Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 151


Chapter 151 Chase

Although Zhou Jia is not in the casino, he has always been in touch with Wen Zhong and Luo Feng , so when the casino had an accident, he also received a summons.

Just in time to go back to the city, I stopped this group of people from going.

He is a tenth rank, and he can hear the wind from a distance far away. He only listens to words in one direction, and he can clearly hear the movement from ten miles away.

It’s perfect for intercepting people.

“Zhou Jia!”

middle-aged man facial expression grave, his eyes fixed on the approaching person.

In the dark, only one person came, imposing manner, but with no difficulty overwhelmed everyone on his side, making people involuntarily reluctant to retreat.

“What are you afraid of?”

One person growled:

“He has only one person, let’s go together!”

“Father !”

The woman also raised her brows sharply, and pointed at the scimitar:

“Heavenly Tiger Gang has no good people, and this person is the big boss of the casino, and just took the opportunity to kill him! “

“I’m coming!”

One of them drank lowly, and his body suddenly rushed forward.

In the crowd, there were only two people who could resist Zhou Jia’s imposing manner. One was the middle-aged man who led the team, and the other was him.

This man is not tall, but he is extremely powerful.

The gun in his hand is nearly zhang long, the egg thickness is thin, the whole body is shiny, and there is a layer of metallic color, giving a heavy texture.

This large spear has a sharp point and a red tassel on both sides. With the light shake of the wrist of the person who comes, the red flower blooms in the shadow of the spear.

“Uncle Yang!”

Seeing this person do it, the woman’s eyes lit up, and the others were also shocked.

Even the middle-aged man’s eyes loosened slightly.


They trust each other’s strength.


Uncle Yang took a few steps and rushed forward. There was only one person, but in an instant he rushed out of a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses. imposing manner.

The wind is hunting, and the battlefield is flying, as if you are in a fierce battlefield.

Gun like a dragon!

The meaning of icy chill shrouded Zhou Jia.

“Military martial skill?”

Zhou Jia’s eyes narrowed, looked thoughtful.

Different from the martial skills passed down by the Xuantian League, the military’s martial skills emphasize imposing manners and weak moves.

But that doesn’t mean the military’s martial skill isn’t suitable for solo action.

On the contrary.

The military’s martial skill focuses on outbreaks, and every move has been deduced through countless fights. It is almost perfect, except that it is not long-lasting.


The long spear trembled, and the huge force made the gun body tremble, making the sound of mountain cry out and sea howl.

Zhou Jia also felt his body tighten, as if he was locked by something invisible, and it became extremely difficult to move one step.


With a small grunt, he stepped forward to meet the long spear.

Compared with the size of the opponent, Zhou Jia, who is nearly two meters tall, has a majestic body, just like the difference between an adult man and a young boy.

The shield is in front of you.


Uncle Yang’s eyes narrowed, he already felt the power of asserts the senses, but he was not afraid.

With a single thought of the gun body, there is no one without me!

Stomping on the ground with both feet, the Xiaobanchang Street trembled, and the shadows of the guns suddenly gathered, and a spear thrust of Essence, Qi, and Spirit gathered all over the body.

The spear glow is like a shooting star, falling to the ground.


A muffled sound rang out.

Uncle Yang’s body trembled, and he felt as if he had hit a towering mountain, roaring with all his strength, but the result was more and more desperate.



The imposing manner is like a mountain!

spear glow shatters before the shield.


An axe light flashed, Uncle Yang’s body seemed to be being pulled from left and right, fiercely divided into two, moved towards both sides.

“Pu pass!”

Half of the corpse smashed against the wall, falling down softly.

“Dang bang…”

long spear, also rolled aside.

The field was quiet.

“Brother Yang!”

“Uncle Yang!”


The whole group of Zhengqitang shouted one after another , and a chill came out of my heart.

Uncle Yang’s strength, they know very well, that was the existence that had fought against the black iron powerhouse a few times, but now it has been killed with an axe.

