Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 148


Chapter 148 The Fisherman’s House

In the evening.


The drizzle fell with the wind.

Pedestrians on the street put on their minnows and dashed in the rain.

The sky has begun to darken, and the corner of the red moon appears in the sky.

Although there is no corpse mutation, the strange red moon still brings a gloomy and dull atmosphere, permeating the Great City.

Most of the street stalls have been sorted and returned home, but only a few stubborn stall owners are still insisting, expecting customers to come.

In one of the stalls, the simple tent cloth barely covered the wind and rain, and the two people below were slowly tasting the fruits of the busyness of the stall owner.

Different from other guests on this street, these two people have a temperament that is not something ordinary coolies can have.

“The taste is a little weird.”

Chen Ying, who was dressed up, put down her spoon and took out a handkerchief to wipe her fingers like onion:

“I’m not used to it, Do you like this taste?”

The dishes of the Dalin Dynasty are spicy, sweet and greasy. Although the tastes are varied, they are a bit extreme, and the tofu brain does not meet the public’s taste.

Especially salty.

Only some poor people who have special tastes or who don’t have much money at hand will choose it.

She tasted it twice, then shook her head and put it down.

“It’s okay.”

Zhou Jia stirred the wooden bowl, white brain flower, red chili oil, and azure vegetable foam mixed together, exuding an attractive fragrance:


“This thing reminds me of the past.”

“Really?” Chen Ying’s beautiful eyes flashed with curiosity.

After a period of contact, she gradually developed some good feelings towards Zhou Jia, and she also became interested in his previous life.

“What’s going on recently?”

Zhou Jia didn’t want to mention his past, so he turned his head and asked:

“There seems to be some chaos in the city. , what did Lei Prison do?”

“en.” Chen Ying nodded:

“Xing Wu offended him, Lei Prison seems to be bold, but he is actually seeking revenge for the slightest grievance, this time is to punish the five with disgraced reputation and ruined family.”


The family is ruined!

These simple words represent a fearful power, as well as some dark and sinister tricks.

“Xing Wu…” Zhou Jia pondered:

“He is the Chief Constable of the Yamen, the black iron expert, so simple?”

“To others It’s not easy to say.” Chen Ying shrugged:

“But it is Lei Prison, the son of Lei Gang Lord, the future successor of the Heavenly Tiger Gang. These identities are enough to handle a black iron expert.”


She was lightly snorted, saying:

“If it weren’t for the opponent’s penalty five, it wouldn’t even be so troublesome.”

“I can’t think of it.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“I underestimated Lei Prison’s influence.”

“There are also reasons for Xing Wu himself.” Chen Ying put away her hands , sitting upright and dangerous:

“Although Xing Wu is strong, he is too upright. The so-called “being too rigid is easy to break down.” p>

“Having been in Shicheng for the past two years, he has few cronies by his side, and even the powerful people in the city are very dissatisfied with him. Today, he takes the blame for himself.”

Said Faintly smiled. :

“Speaking of which is funny, Lei Prison opened his mouth on this matter, and the people from the yamen were the first to do it. I’m afraid no one thought of this.”

If you are interested in managing your position, you can have a good relationship with all influence, even if Lei Prison is afraid, he will not dare to touch him.

How about…

This person’s character determines his life.

“Events!” Zhou Jia sighed.

Recently, it’s more than five things.

“Yes.” Chen Ying nodded:

“A few days ago, the Thirteen Eagles stole the City Lord’s Mansion’s life-extending medicine. Waiting for things, there are more upright remnants that need to be cleaned up.”

“I’m afraid it will be a mess in the city for a while.”

Zhou Jia put down the spoon and looked thoughtful.

He was thinking.

Recently, if you don’t go out of the city, it’s fine during the day, and people on the roof rise and fall at night, making it difficult to feel peaceful.

Outside the city, he also has a secret base for growing spirit plants that require a lot of water.

“Young Master.”

At this time, a woman hurried over and stopped in front of Chen Ying:

“Elder’s message, let’s do it.”


Chen Ying raised her eyebrows and looked towards Zhou Jia:

“Brother Zhou, do you want to be together?”

“Forget it.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“I still have something to do. I have to go out of town.”

“Alright.” Chen Ying didn’t insist, and stood up:

“Then I’ll say goodbye first, and I’ll visit you when I have time.”


Watching the other party leave, Zhou Jia took some source from his body Money, put it on the table, and then take out the scorpion on the side and put it on the body.



“shua shua!”

