Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 158


Chapter 158 Libra: Good and Evil

Just One Mountain.

Dao Heart is the only one.

“The so-called righteous is not evil, and the one is not mixed, so Myriad Laws Return To One.”

The autumn wind is rustling.

The ragged Mrs. Xing was carrying the dying Xing Wu, standing at the foot of a high mountain, moved towards Guo Ping and introduced the origin of this mountain.

“Hundreds of years ago, during the Dalin Dynasty, the martial arts experts in the rivers and lakes carried their own weight, and many so-called knights in the rivers and lakes relied on their martial power to bring harm to the common people.”

” The Imperial Court couldn’t bear to see the people suffer, so they established Righteous Qi Sect on this mountain, and worked with various yamen to suppress the bullies and settle disputes.”

Glancing at Guo Ping, who was a little dazed, Mrs. Xing whispered. Dao:

“Righteous Qi Sect’s reputation is not good in the arena, and the cultivation technique is special, which is not favored by others, and is not included in the Xuantian League.”

“Then In addition to this kind of world, Righteous Qi Sect could not get the support of the Imperial Court, and gradually disappeared, so the overwhelming majority did not know about it.”

“so that’s how it is!” Guo Ping nodded:

“Ye Xing’s upright character, I have seen it with my own eyes, and I admire it very much. The people who want to come to Righteous Qi Sect are also upright people.”

“But now it has been When we get to the place, Mr. Guo will say goodbye.”

Said, cup one fist in the other hand, and wanted to leave.

“Why worry.” Madam Xing persuaded:

“My husband was seriously injured on the way, thanks to Little Brother’s hard work, why don’t we go up and sit down, we will do our best Friendship of landlords.”

As he said, he gestured towards Xingruo.

“Ruo’er, don’t ask Guo Ping to go up!”

Xing Ruo bit his lip and whispered:

“Big Brother Guo, you go up! Let’s sit down.”

She understood what mother was thinking, she wanted to make the two of them a couple.

Along the way, Guo Ping’s character is indeed trustworthy, but this kind of temper is not exactly what Xing Ruo had in mind.

The father is like this, how can the husband be like this again?


Guo Ping looked at Xing Ruo’s shy expression, hesitated for a moment, and slowly nodded:

“I’ll go up and sit down. ”

The Righteous Qi Sect has long since decayed, and Zhengyi Mountain has been in ruins. Most of the once splendid buildings on the mountain are now remnants of broken walls.

But there are still some disciples Disciple.

A group of four came to the mountain, but there was no one there!

“How could that be?”

Madam Xing’s complexion changed, she supported Xing Wu against the wall and put it away, then jumped up to a high place, overlooking the entire Righteous Qi Sect.

In a few moments.

She seemed to see something, got down and helped Xing Wuchao to the apse.

The apse is dilapidated, the great hall is covered with cobwebs, and the Martial God statue once enshrined in the Dalin Dynasty is also full of cracks on the surface.

An old man in a gray robe sat cross-legged and stared blankly at a corpse in front of him.


It should be said that it is a ring placed on the chest of the corpse.

“Elder Wu!”

Several people came to the entrance of the hall, Madam Xing waved her hand, sniffed lightly, the strong smell of blood made her frown, and said in a low voice:

“What are you doing?”

“Madam.” Guo Ping held the hilt in his hand and whispered:

“Something’s wrong.”

“en. ”

Xing Ruo also slowly nodded, keeping the younger brother behind him with vigilance.

“What’s good?”

“What’s evil?”

Mumble like a dream, echoing in the great hall.

Elder Wu, whose gray robe was covered in blood and had sword marks all over his cheek, turned around slowly, his eyes empty and staring straight at several people.

“Once, no one gave the answer.”

He stretched out one hand, as if treating a sacred relic, and held up a ring respectfully:

“A year ago, this object gave us the answer.”

“The token of the headmaster, the Dharma transmission ring.” Mrs. Xing browses tightly frowns:

“Elder Wu, what the hell are you doing? What more?”

Elder Wu didn’t seem to hear her words, looked towards the ring, and continued to talk to himself in that weird tone:

“One A few years ago, this thing faded away from the mortal body and revealed its true face. It was named Libra Star, who ruled good and evil, rewarded Good and punished Evil, and was Heavenly Dao Incarnation.”

“But why…”

“He wants to kill us?”

“What Libra?” Madam Xing was puzzled:

“Elder Wu, who wants to kill you? What the hell are you doing? What are you talking about?”

“Hehe…hehe…” Elder Wu’s body trembled slightly, his expression twisted and strange, and his eyes were full of madness and despair:

“Could it be, Are we evil too?”

“Damn too!”


