Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 156


Chapter 156 Xuan Bing

On the wine table, there are three or five desserts and a few small dishes, although the portion is not much , but all of them are exquisite, full of color and fragrance.

Three rounds of wine.

Chen Ying’s face was flushed, her eyes were drunk, she looked at Zhou Jia said with a smile:

“Others say that after getting along for a long time, beauty does not know beauty and ugliness. I don’t know how ugly, I didn’t believe it before, but now I believe in ten out of ten.”

“Oh!” Zhou Jia picked up the glass and took a sip:

” Is that so?”

“Why not.” Chen Ying moved towards him and pointed:

“Now, you are not ugly, you are handsome.”

“Maybe…” Zhou Jia chuckled:

“I’m pretty good-looking, only after spending time together can I find out what’s good in it.”

“It turns out that you are also joking.” Chen Yingjiao shook her head, shaking her head:


“I took a closer look, you still don’t look good, It can only be said that it is ordinary, but to be honest, it is really not ugly.”

“In this world, there are many ordinary people.” Zhou Jia disagrees:

” Handsome man and beautiful women are rare.”

The two have been together for a long time, although they failed to cultivate the so-called emotion, they are getting closer and closer, and they are barely friends.

“It’s like Qian Family.”

The two sat on the second floor of the restaurant, Zhou Jia pointed to the mansion from the window:

“Big Qian There is only one Third Young Master in the Family, and there is only one handsome and unparalleled.”

“Third Young Master Qian.” /p>

“It’s a pity!”

She has met Qian Family Third Young Master, and she looks handsome. Together with the powerless pampered young master of Su Family, she is called Shicheng Double jade.

Rao is a powerful person she loves, and she has to admit that the appearance of the other party has moved her heart.

It is the cultivation base, the strength is almost.

The world is in a dilemma!

“What?” Zhou Jia tilted his head:

“You also think Qian Family can’t escape this?”

“Even if they can escape, then What can I do?” Chen Ying shook her head:

“Uncle Qiu killed Protector Miao in one bite. It was done by the Qian Family, and Lord Gang flies into a rage. I will attack the Qianfu.”

“Even if the Qianfu can find a way to avoid disaster this time, I am afraid that the family property will be hollowed out, and the Old Master will die soon…”


“Anyway, the decline is set!”

Speaking of this, he smiled mysteriously:

“Speaking of which, there were several sisters looking for it a few days ago. Come on me, let me meet the money Third Young Master, I must show mercy, it is best to take it back alive.”

“They are willing to pay a lot of money to buy it!”

Zhou Jia was taken aback, Speechless shaking his head.

He knew that most of Chen Ying’s ‘sisters’ were married and had children.

But that’s normal.

The brothel in Shicheng not only greets male customers, but also takes up a large part of greeting female customers. The love of beauty has never been divided between men and women.

It can also be seen from this point that there are already many people waiting to share the Qian Family industry.

Among them, I’m afraid there are people from the Aristocratic Family alliance.

“Actually, when the time comes, they probably won’t be willing.” Chen Ying smiled and shook her head:

“Master Qian Third Young has that kind of arrogance because there are people behind him. With the support of the family, when the family is down, the whole person will be like an eggplant beaten by frost, without the Essence, Qi, and Spirit that used to be.”

“I have seen this kind of thing a lot. When the Aristocratic Family withers, the young masters and young ladies who used to be aloof and remote will change a lot.”

“After playing a few times, it is estimated that I will lose interest!”

“Really? “In this regard, Zhou Jia is not very clear.


At this time, one person hurried up to the second floor and said:

“Leader Li is missing!”


Zhou Jia frowned:

“How many?”

“The third…” The person trembled. , replied in a low voice.

“Three.” Zhou Jia took a deep breath, his voice was cold:

“I told them not to act alone, the accident deserves it, and then continue to guard against the dead, there is no Gang Lord No one should act rashly.”


Chen Ying put down the wine cup, a trace and soberness and calm appeared in her drunken eyes:

β€œWhat did the Qian Family do?”

β€œSo brave! Now that they don’t want to save the situation, they dare to attack our people, act recklessly!”

“Maybe…” Zhou Jia said slowly:

“This is the way of Qian Family.”

After a moment of indulgence, he shook his head gently.




It was late at night.

Zhou Jia sat cross-legged on Cultivation as always.

Thanks to the blessing of Dragon-Tiger’s mysterious fetus, his Cultivation aptitude belongs to the ranks of the martial arts genius in the division of the Dalin Dynasty.

In addition to taking the secret medicine, the cultivation base is not rapid progress, but it also grows at a rate visible to naked eyes.


Under the candlelight, Zhou Jia slowly opened his eyes.

Slightly hesitated, he stepped out of the door, the silhouette turned a few times, and stopped at a dark post in the corner of the courtyard.

