Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 147


Chapter 147 Framed

Zhou Jia is not good at cultivation techniques, but it also depends on who he compares with.

After entering the tenth grade, the fleshy body gradually becomes Perfection, and the source power that can be carried is more and more abundant, and the Dragon-Tiger mysterious embryo has been increasing his fleshy body heritage.

With medicine pill, the cultivation base is advanced by leaps and bounds.

Although he is just entering the tenth grade, when it comes to the depth of his foundation, I am afraid that many tenth grade Peak people are far less than him.

He broke out of the window, tapped the ground with one foot, shook the floor with tremendous force, and flew up to a height of more than ten meters.

He was in mid-air, his body shape changed, like a flapping goshawk, moved towards the front.


several feet.

In the eyes of others, Zhou Jia’s movement method is like a ghost.

Ordinary people can’t even notice his whereabouts, just feel a gust of wind blowing, and then come back to his senses, there is nothing in front of him and behind him.

This is the end of the twilight.

Pedestrians on the road gradually sparse, and after a busy day, everyone’s energy is exhausted, and everyone seems to be a little listless.

More, it is the vendor who closes the stall.

Zhou Jia’s silhouette appeared on the top of a house, and he was urged to listen to the wind to the extreme, and there were countless sounds around him in sequence.

That faintly discernable voice can still be vaguely perceived.


“shua shua!”

The figure flickered, and after a while, it landed at the end of a narrow alley.

There are passers-by here, all of them with tired faces. They were only stunned when Zhou Jia suddenly appeared, then shook his head and continued on.

I’m afraid I thought I was dazzled and didn’t find anyone here before.

Zhou Jia stood there with a thoughtful expression on his face.

He was very sure that the voice he heard in a daze just now was the language of his hometown, with a little bit of southern Fujian dialect.

Has several points of resemblance to the accent of the third child in the dormitory.

But when I woke up, it was obviously too late.

Even if it has the characteristics of listening to the wind, the pedestrians here are mixed, and the distance is too far, and the footsteps are mixed into it, and it will never be found again.


There are people from Earth?

Although surprising, it is not impossible.

After all, even a small place like Huo Family Fort has Earth fellows, and it is not surprising that there is a place as big as Hong Zeyu.

If you can meet it yourself, it means that you are destined.

Since I am in this city, I will meet again in the future.


A booth in sight made Zhou Jia’s eyes change slightly.

At this point, other vendors have already begun to close their stalls, but some stalls that do evening snack business have just set up their stalls.

One of the stalls is under the guise.

The linen used for the guise is obviously old, with holes in the wind, showing the vicissitudes of life, and three Chinese characters are written crookedly on it.

Tofu brain!

Zhou Jia’s body trembled lightly, and a sense of melancholy of seeing a stranger in a foreign land quietly surfaced in his heart.


He looked towards the stall owner and said slowly:


“ Haven’t you seen the guest before?” The stall owner spoke fluently in the official language of the Dalin Dynasty, lifted the lid, and said with a smile:

“I learned this craft from someone from the other world. , soft, glutinous and delicious, sour and salty, guest, would you like a bowl?”

“other world?” Zhou Jia was stunned, walked slowly, and chose a clean place to sit:

“I really haven’t seen it before, I don’t know where the world is?”

Immediately nodded:

“Bring me a bowl!”

The ruins are vast Boundless, countless worlds fell, even in the boundaries of the Dalin Dynasty, there were all kinds of strange races.

The worlds blend together, and naturally produce all kinds of special products and foods of strange things.


Zhou Jia spoke, not in the language of the Dalin Dynasty, nor in the common language of the Ruins, but in Chinese from Earth.

The stall owner didn’t seem to notice, each minding their own business said:

“I don’t know either, that person doesn’t look any different from us, but he has a lot of knowledge. Die at the mouth of the ominous beast.”

“guest, try it.”

Zhou Jia bowed his head, a little lost.

The white bean curd flower trembles slightly, and it is drizzled with seasonings like chili oil and sesame oil, with a few toppings.


And fritters?

He picked up the spoon and tasted it. A long-lost taste appeared on his taste buds, which also made his eyes slightly narrowed, showing a complex color on his face.

Although impossible is a real bean, the taste is almost the same.

After a long time, Fang slowly nodded:

“Not bad.”

“Not bad.” The stall owner smiled and wiped his hands back and forth on his skirt pockets. :

“It’s delicious and cheap. You only need one yuan per bowl, plus fried dough sticks and boiled eggs, and you can eat and drink up to three yuan at most.”

“It’s not bad.” Zhou Jia took a spoon in his hand and flipped the tofu flower:

“Has the store ever met someone from that world in the future?”

