Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 145


Chapter 145 Means

Zhou Jia’s actions were abrupt and very ruthless.

At the moment when everyone had no time to react, he punched and knocked Zou deacon off the first floor.

During this period, there was little effective resistance.

Chen Ying’s eyes lit up.

This is a top ten expert!

Even if Zhou Jia is suspected of sneak attack, it is a one-shot victory.

When starting, the source power exploded, the air was turbulent, and the force that made people numb the scalp emerged, which shocked the audience in an instant.

Chen Ying asked herself, spare no effort, can also do this.


needs the help of black iron mysterious soldiers!

And Zhou Jia’s bare hands, the power of that moment, even made her heart sink, subconsciously giving birth to a sense of fear.

It’s like a sleeping ominous beast suddenly bursting out, making people jump.

Ten products!

At such an age, he is already rank 10, and there is a 60-70% chance of becoming a black iron in the future.

If you think about it in general, it’s nothing to have a plain appearance and a dull personality. The decisiveness of the shot makes people’s eyes shine.


Somewhat reckless!

Chen Ying’s thoughts turned and she habitually analyzed the pros and cons.

Zou deacon represented not only him, but also the Vice-Gang Leader Qiu Bowei behind him. He was easily killed, and he was afraid that he would be punished.

Liwei is a good thing.

But you have to choose the right target, otherwise, not only will you not be able to quickly rectify the deployment of your subordinates, but it may cause a violent rebound.

As it is now.

“Zou deacon!”

“Stop it!”

Zou deacon has been in the casino for so many years, and naturally there are many cronies, disciples, and Qiu Vice- Gang Leader specially installed experts.

Seeing this, I can’t help roaring.

There were two more lightning strikes, one rushed downstairs and the other drew a knife towards Zhou Jia.

The man who drew the sword had a gloomy complexion, his triangular eyes cold light introverted, his expression stiff, his long sword drawn out of its sheath, and a sharp cold glow came into view.

Nice knife!

What a Blade Drawing Technique!

Grade 9 cultivation base, Essence, Qi, and Spirit come together in one place, and draw the sword countless times, making triangular eyes this move to the realm of perfection.

Even if it is a tenth rank, there is still a chance for a battle.

Chen Ying’s beautiful eyes flickered, and she lightly pressed the hilt on her waist with one hand, and a fighting spirit quietly emerged.


Zhou Jia squinted and his voice was dull:

“courting death!”

While speaking, in front of his big hands He stretched out, penetrated into the blade light magically, clasped his five fingers together, grabbed the blade suddenly, and pulled it fiercely downward.


triangular eyes with knives, fiercely hit the floor.

Before he returned to his senses, he felt severe pain in his chest and abdomen, a series of rib fractures sounded, and the five internal organs in the body were smashed out of flesh by giant force.

In an instant, the dead can no longer die.

If one method works, all methods will work.

Zhou Jia has already improved the Innate Martial Skill Purple Thunder Axe to Perfection Realm, ordinary moves are naturally weak spots everywhere in his eyes.

Blade Technique, which others are amazed at, can be easily broken without the aid of an axe and shield.

Kicking his triangular eyes to death, he stepped down to the second floor.

Apart from Chen Ying’s normal expression, everyone in the field was pale, with panic and anxiety in their eyes.

This new supervisor is very ruthless.


It is human life!

Start ruthless, kill it if you say it!



First floor.

The voices were full of people, and many gamblers gathered around the gaming tables, making a lot of noise, and all of them flushed red under the stimulation of medicine and heart.

At this moment, a dark shadow fell from the upstairs and slammed into a gaming table.

The shadow smashed the gaming table and rolled on the ground.

“Zou deacon?”

“Old Zou!”

Someone with sharp eyes immediately recognized the embarrassed silhouette on the ground.

This is the casino of the Heavenly Tiger Gang, and Zou deacon is a top ten expert who sits here. Who dares and can attack him?


A strong wind was blowing on the second floor, and one silhouette fluttered to the ground.

“Save me!”

Zou deacon’s chest was sunken and he vomited blood, he forced himself up and staggered forward:

“Save me!”

“Zou deacon!”

The guard in the field was stunned for a moment, and then rushed over quickly.

The two of them were even more ruthless, drew their swords to face Zhou Jia, and shouted in a hurry:

“How dare you to make trouble here, pay with your life!”


Zhou Jia frowned, knowing that he had injured Zou deacon, they still dared to charge, not afraid of life and death, it seems that Is the confidant of the surname Zou.

Glancing at the guards in the field, all of them have bad eyes.


The surname Zou will win over people’s hearts. I’m afraid he has the final say in this Xicheng casino.

That’s the case…

With a cold look in his eyes, Zhou Jia strode forward, and at the moment before the sword reached his body, his arms suddenly stretched and buckled the head of the person coming from left and right.


The two heads were squeezed together with tremendous force, smashing into each other, smashing the skulls and cracking their brains.


A copper rod fell from top to bottom, and the howling wind blew away the tables, chairs, and benches on both sides, and a crack appeared on the ground beneath my feet.

