Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 155


Chapter 155 Qian Family

Zhou Jia got off the carriage and saw some Heavenly Tigers helping the crowd surround the little boy Alley, they all stared wide-eyed, scanning their surroundings.

Anyone who takes one more look will stare at the past fiercely.

Pedestrians are in a hurry on the street, afraid to wait and see.

“Director Zhou!”

Third Young Lady greeted her with red eyes and weeping beauty on her face:

“You are here too.”

“Zhou Jiap “No?”, followed her into the alley, and at the same time asked:

“Is there anything found?

<> “Not yet.” Third Young Lady shook her head, her voice trembling:

“Vice-Gang Leader brought her to do an autopsy, and there should be a result soon.”

Zhou Jia nominated, and didn’t ask any more questions. .

It is rumored that Third Young Lady is a lover of Director Miao, and she has a deep relationship. Now, it seems that the rumor is not false, and the other party is really sad.

The lanes are narrow and dark, and in the evening, I can’t see my fingers, and the smell of rotting vegetables and turbid sewage is the senses.

End of the alley.

A group of people surrounds a corner.

Among them are many familiar faces, including Yuan Xisheng and Elder Chen, and the most conspicuous one is a brawny man in purple cloak.

brawny man With white temples and wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, he is obviously no longer young.

The power on his body is firm as a mountain, and he doesn’t say a word, but it gives people a heavy pressure that makes people breathless.

The appearance is flat, only a pair of eyes, revealing the sinister and vicious.

Heavenly Tiger helps Vice-Gang Leader Qiu Bowei!

Also Lei Batian’s sworn brother, an expert in the middle of the black iron, with a pair of black iron trump cards, helped Lei Batian lay the foundation of today’s business.

Zhou Jia stepped forward, bowed and said:

“Vice-Gang Leader!”

“en.” Qiu Bowei was expressionless:

“What do you think?”

Zhou Jia turned his head sideways, looking towards the field.

This is a culvert connected to the waterway in the city. Because of the lack of maintenance, various rotten things and dark silt have accumulated.

And this time.

A corpse is lying in it, being carefully checked by two people.

The corpse was short and stocky, with a beard face and a familiar appearance. It was Miao Kun, one of the six Great Protectors of the Heavenly Tiger gang.

At this time, Miao Kun was no longer the bold atmosphere he once had, his limbs were limp on the ground, a large hole was opened in his chest, and the inside was full of filth.


Zhou Jia’s eyes narrowed:

“It’s like Qian Family Iron Wire Fist.”

Miao Kun To be able to sit firmly in the position of Heavenly Tiger’s helper, his strength is naturally not weak. Although it is hopeless black iron, it is a tenth-rank Peak powerhouse.

And the attacker seemed to use only one move to blast through his fleshy body.

Dark iron!

I am afraid that only black iron experts can do this.

fist strength The condensate does not disperse, only attack a little, there is a big hole in the heart, but the rest of the heart is not damaged at all.

There are not many boxing techniques that can cause such injuries, and Qian Family Iron Wire Fist is one of them.


Zhou Jia opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by Qiu Bowei:

“It’s the Qian Family Iron Wire Fist!”

Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly and he stopped talking.

From the wound alone, it does look like Qian Family Iron Wire Fist, but there are subtleties. No one can be sure.

And tell the truth.

Qian Family had no reason to attack Miao Kun.

After all, it took so much effort to get the casino’s affairs to an end, and to retaliate against Miao Kun this time, isn’t the previous work all useless?

However, since Qiu Bowei said so, he must have done it.

The guardians of the Heavenly Tiger Gang, it is unclear that they cannot die. Someone must take responsibility. Today, Qian Family is undoubtedly the best candidate.

“In the past few days, has Miao Kun approached you?”


Zhou Jia shook his head:

“Xia Xia has been in closed-door cultivation at the residence, and has never gone out, but there are news from the casino from time to time.”

“hmph!” Qiu Bowei coldly snorted:

“You It’s more comfortable!”

He didn’t like Zhou Jia very much, and he didn’t hide his dislike.

Zou deacon, who was in charge of the Xicheng casino at the time, was his person, and he paid a lot of filial piety every month, but he was killed by Zhou Jia on the spot.

If it weren’t for Zhou Jia’s background, who has been doing things obediently and honestly since then, he would have exploded long ago.

It’s not just Zhou Jia.

Yuan Xisheng, Shan Muhua, and even Mrs. Xing and Lei Prisoners of this lineage, he inexplicably disliked them, and he was against it in his heart.

“This matter is caused by the casino, and you are responsible for it.”

Glancing at Zhou Jia, Qiu Bowei said coldly:

“Keep an eye on Qian Family people, don’t let anyone from the Qian Family leave the city recently, if anyone dares to accept it, just shoot and kill!”

“Elder Chen, please look at the Old Guy of Qian Family.”


Zhou Jia should be.

Elder Chen also nodded to answer.