“Junior Brother Liu is right, it’s the guy who shouldn’t try Breaking through the limit of silver, attracting heavenly punishment, this thing is the scourge of heavenly punishment.”

“But it…”

“It is indeed the source of good and evil!”

“But it…”


“Wait, don’t you deserve to die!”

He roared towards the sky, his expression seemed to be crying and laughing, he suddenly opened his hands, and amid the exclamations of others, fiercely slammed to your own forehead.


The head exploded, blood spattered, and the headless body fell to the ground.

The field was quiet.

“gu lu…”

Guo Ping’s throat rolled, his eyes were horrified:

“Mrs. Xing, something is wrong here, we should hurry down the mountain Let’s go.”


At this moment, Xing Ruo suddenly shouted and rushed towards Madam Xing’s back.


Mrs. Xing also complexion greatly changed, looked towards Xing Wu.

“Master Xing!”

Xing Wu was seriously injured and had little life essence, and the journey was bumpy and drifting. not go down.

As soon as he closed his eyes, he passed away.



“Master Xing!”

For a while, a few people couldn’t care less , all face pangs of grief.

Xing Libra stood there blankly, looking at the breathless father, the distraught mother and elder sister, quietly bowing his head.

He is too young to know the separation of life and death.


In his opinion, the father was just tired and slept for a while. He didn’t understand why the elder sister and the others were crying so sadly.

Instead, a rolling ring caught his attention.

Bend over and hold in hand.

The ring is very big. He made a gesture and tried it with the thickest thumb. After all, the finger was too small and the ring was too empty.

next moment.


The ring shrank suddenly, tightly wrapping his fingers.

At the same time, an inexplicable voice suddenly appeared in his mind.

“reward Good punish Evil!”


The silent tremor divides Heaven and Earth into red and white halos, red The white is evil, the white is good, Heaven and Earth all change from this.

Xing Libra blinked and looked all around.

The entry point.

Everything is red!

Nowhere, there is white light!

Looking blankly at everything in front of him, Xing Libra’s expression gradually changed to a ghastly one, and a fierce killing intent emerged from his body.




Everything in the world can be killed!

Only by killing can we get a bright future!

Kill everything to get the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth!

All things are born to support people, and people have nothing to repay the sky!



A mournful scream resounded from the hall.

In a few days.

A child covered in blood staggered out of Zhengyi Mountain.




Stone City.

Singing and dancing in the restaurant.

Qi Liang red light across the whole face, drunk, walked downstairs crookedly, swept away others along the way, and came to the backyard toilet.

As soon as I unbuttoned the belt, before I could relax, my head hurt and I lost consciousness.

A dark shadow appeared behind him, gently supporting the body that was about to fall, looked around, and jumped up.


The breeze blew, and there was no silhouette in the field.

Even with one person, the shadow’s speed is still astonishingly fast, like a ghost, a flicker is several feet, hidden in the dark and running fast.

It won’t be long.

A black shadow landed in a courtyard, stretched out a hand and lightly clasped a stone slab, just as he was about to open the hidden door hidden here, his figure suddenly froze.


Looking back suddenly, a sword light has already shot out in the dark.

β€œcourting death!”

The shadow snorted lowly, and threw the unconscious Qi Liang aside, punching out with a single punch, and the fist strength that combined hardness and softness slammed into the attack. sword light.

Sombra has been cultivating for decades, and has experienced countless battles, with martial skills.

As soon as you make a move, you will know who is coming.


The sword light shattered, also reflecting two figures.

The old lady Qian Family,

and a man in armor.

“Xuanbing Battle Armor!”

Grandpa Qian opened his eyes:

“It turns out that it’s on you, who is your Excellency?”

“Why do you ask so much?” Zhou Jia’s face was hidden under the armor, and smiled indifferently:

“senior arrested so many people because he wanted to torture him to find out who got this armor. Now, the treasure armor is on the lower body.”

“It depends on the senior, whether it has the ability to take it away.”

“courting death!” Grandpa Qian shouted angrily, his body swooping down :

“Little thief, steal my family’s treasure, and die!”

Compared to Qian Wen’s sparse boxing, Mr. Qian’s iron-line boxing is the real hardness and softness Together, it has reached the Great Accomplishment Realm.

Fist, impossible to move even a little bit where there are mountains on several feet.

Silent, but it can open up mountains and seas.

It’s getting late.

A strange blood moon hangs high in the sky.

In the courtyard, the branches and leaves of the trees swayed in the wind, and under the dim red light, they looked like countless baring fangs and brandishing claws, strange and hideous.

In order to regain his treasure, the old master of money has worked hard.

The qi and blood that was originally decayed, this is full of vigor and vitality, and the dry skin and flesh also become smooth and firm in an instant.

The style of boxing is fierce and powerful, and the punches are continuous, like a spring silkworm spinning silk, one after another boxing shadow criss-crossed, trapping the opponent firmly in place.

