Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 152


Chapter 152 Fighting

The connection between Guo Ping and Zhengqitang is by no means ordinary.

Along the way, he used several strongholds set up by Zhengqitang outside the city one after another, so that he did not let the rear chasers keep up.

After meeting with Xing Wu, there is this old arrester, and it is even better to cover up his whereabouts.


gradually getting faster and faster.

But anyone who knows Celestial Phenomenon understands that this is the last struggle before the rain will stop, similar to the saying that the light returns.

It will be sunny soon.

Xing Wu is even clearer. With his current situation, if he can’t get rid of the rear pursuers before the weather turns clear, he may be doomed.

He has no fear of death.

But he also has a wife and children.

The youngest son is still too young to let go.


The rain came to an end, covering the heavens, shielding the sun, like a veil, blocking the sight.

Mrs. Xing turned pale, hugged her child in both hands, her body curled up, and her daughter walked on muddy feet together in the rain.

Xing Wu and Guo Ping are at the back, dealing with traces.


Xing Ruo held a sword and looked cautiously towards all around, guarding against possible attacks at any time, and at the same time the audio tape worriedly said:

“Is your body okay?”

“It’s okay.” Madam Xing shook her head slowly:

“Thanks to the two yellow croakers you bought, you can temporarily stabilize your injury, otherwise Both of our mothers will become a drag on you.”

For her, yellow croaker has limited efficacy, but it can save an emergency.

Like the thirsty traveler in desert, even a few drops of water are enough to refresh your spirits.

“Mother, what did you say?” Xing Ruo looked unhappy:

“We will be fine, the so-called good people have good rewards, you see, although we have met along the way Several times of danger, not all bad luck turns into good luck.”

“This is God bless us!”

Madam Xing face revealed a bitter smile, looking up towards the dark cloud The sky, my heart is full of haze just like that day.

This god will only bring despair to people, but it will not help good people. The withering of the gate of justice has already explained everything.

“Master Xing.”

Guo Ping at the back, while dealing with the traces left by several people, said:

“What are your plans next? ?”

“Plan?” Xing Wu’s expression was blank:

“If you can escape, you can hide your name, find a good place, and enjoy life.”

“With my strength, even if the cultivation base goes backwards, it is enough to protect a family of young and old.”

“Incognito?” Guo Ping frowned, and said:

“You have learned a lot through hard work. Wu Yi, isn’t it because he wants to benefit the common people and the Imperial Court, so he gives up like this, is he willing?”

“Well-being?” Xing Wu sneered:

“This world, powerhouse is respected, survival of the fittest, helping the weak is not necessarily a benevolent act, and ignoring the suffering of others is torturing oneself.”

He voiced hatred, looked into the distance, seemed to have figured out something, and his expression gradually become calm.

“In the Ruins World, everyone will die, the past will perish, the dynasty will perish, the world will collapse, the ethnic group will be disappeared, all this is doomed.”

“Live well, It’s better than anything else!”

For the ordinary person, being alive is already supplemented untold hardships, their family of four has strong strength and has surpassed too many people.

Ordinary people have no choice at all.

“Master Xing.” Guo Ping shook his head:

“I don’t think so, it is because the world is too dark, so it is necessary for someone to be a candle to illuminate others. “

“Zhengqitang is a group of like-minded people who can’t stand the suffering created by the world, so Xingye might as well join in and show revenge in his heart.”

“So… “

He raised his voice and said proudly:

“Even if I die one day, I will not come to this world in vain.”

“Righteousness?” Xing Wu coldly snorted:

“It’s just a group of paranoid lunatics, they think they are chivalrous and righteous, but they don’t know what they are doing, which will only make the world more chaotic.”

“Why do you say that?” Guo Ping frowned, his face full of displeasure:

“A few friends I know are people of justice.”

“Justice “…”

These two words made Xing Wu’s eyes a little dazed, as if he remembered a long, long time ago, before he sighed softly:

“You are still young, I don’t understand what justice is?”

“The military recruiting is indeed domineering, and they are ruthless in their actions, but without them, Hong Zeyu would have long since disappeared.”

“all The influence search is extremely ruthless, but without the supply of these resources, the Imperial Court and the Xuantian Alliance will not have silver experts to sit in.”

“Without them, it would be difficult for the Dalin Dynasty to gain a foothold in Hongzeyu!”


“hmph!” Guo Ping coldly snorted:

“According to you, they bully the market and loot the people’s blood, sweat and tears. Is it reasonable?”

Punishment Five is silent.

He just doesn’t know what to do, doesn’t know what’s right and what’s wrong in this world, so he feels hopeless.


It took a long time for him to speak slowly:

“They are paranoid about justice, and they pay attention to as long as they achieve their goals, even if they use some means in the middle. It doesn’t matter, I really have a hard time accepting this.”

If you say that, the military’s forced recruitment is also a good intention.

After all.

