Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 146


Chapter 146 troubles

Lei Prisoner slender figure, handsome, with a pair of phoenix eyes sparkling Said to have a strong attraction.

He was never short of women.

It’s more known for being persistent.


The smoke curled up, the mist rose, and the eyes of several women in cool clothes were blurred.


The door opened.

A man dressed as a scholar stepped inside. He turned a blind eye to the situation in the house and took out a pill and put it in the incense.


Lei Prison opened his eyes, there was no desire in his eyes, but it was crystal clear:

“Yin on these people Qi is of little use to me, and it is a waste to use Hehe Dan, so the next group of people will come over.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

The scholar bowed and should be , stop burning the incense.

“That’s right.” Thinking of something, Lei Prison asked slowly:

“What is Zhou Jia doing recently?”

“cultivation, traveling, fishing .” The scholar bowed his head and said:

“Since he took control of the casino, he hardly ever went there. Most of the time he stayed in his house, Cultivation, and the rest of the time was spent playing and fishing.”

Speaking of which, the scholar seemed to hesitate.

In his opinion, Zhou Jia’s play is too hasty.

It seems to have no purpose, that is, to simply turn around Shicheng.

I don’t know what to think.

“It seems that it is a cultivator of painstaking cultivation.” Lei Prison’s mouth twitched up:

“No wonder he has reached ten grades at such a young age, so excellent, his Jade Essence Is there a supply of Pill?”

“Yes.” Scholar nodded:

“According to Young Master, you will send a Jade Essence Pill every half month, Director Zhou told Young Master is very grateful.”

“That’s good.”

Lei Prison slowly nodded.

He is the son of Lei Batian, the future successor of Heavenly Tiger’s help, and naturally learned to win people’s hearts from a young age, Zhou Jia is one of them.

“Young Master.” The scholar thought for a while, then said:

“From the point of view of controlling the West City Casino in one fell swoop, Director Zhou has great skills and extraordinary strength. You can focus on winning.”

β€œAt his age, even if he fails to break through the first time, he still has a second chance, and he has a great chance to become a black iron in the future.”

“en.” Lei Prisoner rested his chin in his hand, looking thoughtful:

“Can the gang have a new Ultra Grade source?”

“Young Master…” The scholar raised his head, his face stern. Surprised:

“Ultra Grade Origin Quality, Director Zhou will definitely not refuse, but he is only 10th Grade, and it will take a few years for him to break through.”

“I know. “Lei Prison waved:

“It’s not needed for now, it doesn’t mean it’s useless, first…”


A loud noise came from outside When it came, the two of them were stunned.

“People from the yamen, everyone, don’t move!”

“People from the yamen!” Lei Prison frowned:

“What are they doing?”

At the moment, he shook off the woman wrapped around him, took a piece of clothes and put it on, and strode out, with a haze on his face.

The Heavenly Tiger gang is backed by the Xuantian Alliance. In Shicheng, except for the Su Family, who has a military background, they will be afraid of one or two, and no one has ever dared to take the initiative to provoke them.


The same is true!

Today, those who dare to come to the door and hear the voices are not good.

What a bold move!


This is a town-house courtyard, with two floors of buildings forming a ring, and a high platform is built in the middle of the open space, on which the dancers and singers are performing.

Wan Cai Pavilion.

The famous brotherl in Stone City.

It belongs to a relatively pure place. Although it also deals with flesh and blood, it pays more attention to the love and harmony, and it is rarely strong to buy or sell.

The women here are of high quality and are frequented by many dignitaries.


A series of footsteps sounded from outside the door, and twenty or so fishermen filed in, shoving the brotherel guard, and broke in.

“What are you doing?” The director of the place, Liao Hung, looked gloomy and sighed in a cold voice:

“This is the place where the Heavenly Tiger gang works. Can you court death?”

“We are people from the yamen…”

“People from the yamen, if you want to enter the Heavenly Tiger gang’s territory, you must inform us in advance!” Facing the yamen and the fast arrests, Liao Qiong’s expression changed:

“Get out, or don’t blame me for being rude!”

He let out a low growl, the tenth-grade cultivation base was fully displayed, and the power was so prosperous that the complexion greatly changed. subconsciously backed away.


A gust of wind blew, but no one was seen to make a move, but Liao Hung suddenly groaned, staggered under his feet, and almost wanted to the end.

“What?” One person hands behind ones back, Shi Shiran stepped into the hospital:

“I won’t be able to come here even if I punish five?”

“Xing Wu!”

“Eagle Eye Xing Wu?”

“What is he doing here?”

In an instant, there were whispers in the arena.

There are very few people who can come here to spend money.

Black iron expert!

Although the stone city is big, there are also many powerhouses in the black iron realm.

“Master Xing.”

Liao Hung’s face changed even more, with vigilance in his eyes:

“What are you doing here?”

This person is not lustful and lustful, on the contrary, in this troubled world, Xing Wu is simply harsh on his private life.