There is nothing to fight back!

The director of the West City Casino is so terrifying?

“Xiao Qi, take Yao’er to go first!” The middle-aged man looked gloomy, holding a sword in his hand, his eyes fixed on Zhou Jia, and his mouth was shouted:

“Let’s go!”


“Sister Yao, go!”

Xiao Qi knew it was not too late, and regardless of the woman’s cry, Pull her to the side and jump.

Zhou Jia glanced at a few people, his face remained unchanged, his eyes slowly fell on the middle-aged man, and he said slowly:

“Interesting cultivation technique, burning blood essence to come Although the increase in strength is not small, it is a pity that the damage is too great, and some of the losses outweigh the gains.”

In this short moment, the aura on the opponent’s body increased dramatically.

But the foundation is also seriously damaged.

Even if I survive this time, I’m afraid there won’t be many days left.

On the explosive potential…

Even the most Peak secret technique of the Xuantian League is a joke in the face of the violence of the terrestrial star with almost no repercussions.


middle-aged man coldly snorted:

“Accept!” Human and Sword Unity, rush towards Zhou Jia.

The sword light evolves into the sky full of stars, the magnificent contains murderous intention, the sharp sword qi slants to the void, and even inspires the power of the dark.

Tianxing sword art!


A violent and ferocious axe light appeared out of thin air, with infinite power, savagely and directly crashed into the sword light, smashing everything.

Spring thunder bursts!

The sword light suddenly shattered.

The middle-aged man grunted, corner of the mouth flow blood, and panic appeared in his eyes, he finally understood how his brother felt before.

These opponents are so powerful that people feel hopeless from the bottom of their hearts.

All moves and techniques, under the seemingly ordinary axe light of the opponent, have little resistance, and are completely broken at the touch of a touch.

How possible!

I have played against many Ten-Ranks myself, and I have never encountered such a situation.

Ten products?

Even if it’s black iron, I’m afraid it’s merely this!


In the roar, the middle-aged man’s body inner Qi’s blood boiled, like cooking oil on fire, his imposing manner rose sharply, and the rickety sword light also Get together.

sword qi, once again.


It didn’t work!


The purple thunder with a prestige of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth landed on the sword light with a bang, and the sword qi escaped, revealing the inside silhouette.


Three axes!

A soft silhouette fell from the field and landed silently, like a mess of mud.

In the distance, other people who haven’t fled far froze, all of them clenched their teeth, exerted all their strength, and frantically moved towards fleeing into the distance.

That Xiao Qi even threw the package on his back, taking the opportunity to delay time and lighten the load.

Zhou Jia put away his axe and shield, looked at it coldly, then shook his head gently, bent over and turned over the body of the middle-aged man, and found a few things.


“Director Zhou!”

After a while, Wen Zhong, Luo Feng and the others arrived one after another and saw the situation on the field , his expression could not help loosening, and awe appeared in his eyes looking towards Zhou Jia.

The strength of these people is strong, they have seen it for a long time.

There are so many guards in the casino, and those who have been killed have retreated again and again, and have no power to fight back. Now, in front of the supervisor, they have ended up like this.

Zhou Jia looked towards Luo Feng Broken Arm, his eyes moved slightly.


“I’m going to kill him!”

“Kill him!”

The woman clenched her arms tightly The knife, silver teeth clenched, and roared in a low voice:

“Zhou Jia, I, Zhang Yao, will never let you go, and one day I will make you unable to survive or die, in order to kill your father. Vengeance!”

“Sister Yao.” Xiao Qi was frustrated and kept walking:

“That person is too powerful, we are not opponents.”

“Fart!” Zhang Yao turned her head sideways, her face sullen:

“If you can’t beat him, can’t you use the people around him to stab him, high martial arts doesn’t mean you can’t kill him, you can kill him in this world? There are so many methods for dead people.”