In the rain curtain, a dozen silhouettes from all directions jumped out, moved towards a house surrounded by.

“Young Master.”

A woman approached Chen Ying and whispered:

“The name of the person living here is Guo Ping, although the cultivation The base is not very good, but Lei Young Gang Lord holds a grudge in his heart and wants us to arrest him alive.”

“It’s easy to torture.”

“en.” Chen Ying nodded, Su waved his hand lightly:

“Let’s do it, solve this, there are other places to go.”

Xing Wushen is the Chief Constable of the yamen, no matter how eccentric his personality is, there are still people around him. Guo Ping is one of several trustworthy people.

And they are responsible for solving these people.


Everyone should say yes, and they all rushed towards the house.

A Grade 6 is not worth the sun in their eyes.


The door of the inner room was kicked open, and the sound of cracking porcelain and wooden benches came, followed closely from behind, it turned out to be a series of dull and muffled sounds, and the sound of falling to the ground.


Chen Ying stood outside the hospital, frowning, her complexion suddenly changed:


“There is an ambush!”

With a coquettish chorus, she did not retreat, but instead advanced, the sword light was flying like a dragon, rolling up the rain curtain in the sky, and the raindrops were like sharp arrows moving towards the house.

The sword light was hidden in the rain, but it was disappeared.

Invisible Sword!

“Good day!”

A long whistle came from the house, and countless bricks and tiles flew up under force, rushing towards the rain arrow, followed by one silhouette.


“peng~ peng~!”

The silhouettes are staggered in the air, sword lights and fist shadows fly together, and the two people are in shock. landed successively.

“Righteousness Xu Siming!” Seeing the person coming, Chen Ying’s beautiful eyes shrank:

“You actually got involved with the people from the yamen?”

“Whatever you say.” Xu Si will be about fifty next year, the tenth grade Peak cultivation base is fully displayed, open a pair of tiger eyes staring at Chen Ying:

“demoness, let you come today No answer!”

“With you?” Chen Ying revealed disdain.

She is a Grade 9, not fake, but she is armed with a black iron mysterious soldier, and she is skilled in magic.


Sweeping the audience, her heart sank.

About twenty black clothed persons appeared silently, calculating with their minds without any intentions, they were quickly killing the people she brought here.

I’m afraid, none of them will survive.


With a roar, Chen Ying slashed with his sword.

“Good day!” Xu Siming smiled and greeted him with a fist.


City Lord’s Mansion.

Xing Wu, dressed in gray, stood before the inner court, with a long, angular face, stiff, and said nothing.

“Don’t do this.” City Lord’s Mansion Courtyard Master Guan Wanyong said with a helpless expression:

“The Lord will not see you.”

“I was wronged.” Xing Wu’s expression remained unchanged, but his voice was cold:

“I didn’t kill the Zhang family. It is rumored in the city that I occupied the Zhang family’s wife and daughter, and took other people’s property. I want to meet the City Lord to prove your innocence.”

“I believe you are innocent.” Wan Yong shrugged:

“The City Lord also believes that you are innocent, even Even those who do it know that you are innocent, but what’s the use?”

He spread out both hands, saying:

“It’s not three hundred years ago, The Imperial Court is not a foundation, and the yamen also depends on other people’s faces, and those people don’t believe it.”

“no!” Play to death.”

Speaking, shaking his head helplessly:

“Your reputation has been completely ruined in the hearts of the common people and wealthy households in the city, and there are not many people in the yamen who say good things about you. Yes.”

“Let’s go!”

“Go?” Xing Wu raised his head, his eyes were cold:

“You’re killing me!”

“I’ve been sentenced to five lifetimes, and I’m sitting upright. I’d rather die than bear such a name. I want to see the City Lord.”

He once again Say what you want.

“Why do you do this!” Wan Yong said:

“As a friend, I advise you, this world is inherently turbid and indistinguishable. Scourge.”

“If you can let go of your attachments, there is not necessarily no room for manoeuvre.”

“But the room is not in City Lord’s Mansion, but in the Heavenly Tiger Gang.”

Xing Wu has an upright personality, but he is not stupid. He can understand the meaning of the other party’s words, but it is absolutely impossible for him to go to Heavenly Tiger to help Lei Prison to kneel and beg for mercy.

“Plap la la…”

At this moment, a flying bird came and landed on Wan Yong’s shoulder.

Wan Yong took down the flying bird and sent the letter in front of him, and his expression changed with a glance.

“Guo Ping?”