With a wave of his hand, the strong wind swept through, and the dark whistle hidden in the grass and dead wood rolled out, silently, obviously dead.

An arrow on his neck was the cause of his death.


Zhou Jia gave a blank high five.


“Director Zhou!”

Several people jumped out of the dark, and their expressions changed when they saw the corpse in the field. .


Zhou Jia gestured:

“The murderers are over there, find them.”

” Yes!”

Several people should be, jumping into the darkness one by one.


The two shadows shrank quietly, one of them was annoyed:

“What should I do, Surnamed Zhou’s is like a coward. We deliberately revealed whereabouts several times, he Don’t follow me.”

“I heard that Zhou Jia is very strong, but he is not good at Lightweight Art. The rumors are probably true.” Another person groaned and whispered:

“He might not be able to catch up with us, so he didn’t come.”

“What should we do then?” The previous person was helpless:

“Face force with force, the two of us I’m afraid it’s not enough for him to slash with an axe. Once it gets close to ten deaths without life, let alone attract people.”

“Forget it.” The companion sighed:

“Take it first. Let’s see if the third sister has any success.”

“That’s the only way.”


A few shadows Skip the high wall and land in a quiet courtyard.


A woman whispered:

“We’re back.”


The door was pushed open, and Qian Wen, dressed in gray, stepped out of it, glanced at a few people, slowly nodded, and showed a satisfied look on his face:

“It’s good to come back, Where is Little Thirteen?”

There was silence in the field.

Is the Heavenly Tiger Gang a random existence? Even if they used their minds to calculate without their intentions, and set up traps to plot against them, how could there be no casualties?

Qian Wen frowned:

“Don’t worry, after this incident, I will help him to bury him in a beautiful way!”

“No need!”


shouting loudly came from the darkness:

“Qian patriarch, Hu will send you over today for a reunion.”


With a loud bang, the wall made of bluestone shattered with a bang, and stones the size of a millstone were wrapped in a howling wind and smashed towards everyone in the arena.

A silhouette with a wolf fang club was hidden in it and swooped in.

“Be careful!”

“It’s the poisonous wolf Jiang Sheng!”

Qian Wen changed his face, and was about to make a move, his figure was steep and then retreated, at the same time , a cold light also fell in front of him.

“Flying Locust Stone Qin Wu!”

He looked cold, looked up, and saw a man standing on the opposite wall, who was holding a few goose-egg-sized stones and tossing it back and forth. verb: move.

“Qian patriarch, do you really think we are vegetarians? Sending a few juniors and wanting to keep me waiting is too contemptible.”

Another voice With the sound, the rear window sash broke open, and an old woman in her sixties jumped into the house with two daggers and looked directly at Qian Wen.

“Morning mother-in-law!”

Qian Wen’s eyes narrowed.

These three people are all famous top ten experts of the Heavenly Tiger gang. Although they are not Peak powerhouses, they are all veterans who have been in the world for many years.

This time together, it is obviously prepared.


The funeral mother-in-law sneered again and again:

“My surname is Qian, you have assassinated our people over and over again. Found your hiding place?”

Outside the hospital.

The poisonous wolf Jiang Sheng waved the wolf fang club and rushed towards the Qian Family juniors. In front of him, Grade 7 and Grade 8 were almost impossible to withstand a single blow.

In the blink of an eye, several youngsters of the Qian Family were bombed and killed on the spot.

The other side.

The funeral mother-in-law was also fighting with Qian Wen, and Qin Wu, the locust stone, assisted him, and shot hidden weapons from time to time, which actually gained the upper hand.


Jiang Sheng smashed a person’s head with a stick, strode into the house, opened his mouth and spat out thick phlegm, and said with disdain:

“What Qian Family patriarch, I thought it was a person, but it turns out that there are only two times, the iron fist is not a human being!”


Renowned Iron Wire Fist combines hardness and softness, known as the interchange of yin and yang.

If it is clumsy, it is not necessary.

Under the siege of the two people, he has been in danger many times. Obviously, Qian Wen’s strength has been fully displayed.

Only speaking.

As the Qian Family patriarch, he spends too much time dealing with various affairs, neglecting the martial arts, resulting in insufficient strength.


Jiang Sheng roared, and wolf fang club caught the evil wind and shot it down.


Qian Wen hummed lowly, his fists shook suddenly, and slammed his bare hands towards the wolf fang club.


With a loud noise, the ground beneath the feet of several people shattered, and the surrounding walls and roofs collapsed under the impact of the strong wind.

In the chaos, one silhouette sprang out and swept into the distance.

“Want to run away?”

Qin Wu shouted, several locust stones flashed out, the silhouette dodged, and the locust stones collided in the air, actually bypassing the arc again shoot.


