Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 149


Chapter 149 merfolk

The awning boat approached the river bank.

Zhou Jia, wearing a scorpion, sat on the bow of the boat, looking sideways at the three people in the misty rain.

The three were simply dressed and had haggard faces, especially the older women, who were pale and breathing weakly, and were thought to be seriously injured.

The godless eyes seem to have been confused.

The shouting young woman’s lips were purple, her delicate body trembled slightly in the rain, her breath was extremely unstable, and there was anxiety in her eyes.

The young boy was drowsy in her arms.

These three people, appearing here at such a time, obviously have some secrets hidden in them, and I am afraid that some troubles will be involved.

Zhou Jia withdrew his gaze and looked indifferent.

“The boatman.”

Xing Ruo hugged the younger brother in one hand and the mother in the other. Seeing the fisherman on the boat looking sideways, he thought that the other party didn’t hear his voice clearly, and again Opening:

“Please take us for a ride, we have to cross the river, the boat fare is easy to say.”

Her voice is clear, like a yellow warbler, and her words are clearer, even if the wind and rain are mixed , can still be clearly introduced into the ear.

Under the hood, the fisherman remained unmoved, just lifted the fishing rod lightly, moved towards the reeds on the side, and then each minding their own business threw away the fishing line.

What does it mean?

Xing Ruo was stunned for a moment, and couldn’t help but feel a surge of anger in his heart.

The family has been working hard for the people of Shicheng. They have not been told if they have not benefited from it, and they have been criticized. Now they have abandoned their home and fled.

It’s okay to be bullied in the city, even a fisherman has such an attitude!

Do you really think she’s good enough to bully?

Usually, Xing Ruo wouldn’t be so extreme, but now the mother was severely injured, he was injured, and the younger brother also contracted a cold disease.

Inevitably, my heart is filled with sullen fire, and there is only one trigger for the outbreak.


Just about to get angry, the woman whispered:

“There is something in the reeds.”


Xing Ruo was stunned for a moment, then looked intently, and sure enough he saw something in the reed.

Bamboo raft!

Bamboo rafts are rudimentary, only a few bamboos are tied together with straw and rattan. It should be deliberately placed here by fishermen in the past for convenience.

When in use, pull it out at any time.

This kind of bamboo raft, even if it is discovered, no one will take it as their own, and put it on the reed, presumably so that it will not be washed away by the current.

However, although simple, there is no problem in transporting people to the other side.


Xing Ruo was stunned, moved towards the silhouette on the Wu Peng ship, and smiled shyly, sorry:

“Sorry, I misunderstood you. I’m done.”

Although the other party refused the request to let the three of them board the boat, he also pointed out the location of the bamboo raft, but he couldn’t say that it was someone else’s fault.

Carefully put down the young child, and helped mother to stick the tree to make it ready, and then she went to pull the bamboo raft.


“mother, elder sister, I’m hungry…”

The child sleeping next to the woman seemed to smell something , stomach rumbling with hunger, murmured incessantly, and his body moved slightly.

When Xing Ruo pulled the bamboo raft to the shore, he heard the voice of the younger brother, and his eyes could not help but dim.

It’s been two days since she had time to eat. She has martial arts skills and her cultivation base is not low.

Mother’s injury is getting worse because she has no time to recover.

A fresh smell of fish just came.

Xing Ruo’s beautiful eyes lit up and looked towards Wu Pengchuan.


She hurriedly said:

“Can you sell us some of the food you eat on board, I have money, I can spend it Buy it.”

As he spoke, he unwrapped the package behind him and took out the purse from it. The crisp collision of Yuan Qian and Originium was also heard in the ears of others.

Xing Ruo’s heart skipped a beat, inwardly shouted was not good.

What a mess!

How many times did Dad say that he didn’t reveal his wealth, especially when he was outside, how could he still not have a long memory, what if he was missed by others?

be that as it may, but I don’t think so.

Her family has a unique cultivation technique, which requires a firm will to cultivate, and the progress is far beyond ordinary people. Even without the help of foreign objects, she has already achieved Grade 7 Peak at a young age.

The only disadvantage is that you must restrain your desires and not use force against the ordinary person.


It will be broken, and the cultivation base will be stagnant.

If you go against the insistence in your heart and shoot at a good person, there is even a danger of realm going backwards and even a culture deviation.

It’s fine if the boatman isn’t moved by the Originium, but if she has malicious intentions…

She also has an excuse to do it!

But next moment.

Her complexion was pale, and her heart was full of chills.


The fishing line broke through the air, and when it circled in the air, in Xing Ruo’s terrified eyes, he quietly wrapped the money bag and gently pulled back the Wu Peng boat.

So fast!


This is…

Grade 9?

Ten products?

Whether it’s Grade 9 or 10, she’s definitely no match.

When I came back to his senses, my heart was full of bitterness again.

My money…

That’s all the money I have.


