Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 157


Chapter 157 Battle Armor

This mysterious weapon, Battle Armor, is the Qian Family’s trump card, except for the family heart The members, not even Qian Wen’s wife, did not know.

This item was acquired by the ancestors of the Qian Family by accident from a historical site.

It is precisely because of it that Qian Family has been able to reach today step by step. Even when there was no inheritance back then, they could rely on it to solve their opponents.

Qian Wen also kept in mind the ancestral teaching, this thing should not be known by outsiders, otherwise it will be a disaster.

Since they are seen by outsiders, they must kill a witness to silence them.

Just like the three of Jiang Sheng!

With both hands, Essence, Qi, and Spirit merged with Xuanbing Battle Armor, Qian Wen only felt that his thoughts were uplifted, and his essence was surging like boiling water.


Everything between Heaven and Earth is completely different from before.

Every breath and breath can be combined with the power between Heaven and Earth, as if a thought can stimulate wind and rain Thunder Might.

This is of course an illusion.

But wearing the mysterious Battle Armor, he has already stepped into the Innate Realm of Heaven and Earth, but there is no doubt about it.

Around ten zhang or so, all in perception, even the crawling of insects, the undulating breeze, are all clear, and can be controlled as much as possible.

Looking at Zhou Jia, a huge energy, like a fire beacon, surged in his body, as if it was covered by something.

Absorptive method?

What a solid foundation!

Although he was slightly surprised by Zhou Jia’s profound background, he didn’t care.

Not black iron, always mortal.

The power of black iron, how can ordinary ranks resist?


With a low growl, Qian Wen’s silhouette suddenly disappeared in place.

The mysterious Battle Armor on his body doesn’t seem to be heavy, but in fact it weighs more than a thousand pounds, but when he wears it, the movement method is like a ghost.

Like a wisp of blue smoke, it appeared in front of Zhou Jia silently.

Iron Fist!

Five-finger clenched, light punches.

The fluffy boxing technique is like a slapstick between friends.

But Zhou Jia’s eyes shrank suddenly.


The soft sword around his waist jumped out, whistling with a gloomy wind, standing upright in front of him.


The attacking fist became fierce and domineering, and a fist of destroying heaven extinguishing earth emerged, and the power of several feet shrouded in an instant, attacking brazenly.


The earth trembled.

The violent force poured out from the front of the fist, in an arc, sweeping the ground more than ten meters ahead.

The ground paved with bluestone, as if it had been plowed, was full of ravines, and the walls of several feet long collapsed and crumbled.

Zhou Jia holds a sword in one hand, and moves back several meters, leaving two deep marks on his feet.

One blow,

A corner of the courtyard is in ruins.

As if high-explosive bombs had bombed it!

“Black iron!”

Zhou Jia’s eyes flickered, as if surprised but happy:

“With a foreign object alone, money patriarch is really real With the power comparable to black iron expert, this mysterious weapon, Battle Armor, is really amazing!”

Although he has a deep hole card and multiple bug blessings, only by achieving the artistic conception of martial arts can he use between Heaven and The power of the earth.

Usually, it’s the physical body and mortal flesh after all.

Of course.

His physical body and mortal flesh have long been inhuman.

As for Qian Wen, Essence, Qi, and Spirit have all changed fundamentally with the help of foreign objects.


With a single blow to repel the opponent, Qian Wen turned to brows tightly knit, his eyes looked deadly, his face dignified:

” Reality changes, good Sword Art!”

“Everyone knows that Director Zhou’s axe is amazing. He is known as the Thunder Axe, but he doesn’t want your Sword Art. >


“It should be stronger, otherwise why would you give up your axe and use your sword to fight against me?”

As far as the punches were just now, he only felt A biting chill stood in the field, and the reality was changing, and the bits and pieces were consumed by the fist strength.

Sword Art like this…

I am afraid that there are many black iron experts, and some are not as good!

This person deserves to be the martial arts genius in Lei Batian’s mouth. Not only is the axe amazing, but he also secretly repairs Sword Art to such a realm.

“Agreed.” Zhou Jia smiled nodded, and did not deny it:

“Please advise!” the senses.

Life Seizing Sword!

Qian Wen’s eyes shrank, and he drank suddenly, his hands, eyes, body, waist, and horse were congruent, his heart, mind, and spirit were at one point, his feet were in the wrong hands, and he faced sword qi.

Iron Wire Fist – Cover the sky with both hands!

Qian Family Iron Wire Fist pays attention to the combination of rigidity and softness, and the harmony of inside and outside. During the Great Accomplishment, fist strength changes from reality to reality, and Hitting the Cow Behind the Mountain is not unusual.

Just that.

Qian Wen obviously didn’t reach this level of realm, but he was strong enough with the help of Xuanbing Battle Armor.