“This is not.” The stall owner Shaking his head:

“There seem to be very few people in that world. Maybe they died in the process of falling into the Ruins World. That person has always wanted to find his fellow villager.”


Another sigh.


Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.


The sound of gongs and drums sounded from a distance, which also attracted pedestrians on the street to hear the sound.

“Come and see, come and see!”

“Chief Constable Xing Wu took advantage of one’s position to bully people, took advantage of one’s position to bully people, occupied the Zhang family’s wife, and people and gods were angry. and the others turned out to be the city’s general catcher?”

“Is there any reason for heaven!”

The shout came from afar.

It was mixed with women crying, explaining, and howling in pain after being whipped.

“Xing Wu?”

“I can’t believe that he is this kind of person?”

“Really or not, I heard that Chief Constable punishes 5 He’s a nice person.”

“You also said that you’ve heard of it. Who of these aloof and remote people is clean, isn’t that being exposed?”

“Yes, yes!”

A whispered voice drifted into Zhou Jia’s ears along the breeze.


A middle-aged man with a stout build and richly dressed, with a soft whip in hand, is beating himself up on a woman, his face full of anger.

The woman screamed again and again and tried her best to explain, but the other party didn’t stop at all.

According to the meaning of other people’s words, it seems that this woman hooked up with Chief Constable Xingwu, and was caught by the middle-aged man.

However, Xingwu is powerful and powerful.

“No way?”

In the crowd, someone whispered:

“Constable Xing rescued Miss Zhang Jia a few days ago, how long has it been? Did you have a relationship with Mrs. Zhang?”

“hehe…” Someone laughed strangely:

“It should be because of this life-saving grace, one to two, this Only after getting into a relationship, can Mr. Zhang still slap himself in the face?”

“Family ugliness, don’t show it off!”

“That’s right!”

Zhou Jia shook his head slightly and put down the bowl.

He didn’t know what happened, and he didn’t have much to say about this kind of thing.

Finding out two source coins and placing them on the table, he glanced at the stall owner again, and he got up and walked into the distance.





Li Yuan held a wooden box in his hand and placed it on the table cautiously.

“Junior Brother Zhou, what you want.”

He is also an Outer Sect Disciple of the Xuantian League, but he is not a member of the Jinhuang lineage, and Yibaolou also has a mysterious Tianmeng’s background.

“It’s work.” Zhou Jia was shocked, pulled over the wooden box, and opened it gently.


The lid opens, and inside is a jade bottle.

The jade bottle is blue in color, like a sky without white clouds. If you look closely, you can also see the sparkling electric light inside.


Opening the bottle cap lightly, a trace of electric arc appeared.

In the jade bottle, there is a little liquid, the liquid is only a thin layer, but it is like a surging wave, and there is a faint thunder echoing in my ears.


The source power that permeated the air was also attracted, and began to undergo some special transformation, and arcs appeared around the wooden box.

“heavenly thunder Qiongye!”

Li Yuan said:

“This thing is mostly used to make black iron mysterious soldiers, and all thunder cultivation techniques are used. , the sword in Lei Prison’s hand uses heavenly thunder Qiong liquid.”

“Of course.”

“It is far from enough to refine black iron mysterious soldiers.”

“en.” Zhou Jia nods:

“How many are there?”

“Seven drops.” Li Yuan said:

“Incorporating them into Junior Brother Zhou’s axe can greatly increase the power of your weapons, and it can also increase the power of the Purple Thunder Blade Technique.”

“Seven drops…” Zhou Jia looked thoughtful:

“The price?”

“Fifteen source crystals.” Li Yuan gestured.

“Fifteen Origin Crystals!” Zhou Jia corner of mouth twitching:

“So expensive?”

“No way.” Li Yuan sighed softly:

“This item is too rare, and many people need it, so the price will inevitably be higher, and other similar items, the price will be much less.”

The mine is treasure, which has always been expensive .

In terms of cost performance, it is actually low.

Zhou Jia didn’t say a word. Although he was rich, he had been out and about in the past two years.

“This way…” Seeing Zhou Jia’s hesitation, Li Yuan said:

“If Junior Brother really wants it, I can give you a cloud you just bought in the building. Xiangbaoyi, it is also worth a source crystal outside.”

As he spoke, he tapped his hands.

Not long.

A garment as thin as cicada wing with a quality like cotton and linen was presented.

“This garment is woven with celestial silk and scorpion grass, blades and swords find it difficult to cut, neither water nor fire can approach, and it can make people as lithe as a swallow, it is also a piece of treasure.”

“as lithe as a swallow?” Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows slightly:


“Nature is true.” Li Yuan said with a smile :

“Junior Brother Zhou has not heard of the scorpion grass?”