A thing was thrown from the awning boat and landed at Xing Ruo’s feet. It was a grilled fish simply wrapped in lotus leaves, and there were only two in it. fish.

Xing Ruo opened his mouth and wanted to bargain, but his eyes fell on the fisherman and he sighed helplessly.

That’s it!

Can’t beat it.

My heart aches again, but there are two Originium Stones and more than 300 Yuan in my purse, and I have leftovers to buy a Phosphorus fish that nourishes the body.

These two…


Yellow Phosphorus?

Fake it!




Sanshui has seen Zhou Jia’s fishing tackle and is surprised that this thing can still be caught fish come.

The slender bamboo poles picked up from the river bank, the worst fishing line, the iron hook is only slightly curved, and it can’t even hang the fish lips.

But that’s it, you can get a lot of fish every day.

For over a year.

Zhou Jia catches hundreds of species of fish. He already knows a lot about all kinds of fish in the surrounding waters and has superb skills.

On the surface of the water, the fish floated lightly.

This is a sign that a fish has been hooked.


Just now holding the fishing rod, Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows.

New species?

It’s still a big fish!

The force from the underwater made the fishing rod tight, and a force rushed along the fishing rod, as if trying to pull him into the water too.


Zhou Jia’s wrist twitched slightly in the humming sound.

The vast source power gathers in one line, and spreads along the fishing rod to the fishing line in an instant.


A black shadow was torn out of the water, and the shrill roar was a little bit hideous, and a beam of black light shot directly at the black awning boat.


The black light was hit by a source of money, and Zhou Jia also saw the ‘fish catch’ clearly.


‘Yuhuo’ has hands and feet, which is basically the same as a human being, except that there are things like fish gills on the neck and vertical pupils in the eyes.

And that black light is a harpoon.

It’s the long-heard merfolk.

“Let go of me!”

merfolk growls:

“Or I’ll kill you!”



Before he finished speaking, the fishing line was suddenly stretched, and it was pulled with great force, like a sawtooth, with no difficulty twisting the merfolk’s head.

Zhou Jia looked thoughtful as he retracted his fishing rod.

Merfolk is one of the six major states of Hongzeyu, and it occupies only a smaller area than the other five states combined.

Even the military dare not be too strong on merfolk.

The root cause is that most of the waters in Hongze Region come from the world where merfolk lives, and merfolk can produce in an amazing number and are good at water.

Under water, no race can stand against it.

Merfolk also appears in all major waters.

Even, it has become the second only to the scourge of the beast tide!

A few days ago, a group of merfolk appeared in a nearby water area, killing the people of two villages.

Although merfolk is also called human, it has no scruples about not eating human flesh.

Is there a merfolk here?

The merfolk won’t go out alone.

Shaking his head, Zhou Jia didn’t dig further.

This kind of thing, it’s not his turn to think about it alone.

The drizzle is as old as ever.

The Wu Peng boat went down the water, and the fishing rod threw away again.

He doesn’t like trouble, but he wants to be at ease. It’s just that sometimes things don’t go as he wants.

“There’s fishing over there!”

A boat about ten meters long went down the water, several silhouettes stood on the board, and one of them moved towards Wu Peng The boat shouted:

“Have you seen three people in the vicinity?”

“There are two women and a baby among the three, they are the Imperial Court criminals , we are ordered to arrest, and some deceit will not spare you.”

The voice was loud, with a threat in aloof and remote.

‘People from Tianshui Village? ‘

Zhou Jia raised his head, did not intend to provoke, and pointed in the direction where Xing Ruo and the three left:


“Really See you.” On the boat, several people looked overjoyed.

Constable Xing’s family started out as police officers, and their anti-reconnaissance ability is amazing.

This time, there was an unexpected joy.


shouting loudly, the boat reversed direction and chased in the direction where the three left.

Passing by Wu Peng boat.

The black robed man on the deck sniffed lightly, and suddenly said in a deep voice:

“This man has the breath of my clansman, he killed our people!”


The man in the lead raised his eyebrows, looked towards the silhouette on the Wu Peng boat, his eyes were cold, and he waved his hand back, indifferently said:

“Kill him!”

The sound fell,

A nameless fear suddenly came to my mind.

On the awning boat.

Zhou Jia, wearing a mink robe, looked at the undulating water, lightly sighed.

Then waved.


Behind him, the double-edged axe leaning against the ship board trembled rapidly, and with a sudden sway, it was already disappeared on the spot and appeared in Zhou Jia’s hands.

After blending into heavenly thunder Qiong liquid, the double-edged axe is even better.

Without the need to exert force, the source power that pervades the surroundings has spontaneously emerged a shred of electric light, and a violent Power of Thunder begins to surge.

Winter Thunderbolt!

A flash of electric light emerged from the deck of the Wu Peng ship, like the god of thunder waving a scepter, and moved towards the ship dozens of meters away suddenly.