Iron Fist!

Zhou Jia sighed.

The energy is like a thread, and the layers are layered to make a net. Once trapped in it, the longer it drags on, the harder it will be to break away. It turns out that this is the Qian Family iron fist.


The blade groaned softly.

The sword light turned into a whistling wind, with the power to corrode all things, and instantly scattered the surrounding energy.

“Good boy!”

Old Master Qian opened his eyes and couldn’t help but said angrily:

“Who are you?”

He thought at first that the visitor was a top ten expert. After all, Qian Wen’s goal at that time was all such experts from the Heavenly Tiger gang.

Black Iron…

Even if there is a mysterious soldier, Battle Armor, Qian Wen is no match.

Ten items.

Even if he is dressed in the Battle Armor, he is not a real black iron.


Qian Wen had previously been trained in the mysterious Battle Armor, so that he could explode the power of black iron. It shouldn’t be a habit for others just starting.

But now, the opponent’s sword qi is vertical and horizontal, and the wind is howling, and it is already a real black iron power.

“It doesn’t matter who you are.”

The few old teeth left with a sudden bite, Old Master Qian’s face turned fierce:

” Today, you have to stay with me!”

In the roar of anger, his imposing manner rose again, his white hair was flying in the wind, and his turbid old eyes became clear, like a child.

Boxing is in harmony.

For a time, all the distracting thoughts in his mind disappeared, only the punches showed their unparalleled edge.


Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows and felt slightly different.

I underestimated this Old Guy, he was obviously dying soon, his qi and blood were declining, and he really wanted to fight for his life.

As expected of an Old Senior who has lived for eighty or ninety years.

It’s a pity…

He sighed inwardly, slaying Life Seizing Sword sword light in a row, the vicious and vicious sword light, facing the opponent’s punch, fiercely slashed seven in a row .

Seven swords, full of unparalleled sharpness.

“Ding ding…Dangdang…”

Qian Family Iron Wire Fist is really good, the punch is as hard as a black iron mysterious soldier, forcibly collided with sword light , it didn’t hurt at all.

However, the extreme sharpness finally made Old Master Qian’s fists stagnate.

He inwardly shouted badly, and his tactics changed again.

The opponent doesn’t seem to be very old, but with his Sword Art, he is vicious, vicious, subtle, and has already cultivated to the level of do as one pleases.

Even myself, far less.

But after all, he was experienced, and immediately decided not to attack hard, but to use his experience in fighting for several decades to play steadily.

Slowly wear down your opponent’s willpower, and when you find the right time, take another shot to win.

Almost a hundred years old.

Old Master Qian has encountered many people whose strength and martial skills are stronger than him, and they can kill one after another, relying on the experience that others do not have.

next moment.

He shuddered.

Got it!

“Senior, I’m offended!”

Zhou Jia drank lowly, Essence, Qi, and Spirit met with Xuan Bing Battle Armor, his aura skyrocketed, sword in the field light also flourished.

Under the Blood Moon.

The cold sword light criss-crossed, sketched out a strange picture of the wind and the wind at an alarming speed, covering the inner silhouette.

The sharp sword intent makes the huge courtyard covered with sword marks.

Ordinary person just looks at it, and he is afraid that his eyes will bleed and it will be difficult to see things.


The sound of the sword is long, and the sword light is abruptly withdrawn, as if hundreds of rivers meet and enter the sea, and the infinite sword light is silently collected into the scabbard.

And the silhouette in the city is also stagnant.


“Good Sword Art!”

Old Master Qian opened his mouth with difficulty, his face full of despair:

β€œold fogey, die without resentment.”

He didn’t understand until now, from the very At the beginning, the opponent could evenly match with him without the help of Xuanbing Battle Armor.

Once it erupts.

I can’t help myself.

When the sound fell, the body all split up and in pieces, and fell to the ground in the splattered blood.

Zhou Jia bowed his head and examined the body for a moment before picking up a few things, and folded his body to search for a dark room in the courtyard.

I don’t know how long it took.

Qi Liang woke up from the muddleheaded, and his first reaction was to touch his crotch, which was wet and made his face bitter.

I pee my pants!


His face changed, he stood up suddenly, glanced around, and was stunned again.

Not far from his feet, a head with round eyes caught his eye.


“Qian Old Master?”

Did the other party snatch him here?


Who saved you?

Just as I was wondering, there was a moan from behind.



“I’m Han Le from Heavenly Tiger Gang, is there anyone outside, come and help me !”

“And me, and me!”

Qi Liang turned around and saw an open slate, and when he looked closer, it was an underground dark room. There are a few acquaintances in hiding.

My heart is filled with joy.

(End of this chapter)

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