Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 150


Chapter 150 Strength

The merfolk is mostly not strong.

For them who live in the water all year round, the bulging muscles will increase the impact surface of the water flow and slow down their swimming speed.

The streamlined physique matches their aesthetic.

The merfolk in front of him is obviously more slender. If it weren’t for his Adam’s apple and flat chest, Zhou Jia would have difficulty distinguishing his gender.

The merfolk belongs to the race of all soldiers, and has a strict internal hierarchy.

Dark Iron,

Is the merfolk commander!

Existences like this have a very high status in the merfolk and are usually not dispatched.

It seems that the people in Tianshui Village have an extraordinary connection with merfolk. I am afraid that it can gain a foothold in Shicheng and rely on merfolk a lot.

When Zhou Jia was looking at each other, the merfolk envoy had lost interest in him. He was just a trifling, so he waved his hand:


“Kill him!”


The other merfolks roared and swooped down with their weapons in hand.

Their weapons are divided into spunlace, water-avoiding fork, long spear and so on.


“ding ding dong dong  …”

The sound of the collision sounded, and the situation in the field also made the merfolk shrink his eyes.

But seeing Zhou Jia squatting slightly with his knees, holding a shield, invisible energy enveloped his body, blocking all attacks.

As soon as I do merfolk, I feel like I hit a turtle shell. No matter how I attack, I can’t rush to within one foot of the opponent.

Only howling desperately, speeding up the offensive, trying to break this turtle shell.

Like a mountain!


The invisible force spins rapidly, taking every attacking force into it. With the ferocity of the offensive, begin to stir.

His eyes flashed and his face changed suddenly:

“Not good!”

“Fast back!”

He He drank in a hurry, but it was obviously a step too late.

Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up, his body leaned forward, his arms shook suddenly, and the force compressed to the extreme burst out, moving towards all directions.

naked eye Visible air waves swept up the surrounding land, revealing the hard rocks below.

One by one merfolk was bombarded by several times of force, all of them flew high, their bones were broken, their flesh and blood flew, and they fell to the ground one after another.

3rd-layer shield against!

One hit.

All merfolks are either dead or injured!

Even if there are experts that are comparable to Human Race Grade 7 and Grade 8, the same is true.

“courting death!”

The upper echelon roars and pounces with a fork.

He is slender and looks weak, but he bursts with power but is terrifying, like an ominous beast, roaring and roaring.

Zhou Jia only felt a stench in his nose.

Skin and flesh all over his body, like a needle stick, subconsciously tense.

Although he has seen a lot of black iron, this time he is really playing against a black iron expert, and he can only know his power when he is in the situation.

Ordinary mortal rank, I am afraid that even in front of it, I can’t even raise the courage to resist.

The steel fork in the opponent’s hand weighed more than 800 kilograms. Under the rapid swing, it was comparable to a rushing locomotive, which could smash all interceptions.


With a low hum, Zhou Jia stretched his muscles and bones, keeping his body leaning forward, his spine like a wriggling dragon, and he used his shield to meet him.

Before the offensive came, the hard rock underfoot was already cracked.


There was a loud bang.

The shock wave emerged from the contact point of the steel fork and the shield, and instantly swept across all directions, and the surrounding tall trees also shiver coldly.

Zhou Jia’s body is short and his face darkens.


The attack failed to see full success, and he stomped lightly, a deep footprint suddenly appeared on the rock, and his body appeared on Zhou by force. Jia’s side.

The steel fork whirled, thrusting from an odd angle.

In terms of martial skills, although the merfolk family has been passed down for many years, they are still not as good as the Human Race, but they have a unique strength emission skill.

Water vortex!

A few feet away, two steps away, but the ambassador can burst out suddenly, strange and powerful.

The body brushed through the air, making a whistling sound, as if a person were whipping a whip, and every move could cause a violent explosion in the air.

Zhou Jia moved, turned sideways, shield lightly.


The gigantic force attacked, and the 3rd-layer shield was unable to counterattack at one point, only groaned, taking a step backwards.

Keeping her expression unchanged, she stepped forward with her feet on the ground.

He is slender, but his strength is terrifying and frightening. Under their feet is a hard rock, but under his feet it is like soft waxy sand.

The rumbling concussion force swept the surroundings, and the earth trembled violently, like an Earth Dragon turning over.

The upper and lower legs of the fork were like a Poison Dragon coming out of the hole, and the fierce attack howling wind and torrential rain drowned Zhou Jia.

The two stepped forward and retreated, instantly several feet.

The ground seemed to have been scratched by an iron plow, leaving deep ravines.

Their strength is almost beyond the limits of mortals, and the strong wind alone can leave imprints on hard stones.

This is no longer a contest for mortals!

It’s a battle between dark iron experts!

Zhou Jia stepped back again and again, but his expression did not change in the slightest. At the moment when the opponent’s steel fork retracted, he exerted force under his feet, and the axe blade slashed sharply.