Don’t be greedy for money, not good at beauty, and don’t bend the law for personal gain.

Not only did he do this himself, but he also asked his subordinates to do it.

This kind of person is never welcome.

Whether it is troubled times or prosperous times.

“Master Xing.” Liao Hung gloomy face, muffled:

“We have been reported here in the yamen, even if you don’t like brotherel, you should go Hundred embroidery spinning is impossible, right?”

“There is Tianshui Village, which is bigger than here!”

“I got the news.” Xing Wu stepped forward, Ignoring the mystifying in his words, he said slowly:

“You guys are doing romantic business here on the surface, but in fact you are secretly buying and selling people and doing some shameful things.”

” Nonsense!”

An angry shout sounded, Lei Prison hung a thunder knife on his waist, and strode forward, his face full of anger:

“Xing Wu, don’t think you are Chief Constable, I’m afraid of you, this is the territory of the Heavenly Tiger gang, where are you going!”

“What?” The junior blamed the discoloration, and he naturally recognized Lei Prison:

“Master Lei Young is guilty?”

“hmph!” Lei Prison coldly snorted:

” This Lei walks upright and stands upright, how can others be slandered?”

“Sir!” One person walked out from behind Xing Wu, cup one fist in the other hand and said:

“I saw with my own eyes that Miss Zhang’s family, who disappeared in Fangshi yesterday, was taken here and then disappeared.”

“They captured people, and they need to be rescued as soon as possible. Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable.”

“Impudent!” Lei Prison’s eyes widened:

“Who are you and why are you slandering this Lei?”

“Isn’t it okay? Change your name, don’t change your surname.” The man was wearing a catching costume, and he looked up when he heard the voice, and his face was not afraid:

“In the next Guo Ping, I like to fight injustice!”

“Guo Ping” Peace?” Lei Prison’s cheeks twitched:

“You **courting death!”


Murderous intention in his heart, he immediately drew his knife.

The two were about ten feet apart, but the moment the blade light appeared, an invisible Blade Intent had already landed on Guo Ping.


In the void, thunder roared.

The long sword on Lei Prison’s waist is a black iron mysterious weapon with the true meaning of thunder inside.

Purple Thunder Blade Technique!


As the son of Lei Batian, all Lei Biaoyi learned was Peak martial skill.

Compared with Zi Lei Blade Technique, when it comes to the control of martial arts, he is far inferior to Zhou Jia, but a thunder knife is enough to erase the gap.

Guo Ping couldn’t help being startled by this violent upheaval. He wanted to dodge, but there was nothing he could do. He could only watch the long knife fall.

“How dare you!”

shouting loudly, interrupting Blade Intent’s coercion.

Xing Wu’s face was solemn, the long sword was unsheathed, a white practice that seemed to be able to draw a shatter void, moved towards thunder and beheaded with a mad sword.



one silhouette, was knocked flying by fiercely, knocked down a wall and took a few steps back before stopping downturn.

“Lei Prison, what do you want to do?” Xing Wu held the sword in his hand, his eyes were cold, and he looked directly at Lei Prison, whose wrist was shaking and his face full of anger:

“kill a witness to silence them?”

“Master Xing.” The scholar beside Lei Prison hurried forward and cupped his hands, saying:

“This is a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding?” Xing Wu coldly snorted:

“Since it’s a misunderstanding, don’t get in the way. Since someone sees the misunderstanding here, Xing can’t just sit back and ignore it, search for me!”

Saying that, he waved his hand.


The yamen responded “yes” in unison and rushed to the inner room.

At this time, no one dared to stop the aggressive yamen, even Liao Hung just opened his mouth and lowered his head.

“Guo Ping!” Lei Prison ignored the others who were looking around and stared at Guo Ping:

“I remember you!”

“Thanks for the love.” Guo Ping raised his head:

“What means does Master Lei Young have, even if he comes, Guo will follow!”



“I didn’t find it!”

“I didn’t find it!”

After a short while, the yamen and the cops returned one by one, shaking their heads one after another, obviously to no avail.


Xing Wu frowned.

He wasn’t sure, there must be something wrong here.

But these people searched so fast, and their attitude was extremely sloppy, obviously they had no intentions, and they were still afraid of the Heavenly Tiger gang.

“Impossible!” Guo Ping drank lowly, and slammed into a room in the back:

“I saw them bring people to this room, and then they didn’t show up again. I’ve done it.”

As he spoke, he rummaged through boxes, even removed the bed and tapped the ground, but he still didn’t find anything abnormal.

“How come?”

“How come?”

He looked anxious, not because he saw it wrong, but because he was afraid of wasting time , failed to rescue people.

“Boy.” Liao Hung sneered:

“It’s not enough to slander others’ innocence for nothing. When there is time in the past few days, Liao will definitely come to visit. “

“Impossible!” Guo Ping drank lowly, suddenly his ears trembled, as if he heard something, with a happy expression on his face, he swooped into a corner of the room:

“Below this !”