Her beautiful eyes froze, and she said:

“Let’s find Hong Martial Uncle , he responded to the fifth sentence outside the city, with his strength, even if he can’t kill surnamed Zhou, he can make him look good.”

“Hong Martial Uncle…” Xiao Qi’s eyes flashed, as if he was afraid , then politely nodded:


“I will check who is around Surnamed Zhou, when the time comes we will use them to coerce, we will not It will make him feel better.”



Wen Zhong and the others picked up the package and checked the contents inside Yuan Jing felt relieved, and was about to report to Zhou Jia when he saw the other party’s eyes sinking.

“Sure enough!”

Zhou Jia raised his head, moved towards the direction where everyone in the Zhengqi Hall fled, and muttered:

“Cut the grass, it is necessary to Remove the roots.”

“You guys clean up.”

The few people waved their hands, and he moved towards the distance:

“I’ll go out for a while. trip.”




outside the city.

In the jungle.

Lei Prison is wearing soft armor, holding a thunder knife, and his face is hideous.

He pulled out a blood-soaked woman from behind, with a thunder knife across the woman’s throat, looked at the pitch-black jungle, and shouted loudly:

“Five punishment!”

“Don’t you like to save people? You rescued this surnamed Zhang’s girl from Your Excellency Huancai, so what now?”

He laughs facing the sky, the soundtrack sarcastic :

“Everyone knows that you have infected other people’s wives and daughters, murdered people, and tried to occupy the Zhang family’s property. You really have a good reputation!”

“You saved untold hardships to save people. .”

“As a result, Mrs. Zhang committed suicide!”

“Guess what will happen to her daughter?”

The jungle is overcast and windy, and no one responds .


Lei Prison swung the knife, the woman’s head rolled down, her eyes glared at the sky silently under the scattered strands of hair, and blood spurted out from her neck.

The murderer threw away the headless corpse in his hand and roared:

“No one can save the person I want to kill. I’ll show you the face of your punishment!”

“I just want you to know what it means to be a good person without a reward!”

“In this world, to pursue a bright future, What are you kidding me!”

“Thunder prisoner!”

In the jungle, there was an angry roar:

“Damn you !”

“Damn you!!!”

The roar was like thunder, the sword light was like electricity, piercing the towering trees, wrapped in infinite anger, moved towards thunder Killed in prison.


The people who had been in ambush for a long time rushed forward with shouting loudly.

In an instant.

In the field, blade light and sword shadows are vertical and horizontal, strong crossbows, fast arrows fly, moved towards silhouette killing.

“fuck off!”

Xingwu roared, sword light like a rainbow, sweeping all directions, the violent and terrifying sword light passed, the sword broke and the sword broke, and the silhouettes fell.

In the face of the black iron expert, which burst out with all its strength, ordinary mortals have little resistance.


The sound of the sword rang out.

The invisible sword qi rushed from the side, Chen Ying Human and Sword Unity, with the help of Hei Tie Xuan Bing’s edge, went straight to Punishment Five.

Sword Art is very ruthless!


Lei Prison stomped his feet, the ground trembled, and he also used his strength to fly out, the black iron mysterious soldier thundering sword across the sky in a sharp arc, wrapped in thunder and headed Blast cut.

Adam dressed as a scholar appeared not far away, he facial expression grave, holding a short stick like jade, moved towards Xing Wu Yao Yao.





He is a mage who is proficient in Feimu spell, and his cultivation base has reached the tenth grade.

Although it can’t threaten the life and death of a black iron, it is enough to cause a certain impact.

Especially when this black iron was seriously injured.

“Keep upright!”

Faced with the long-awaited ultimate move of several people, Xing Wu with pale face and bloodshot eyes stood with his sword in hand, his sword qi was majestic and steady. one side.

“Ding ding…Dangdang…”

Blade light and sword shadows staggered, murderous intention rushing.

“Zhu Xie!”

