Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 159


Chapter 159 Visitors


There is a lot of traffic, and the boats are staggered and orderly.

A dozen long decks extend from the pier to the river for loading and unloading of cargo.

Workers with bare elbows and short sills have shoulders, and some use carts to unload boxes of goods from the ship and carry them up alive.

Under the scorching sun.

Their skin was tanned, and their mouths were shouting and cheering from time to time. Their seemingly strong muscles were actually distorted and deformed by the actions of day after day.

There are many boats moored on the river that is as wide as forty-fifty zhang. Under the arrangement of the yamen staff, they dock and stay in sequence.

in between.

Some rudimentary flower boats wander.

The woman on the boat is either flamboyantly flamboyant, or dressed in naked clothes, moved towards the strong man on the boat, waving again and again to greet the guests.

The flower boats that haunt here are mostly remodeled fishing boats, with only three or two cabins on them, so simple that they can’t even keep out the sound.

Some even have their husbands and wives as guests, with the door open to earn money.

No one thinks this is cheap.

East side of the pier.

Compared to other places, the number of ships here is relatively rare, but it is completely different from other ships in terms of maintenance and size.

It is visible to the eye, mostly belonging to big firms.

Zhou Jia was dressed in a strong suit, with a black cloak, an axe and shield behind him, hands behind ones back, and moved towards the distance from a high place.

Not long.

His eyes moved slightly and he stepped down.

A cargo ship was docked on the shore, and several silhouettes descended along the springboard, all of them strong and strong, showing a strong martial arts heritage.

β€œBrother Zhou!”

β€œMiss Qian!”

The two greeted each other, Qian Xiaoyun looked at Zhou Jia up and down, and showed Yan said with a smile:

“I can see that Brother Zhou had a good time here, Essence, Qi, and Spirit are full, which is really enviable.”

“You too Not bad.” Zhou Jia looked towards behind her:

“Huo Zhen didn’t come?”

“No.” Qian Xiaoyun shook his head:

“Although This road is all official, and it may not be safe. She is too young, and Aunt Yan can help me look at it, so I can do business with peace of mind.”


Zhou Jia

“Let’s talk about it after entering the city.”

He glanced at the people behind Qian Xiaoyun:

p>”These people “

“They are the caravan guards I hired.” Qian Xiaoyun smiled and pulled a girl:

“This is my friend, Xu Xiuzhi.”


Another woman was quoted:

“This is the friend I mentioned to you, Zhou Jia, who is already a top ten at a young age. , the future achievements are limitless.”

“Xiaoyun called Brother Zhou’s name in my ears, and today I finally met daoist.”

Xu Xiuzhi is petite, although nothing Ups and downs, but also white and beautiful, especially when he smiles with dimples, it is more innocent and childlike.

She looked at Zhou Jia with curiosity in her eyes:

“See you today, really…”


Perhaps she can’t think of a word, she grins, scratches her head, and looks kindly.

“Ms. Xu.”

Zhou Jia nods:


Before Qian Xiaoyun came, the letter said A friend came over and asked Zhou Jia if he had met a woman he admired in the past year.

If not, may wish to know one or two.

Yan said that this friend of hers has a very unusual background. If you can get acquainted, it will be of great benefit in the future.

It seems that this should be the one.

The Xu Family?

I don’t know if it has anything to do with the Xu Family, one of the eight great surnames of the Xuantian Alliance.

Zhou Jia looked thoughtful and led the crowd into the city.

In the restaurant.

Both women were born in wealthy families. They are used to eating delicious food from mountains and seas. After a few bites, they moved towards the long street outside.

Xu Xiuzhi obviously doesn’t come out very much, said curiously:

“outer sect thirty-six meridians, the Jinhuang lineage of Xiaolang Island has never been very famous, I didn’t expect this stone city to be so prosperous. ?”

“That’s because there is only one big city in Shicheng near Xiaolang Island. There are hundreds of thousands of people in a single city. It is naturally prosperous.” Qian Xiaoyun chuckled, and his beautiful eyes flashed:

“Is there something going on in the city recently? It seems that the atmosphere is not right.”

“en.” Zhou Jia nods:

“Some time ago, there was a Qian Family got into an argument with the Heavenly Tiger gang, and it was settled, but Qian Family Old Ancestor was killed again.”

“Anyway, it’s been up to this point, and it hasn’t subsided.”

His expression was casual, as if he was talking about something outside his body, but he didn’t realize that the Qian Family Supreme Treasure was in his space.

“Qian Family…” Qian Xiaoyun was stunned.

She is also named Qian.

“Forget it.”

Shaking her head, she swept away the distracting thoughts and looked towards Zhou Jia:

“I will inquire about what you said in your heart. It’s over.”