In the muffled sound, the silhouette couldn’t help staggering under her feet.

After a while, Qian Wen fled again.


The three people in the back were overjoyed and saved in order:

“The surname is Qian, you are dead!”

Killing Qian Wen is a great achievement, not to mention Qian Family’s private collection, I am afraid that a lot of torture can be obtained from the other party’s mouth.

The four escaped and chased three times, and they ran out of several li in a short time.


Compared to others, Qin Wu’s Lightweight Art is the highest, leaping to the top of a tall building, moved towards the somewhat abandoned courtyard below:


“The surname is Qian, you have no way to escape, right?”

Qian Wen gasping for breath, rushed into the house, waved his sleeves and closed the door, and there was no sound.

“Be careful!”

The funeral mother-in-law stopped Jiang Sheng and looked at the room with vigilance:

“There may be a mechanism.”

“Not bad!”

Qin Wu above is nodded:

“I’ll force him out!”

Speaking, he double raised hand, I don’t know How many hidden weapons the size of soybeans are like stars all over the sky, breaking open the window sash and shooting into the house with a rustling sound.


There was a loud noise, and then smoke billowed from the house.

The thick smoke not only obscures the sight, but is also highly corrosive. House walls and window sashes melt at a speed visible to naked eye.

After a while, the smoke dissipated, the house was riddled with holes, and there was still no movement in the house.

Qin Wu was stunned for a moment, and his eyebrows suddenly raised:

“Not good, there may be a secret passage leading to other places in the house!”

“Damn! ”

Jiang Sheng was hot-tempered, slapped his thigh sharply, waved the wolf fang club and rushed in, sweeping two doors first with one strike.

“clang clang…”

The sight in front of his eyes made him stunned for a moment, and then he was overjoyed:

“Your surname is Qian, you are still here. !”

In a corner of the house, a silhouette is standing quietly, although the shape seems to have changed a little, but it is undoubtedly Qian Wen.

The two wily old fox at the back followed after Jiang Sheng broke into the house. Seeing that the target didn’t escape, they felt relieved.

“Of course I’m here.”

For some reason, Qian Wen, who was gasping for breath and had an anxious face before, suddenly became calm and walked from the dark place step by step. :

“This Qian, it is here that the three of you are waiting.”


“That is?”


As soon as they saw the scene in front of them, the expressions of the three of them suddenly changed drastically, their eyes widened in horror, and they turned around and fled without saying a word.

“Want to escape?”

Qian Wen sneered:

“Can you escape?”




In the ruins, three corpses with blurred faces lay on the ground.

They seemed to have been tortured horribly during their lifetimes, with their bodies completely intact, their flesh and blood blurred and their bones twisted.

One with a dagger in hand, cautiously cut off their heads.

“With the heads of these three people, it’s enough to cross the line.”

Qian Wen sighed:

“It’s a pity, Xiao Shisan and the others.”

Fortunately, the real elites of the family were not dispatched, and those who did it were the younger generation who usually didn’t pay much attention, but youngster’s blood made him a little emotional.

Having known this earlier, they should have been trained well in the first place.

It’s the few who have been cultivated with heart, few who are truly talented, and they are all worried about death, and they have no responsibility at all.

Packing the head and holding it on his back, Qian Wen stood up and turned around.


The footsteps stopped suddenly.

A burly and sturdy silhouette appeared on the field at an unknown time.

“Zhou Jia!”

Qian Wen narrowed his eyes and stared at the person who came:

“I didn’t expect you to come too.”

“Zhou Jia!”


“Qian patriarch, it’s been a long time since we last met.” Zhou Jia moved towards the other party and bowed his hands with surprise:

“You…is it the legendary black iron mysterious soldier Battle Armor?”

But at this moment, Qian The tattoo was covered with a pitch-black armor, reflecting metallic luster, revealing a ferocious and fierce meaning.

Unlike the armor he’s worn before, this armor looks like a living thing, spitting Heaven and Earth source power all the time.

And wearing this armor, Qian Wen’s breath also jumped from ordinary to black iron.

Zhou Jia has heard of such things.

Xuanbing Battle Armor!

A unique creation, mostly from Peak alchemists in the Femu world, with unimaginable abilities, but this one seems to be slightly different.

Zhou Jia didn’t know exactly what was different, but he felt that it didn’t match Fei Mu’s world’s techniques at all.

Appears to be a product of another civilization.

“You know that I’m dressed in Xuanbing Battle Armor, but you still dare to show up?” After being surprised, Qian Wen smiled faintly, and regained his attitude of controlling everything:

“So daring It makes me a little admire!”

Zhou Jia laughed and touched the handle of the axe behind him with his right hand.

After thinking for a while, he touched the soft sword at his waist instead.

(End of this chapter)

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