Only enough soldiers can ensure the continuation of the tribe and not be overturned by the beast tide, is it understandable.

“Sometimes.” Guo Ping said:

“It’s okay to use some means.”

He was a little hard to accept these words, shaking his head. He shook his head, bowed his head and was busy.

He has a task assigned to him by Zhengqitang, and tries to persuade Xing Wu to join.

I thought that the other party was desperate, there should be no problem, I never thought that Xing Wu had the intention to retire.

He’s not very eloquent, he can’t convince the other party, but he’s not in a hurry.

When we arrive at the station, there are people who can speak well, so we can definitely keep a few members of the Xing Family.


splash on the ground.

Xing Wu’s movements suddenly stopped, he looked back moved towards somewhere, his eyes were dignified:

“Is the place you’re talking about over there? “

“That’s right!”

Guo Ping nodded, wiped the rain off his face, his face filled with joy:

“It’s almost there, let’s go over there.” .”

“Wait a minute.” Xing Wu stretched out his hands to stop him:

“blood-reeking qi!”

“blood-reeking qi ?” Guo Ping’s expression condensed, and subconsciously pressed the handle of the knife on his waist:

“Is there an ambush?”

In this weather, the blood will be washed away in a short time. -reeking qi won’t last long, indicating that the time to start is not far away.

“It seems… not.”

Xing Wu shook his head lightly and stepped forward:

“Go and have a look.”


The five people cautiously separated the grass, moved towards the inside, and the scene that caught the eye made people shrink their eyes subconsciously and their hearts beat wildly.



The broken blade!

Blood mixed with running water, meandering in the ravines, on the muddy ground, it was difficult to tell which was water and which was blood for a while.

The corpses fell to the ground in various ways, with broken arms, broken legs, internal organs, heads…, and fell in the mud in a disorderly and messy manner.

Headless corpses were thrown upside down in the ditch, and there were beautiful women with rolling heads, round eyes, and indistinguishable stumps scattered all over the place.

Broken blade, spear, sword, halberd, slanted into the ground.

All of this, together with a silhouette in the field, merged into a tragic and desolate picture

More intense blood-reeking qi, asserts the senses.

“Senior Hong?”

“Little Seven!”

“Zhang Yao…”

A familiar silhouette, Now they are all corpses, and even the corpses are separated, their muddy heads and eyes are full of despair, and the scene in front of them makes Guo Ping tremble.



A nameless fire rose from his heart and swept his whole body, causing him to clench his fists tightly, bloodshot in his eyes, and staring at the only one intact silhouette in the field.

The man was wearing a scorpion and sat reclining on a stone, leaning against the stone with an axe and a shield.

The torrential rain washed over his body, and his long hair, which was not covered by a straw hat, was wet against his robe and cheeks. In the independent field, his expression was a little desolate.

This person is tall and burly, with facial features like a knife and axe, can’t be considered handsome, but gives a feeling of immovability.

He raised one leg, stretched one leg forward, relaxed, as if resting.

The tiredness in his eyes and his trembling hands seemed to indicate that the scene in front of him was not easy for him.

“It’s you!”

Xing Ruo suddenly opened his mouth and pointed out:

“That fisherman on the river a few days ago!”

Madam Xing’s eyes moved slightly. She was confused at the time, but she also knew that it was because of the two yellow croakers in the opponent’s hands that she survived.

“Zhou Jia!”

On the contrary, as the Chief Constable of Yamen, he recognized the other party at a glance:

“Heavenly Tiger helped the director of Xicheng Casino, Thunder Axe Zhou Jia!”

“It’s him!” Guo Ping clenched his teeth:

“A friend of mine in the early years was the driver by his side, unfortunately he died, unexpectedly , this person is so ruthless!”

“Five punishment.”

Zhou Jia got up and looked sideways:

“I can’t believe it is here. When I meet Xing Ye, I have a destiny.”

His voice was flat, and his expression was indifferent in the face of a black iron powerhouse.

“You did it?”

Xing Wu swept the audience, his eyes showing unbearable:

“why did it come to this!”

“No way.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“They want to kill me, Zhou has to strike first.”


Xing Wu sighed lightly and slowly raised the long sword in his hand.

“husband.” Madam Xing suddenly said:

“He saved my life.”

“en?” Xing Wu’s expression changed slightly, and again looked towards Zhou Jia with a complicated expression.

He and his wife have lived together for many years, and it can be said that they are in the same heart. He naturally understands that Mrs. Xing does not want him to spare each other’s life.

Rather worried about himself.

Xing Wu had already been seriously injured in the previous battles, and his lifespan had even been compromised.

This person in front of him can kill so many people, and he is by no means a generalist.

You might as well find an excuse to stop there.

“Don’t worry ma’am.”

Xing Wu said:

“I will save his life, but let him know what there is Heaven beyond the Heaven there is Person beyond the Person, if you do anything reckless, you will suffer disaster.”