The purple thunder axe is fierce and domineering, and it often goes but never returns.

The dazzling lightning was also on the field.


Two silhouettes, each retreating.

“Good boy!”

The upper arm vibrates the arm, the source power sweeps away the numbness in the hand, and the eyes are wide open, staring at the opponent:

“A trifling mortal, you can actually compete with me. Who are you? Sign up, and your name is qualified for me to remember.”

“No need.” Zhou Jia shook his head gently, his eyes Disappointment emerged:

“It turns out…”

“Black Iron is also merely this!”

He was indeed a little disappointed.

Hei Tie expert has always been aloof and remote in his heart, and he used to be in awe, always thinking that he was far from him.

I never thought…

He was able to compete with the opponent before he even started the violence, and even before he fully developed the Purple Thunder Axe.

Even, at a disadvantage.

Maybe the opponent is not a powerhouse in the black iron, maybe even just promoted, and he doesn’t even have a black iron mysterious soldier in his hand, but his strength still disappoints Zhou Jia.

“What?” The ambassador was stunned for a moment, and then his face was full of anger:

“You are courting death!”

In the roar, his body dashed violently. , the steel fork is like a fish swimming in the water, stirring the source power between Heaven and Earth, making the sound of rushing water.

In the void, flowing water actually appeared.

The water is rolling, seemingly slender but heavier than a thousand tons, and it roars wherever it passes.


The howling wind swept the land of several feet, the rushing water was like a water dragon roaring, the merfolk silhouette was not seen, only the water was surging.

The invisible source power is integrated into the water flow, and the steel fork weighing 800 catties is disappeared, which also gives the water the power to crush everything.

Zhou Jia’s body tightened.

This should be a merfolk trick.

It can use source power to induce changes in water vapor, transform into water currents, and contain numerous undercurrents. Once involved, it will be inevitable.


Zhou Jia was taken aback.

How can I know so clearly?

I have never seen this move, but it seems that I can see through the mystery at a glance, and I can even ignore the weak spot.

The incoming water flow, formidable power is terrifying.

But he didn’t have the slightest fear.

Instead of feeling close.

Earth Auxiliary: Royal Water!

A clear comprehension abruptly appeared in my heart, an innate talent for water control, which has the ability to control all water sources, even if it is incomplete, it still has an impact.


With the light humming sound, Zhou Jia’s body trembled slightly, and all the muscles in his body drummed instantly.



The terrifying giant force suddenly emerged on him, the violent force even expelled the air around him, and the incoming water flow was stagnant.

Raging Thunder!

The double-edged axe was wrapped in a huge force, wrapped in thunder, and slashed into the water.

The rushing water faced the incoming silhouette, as if it were an acknowledge allegiance, and quietly spread out a gap, revealing the merfolk behind it.

The terrified eyes on the surfer, didn’t know why such a change occurred, but it was too late to stop it.


The blade of the axe fell, and the merfolk was divided into two from it.

Dark Iron,



“Although the cultivation base is only 10th rank, but it has the Dragon-Tiger mysterious embryo to increase the background, and the palm soldiers push the purple thunder axe to the Perfection Realm.”

“In the face of ordinary black iron, there is no need to be afraid.”

After cleaning up the battlefield, Zhou Jia also has some understanding of his own strength:

” If violence is provoked, even Yang Jinzhou, a sect’s direct descendant with a black iron mysterious soldier, might not be as good as himself.”

Of course.

How exactly, you will never know if you haven’t tried it.

Maybe he is stronger, maybe the other party’s background is deeper.

No one knows.

Killing merfolk, although the energy obtained is not cheap, it is not as big as imagined, no wonder no one relies on killing black iron ominous beast to advance.

It’s so hard!

Looking at the corpses on the ground, I wanted to throw them all into the water, but after thinking about it, I left a few more corpses behind.


Soon, another place.

Chen Ying’s beautiful eyes flashed:

“Are you sure, they escaped from the boat in Tianshui Village?”

“Yes.” Zhou Jia Nodding, he took out a few things from his body and handed them over:

“This is what I found from them, and a few merfolks escaped by them. I wonder if they can catch up.”

In order to avoid possible troubles in the future, the body of the ambassador did not appear here.

“Tian Shui Order!”

“Secret letter!”

Chen Ying took it, her face full of ecstasy:

“Okay, Very good, just now the surnamed Gao quibble, saying that he was delivering ordnance to his own family, how can I explain it this time?”

“The weapons in Tianshui Village need to be waterproof?”

“Collaborating with merfolk is a death penalty!”

Everyone knows that Tianshui Village has some relationship with merfolk, otherwise the waterway would be impossible, but there has been no conclusive evidence.

With a little communication, it’s not really a sin.

No one has ever looked into it.