Everyone in the field understands that whether this is done by Qian Family or not, Qian Family is afraid that it will end!




The sun is rising.

The scorching sun did not bring warmth to people, but everyone in the Qian Mansion only felt a chill in their hearts.

Outside the gate.

The Heavenly Tiger gang blatantly blocked the streets and drove everyone out by searching for the killer’s name.

The long street is empty.

The Qian Mansion is like being isolated, cut off from the rest of the world, and everyone inside is panicking.

Grandpa Qian is already in eighty-nine. Even as a black iron expert, Essence, Qi, and Spirit are more abundant than ordinary people, and they are at the end of their lives.

Under the head of white hair, age spots and wrinkles all over the face, and the once majestic eyes have also become cloudy.

β€œcough cough…”

After a few dry coughs, he said slowly:

β€œHow do you say?”

β€œ We are negotiating.” Qian Wen, the fourth son of Qian Family patriarch and Old Master, took over family affairs more than ten years ago.

But over the years, I have never encountered such a dangerous moment involving the survival of the family.

My complexion turned pale.

“We killed Miao Kun when the Heavenly Tiger gang killed Miao Kun. There has been no reply from City Lord. Huizhu Zhao only said that we can wait for news with peace of mind.”

” Peace of mind?” Old Master Qian raised his head, his voice was slow, and he could see through the vicissitudes of life:

“It seems that they don’t plan to continue to contribute.”


“I’m still old after all. If I were a few years younger, how could they dare to fight either the fish dies or the net splits and deceive our Qian Family?”

“Pu pass!”

Qian Wen knelt down on both knees, kowtowed heavily, weeping bitter tears:

“It’s children who are incompetent!”

“Get up .” Old Master Qian shook his head:

“Who can guarantee that the Aristocratic Family will produce black iron from generation to generation, here, there is no Aristocratic Family for thousands of years, and the Heavenly Tiger Gang is only several decades.”

“Winner is the king, loser is the villain, powerhouse is respected, and it has always been like this. With the way Black Tiger Gang is today, it will not end well if it suffers one day!”

be that as it may, no one will be reconciled when it falls on his own head.

“City Lord is cowardly and not worth relying on.”

After thinking for a while, Old Master Qian said:

“After all, our Qian Family is the Aristocratic Family Alliance. After a lot of efforts, Surnamed Zhao will not ignore it, otherwise it will make other people feel cold.”

“You continue to contact, no matter how much it costs, let him hold the Heavenly Tiger gang.”


Qian Wen should be:

“But Dad, the Heavenly Tiger gang won’t give up so easily.”

Even if they can escape this time, the family property will be completely hollowed out. The Old Master does not have many days to live, when the time comes…

Qian Family is what others see A piece of fat, sooner or later, will be eaten by people.

“Don’t worry.”

Old Master Qian lowered his eyebrows:

“Stone City, it’s not the Heavenly Tiger Gang that dominates the family.”

Qian Wen raised his head, as if thinking of something, his eyes flashed back and forth.



It was pitch black without stars or moon.

In a relatively remote house in the south of the city, a study was lit with a dim light.

Old Master Qian, who was still sitting in the Qian Mansion during the day, has already appeared in the house this time.

β€œsenior broke this Qin!”

Qin Wuying in Tianshui Village stretched out his hand to help Old Master Qian, and sighed repeatedly:

β€œYour old name is shocking When I was on one side, this Qin was still a nobody. At that time, I wanted to climb high, but I couldn’t.”

“Now, how can it be in such a situation?”

Said, repeatedly Shaking his head with emotion.

“Hall Master Qin, the old man doesn’t treat you as an outsider, so he just said it.” Old Master Qian’s voice was dull:

“Also ask Tianshui Village to save the Qian Family , since then the Qian Family has gone up and down 131 mouths, and only Hall Master Qin will follow!”

“Why did you say this?” Qin Wuying looked terrified:

” Qian Family is a big family and a wealthy family in the city, although there are some small twists and turns now, it should not be difficult, Heavenly Tiger’s help is so ruthless?”

Speaking, shaking his head repeatedly:

“bully intolerably!”

“Yeah.” Grandpa Qian slowly nodded:

“People, we didn’t kill them, just by their words, we will destroy my Qian Family , but there is no one to help in the city, which is really chilling.”

“Indeed.” Qin Wuying looked serious:

“Senior, please rest assured, this Qin is bound to do this!”

“It’s just…”

He paused and said:

“This Qin also wants to help, but the Heavenly Tiger gang is huge after all. If Qin is a certain person, it’s just an extra life.”

“But Tianshui Village will take action…”

“The teacher is unknown!”

Having said that, he took a deep look at Old Master Qian.

Old Master Qian has lived for such a long time, and he is already old and mature. How can he not hear the voice in the other party’s words, nodded said:

“What do you need me to do?”

“It’s nothing.” Qin Wuying said:

“As everyone knows, our Tianshui Village and Heavenly Tiger are on the same page. That’s it.”

