Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 154


Chapter 154 Died


The wheels pressed against the bluestone paved road , under the force of the white rhino, walk slowly.

As a specialty of Hongzeyu, the white rhino is short and stocky, with a docile temperament, rough skin and flesh, and is proficient in water.

Different from ordinary white rhinos.

The white rhino in front of me has soft hair, shiny skin, a single horn like white jade, and a pair of eyes that are as blue as the clear sky, like the king of horses.

The body size is also much stronger than the ordinary white rhinoceros, and the limbs are full of explosive power. Even a Grade 6 expert will beat his heart when he sees it.

Being able to handle this kind of carriage is not an ordinary person.

In the carriage.

Zhou Jia sat cross-legged and looked towards the opposite side:

“This time many thanks to Third Young Lady, if it wasn’t for you, Xicheng Casino’s face would be lost. .”

“hehe…” Third Young Lady pursed her lips and smiled:

“Just kidding, there is Director Zhou in charge, forgive that ghost who dare not do too much, concubine He was not sure that he could win, so he found a way to go down.”

Zhou Jia shook his head and said nothing.

Third Young Lady’s words are not bad. The ghost hand is here to announce the establishment of the Qian Family casino. By the way, the appearance will shock others, but he has some scruples.


It’s not him, but the Heavenly Tiger gang behind him.

A trifling ‘Tenth Grade’ will not be in the eyes of the Qian Family with the black iron expert.

And Third Young Lady’s gambling skills are also amazing. Coupled with Luo Feng’s assistance, the ghost hand will be closed as soon as it is ready, and he will not continue to entangle.

“I heard…”

Third Young Lady beautiful eyes flashed and looked at Zhou Jia with curiosity:

“Director Zhou is not from the Dalin Dynasty People?”

“en.” Zhou Jia proclaimed:

“Not bad.”

He used the common language of the Ruins and learned the Dalin language , but the accent is a little worse than the locals.

Identity is not a secret, nor is it a problem.

In Dashi City, the people of the Dalin Dynasty occupy most of the people, but there are also many people from other worlds, people have long been accustomed to it.

β€œI wonder what Director Zhou plans to do next?”

Third Young Lady smiled and said:

β€œYou haven’t married yet, but you have this aspect. The concubine has several sisters who can be taken as the concubine’s room to help with the housework.”

“There are many inconveniences in living alone. p>

She is self-aware. With Zhou Jia’s identity, age, and potential, her sisters are unlikely to be married, but concubines are fine.

This kind of person recruits concubines, and women from rich and noble families in the city are afraid to fight for it.

As for the wife.

I heard that Elder Chen’s daughter had a hot fight with the person in front of her, so don’t get involved.

Zhou Jia raised his eyes, his face was cold:

“This will not bother Third Young Lady.”


Third Young Lady complexion stiffened, Shut up.

Zhou Jia closed his eyes and adjusted his breath silently.

His goal has always been clear, to survive, to become stronger on this basis, and then to explore this world step by step.

It would be best if you could go back to where you came from.

But as time went by and his understanding of the ruins world deepened, he was full of confusion about the naive thoughts at the beginning.

Go back…

I’m afraid I’ll never go back!

But if I have the chance to meet my old friends, I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.


His goal is also very clear, with the help of Heavenly Tiger to start Ultra Grade Elementium, and after tenth Grade Perfection, take the Advanced Dark Iron Realm.

Then from Xuantianmeng, I started with the Cultivation method of Hei Tie realm.

As for the future…

He should remain anonymous, find a place for closed-door cultivation, no longer bother with other trivial matters, and explore this world while growing his strength, until he is expected to hit the silver realm.

“Director Zhou.”

Third Young Lady is obviously not someone who can settle down.

“My concubine thinks, the old lady of Qian Family, I don’t have many days to live.”

“Really?” Zhou Jia’s expression was indifferent, and he didn’t seem to care much:

“How do you see it?”

“A few years ago, Mr. Qian was injured when he assisted the military in killing the nest of the Thirteen Eagles. Third Young Lady said:

“The rich master is in charge, and the Qian Family has nothing to worry about. Now he should be dying, so he thought about making a foundation for future generations while he still has some strength.”


Speaking of this, she hummed softly, her face full of resentment:

β€œBut they chose the casino business, It also depends on whether we agree or not.”

“Qian Family…” Zhou Jia looked thoughtful:

“What’s the basis?”

Although Shicheng is enough It’s big enough to accommodate a few casinos, but Qian Family dared to seizing food from the tiger’s mouth and thought about the consequences.

“What else.” Third Young Lady pouted:

“It’s nothing more than those Aristocratic Family alliances.”

“City Lord defends against Aristocratic Family is a disaster, bind them together, set rules, and have the idea of checking and balancing us and Tianshui Village.”

Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

There are many experts in the Aristocratic Family in the city, but they are too scattered and go their separate ways, but he will not underestimate this Aristocratic Family alliance.

After all.

Even the Heavenly Tiger gang has to be polite.


Outside the carriage, the driver’s voice came:

“Here we are.”

Zhou Jia lifted his voice Opening the curtain, an extremely stylish gate of the house came into view.




Scented Garden.

Heavenly Tiger is the most frequent place for top-level communication.

This place is not open to the public, and most of the people who can come are people who can be called the Heavenly Tiger Gang.

Zhou Jia walked in, subconsciously frowning.

The atmosphere is not right!


He reached out to stop a person and gestured inside:

“What’s going on today?”

“You… “The person who was stopped was about to get angry, but when he saw that it was Zhou Jia, his anger was immediately disappeared, and he bent down and said:

“It turned out to be Director Zhou, but you don’t come here often.”

Speaking, pointing inward, his voice was strange:

“You guessed right, there is indeed something happening today, Lord Lei Gang, a wandering Young Master, two days ago. I came back and recognized my relatives.”

β€œYoung Master?” Zhou Jia shook his head, but was not surprised:

β€œWhat’s your name?”

β€œLei Yue.” The other party said:

“Now, he is being introduced to the elders and guardians of the gang.”

“Thanks.” Zhou Jia surrendered:

“Didn’t ask for advice?”

“I am under Lin Nanhen, and I work with Jiuru Elder.” Lin Nanhen looked excited, and it seemed that it was an honor to be remembered by the other party:

“I know Wen Zhong.”

“Oh!” Zhou Jiap nodded:

“It turned out to be Lin, I have something to do, so I’ll say goodbye first.”

“Please, please!”

Lin Nanhen rubbed his hands together and bowed again and again.

Line into the inner courtyard, the scene obvious at a glance.

Old Cui, the steward of the Lei House, bowed his waist and led a youngster who was sixteen or seventeen years old, with a sharp look in his eyes, and introduced others one after another.

“This is Yuan Xisheng, Yuan Hufa. Yuan Hufa is a teacher of Gang Lord Junior Brother. He has achieved black iron early. He has been the right-hand man of Gang Lord all these years.”

“This is Elder Chen …”

“This is Jiuru Elder, this is Miao Hufa…”

“Director Zhou is here too!”

Seeing Zhou Jia, Old Cui’s eyes lit up, and he led the youngster to him, introduced:

“Gang Lord once said that there are many young talents in the gang, but very few really hope for the black iron, and this one is the only one. Exception.”

“Even if Young Gang Lord fails to achieve Hei Tie, Director Zhou can achieve it!”

“Gang Lord is overpraised.” Zhou Jia shook his head, looking towards youngster.

Youngster has a cultivation base of Grade 7, but his aura is unstable, obviously he was forcibly promoted by killing ominous beast not long ago.

The appearance is very similar to Lei Batian, but he is too thin, and his eyes are flickering.

From the perspective of stature, I should have suffered a lot in the early years and lost weight. Even though I have Grade 7, I still cannot make up the foundation.

youngster bowed his hands politely:

“Junior Lei Yue, I have met Director Zhou.”

“Don’t!” Zhou Jia held his hand with one hand, invisible Lifting the opponent vigorously:

“Lei brother, you’re welcome.”

“Haha…” Old Cui said with a smile:

“Director Zhou is An ascetic practitioner of Martial Arts, he doesn’t like vulgar manners, but his cultivation is also Zilei Blade Technique, if you don’t understand anything about Blade Technique, you can ask Director Zhou for advice.”

“Yes !” Lei Yue’s eyes lit up:

“Director Zhou, please give me more advice in the future.”

“en.” Zhou Jia indifferent expression, casually nodded in the past.


At this moment, a slightly indifferent voice sounded:

“I know the person too, take him down, it’s fine recently Don’t keep running out, now you’re not just alone, you have the face of Lei Family.”

“If you lose face, you need others to make up for you.”

Speaking The person is Lei Prison, his expression is gloomy, his attitude is a little impatient, and the last few sentences are implicit rebukes.


Old Cui should be yes, motioning to Lei Yue beside him.

“Then…” Lei Yue was obviously a little afraid of Lei Prison, and his body shrank:

“Brother, I’ll go back first.”

Lei Prison Yi He waved his hand impatiently. After Lei Yue left with Old Cui, he gave a wry smile and moved towards the others in the field:

“Don’t mind everyone, just take care of them in the future, no need. Too much care.”

“It’s extreme, it’s extreme.”

“It should be.”


Zhou Jia looked as usual, and the others were no exception.

Lei Batian likes female sex, as everyone knows, not only does Lei House have more than a dozen concubines, but there are also many other rooms outside the house, and the exact number is not even known to him.