The dazzling electric light pierced through the rain curtain, tearing the air, like a shell out of the chamber, rushing straight out for dozens of meters, slamming on the boat.

The silhouette on the deck looks terrified and desperate.

In the face of the incoming lightning, there is nothing to do.


The rumbling sound resounded everywhere.

Countless electric lights erupted from the deck of the boat, sweeping half of the hull, countless wooden boards shattered, and many bodies all split up and in pieces.


The double-edged axe jumped high and fell back into Zhou Jia’s hands.

Look at the boat again.

It has been slowly moved towards the water sinking, and in the blink of an eye, it has disappeared, only a few wooden boards and floating corpses are floating on the water.

From the advanced tenth grade, the fleshy body is becoming more and more perfect, and the source power that can be accommodated is also increasing.

Zhou Jia has a Dragon-Tiger fetus, and his background is far superior to others. Now his cultivation base is afraid that he can crush a tenth-grade Peak expert.

Perfection Realm’s purple thunder axe, plus the double-edged axe blessed by heavenly thunder Qiongye, this blow is as powerful as black iron expert.

One move, break the boat!

Everyone on board has no power to fight back!

The awning boat slowly slid across the water, and the waves rolled, revealing a solid body wrapped in black robe.

In the black robe, it is the head merfolk.


โ€œBrother Zhou!โ€

Chen Ying looked towards Zhou Jia with a look of surprise:

โ€œUnexpectedly, Can I meet you here too?”

“Young Lady Chen.” Zhou Jia was also slightly surprised, glanced at the Heavenly Tiger gang behind Chen Ying, and said:

“You…Is something wrong?”

“Yes.” Chen Ying nodded:

“Xing Wu’s family escaped from the city, Brother Zhou was playing in the vicinity, Have you seen them, or is there something wrong?”

“I haven’t seen the Xingwu family.” Zhou Jia shook his head gently, his eyes flashing:

“Yes There is something wrong.”

“Oh!” Chen Ying’s eyes lit up:


“How many ships are there? The cargo ship in Tianshui Village.” Zhou Jia stretched out his hand and pointed upstream, saying:

“But in my opinion, the draught of the cargo ship is too deep, it seems normal, but in fact it is mysterious and secretive. “Really?” Chen Ying looked thoughtful:

“Tianshui Village…”


A simple wave of hands:

“Go and have a look.”




“Envoy, please take a look.”

In the cabin, Gao Chen lifted the sackcloth, revealing stacks of cold light flickering blades below:

“This is a new arrival, Each piece has been treated with melt water, even if it is thrown under the water for ten or eight years, it will not rust.”


A, with a head like a fish monster, is a merfolk leader. He caresses the sword with a satisfied smile on his face:

“Yes, it’s really good!”

The high minister is overjoyed , hurriedly asked: “What about our goods?”

“Don’t worry.” The ambassador said:

“We are old friends with Tianshui Village, as long as it’s your people. There will be no accident in the waterway, and the business will continue.”

“That’s good, then…”


shouting loudly, Interrupted their conversation.

A Tianshui Village gang hurried into the cabin, and when Gao Chen was unhappy, he said anxiously:

“Head, a group of Heavenly Tiger gang stopped us. On the way out, they said that we were covering up the Xing Family and we were going to search, what should I do?”


Chen Gao was furious:

“We have nothing to do with that Xing, why are we covering him up? We have been searching the family of three during this time.”


“be that as it may.” The men looked impatient:

“But they insisted on searching the boat, and our people were almost unable to stop it. What should we do now?”

“Heavenly Tiger Gang…” Gao Chen Gang clenched his teeth:

“They just want to find fault!”

If it’s just one’s own, that’s fine, even if it’s by Heavenly Tiger Help find weapons, or use them to prevaricate the past.

The problem is, there are quite a few merfolks on board.

If it is discovered that Tianshui Village is colluding with merfolk, the problem will be big.

“Brother Gao, don’t worry.” The ambassador smiled faintly:

“Let’s go out and hide for a while, and then come back when their people leave.”

“This…” Gao Chen looked embarrassed:

“I’m wronged.”

“It’s okay.” , waved his hand, and called all the other merfolks.

And then through the passage under the boat, quietly dive into the water.

The merfolk is also a human being. Although it can stay underwater for a long time, it is not like a swimming fish and can never come out for a lifetime.

The entire group went down the water, dived out of several li, and landed in a no-man’s place.

The envoy shook off the water splashes on his body, smiled lightly, lifted the steel fork weighing more than 800 kilograms, looked towards not far away:

“Interesting, A trifling mortal who dares to follow here.”

“Black Iron?”

Zhou Jia frowned and stepped out from behind the tree.

He never imagined that he would catch such a big fish by doing it at will.

I am afraid that even the people from Tianshui Village don’t know, this merfolk who looks slender is actually a black iron expert.

(End of this chapter)

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