Liao Hung face changed.

“Hmm…” Xing Wu is known as eagle-eyed, he is good at reading words and expressions, he raised his head, moved towards a certain place, and slashed towards the corner of the house with his sword.


The soil on the ground flipped, making a dull noise.

An iron plate hidden three feet deep in the ground was thrown away by the sword gang, revealing a dark hole below.

It’s hidden so deep, it’s no wonder it won’t be discovered!

“It’s really tricky.” Xing Wu’s expression darkened:

“Go in and search!”

In blank dismay , Guo Ping jumped ahead of the others, and after a while, he brought out a woman who was disheveled and unconscious.

“Ms. Zhang Family!”

“Girls Lotus!”

“Sun Family sisters…”


Not long after they disappeared, women who also had identities in the city were brought out one after another, causing an uproar in the field, and many people looked towards Lei Prison and the others with extremely bad eyes.

The Heavenly Tiger gang is true, and the city dignitaries are not to be trifled with.

Although they are not ruled together, their relationship is like a giant net, covering both large and small all influence, covering the whole city.

Even Lei Prison’s concubines were women from powerful families.

If you really want to get angry, no one can do it!

Most of the rescued women are not from deep backgrounds, but they are young, beautiful, and have a certain cultivation base. Naturally, they will not be the family of an ordinary person.

Although I don’t know what to do with these people, I know it won’t be a good thing if I think about it.

Since the Heavenly Tiger Gang dared to attack them, who can be sure that the sisters and children of other people in that scene will be fine?

That’s how people are.

a matter of no concern to oneself, hang up high, once self-interest is involved, it is an enemy.

“Master Lei Young.” Xing Wu looked gloomy:

“How do you explain?”

The field was silent.

Everyone looked towards Lei Prison, each with an icy gaze, if he hadn’t cared about Lei Batian behind him, he might have already done something.

“Liao Hung!”


Liao Hung was stunned, and saw a blade light coming, he subconsciously wanted to dodge, his body But strangely froze in place for a moment.


The blade light flashed and the head rolled.

Lei Prison was holding a knife in his hand, blood splattered all over his face:

“The surnamed Liao was trusted by his father, but he did such evil things, die without regret, this Explain, what do you think of Xing Ye?”

“…” Xing Wu’s eyes narrowed before waving gently after a long time:

“Close the team!”

The dull and chilling atmosphere in the arena had already made the yamen and arresting officers unbearable. With an order, they immediately set up the women in the field and left the hospital.

In the blink of an eye, it’s gone.

All that’s left is a mess.


also walked throughly.

Lei Prisoner stood in the empty courtyard, his steel teeth clenched and his eyes roaring.


A house was chopped into pieces by him.

“Xing Wu, humiliate me today, I want you to look good!”

“Adam.” He looked towards the scholar, but called Fei Mu World’s name, and roared in his mouth. :

“I’m going to kill him, kill him, and that guy named Guo Ping, tell me what to do!”

“This…” Adam looked hesitant, his eyes flickered, and said:

“It’s not impossible.”




Zhou Jia rarely comes to the casino, but it’s not that he doesn’t come.


He is there.

“Supervisor.” Luo Feng’s family is the owner of a casino, and now it’s easy to start a casino deacon, and this time he holds the account book and said:

“There is a surnamed Wang , owes us eight hundred Origin Stones and four cents of profits, I’m afraid we can’t pay it, what do you think we should do?”

“No more?” Zhou Jia frowned:

“Why did you lend money in the first place?”

“The Wang Family was once considered rich.” Luo Feng said:

“It’s just that the back is broken, we thought about giving him some sweetness, a little bit Let him take the bait and see if I can squeeze some money out of him.”

“At first some gains, now…”

He paused and said:


“By the way, he has a daughter who is the Disciple of Kuishan martial arts hall. She has outstanding looks and figure, but she can get some money.”

“As long as you use some means , it’s not difficult to get started.”

β€œTrouble!” Zhou Jia waved his hand with a dull expression:

β€œBreak both legs and throw it out.”

“This…” Luo Feng couldn’t tell whether Zhou Jia was kind-hearted or disinclined to pay attention to, but he didn’t dare to ask more, nodded:


“Nothing else, just go down.” Zhou Jia closed his eyes:

“I’ll take a break.”

“Yes, my subordinates retire.” Luo Feng should be, cautiously exited the room and closed the door silently.

In the empty room, Zhou Jia closed his eyes, emptied his thoughts, and took a break.

In a daze, he seems to have returned to the university dormitory when he was still in Earth, and several brothers were making trouble with each other, hehe haha.


He opened his eyes suddenly.

The one that appeared in my ear just now was indeed the Earth Chinese language!


The figure flashed and swooped out of the window.

(End of this chapter)

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