Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 153


Chapter 153 Gamblers


one silhouette is practicing boxing.

The silhouette moves slowly, but the force is heavy, and when the punches are thrown, the wind is howling.


As far as the fist can reach, the grass and trees several meters away are slightly toppled, and the dust on the ground is pushed out in an arc by invisible force.

Fist fall.

The muffled thunder roared, and it was three feet away from the ground. The rammed ground had subsided silently, and one after another crack appeared.

Stepping, shrinking shoulders, swooping, punching…

The huge courtyard, when the silhouette dances and punches, actually seems to have become cramped, as if it is hard to bloom one person.

The silhouette’s every move can cause the wind to whistle, but it is controlled within about one zhang.

Like a terrifying ominous beast, the whole body is restrained, seemingly ordinary movements, but it can cause people to be killed or injured.

Occasionally, the fists and palms changed, and the momentum was like lightning. Under the continuous slaps, a wave of air visible by naked eyes rushed straight to the distance of more than ten meters.

Wherever I pass, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

Five Elements Fist!

Rushing Thunder Palm!

One is the Jinhuang lineage boxing technique, and the other is the inheritance of the Tieyuan School. It cannot be compared with the Zilei Blade Technique, but its power is not weak.

If one method works, all methods will work.

With the Grandmaster Realm’s axe, Zhou Jia, even if he doesn’t have the innate talent, he can still make great progress by practicing the kung fu.

After all, there is something in the Martial Arts that connects with each other.

However, the practice of boxing and kung fu is just for him to prepare for a rainy day. In comparison, weapons are more cost-effective.


As soon as the fists and palms were closed, the field suddenly fell silent.

Zhou Jia’s eyes were slightly narrowed and imposing manner was restrained. Although he did not make any movement, the huge courtyard was suddenly cloudy, and the chill quietly permeated.


The cold light appeared, and the sword light came into view.

A soft sword flashed from his waist, stabbing straight into the void.

Yinfeng Life Seizing Sword!

The wind blew cold, and the sword light was breathtaking.

Such Sword Art is appalling.

Ordinary people fight against it, fearing that even before it touches the sword, it will be eroded by the sword intent that is like a bone-eroding yin wind, and will die on the spot.

Dark Iron martial skill!


The martial skill is about forceful operation and mysterious moves.

According to different cultivation techniques, there are strong and weak ones, and the weak are like cloak knives, Fierce Tiger Fist, etc. The subtlety is all about transporting qi and blood.

powerhouse, such as Rushing Thunder Palm, Life Seizing Sword, etc…

Although the moves are mysterious and explosive, they belong to the ordinary martial arts after all.

The black iron martial skill, on this basis, also pays attention to divine will, and integrates Essence, Qi, and Spirit into one, so that it can exert its unimaginable ability.

Among them, there are also strong and weak points.

The weak are like the Thunder Axe. Only when the cultivation reaches a very high realm, and with the help of foreign objects such as the Essence Stone, can the Power of Thunder be truly stimulated.

The Zilei Blade Technique is one of the best.

Blade Intent is surging, thunder follows, and the power is so strong that it crushes a lot of martial arts.

However, it is not easy to cultivate such martial arts after successfully cultivating it. Only those with sufficient Essence, Qi, and Spirit can cultivate and even perform them.

The sword light in the field is chilling, but when it comes to power, it is actually far less than the purple thunder axe.

Yinfeng Life Seizing Sword: Great Perfection!


The sword light was retracted and retracted to his waist, Zhou Jia also had a satisfied smile on his face.

The Great Perfection Realm represents that this martial skill has been fully cleared and mastered, and the understanding of the moves in it can be called a Grandmaster.

Only a Martial Arts Grandmaster can integrate other martial skills into his own martial arts, and then bring forth the new through the old, bring it up a level.

How difficult is it to cultivate a martial arts to the Great Perfection?

Ordinary people can’t,

Zhou Jia can.

With the help of the soldier’s characteristics, his cultivation weapon martial skill has never been a barrier. As long as cultivation, he can increase his proficiency and perception.

Until the Great Perfection.

Just like Life Seizing Sword, Thunder Axe…

Now I finally have a black iron martial skill, which he repaired to the Great Perfection Realm.

Not only that, as early as two months ago, Zhou Jia found a compatible Sword Art from Heavenly Tiger’s Book Collection Building.

The thirteen types of Yin killing!

This is a black iron martial skill, the killing intent is amazing, the Sword Art is almost like madness, and the cultivation person may become a murderer if he is a little careless.

Close your eyes.

The thirteen moves of Yin Killing one after another came to mind.

The perceptions about Yinfeng Life Seizing Sword were also presented one after another, and then Yinfeng Thirteen Styles were dismantled one after another and integrated into Yinfeng Life Seizing Sword.

The Sea of Consciousness light curtain flickers and changes.

Life Seizing Sword: Mastery!