The big man holding a stick was full of muscles and bulging, his eyes were bloodshot, and he roared.


Zhou Jia raised one hand, grabbed the stick, and with a flick of his arm, the stick had worn away both hands and penetrated straight into the opponent’s heart. .

With a stick in hand, with a wave of it, the person with the stick swept across a piece.

The guards rushing from behind were also overwhelmed.


A cold glow suddenly appeared in the crowd.

The cold glow was not obvious, and it appeared in Zhou Jia’s blind spot, silently, but it made the hearts of everyone who saw it chilled.

The sword comes out, like a poisonous snake.


A loud bang.

In the surprised eyes of others, a fist that seemed to cover all directions appeared before the sword shadow and slammed down.

Assassin, who was hiding in the crowd, shattered on the spot with a sword.

Zhou Jia strode forward like a terrifying ominous beast, with a blank face and waving arms, no matter who came, he would kill him on the spot.

With one palm, two people were killed.

A punch that runs through the armor.

In just a few steps, there are corpses all over the place.

Whether it is Grade 7 , Grade 8 , or even Grade 9 , they are all unable to withstand a single blow, and they will take their lives when they shoot, and there is no life under the palm of their hands.

Just hit him…

It’s death!

In the blink of an eye, the rest of the guards were panic-stricken, their fighting spirit disappeared, and they stepped back again and again, even giving up where Zou deacon was.

“You…you can’t kill me.”

Zou deacon’s face was pale and his body was swaying. He was clinging to the wall and had no choice but to grit his teeth and do the last thing. Attempt:

“Kill me, Qiu Vice-Gang Leader will not let you go!”

“Oh!” Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows:

“You’re threatening me?”

Said, with a disdainful smile, suddenly stretched out the hand to grab his head, and moved towards the hard ground.


The head pierced into the ground, and blood came out from the depression.

“Zou deacon!”


Until this moment, all the people on the second floor rushed down, waiting to see what was on the first floor. The situation turned pale.

Even Chen Ying frowned.

She didn’t think there was anything wrong with starting very ruthless, the key was how to end it next, otherwise it would be a reckless fool.

“Clean up.”

Zhou Jia patted his hands:

“Take the body out, don’t spoil the guests’ interest.”

“Well said!” One of the people in the crowd applauded and walked out:

“Friends are good means, Su admires it, but you are making trouble for yourself. As guests, we can’t come here in vain. “

“I’m here to have fun.”

The person who spoke was totally unintentional in the face of the situation on the field, and even in his voice, there was Zhou Jia Dissatisfaction that disturbed his mood.

“Su An, the pampered young master of the third room of Su Family.” Chen Ying whispered sound transmission:

“This person is idle and has little ability, but it’s best not to provoke him.”

Su Angry?

Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.

The people who come here are dressed in extravagant and gorgeous clothes, and their appearance is quite handsome.

But even so, it has a Grade 9 cultivation base.

Su Family,

worthy of having a military background, Shicheng First Great Influence, a rambunctious pampered young master in the family, can also become a Grade 9 expert.

“I’m sorry to disturb Young Master Su.” nodded, Zhou Jia waved his hand:

“Come on, open a table for Young Master Su, everyone who came today, give a gift to everyone. The top ten Originium Stones should be the next reward.”


The gamblers in the field were in an uproar, and ten Originium Stones are for most people. , is not a small amount, although it was frightened, it was also a pleasant surprise.

“No need!” Su An ignored this, shook his head and refused, saying:

“I’m at this table, with this friend. Bet.”

Said, sideways to give up one person.

The man was white clothed, with good features and extraordinary temperament. He didn’t look like a gambler, but he was surrounded by many gamblers.

Everyone has a lot of chips in their hands.

“Supervisor.” At this time, a person approached tremblingly and whispered:

“It was this person just now, who won our three thousand Originium without much effort, and the others If someone calls, the loss will be no less than tens of thousands.”

“Oh!” Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows, thought for a moment, slowly approached, moved towards the opponent’s hands:

“Didn’t ask for advice? “

The white clothed man’s face was pale, his gaze was paused on Zou deacon’s body, fear appeared in his eyes, and he forced a smile on his face:

“In Xia Luofeng.”

“Qianshou Luofeng!”

“It turned out to be him…”

“No wonder!”

The whispers of everyone , one after another into the ear.

Obviously, Qianshou Luofeng has a great reputation among gamblers, almost known to everyone known to everyone, but it seems that few people have actually seen him.

“It turned out to be Brother Luo.” Zhou Jia’s expression was indifferent, as if he was still unmoved, and said:

“Don’t mind Zhou playing a game?”

“This…” Luo Feng hesitated, then nodded gently:

“Of course, this is an honor.”

The game table is played with dice, which is very common The gameplay is no different from the ancient Earth, that is, the dice Gu covers the dice, and after shaking it, guess the size of the points inside.

The dice Gu is open, the dice are two, two or three, and the chips are randomly placed on the gaming table.