Speaking, the sword trembled, the unyielding sword cry resounded through the void, and even the surrounding rain whistled The voice was also suppressed.

He wasn’t worried about himself.

He has also heard of Zhou Jia’s name. He is young and has reached the tenth grade. The Zilei Blade Technique has been transformed into an axe technique.


The tenth grade is the tenth grade!

Moreover, there is no black iron mysterious soldier in his hand, and his strength is at most similar to that of Lei Prison. Even if he is injured, it is not difficult to suppress him.

Lei Prison and several people joined forces to surround and kill him, all of which were easily resolved. Facing an ordinary tenth-rank, what was there to worry about?


Zhou Jia looked at Xing Wu and laughed:

“Your Excellency, as the person ordered to kill by the Heavenly Tiger Gang, Zhou Jia did not It’s okay to start the attack first, you still want to attack me?”


He was nodded and stepped forward:

“Just Let me come experience Your Highness.”

Compared with Xing Wu, who is thin and sluggish, Zhou Jia, who is full of muscles and bulging, is like a beast, with a huge difference in body size.


The double-edged axe flew out of thin air and landed in his palm.


He stepped out again, the exhaustion in his eyes was instantly disappeared, and a trace of lightning emerged from the axe blade and swept his body.

A thunderous roar rushed towards the audience.

Several feet in a radius, the howling rain seemed to be blocked by something, moved towards all directions, avoiding the silhouette below.


The wind was blowing wildly.

Mrs. Xing, sister and brother Xing Ruo, Guo Ping’s body was unstable, and he stepped back again and again, with panic in his eyes.

“How could that be?”

Even Xing Wu was horrified, subconsciously clenching his long sword in his hand, arousing sword intent and fighting against the surging breath.

This kind of power is only a tenth grade?

Different from the mortal ranks, the Essence, Qi, and Spirit of the black iron expert transcend the physical body and mortal flesh, and their thoughts are so strong that they can even forcibly induce the Power of Heaven and Earth.

How powerful, to a certain extent, also means the strength of strength.

And Zhou Jia…

He is obviously just a mortal person, and his power is so powerful that he can inspire thunder out of thin air, and even he himself has to be affected.

“Xing Wu.”

Looking at the other party, Zhou Jia opened his mouth slowly, and his voice track sighed:

“Unfortunately, you are injured.”


Under the might of the Purple Thunder Axe, Xing Wu’s aura was unmistakable, sometimes strong and sometimes weak, swaying with the wind, and at a glance, he could tell that he was injured, and the injury was not serious.

be that as it may, he didn’t hold back.

Clinging on the handle of the axe with one hand, the meaning of thunder skyrocketed again.

“Be humble!”

The five eyes are condensed, and the secret technique is stimulated. The source power of the agitation in the body is condensed in an instant, and a mountain-like trend quietly emerges on itself.

The two stared at each other from a distance, their axes and swords pointing at each other, and they clashed invisibly.

Although it has not been done, the danger is more than enough.

The sword wind whistled in the field, slashing across the ground, leaving a deep imprint, which also forced Madam Xing and the others to retreat several feet before barely stopping.

The shreds of electric light jumped and flickered on the muddy ground, appearing and disappearing from time to time, and the crackle sounded non-stop.

The line of sight is staggered, and the water curtain is agitated.

It seems that the two circular auras collide and rub against each other, and the rain pours down the aura, and people can see the changes.

Punishment five facial expression grave, my heart is more and more surprised.

Even if he had stabilized his injuries, he couldn’t suppress the opponent, but the opponent’s increasingly strong imposing manner gradually gained the upper hand.

This person…

The depth of the background is terrifying.

I am afraid that only when my strength is intact can I be sure to win.


Suddenly, a terrifying force emerged.

Xing Wu’s heart skipped a beat, and he felt that it was pitch black, as if he was in an ominous beast cage, and an indescribable sense of fear surfaced in his heart.

No need to think, the instinct of fleshy body is already activated.



The sword light is great, tearing the rain curtain, moved towards the front and slashing away.


Zhou Jia’s body trembled slightly, and he roared in his mouth. The roar shook the air, but there was no sound. Only the double-edged axe in his palm burst out.

One sword, one axe, collided head-on.


The violent roar directly shook everything within a ten-zhang or so radius.

The soil flies, the corpses move sideways, and the torrential rain is like an endless arrow, moving towards all directions.

Even Mrs. Xing and the others were knocked flying high, their ears buzzing, their bodies lost control, and they fell to the ground one after another.

Time seems to stand still.

I don’t know how long it took.


In a daze, Xing Ruo felt the sound of footsteps.

In line of sight, a silhouette wearing a scorpion took up an axe and shield and slowly disappeared into the rain curtain.

Xing Wu stood in the field, his body swaying, his face pale, and he spit out a mouthful of blood until the opponent was far away, and fell to his knees.

(End of this chapter)

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