He suddenly raised his head, looked towards Xing Wu, his eyes were cold:

“Zhengqitang set up an ambush at Guo Ping’s residence, you colluded with Zhengqitang?”

“No!” Upright, it doesn’t matter.”

“Really?” Wan Yong’s eyes flickered.

He believed in the Zhang family’s affairs and had nothing to do with Xing Wu. This was his character, but because of this, it was even more difficult to believe that Zhengqitang had nothing to do with him.


Dashicheng, who is more righteous than Xingwu?

Xing Wu could see the change in the eyes of the other party, and his face was stiff. p>



The Imperial Court’s salary has never been small.

Xing Wu does not want to be contaminated with unclean source money, and there is no extravagant wealth at home, and even his wife has to sew for others to earn some household income.

In the humble house, a family of four gathered.

The youngest son, who is still young, is playing with the toys that the elder sister carved for him.

The wife and daughter looked panicked and apprehensive.

“I’m the one who got you involved.”

Looking at his wife and daughter, Xing Wu couldn’t help but feel bitterness in his heart, all kinds of past reappeared, and he couldn’t help questioning his own persistence for a while.

“It’s all a family, no matter what you say you won’t get involved.”

His wife held his hand and said slowly:

“Next, you What are you going to do?”

“It seems that I am not suitable to serve in the Imperial Court after all.” Xing Wu bowed his head, thought for a while, and said:

“Lei Prisoner seeking revenge for the slightest grievance, once the City Lord does not take care of him, he will never let me go, and…will not let you go.”

As a Constable, he has seen many vendettas.

Know the blood in it.

Cut weeds and eliminate the roots, this is the most common practice.

Holding his wife’s wrist, stroking his daughter’s long hair, Xing Wu’s eyes were complicated, and then the complexion turned cold, saying:

“The past few days, I will attract the Heavenly Tiger gang. Attention, you all go out of the city quietly, and in a few days, we will reunite outside the city.”



Wife and daughter With a worried look on his face, even the younger son who was playing with the toys subconsciously stopped his movements.

“Don’t worry.” Xing Wu chuckled:

“I’m an eagle eye catcher, I’m good at catching people, and I know how not to get caught, don’t you? Still don’t believe me?”

“It’s you…”

He looked at his family with sadness in his eyes:

“must be careful!”


The wife is nodded, and the daughter is already in tears.




It has been raining for several days.

Rain, neither too fast nor too slow, neither arrogant nor impetuous, covering between Heaven and Earth.

A awning boat, swaying with the wind in the middle of the broad and long river, is leisurely and content, and smoke can be seen faintly, slowly wafting out from under the awning, melting into the rain and fog.


On the stove, the kettle 呲呲 was steaming hot, and Zhou Jia beside him was still fishing, seemingly immersed in it.

When the fish caught the bait, he put away the fishing line with a look of satisfaction, reached out and picked up the handle of the scalding kettle, the boiling water washed the tea leaves, and the fragrance permeated.


The warm tea is poured into the stomach, and the warmth emerges.

Zhou Jia couldn’t help squinting his eyes and making a comfortable voice.

In the past few days, there has not been a day of peace in the city. He is very glad that he came out early and was not dragged into vortex.

I heard.

Chen Ying was injured.

Xing Wu also seemed to be insane. In the last few days of the dismissal of Chief Constable, he led people to frantically search Heavenly Tiger Gang’s businesses in Shicheng.

No one is safe.

This is only on the surface.

In the dark, you come and go and argue with each other. It is said that even the black iron expert has been damaged because of Zhengqitang’s fish in troubled waters.

The number of people who died under it is unknown.


The river suddenly rose, and the Wu Peng boat went down.

Zhou Jia turned his head to the side, through the misty drizzle, a cargo ship could be seen approaching by itself, and loud shouts could be heard from time to time.

‘People from Tianshui Village? ‘

brows slightly wrinkle, he waved his sleeves suddenly, pushing the path of the awning boat hidden in the reeds, moved towards the waters here downstream.

On this water area, Tianshui Village is the overlord not just in name only, but also in reality.

Not only strength, but also domineering style.

If they encounter a passing fishing boat, most likely they will stop and go forward to search. Zhou Jia is not afraid, but he does not want to cause trouble.


The awning boat slowly floated out from another reed. Zhou Jia swung the hook and was about to fish when he was stopped by a pedestrian on the shore.

“Boatman, please give us a ride, we have to cross the river!”

Zhou Jia tilted his head.

Under the rain curtain, a family of three is snuggling together shiver coldly.

(End of this chapter)

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