Zhou Jia opened his eyes, the soft sword popped out again, and the cold and chilling sword light cut an arc in the air, piercing the crack in the wall outside several feet.

The streamer is gone!

a sword seals the throat!

Compared with before, Sword Art moves are more subtle, sword intent is more and more cold and chilling, but because it is a beginner, there are more weak spots.

The formidable power has also become weaker.

But that’s okay.

The more you practice, the better.

“From the point of view of proficiency, the formidable power of the Life Seizing Sword is not as good as that of the Purple Thunder Axe, but it is similar.”

Putting away the soft sword, Zhou Jia looked thoughtful , his eyes flashed back and forth:

“In this case, wouldn’t it be possible to keep repairing the martial skill to Great Perfection, and then continue to stack the martial skill to increase the power.”

“If you come a few more times…”

“Silver martial arts can also be piled up!”


Zhou Jia frowned:

“I seem to have never heard of silver martial arts?”

Whether it is Inner Sect, Jinhuang lineage, or even the Heavenly Tiger Gang and other black irons, it seems that they have never Someone mentioned how silver expert exists.

In the Dalin Dynasty, Innate was already Peak.

At that time, the famous and powerful martial arts Great Grandmaster, in terms of cultivation base and strength, was only comparable to the middle stage of the black iron.

Falling into the world of ruins, relying on beheading the ominous beast and rejecting the view of the portal, after more than three hundred years of development, there is today’s martial arts realm.

About the silver powerhouse.

The world knows very little, and there are only a few records, but they also regard them as another species, a kind of inhuman powerful existence.

Regardless of the Inner Sect or the outside, the cultivation technique seems to be the limit when it is repaired to the late stage of the black iron.

Although it can break through the limit in theory, it seems that no one has ever relied on the cultivation technique to break through to the silver level.

In the meantime, what happened?


The sound of dripping water interrupted Zhou Jia’s contemplation.

Shaking his head, he stopped thinking about it.

Now he is still a long way from Hei Tie, and Bai Yin doesn’t even know the Year of the Monkey, so no matter how much he thinks about it now, it is meaningless.

Walking to the dripping place, here is a simple grinding disc, with a twisted rope, and some shallow white grass stems are backlogged out of juice.

If anyone who is proficient in identifying herbal medicines is here, they will be able to see at a glance that the white grass stems are really creeping grass.

Fifty years of creeper grass!

The woven clothes have the effect of lightening the body, but now there is such a rough backlog, nearly half of the grass stems are wasted, which is reckless waste of natural resources.

Zhou Jia doesn’t think so.

For him, as long as the grass seeds are still there, it will only take more than ten days to produce 50-year-old crested grass in large quantities.

It’s the juice, it is rumored that it can make people wash the tendons and cut the marrow, as lithe as a swallow, the juice of the millennium crested grass can make the ordinary person travel thousands of miles a day.

It has not had such a great effect since 50 years, but the quality is not as good as the quantity. The juice accumulated by hundreds of stalks is always stronger than one.

The white grass stems, the backlogged juice turned black.

The ink-colored juice drips all over the wine cup, like a viscous liquid, swaying through layers of ripples.

This wine cup weighs more than ten pounds!

Holding up the wine cup, Zhou Jia examined it for a moment and drank it all.

The bitter juice was unbearable, and it caused gastrointestinal restlessness, which made his face distorted. It took a long time to recover, and he vomited one mouthful of impure air.


He opened his eyes and moved his hands and feet, but nothing seemed to change.

“What a pity!”

With a sigh, Zhou Jia shook his head helplessly.

It seems to be wishful thinking.

In a few days.

The medicine efficacy is finally shown.

A sense of transparency appears on the body, as if everything between Heaven and Earth can be perceived more clearly, especially the breeze.

With a slight jump, the wind will bless you.

The increase is not big, even far less than half, but for Zhou Jia, it is a surprise.

He has always been bad at Lightweight Art. He had to chase several dozen li to kill several youngsters before, and the cost-effectiveness of cultivation Lightweight Art was not high.

The sap of the sapling grass is a convenient method.

In the next period of time, Zhou Jia increased the number of scorpion grass, and took some juice every once in a while.

The movement method is also more flexible.

The shortcomings of Lightweight Art are gradually being made up for.




West City Casino.

Zhou Jia hands behind ones back, standing on the second floor, looking down through the window.


Wen Zhong was sweating profusely, wiped it with a handkerchief from time to time, and said in a low voice:

“It’s the person below, who has been holding a handkerchief since then. Yuanyuan money entered the casino, he has already won 6,000 Yuanshi, and I am afraid that he will win more.”

“en. ”

Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

6,000 Origin Stones are not many for casinos, the key is confidence, and there is no entry, no one can bear it.

“Luo Feng is not his opponent?”

On the gaming table, there are only two people betting against each other.

