior Brother, Can you say a few words.”

“We, it’s easy to do.”

Speaking with a flattering smile.

Zhou Jia glanced at him, browsed slightly wrinkle, and continued to ask:

“Second Senior Brother told me that after the collection, we should increase the original continuation by 30%. Deacon, is there anything you can do?”

“Thirty percent?” Zou deacon said in a voice:

“Director, it’s impossible to complete the original task. Eating and drinking are all problems, 30% is impossible.”

Wen deacon looked embarrassed and nodded.


Zhou Jia suddenly shook the account book in his hand and said angrily:

“Who is in charge of the account here?”

He pointed to Wen deacon:

“It’s you!”

He pointed to Zou deacon again:

“Or you?”

“It’s a mess, there are no rules and regulations, what kind of formality!”

He asked about the account book, and he was looking at the surname Wen, and the answer was Zou deacon, but Wen deacon seemed to understand something Generally, there are no rules at all.

“This…” Wen deacon complexion stiffened, his eyes subconsciously looked towards Zou deacon.

“deacon!” At this moment, one person pushed in without knocking on the door:

“There is an expert who has already won 3,000 Origin Stones, and the others have even more We have already lost more than 10,000 Originium.”

“Hurry up and stop him!”

“Supervisor.” Seeing this, Zou deacon spread out both hands, said:

“You also see that although the subordinates are responsible for security, sometimes they will inevitably encounter some trouble, so they will also help to sort out the account books.”

” This is also agreed by Old Wen.”

“That’s right, that’s right.” Wen deacon took the handkerchief, wiped the sweat on his forehead desperately, his wrists trembled, and he glanced at the ground of Divine Dynasty:

“My subordinates are incompetent, and I rely on Zou deacon to help me.”

“That’s good!”

Zhou Jia nominated, looking towards Zou deacon:

“Let me ask you, will the collection be increased by 30% in the future, can it be completed?”



Zou deacon Habit Sexual opening, the voice has not completely fallen, saw a flash, the whole person has a hollow chest, and flew backwards.

A coldly snorted sound could be heard faintly.


“If it can’t be done, what do I need you for!”

(End of this chapter)

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