But as long as he is interested in it, almost all of it will be his own.

It is said.

When Mrs. Lei first entered the mansion, she was very upset.

It is also for this reason that from time to time new children from the Lei House come out to recognize their relatives.

Lei Yue.

That’s it.

But to be able to bring Old Cui to everyone, it is obvious that Lei Batian likes this son very much, otherwise there is no need to do so.

And this seems to make Lei Prison unhappy.

“Director Zhou!”

“Protect Miao!”

I didn’t care about such private affairs of Lei Fu, everyone in the venue had seen each other, Zhou Jia and concurrently Miao Kun Miao, the director of Dongcheng Casino, came to a stone pavilion and sat down.

“I already know about the Qian Family.”

Miao Kun is not tall, but extremely strong, with a beard face and a powerful voice:

“If you don’t say hello, come here to make trouble. The Qian Family really thinks that a dying Old Guy will be able to get a share of the casino?”


hearing this, Zhou Jia subconsciously frowned:

“What is Hufa Miao going to do?”

“What else can I do?” Ferocious:

“Don’t make a fuss about their situation. I’m afraid that the surnamed Qian really thinks you and I are vegetarians. When has the Heavenly Tiger Gang been bullied by others?”

“Qian Family…” Zhou Jia glanced at the other party and said:

“But there is a black iron powerhouse in charge.”

If Old Master Qian is really as rumored, he is seriously injured, Life is short, even if there are some means, he is not afraid.

But Miao Kun is afraid it won’t work.

There are a lot of black iron experts, even the Heavenly Tiger gang, there are not many people, and not all of the six Great Protectors are black iron.

Miao Kun, it is not.

He is over fifty years old, he is a tenth-rank Peak, he is armed with a black iron mysterious soldier, he has excellent martial arts, and his martial skill is superb.

Even, to a certain extent, threatens the strength of the black iron powerhouse.

But a threat is a threat. Unless it is someone like Zhou Jia who is blessed with bugs, it is almost impossible for ordinary ranks to compete with Hei Tie.

“Don’t worry.” Miao Kun smiled carefreely:

“Miao has a self-knowledge, making trouble is to find a place to stop the Qian Family from getting involved in the casino, and also Let’s see what Gang Lord means.”


He put his chin in his hand and said:

“Since the Qian Family dares to do this, I’m afraid that There is already a way to convince Lord Gang, but in any case, they have to bleed a lot!”

“In that case, you can rest assured.” Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

Since he joined the Heavenly Tiger gang, he is still a lonely one. Naturally, Hufa Miao will lead people to do such things.

Sweeping the field, he fell into thought again.


He was thinking about his own strength.

Previously, Zhou Jia thought that even if his strength surpassed the ordinary tenth-rank, he should still have a certain distance from the black iron.

But now.

The merfolk, a newcomer to Dark Iron, is far from his opponent.

Even if the penalty of spare no effort is five, it will be defeated by a double-edged axe.

According to Yuan Xisheng’s statement, his strength is not bad in Hei Tie Early-Stage, but he once played against Xing Wu, but he was at a disadvantage.

That is to say.

Penalty five, in the black iron Early-Stage has been barely considered expert.

Zhou Jia, who has inspired violence, is afraid that he is not weak when his strength is intact. In this way, except for the expert in the middle of the black iron, he seems to have nothing to fear.

And in the middle of the black iron…

The huge Heavenly Tiger gang is only two and a half people!

The so-called two and a half, Gang Lord Lei Batian and Vice-Gang Leader Qiu Bowei, are both in the middle of the black iron, and the other half is Shan Muhua.

Although Shan Muhua is in the middle stage of black iron, but his health is ill, causing realm to go backwards, no one knows how much his strength can be exerted, so it is half.

As for the late black iron.

There are two people on Xiaolang Island, and there is at least one in the Su Family, and so is the owner of Tianshui Village.

Of course.

Although Lei Batian’s cultivation base is in the middle of the black iron stage, the Zilei Blade Technique is shocking, and its strength is no less than the above people, and even forced Tianshui Village to give in several times.




In the next few days, Zhou Jia rested at his place for cultivation and did not go out again. I took the sapling grass juice once again.

The news from outside came in sequence.

Miao Kun made a lot of noise at the Qian Family casino, and Qian Family chose to back down.

Afterwards, people from the Aristocratic Family Alliance came forward to make a deal. I don’t know what deal was reached in private. Lord Lei Gang agreed to allow the Qian Family to set up another casino in the city.


As usual.


one night.

The drunk Miao Kun was stopped by someone.

“Brother Miao!”

“It’s you…” Miao Kun looked back and was about to say hello, his expression suddenly stiffened.


A fist, through his heart.

(End of this chapter)

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