The energy surged and converged, and within the reach of both hands, the incoming sword qi shattered, and a force encompassing the surrounding swept the four directions.

Zhou Jia’s figure is flashing, his sword qi is soaring, and every sword is pierced from an unimaginable angle. The fierceness of his sword qi makes people cold.

As soon as the two fight, they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Got it!

Qian Wen’s heart skipped a beat, facing such shocking Sword Art, even if he climbed to the realm of black iron, he was not completely sure.

Withdraw, step back, cross hands, and swirl.

Several feet, the air seems to be twisted suddenly, the ground is more like a twist, deformed and cracked, and the terrifying force is wrapped around the sword qi.

Yin and Yang grinding!

“pu 呲呲!”


Sword qi shot out from the yin-yang mill, compared to Qian Wen’s fist strength , sword qi is not strong, but it often appears in the key.

In an instant, Yin-Yang Grindstone was cut by sword qi and scattered.


At the same time, sword qi shouted, and the scattered sword qi in front of him suddenly gathered, turned into a sword light, and stabbed straight.

Qian Wen only saw a flash, and there was nothing else in his perception, only the cold sword light, ignoring everything, appeared in the middle of his eyes.

Before the sword light arrived, the eyebrows were already swollen and painful.


lightly snorted, he actually didn’t dodge or evade, and even closed his fists and pinched his hands, as if a crane’s beak had moved towards the front and lightly pecked.


The crane chirped.


The tip of the sword was three inches in front of Qian Wen’s eyebrows, and it was difficult to advance.

Xuanbing Battle Armor!

The main function of Battle Armor is never to strengthen a person’s strength, but to increase defensive power, and Xuanbing Battle Armor is no exception.

Even a powerhouse who is new to Dark Iron can’t break this armor with a single blow.

It is precisely because of this reliance that Qian Wen dared to draw Zhou Jia close without any scruples, and then suddenly counterattacked, breaking out the means that had been hidden for a long time.

Taking advantage of this gap, his crane beak has been pointed out at an astonishing speed.

Feng nodded!

Shuangfeng spreads its wings!

Deposit Bridge!

No one would have thought that the most exquisite kung fu of Qian Family patriarch is not the family tradition of Absolute Art Iron Wire Fist, but Immortal Crane Feiyun Gong.

In an instant.

In the field, the flying crane sags, the crane’s beak and the wings slap, the sky is full of energy and the tide is flowing, moved towards the silhouette below and rushing wildly.


The power of black iron is extremely terrifying.

Every move has a critical force, spare no effort erupts, and it is comparable to a giant tank on the battlefield firing again and again, and the wall collapses wherever it passes.

Nowhere is perfect.




Between the fists, it’s like destroying heaven extinguishing earth , also made Qian Wen agitated, his eyes reddened, and he vented his anger unscrupulously.

At this time, he was fearless.


After the loud noise, smoke and dust spread.

“Are you dead?”

Qian Wen fluttered to the ground, looking towards the ruins in the field:

“This kind of offensive, even if it is…”



Before he finished speaking, his eyes suddenly darkened, the sky between Heaven and Earth was abrupt without light and moon, only a bright spot appeared in the perception.

Not good!

Even though he was wearing the mysterious Battle Armor, the cold, chilling sword intent still made him heart trembled, and he immediately folded his hands to stop him.



A silhouette appeared behind Qian Wen, and the soft sword stabbed out from the back of the neck along the gap of the armor , a blood-stained cold glow emerged from the eyebrows.

Life Seizing Sword – Back to the Wind and Back to Yan!

The power is in front of the door, but the murderous intention is in the back.


Zhou Jia drew his sword expressionlessly, Qian Wen’s body swayed, and finally fell to the ground.




On the long street, people coming, people going, it seems very lively, but no one makes a sound Instead, it is full of a hostile and chilling meaning.

The two men and horses have different clothes, the same, only angry eyes murderous intention.


The second floor of the restaurant.

Zhou Jia and Chen Ying stood with their hands behind their backs, overlooking the Qianfu from afar, taking the scene on the street into the entire scene, with a relaxed expression, as if they didn’t care.

“It seems that this matter is likely to end here.” Chen Ying said with a smile:

“Sometimes Tianshui Village made a move, Su Family agreed, plus Aristocratic Family The alliance exerts its strength, and even the City Lord has a separate banquet for this.”

“No matter how strong the Gang Lord is, he will not insist on doing his own thing.”

“Next, you can It’s been a while.”

She was impatient to stay here, if not for Elder Chen’s insistent request, she would have already left.

“en.” Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

As far as they can see, the people from the Tianshui Village Wudao branch have already settled in Qian Family. Everyone knows what this means.

After thinking for a while, he said slowly:

“We have died a lot.”

“The Qian Family has also died a lot.” Chen Ying shrugged:

“Even Qian Family patriarch Qian Wen died. Although I don’t know who did it, the account is definitely on our heads.”