The sword light raged, like Dragon-Tiger roaring, with a shocking power, ripped apart Adam’s spell, counterattacked Lei Prison, Chen Ying two people.

“Heaven and Earth have righteousness!”



A shout full of righteousness , the sword light roared, and the energy surged.

Lei Prisoner and Chen Ying’s complexion greatly changed, and they retreated wildly.

No one would have expected that Xing Wu, who was already seriously injured and whose strength should not be of sufficient strength, could still explode with such power.

“Want to go?”

Xing Wu’s hair is messy, his clothes are broken, and the wounds can be seen, his eyes are glaring at Lei Prison, and the sword light is locked on his body:

“Want to go?”


“Go to hell!”

Hate, murderous intention, let sword light flourish again.

Lei Prison’s face was pale, and for the first time he felt that death was so close to him, the thunder knife in his hand trembled, and it was almost difficult to hold it.

He shouted anxiously:

“Elder Chen save me!”


Invisible and invisible, but There was a voice, a sword intent pointed finger towards Xing Wu.


Elder Chen shot in time to stop Xing Wu’s murderous intention, but he also regretted it.

If Lei Prison can hold on a little longer and find an opportunity to take action, he has a 90% certainty that he will be able to completely leave Xing Wu today.


After all, Lei Prison is still too young, his temperament is not stable enough, and he is not ready to die.

“Ding ding…Dangdang…”


The Invisible Sword slashed across Xingwu’s body and slashed at his waist, the opponent The counterattack also forced Elder Chen to retreat, watching Xing Wu escape into the jungle.


With a wave of his hand, Elder Chen stopped Chen Ying and Lei prisoner:

“You two don’t get too close, be careful Xing Wu counterattacked on the verge of death and forced a black iron expert into a hurry, no one knew what he would do.”

Lei Prison turned pale.

He vaguely regretted what he had done just now, but he was still not strong enough and was actually scared.

“There’s no need to blame yourself.”

Elder Chen said with a smile:

“With your strength, you can fight against black iron experts. Retiring from the whole body is already very great, after all, this is not a discussion, but a life-and-death competition.”

“In the gang, all of you Hei Tie will have room to fight against you, but Xing Wu will not.”

“…” Lei Prison’s expression was stiff and slowly nodded:

“What Elder Chen said was that I underestimated Hei Tie expert too much.”

He was in the gang before, and he had also played against Heiro expert. Although he was defeated, he felt that the gap with Heiro was not too big.


It’s the real horror of the black iron powerhouse.

“en.” Elder Chen nods:

“Every black iron is not as good as Peak powerhouse, you are still young, you are not ashamed of your strength, there will always be more than one in the future. One day.”

“Let’s go!”

“Let’s keep up, don’t let Xing Wu escape.”



“Master Xing.”

Guo Ping supported Xing Wu, and the two ran wildly in the jungle:

“I will pick up Xing Wu. When we arrive at Madam and Miss, we might as well go to the nearby Zhengqitang station, where there is a Senior Hong, who can temporarily avoid the limelight.”

“Zhengqitang…” Xing Wugang clenched his teeth. , turned his head and glared at Guo Ping:

“You really colluded with Zhengqitang?”

Zhengqitang, called Zhengqi, is actually a major scourge of Shicheng, and according to his opinion You know, behind the scenes, there are a lot of unsightly things done.

“Master Xing.” Guo Ping looked serious:

“I do have some connection with Zhengqitang, but I can swear that I have never used them to do anything against the law and discipline. .”

“You…” Xing Wu’s anger surged up, but his injuries were aroused, and he couldn’t help coughing again and again.

“Master Xing!”


“husband!” mother and younger brother appeared in front of Xingwu.

The family finally met, but there were still chasing soldiers behind.

“Go there!”

Looking at his wife and daughter, Xing Wu finally compromised.


Guo Ping’s eyes lit up:

“Follow me!”

(End of this chapter)


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