Zhou Jia walked to the gambling table, and under the watchful eyes of others, he picked up the lid and placed it on the dice, and gestured:

“Brother Luo, please place your bet. .”

Everyone was stunned.

Even Chen Ying, who has never bet against anyone, knows that before guessing the number, she has to shake it first, and then let people bet after it is shaken.

“Zhou… Director.” Luo Feng was even more hesitant:

“You seem to have forgotten a step?”



Zhou Jia shook his head and continued:

“Brother Luo, please place your bet.”

“Interesting, really interesting.” Su An’s eyes lit up, and he rested his chin in his hand. Looking at Zhou Jia, then looking towards Luo Feng, shrugged and said:

“The surnamed Luo, Director Zhou sent you the Origin Stone, why don’t you catch it?”

Luo Feng’s expression White, hands trembling.

Everyone knows the number of points in the dice cup, two, two, and three are small, but he dares not bet.

The purpose of his visit today is to be invited by Zou deacon to come to the town and let the new supervisor know that the casino cannot do without Zou deacon, otherwise it will not work.

But now…

Everyone with the surname Zou was beaten to death on the spot, how could he have the guts to offend the other party?

Betting may give Originium, but more likely, it is not uncommon to die without knowing where to go.

Especially someone like him.

The other party killed even the surnamed Zou at will. What is he?

“Get down!”

“Two, two, three, little Origin Stones, what else are you thinking about?”

“Get down!”

Watching the fun is not too big of a deal, and the roars rise and fall one after another, which contrasts with the struggle on Luo Feng’s face and the cold sweat on his forehead.

Long time.

He just revealed a bitter smile, looked towards Zhou Jia, and slowly pushed out the Originium:

“I choose the big one, four, five or six.”

There was silence in the field.



Even Su Fu shook his head and sighed, rolling his eyes.


Zhou Jia smiled up to the sky:

“Brother Luo is so good!”

said , lightly open the Gu cover, and at the same time the source power is lightly shaken.

The dice inside roll gently, from 2, 2, 3 o’clock small to 4, 5, 6 o’clock big.

“Choose the best price, triple the number of points in the guess, four times in total, Brother Luo bet 3,000 Origin Stones, go and get 12,000 Origin Stones!”


There was another uproar in the field.

Zhou Jia’s movements are not hidden, as long as the casino veterans can see it clearly, Su An even more strange, looking towards Zhou Jia’s expression changes back and forth.

“No need, no need.” Luo Feng was even more frightened and inexplicably grateful, and immediately waved his hands again and again.

“no need to be so polite.” Zhou Jia’s eyes were meaningful:

“There are so many source stones, I’m afraid it’s inconvenient to take, Brother Luo accompany me up there, how about ?”

“…” Luo Feng opened his mouth:





Second floor.

Broken doors and windows were simply repaired enough to block the view from the outside.

Zhou Jia stroked the tea cup, Chen Ying’s eyes were curious, Wen deacon was brow beaded with sweat as always, Luo Feng’s eyes flashed habitually.

“What are you going to do?”

Chen Ying took the initiative to speak:

“Killing Zou deacon in public is equivalent to offending Qiu Vice-Gang Leader, Even if Protector Yuan is around, I am afraid that I will inevitably be punished.”

“Zou deacon, damn it, how can you not kill it.” Zhou Jia smiled lightly, looking towards Luo Feng:

“Brother Luo, are you right?”

Luo Feng body trembled.

“Thousand-handed Luo Feng, his gambling skills are amazing.” Zhou Jia didn’t wait for him to answer, and continued:

“Brother Luo is so capable, but he has no fixed place to live. It is a pity to suffer from the cold and oppression, I wonder if you intend to enter my casino?”

“As long as Brother Luo comes, Zou deacon’s position is yours.”

Luo Feng raised his head. , a frenzy appeared in his eyes:


“Of course!”

Zhou Jia nods:

“However, Zou Jia The trouble is not small on deacon, I wonder if Brother Luo has a solution?”

“Yes!” Luo Feng gritted his teeth and said:

“I know that the surname is Zou. There are two private casinos outside, and the guests are all drawn from here, and most of the income is stolen.”

“The location of the casino, the account books, and the contacts with certain people, I have all There is a way to get it!”

“Okay!” Zhou Jia tapped his hands and smiled:

“I believe Brother Luo can do it.”

Said, looked towards Chen Ying:

“Young Lady Chen, with all this, even if it is Qiu Vice-Gang Leader himself, I am afraid that Zou deacon will not be spared, and Zhou will punish it on his behalf, it seems that No fault.”

Chen Ying was silent.

It took a long time before he looked towards Zhou Jia with deep meaning:

“Brother Zhou has a good way, a good plan, and I admire it.”

“Just kidding.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“Zhou Mou takes advantage of one’s position to bully people, what is it, Wen deacon is the expert.”

“Pu pass!”

Wen Deacon’s knees went soft and he knelt down suddenly, sweat dripping down his forehead:

“Director Zhou, subordinates… subordinates only follow your lead.”

(End of this chapter)

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