“Never.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“I was thinking Please ask me.”

“The scorpion grass is a special product of Bain world, and it is very light.” Li Yuan stroked his beard lightly and explained:

“There are thousands of stalks. Empty grass, ordinary people take it, it can also be used as lithe as a swallow, walk fast, and rapid progress can be regarded as a matter of leisure. After drying, drying, and beating the grass stems to weave clothes, it can also lighten the body. Masters of the world of Fein especially like to use The clothes they make.”

“However, the Millennium Creeping Grass is extremely rare and has no market price. Usually, what we encounter is ten years, several decades.”

“Climbing grass…” Zhou Jia thought:

“Isn’t this common?”

“It’s not.” Li Yuan hesitated for a while:

“There are grass seeds for sale in Beichengfang City, but they are extremely delicate, not easy to raise, and useless for a year or two.”

“There are not many people who plant them. “

“I see.” Zhou Jia looked thoughtful, then nodded:

“I bought it!”


Li Yuan’s eyes lit up:

“I’ll let someone help you dress it up.”

Leaving Yibao Building, Zhou Jia did not rush back to the residence, but went to Beichengfang City, spent a long time in several shops selling spirit plants.

Until the night is dark, Fang Shi Shi Ran returns.

He had a smile on his face.

The package in his hand is even more bulging.

Inside, there are all kinds of spirit plant seeds, which he bought separately in several spirit plant stores in different capacities.

Except for the Creepers.

There are several other spirit plants.

They all have one thing in common.

Slow growth, but each has its own advantages, even for several decades, it still has great use, but the seeds are not too rare.

Like one of the black bamboos.

This bamboo grows slowly, less than three inches in ten years, but it is extremely hard. It can be used as a sharp sword to kill the enemy without sharpening. After tempering, the bamboo silk has the effect of cutting iron like mud.

Not only weapons, but also armor.

The armor made of black black bamboo weighs less than three kilograms, and its defensive power can make Grade 9 experts feel desperate.

However, the materials used can also make the producers despair.

A 50-year-old black bamboo can only extract six bamboo threads, and there are no 1,800 bamboo threads used in a piece of clothing.

For others, simply using black bamboo is just a beautiful fantasy.

But Zhou Jia is different!

As long as you give him a certain amount of time, not to mention one, ten full sets of armor can also start.

Back to the residence, after thinking about it, Zhou Jia bought an additional remote courtyard on the second day, which was specially used to grow various spirit plants.





Xing Wu waved away his wife and daughter, and alone came to the study.

Flipping through the book, he rubbed his eyebrows and sat down.

Recently, in the past few days, there have been many unfavorable rumors in the city, but the Qing people are self-clearing, and he has never taken the initiative to explain.

Those who are close to him also know his character and will not trust him.

As for others…

They are believing or not, Xingwu never cares.

But there are so many rumors, unnoticeable influence, which also makes many people’s attitudes towards him change, and their eyes are also strange.

Inevitably, some dislike it.



A black glow flashed past, Xing Wu subconsciously evaded.

The black glow was nailed to the stake on the side of the body, but it was a flying knife. There was a cloth strip hanging from the tail section of the flying knife, which seemed to have writing on it.


Xing Wu frowned, the source power shook slightly, and he dropped the cloth strip in the air.

The handwriting on it made his expression change slightly, his figure flashed out, and he moved towards the south of the city under the night.

With his cultivation base and movement method, he arrived at the position stated on the banner in a short time, but it was a relatively desolate courtyard.

Turn over and jump into the courtyard, a black clothed person is waiting.

“You’re looking for me?”

Xing Wu fell to the ground lightly and his voice was low:

“I don’t know what you said…”

“Is it you?”

Before he finished speaking, he saw the black clothed person turn around, revealing a shy and timid face, but it was Mrs. Zhang, whom he had just met a few days ago, with a startled expression.

Although Mrs. Zhang is not a powerhouse, she is impossible to hide from her own perception.

“Mrs. Zhang, why are you here?”

“Didn’t Mr. Xing ask the concubine to come over?” Although Mrs. Zhang has a son and a daughter, her appearance is still extraordinary .

The temperament is even more pitiful.

hearing this cheeks are slightly red, and the eyes are slightly puzzled.


Xing Wuyi was stunned, and his face suddenly sank:

“Not good!”

“bang! “

Suddenly, a series of muffled noises came from outside the hospital:

“Xing Wu, how dare you do such a thing?”

The doors and windows were suddenly opened, revealing the scene of corpses lying all over the place and blood flowing into a river, but strangely, it did not reveal the slightest breath.


When she saw the corpse in the house, Mrs. Zhang turned even paler and screamed:

“Have a baby!”

(End of this chapter)

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