“Look at it.” Zhou Jia turned his head:

“What will happen next?”

“The Qian Family will become a vassal of Tianshui Village.” Chen Ying stretched out a Lazy waist, close-fitting clothes in these movements, showing a good figure.

Yawning, she continued:

“Tianshui Village has always wanted to reach out to the city, and the City Lord probably also wanted to use the mechanism to balance us and the Su Family. It’s going to be smooth sailing.”

“As for the Qian Family…”

“It depends on what they do in the future.”

“Qian Family.” Zhou Jia looked thoughtful:

“What if they don’t give up?”

“Qian Family isn’t that stupid, right?” Chen Ying frowned and shook her head:

“This situation is already the best ending for the Qian Family, don’t they still want to find us?”


said , lightly snorted:

“This time, we also lost a lot of people. If Qian Family doesn’t give up, it will be nice to have it.”




Zhou Jia stroked the armor in front of him, looked thoughtful.

Helm, Breastplate, Armguards, Gauntlets, Skirt Armor, Leggings, Armor Boots, a piece of armor, divided into seven parts, which fit perfectly with each other.

Although it was not worn, just placed on the ground, this armor still gave people a cold and ferocious meaning, like a ghost.

After a few more glances, it feels like it’s about to roar.

The jet-black armor reflects the metallic luster, and the helmet’s style is mighty and ferocious, like a dragon’s head with a wide mouth, protecting his cheeks.

The breastplate should be forged in one piece. It is the same as other parts, and has a pattern similar to fish scales, but it has a dragon head, which is more like dragon scales.

The whole armor looks like a black dragon.

Domineering, mighty, ferocious, heavy, hard to see directly…


With a wave of the hand, the armor was already disappeared on the field.

Zhou Jia closed his eyes, the stars of the Sea of Consciousness flickered, a space of nowhere, appeared in his perception, and there was an armor in it.

Tianxing: Heaven and Earth!

This Origin Star, despite its incomplete qualities, still gave him a carry-on space.

And with the improvement of the cultivation base, the space is also getting bigger.

In today’s universe, a three-chi long double-edged axe can’t hold it, but a one-foot shield can be put down, and the largest part of the armor does not exceed three feet.

I just put it down.

Opening his eyes,

Zhou Jia stretched out one hand, his arm sank slightly, and an arm guard appeared.

At the same time.


The clothes on his arms were also broken.

The things placed in the universe can emerge from any part of the body, but they must be close to the body, otherwise they will break through the external things.

That is to say.

He doesn’t need to wear armor for a certain period of time like Qian Wen did, as long as the things are in the universe, he can wear this mysterious Battle Armor at any time.


‘It’s not always, the moment it emerges, it also needs a certain time, but this time can be ignored. ‘

After thinking for a while, Zhou Jia got up and closed his eyes.


“pu chi…”

A set of mighty, domineering, and fierce armor appeared on his body, but with this At the same time, his clothes were completely shattered.


Zhou Jia raised his hand, looked around his body, and sighed at the same time, the soundtrack was a fluke:

“Fortunately, Xuan Bing Battle Armor is full body armor, and even the lower body has protection, otherwise…, If you are really in danger, you can only ignore it.”

When it comes time to use this thing, it is not important to be elegant.

“The Qian Family will never let this A stray outside. That Old Master, I’m afraid he will try his best to find this thing before he dies.”

He raised his head. , Zhou Jia looked towards Qianfu.





Backyard, brightly lit.

After escaping the catastrophe and having a backer, the Qian Family people finally sighed in relief. For a time, everyone was full of joy and excitement.

Qian Old Master also put away his frowning for many days, smiled, and even had a rare drink at today’s banquet.

As for Qian Family patriarch Qian Wen…

The Qian Family has a great career, and the younger generation can serve as Position of Patriarch.

It was late at night.

Most people have rested, and only the servants are still busy, cleaning and cleaning up the mess left after the banquet in the front yard.

Inside the house.

Old Master Qian hadn’t rested yet, he closed his eyes, and a fierce meaning came out of his body.

“It hasn’t been found out yet?”

“No…” A body trembled below, whispered:

“Old Ancestor, my father’s body was trembled. I found it from the south of the city and died under the sword, but there is no clue as to who did it.”

He raised his head, glanced at Old Master Qian, and said cautiously:

“However, this matter is most likely done by people from the Heavenly Tiger gang. Should we continue to investigate it?”

Find out,

What can I do?

“Heavenly Tiger Gang, can anyone claim this credit?”

“It never happened!”


Money Old Master coldly snorted:

“Kill my son, obviously a great achievement, but do not claim it, so it seems that the thing must fall into the hands of the murderer.”


“Find out all the goals of Qian Wen that day and see who is alive!”


( End of this chapter)

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