“Senior, please rest assured, as long as the Qian Family is interested, Tianshui Village will be able to resist this matter!”

This matter, for Tianshui Village, is very beneficial. No harm.

Save the Qian Family.

It can increase its own power and make a good impression in the Aristocratic Family alliance. As for offending the Heavenly Tiger gang, the two sides have many disputes.

Adding this one will have no effect.

On the contrary, some time ago, Heavenly Tiger helped to find evidence of Tianshui Village’s fornication with merfolk, and together with City Lord’s Mansion, they directly destroyed a large portion of Tianshui Village’s rudder.

For this hatred, the owner of the village, Lin Wuduan, has always wanted to find this place back.

“Voice of the name…”

Qian Old Master looked thoughtful, and slowly nodded for a long time:


If the Qian Family wanted someone to help, why would they not give anything? After this incident, it was impossible for the Qian Family to sway between the two forces.

“Hall Master Qin.”

Looking at Qin Wuying, Old Master Qian finally said:

“I don’t know Tianshui Village, I don’t know who killed Miao Kun?”

“Isn’t it senior you did it?” Qin Wuying was stunned, then waved his hand:

“It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter who did it now? “

“Not bad.”

Old Master Qian bowed his head, his voice was low and inaudible:

“Who did it, and what’s the difference?”

Watching Old Master Qian disappear into the night, Qin Wuying’s smile quietly dissipated, coldly snorted between his nose:

“A dying Old Guy, in my In front of me, it’s okay to rely on age to show of age, but I still suspect that Miao Kun was the one who killed me.”


β€œWho did it? “

Shaking his head, he stopped thinking about it.

As I said just now, it doesn’t matter who killed it, what matters is what choice the Qian Family will make.

“Hope, don’t let me down!”

After taking a deep look at the Qian Family again, Qin Wuying returned with a swirl of sleeves.




In order to prevent outsiders from climbing the walls, most of the people in the city plant plants full of spikes on the walls. The thorny vines and flowers can be used as an embellishment to prevent theft.


Under the night, a ghost-like silhouette appeared on the wall of a certain household.

The slender and sharp insistence holds the ghost silhouette up without any bending, and the silhouette stands firmly on it.

“Old Qian.”

Chen Cun said slowly:

“It’s late at night and the wind is very cold, you are already so old, Going out so late, I’m afraid my body won’t be able to bear it.”

“Elder Chen.” Old Master Qian appeared in the alley with a snake-headed stick in his hand and looked up towards Chen Cun above:


“Heavenly Tiger Gang really doesn’t plan to let the Qian Family go?”

“Why did Qian Lao say this.” Chen Cun shook his head:

“The murderer is still It has not been found out, and when the murderer is found out, the Qian Family will be cleared of innocence. Of course, if it is really the hands of the Qian Family, it will be another matter.”


Old Master Qian sighed lightly:

“You should be clear that the death of Hufa Miao was definitely not done by the Qian Family. The old man is already old, so how could Hufa Miao be easily killed?”

And the rest of the Qian Family are theoretically not Miao Kun’s opponents.

“I don’t think so.”Chen Cun shook his head:

“Old Qian led me here, the movement method is not weak at all, it should not be reduced from previous years.”

“Really can’t take a step back?”

“Hand over the murderer and we’ll leave!”

There was silence in the field.

Old Master Qian raised the snake head stick in his hand expressionlessly:

“Although old fogey is no longer useful, I still want to see Elder Chen’s Invisible Sword. Please enlighten me.”


Chen Cun raised his eyebrows, he didn’t expect that the Old Guy opposite really planned to do it himself.


“Please advise Mr. Qian!”

With a low whistle, his silhouette suddenly disappeared from the wall, sword qi whistled vertically and horizontally, but there was no sword light flashes.

Compared to Chen Ying’s Invisible Sword, Elder Chen’s Sword Art in the palm of his hand is considered to be superb, invisible and invisible.

“Good job!”

Old Master Qian groaned, his hunched body suddenly straightened up, his whole person seemed like an irritated ominous beast, and a ferocious force emerged from himself.

But in Elder Chen’s view, although the imposing manner of the other party is strong, it is suspected of being strong in appearance but weak in reality.

‘This Old Guy can’t do it! ‘

‘Huh? ‘

‘He knew he couldn’t do it, but he still managed to bring it here, what was his plan? ‘

Muttering in his heart, Chen Cun didn’t dare to spare no effort, his eyes flashed when he drew out the sword, guarding against a possible sudden attack.


β€œChen Cun is gone!”

In the dark.

Qian Wen walked out slowly and watched two figures one after the other move away, then he waved his hand gently and called in a few people:

“Remember, only look for those few figures, the others Don’t touch people, safety is the top priority, if it really doesn’t work, then retreat to where I said.”


A few people should be, looking towards the directory in their hands.

Among them.

Zhou Jia’s name is on it.

(End of this chapter)

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