But if they secretly fornicate and sell weapons, the meaning is different. The Heavenly Tiger gang occupies the righteousness, and the people in the Imperial Court will not be angry.

When the time comes, Tianshui Village has to bleed a lot in order to calm down.




in the city.

The chaos continues.

West City Casino.



The table shatters and the seats overturn.


Half of the house collapsed after being destroyed by huge force.


Luo Feng’s long hair was loose, his eyes were red, and he roared while waving his long sword:

“You guys are so bold. , how dare you make trouble in the Heavenly Tiger gang, the supervisor will never let you go!”


His enemy was a beautiful woman holding a A machete, the movement method is strange, the moves are mysterious, the cultivation base is obviously not as good as Luo Feng, but it is not inferior.

Hearing this, coldly smiled:

“Heavenly Tiger has been evil for many years, bullying the market, our righteousness will enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven, making trouble in a casino That’s it, overthrow your gang sooner or later!”


Wen Zhong growled:

“Wait for courting death!”

He has a stout body and is submissive in front of Zhou Jia, but he is so arrogant and domineering that he can fight alone.

However, the casino is obviously understaffed, and the opponents are all elites.

It is already reluctant to stabilize the situation, let alone prevent the opponent from doing damage.

“Get it!”

Upstairs, a shadow jumped out:

“There are more than 30 source crystals, too many source stones are inconvenient to hold, It’s a pity.”

The shadow was carrying the bulging package and waved his hand:


“Want to go?” Luo Feng Gangya Bite tightly:

“Leave me.”

Although there are many people, this is the city after all. As early as immediately after the start, the casino sent the message to the helm of the Heavenly Tiger Gang. S.O.S.

As long as you hang around the other party for a moment, an expert will come.

At that time.

They all have to die!

Thinking turned, the sword light in Luo Feng’s palm suddenly flourished.

His ten fingers have been agile and different from ordinary people since he was a child, and his first-hand Sword Art takes advantage of his advantages, and he has deep three-character tips of fast, accurate, and ruthless.

The sword light is twinkling, instantly entangling the beautiful woman.


In the crowd, a middle-aged man sighed:

“Stop playing, go!”

“Got it, Dad.” The woman responded, her body flipped in the air, the machete flashed, collided with the sword light, and slashed suddenly.

At that moment, the blade light was full.

And the aura on the woman’s body also skyrocketed.

Got it!

Luo Feng was shocked. He had tried his best to intercept, but he had neglected the defense, and it was too late to try to dodge.

The blade light flashed, and a section of the wrist flew out of the body.


Luo Feng screamed in agony, staggered back with his broken arm in hand, his face was pale and white, and his eyes were full of horror:

“My Hand!”

He is a gambler, Qianshou Luofeng.

Now that I’ve lost a hand, then…

Imagine it!


The woman chuckled, rolled the eyes towards him, and jumped high into the darkness.

The righteous people have the upper hand, and others are powerless to stop them.

“Brother Luo!”

Wen Zhong rushed to Luo Feng, looked at his severed hand, looked complicated, opened his mouth, and finally turned into a sigh:

“Unfortunately, the supervisor is not here, otherwise where would they be allowed to be so rampant?”

“If the supervisor was there, they would not dare to come.” Luo Fenggang clenched his teeth and his body trembled:

“Brother Wen, I suspect they did it on purpose.”

“en?” Wen Zhong was stunned:

“They did it on purpose.”

“No!” Luo Feng gritted his teeth:

“I mean, they were going to destroy my arm, mother I will never forget their last look, she has been thinking about my hand!”

“en?” Wen Zhong frowned, his eyes narrowed.




“Sister Yao!”

The shadow rolled in the air and landed on Next to the woman:

“The harvest is good this time. Not only did I buy a large number of source crystals, but also the Qian Family business, I said it was time to start at the casino.”

” What you think is simple.” The woman rolled the eyes:

“Not to mention that the director of the West City Casino is a Peak 10, and even the frequent guests here are not weak, if it weren’t for City Lord’s Mansion today There’s trouble over there, and we still don’t have a chance.”

“That’s right.”

Shadow nodded:

“However, we succeeded in the end. I’m done.”

“That’s right!” The woman chuckled, the two cast Lightweight Art, followed behind a middle-aged man, and moved towards the direction outside the city:

” After avoiding the limelight, go to Qian Family to withdraw money, Luo Feng’s hand is so valuable.”

“Of course.” The shadow said:

“It is Qianshou Luo after all. The wind…”


Several flying silhouettes suddenly stopped.

In front of it, it was pitch black and the naked eye was hard to distinguish, but it seemed to hide a terrifying ominous beast, making everyone in the field subconsciously fearful.


The night wind blows.

A silhouette with an axe and shield on its back slowly walks from the darkness.

The people came to look at the crowd, and finally their eyes fell on the middle-aged man who took the lead:

“I want to leave my place easily, how can it be so easy? ”

(end of this chapter)

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