One of them is Luo Feng, who sits in the casino, but the name of a thousand hands is long gone, but it is more a name for iron hands.

He had his arm chopped off, and then a metal arm was pressed for a lot of money.

The strength does not decrease but increases, but it cannot do too fine movements.

To deal with ordinary gamblers, based on his experience, even if his arm is not good, Luo Feng is still very sure, but this time his opponent is obviously different.

His opponent was a middle-aged man in his early forties, plain-looking, with a three-inch beard and triangular eyes that flickered from time to time.

He has a large robe, but inside is a scrawny stature.


The clamor sounded again.

Luo Feng, who was sitting across from the gaming table, looked cold, his eyes fixed on the opponent’s card, and he was a little stiff:

“I lost!”


“If someone hadn’t cut off his hand, Luo deacon might not be defeated.” Upstairs, Wen Zhong wiped his sweat and whispered:

“But now, it’s not his opponent.”

“Have you found out the origin?” Zhou Jia’s expression remained unchanged.

“I don’t know yet.” Wen Zhong said, seeing Zhou Jia’s eyes moving slightly, his heart skipping a beat, and he said hurriedly:

“But he had set up a privately-owned house in Zou deacon before. There has been a dark workshop, and since the death of Zou deacon, this person has been disappeared and has not appeared until now.”

“This person is nicknamed Ghost Hand, no one knows his name, but his gambling skills are extremely good. “

“en.” Zhou Jia slowly nodded:

“Third Young Lady hasn’t come yet?”

“Two groups of people have gone to urge .” Wen Zhong’s eyes were anxious:

“Or, I’ll let someone go and see?”

“No need.” Zhou Jia shook his head gently:

“Look at it again.”

“This…” Wen Zhong’s expression stiffened slightly:


After thinking about it, he He added:

“Director, or wait, we…”

He made a beheading gesture, his eyes very ruthless.

In their line of work, how could they not have human lives on their hands? For those who fail to appreciate somebody’s kindness, broken arms and gouging eyes are even more common.


Zhou Jia pondered, and then moved towards a few people in the crowd and pointed:

“Check, their Origin.”

“They?” Wen Zhong was stunned for a moment, then returned to his senses:

“Are they a group?”

“Yes, subordinate Let’s go!”

Wen Zhong had a fat body, but his movements were not slow at all. After a while, he trotted upstairs from downstairs, gasping for breath:

“Supervisor, I found out that there is really someone behind the ghost hand.”

“Oh!” Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows:

“Let’s hear it.”

“It’s the Qian Family!” Wen Zhong said:

“Zou deacon is behind the casino we opened, and uses the Qian Family’s site. There should be a cooperative relationship between them.”


“The supervisor took care of the surnamed Zou, and the dark workshop was closed. It was renovated not long ago. This is an official position.”

“This ghost hand is Qian. Family, please come to the show!”


He snorted coldly:

“I’m here, I’m afraid I want to stand up !”

“Let’s stand up to us, they are so bold!”

“Qian Family.” Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.

“Director Zhou, are you looking for a concubine?” At this time, a sweet and greasy voice sounded, and before anyone arrived, a fragrant wind had already assumed the senses.

The two looked back and saw a charming-looking woman walking up the second floor.

The woman’s skin is white and beautiful, but people can’t tell how old she is. She has a light yellow coat, a layer of tulle, and a long skirt that drags the floor, showing her beautiful upper body.

This is with a charming smile, and his eyes seem to be full of deep affection, looking towards Zhou Jia.

“Third Young Lady is here.”

Zhou Jia’s expression remained unchanged, and he pointed down:

“I have a villain here. , I’ll have to trouble you later, the price is easy to say.”

Although he has the characteristics of listening to the wind, he is not good at gambling, and some gambling methods are not easy to use even if they are listening to the wind, so he can only ask for foreign aid. .

β€œDirector Zhou is joking.” Third Young Lady smiled sweetly:

β€œThey are all from the Heavenly Tiger gang. Although my concubine is in Dongcheng Casino, she is not an outsider. Since there is trouble here, there is no reason to ignore it.”


“It’s him, ghost hand.”

See below Gambler, her eyes changed slightly.

β€œYou know?” Zhou Jia squinted.

“I’ve met a few times.” Third Young Lady covered her mouth with her hand and smiled sweetly:

“There are not many experts in the city, even if you don’t know each other I heard that this Old Guy has dealt with me.”


She rolled her beautiful eyes, and the tape regretted:

“If Luo Feng The hand is intact, it may not be as good as the ghost hand, but now it is not.”

“I was about to trouble the Third Young Lady.” Zhou Jia handed over:

“When this is over, Zhou Mou should come to thank you.”

“Director Zhou is very polite.” Third Young Lady looked straight and said:

“However, there is no need for a concubine to meet this person. I hope the supervisor will know about the victory No problem.” Third Young Lady’s expression loosened.

(End of this chapter)

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