“Oh!” Zhou Jia straightened his back with a straight face:

“How do you say?”

“Ultra Grade Origin Quality every year The number released is limited, it can be said that there are more monks and less porridge, even if it is the tenth grade of Inner Sect, it must be numbered in order.” Qian Xiaoyun said:

“If you want to start, you need a cultivation base, age, background, and cultivation technique. , and even character, need to be verified one after another, each Ultra Grade source quality is stared at by many people, which is not as easy to operate as Outer Sect Disciple.”

“Of course…”

Speaking of this, she smiled faintly:

“There are always exceptions!”

Zhou Jia was shocked.

Different from the Inner Sect, the outer sect has thirty-six meridians, each lineage has a fixed share of the Ultra Grade source, and his name was reported early.

But according to past experience, it will take at least five or six years to get it, and it is normal to wait for ten or eight years.

This is nothing to others, after all, it takes several years of hard work to consolidate the foundation from entering the tenth grade to the tenth grade Perfection.

Zhou Jia is different.

It only took him just over a year to repair the tenth grade to the Peak Perfection Realm.

The remaining years are wasted!

For this reason, I have to find a way to see if I can get Ultra Grade source quality from other places. Besides Heavenly Tiger Gang, Qian Xiaoyun is also a way.

Now it seems that the other party does have a way.

“Sister Xiaoyun is right.” Xu Xiuzhi on the side said:

“As far as I know, some people obviously have no breakthrough potential, and still rely on their own After all, if you don’t need it, you can leave it to future generations.”

“No matter how bad it is…”

“If you sell money, you can still make money. Few, the places for inner sect disciple are far less valuable than an Ultra Grade source.”

“It’s enough for someone to go out.” Zhou Jia didn’t care about others, nodded said:

“Price is not a problem!”

“It’s not a small price.” Xu Xiuzhi stared at Zhou Jia with bright eyes:

“At least thirty or forty Yuanjing, this There is still a price but no market, after all Ultra Grade source quality is rare, can Big Brother Zhou really come up with it?”

“You can rest assured.” Qian Xiaoyun said with a smile:

“Brother Zhou still has some family property.”

The two of them were in Star City, but they made a lot of money. Although most of them were lost, the rest was more than enough to buy an Ultra Grade source.

“Yes.” Zhou Jia nods:

“If Miss Xu can help me get a copy of Ultra Grade, Zhou is very grateful, and can add two more to the original price. 30%.”

He now understands that it is not Qian Xiaoyun who can really help him get Ultra Grade, but Xu Xiuzhi who is with her this time.

Sure enough.

Xu Xiuzhi’s eyes lit up.

Two or three percent, that’s seven or eight source crystals.

Even though she was born in Great Clans, but there are many sisters in the family, and no matter how much property, there is not much for everyone.

She doesn’t mind being busy for a while if she can have seven or eight thousand Origin Stones as extra money.

“It’s done!”

Rubbing her fingers, Xu Xiuzhi said:

“Thirty percent, you will get an Ultra Grade source within two years. Quality!”

“There is no problem with 30%.” Zhou Jia squinted his eyes and said:

“But the time must be within a year.”

” One year?” Xu Xiuzhi frowned, said with displeasure:

“It depends on luck, sometimes a few people make a shot in a year, and sometimes no one makes a shot for two years.”

“Thirty percent, one year.” Zhou Jia shook his head, his attitude unquestionable:

“Or twenty percent, two years.”

“You…” Xu Xiuzhi Anxious, his eyes rolled, and he said:

“One year is only one year, but why do I believe that you can spend so much money? As far as I know, you have only been in the Xuantian Alliance for two years, right?”

“I believe Miss Xiaoyun, but she may also be deceived by you!”

“That’s it.”

She stretched out her hand and said:


“Pay 30% of the deposit first, firstly to convince me that you have so much money, and secondly, with the deposit, I can help you plan over there.”

“Well… “Zhou Jia looked thoughtful:

“How can I trust you?”

“Don’t do this.” Qian Xiaoyun smiled wryly and rubbed his eyebrows:

“That way , how about I pay the deposit, one and a half years, 30%.”

She directly discounted the time,


” The deal!”

Zhou Jia and Xu Xiuzhi thought about it for a while and then nodded.

“Come.” Qian Xiaoyun shook his head and raised his glass with a smile:

“To celebrate the agreement between you, let’s drink this glass first.”


Zhou Jia just raised his glass when he was interrupted by Wen Zhong who hurried upstairs.

Wen Zhong sweated on his forehead, and his body was shaking with fat. He didn’t care to greet the two women present, and moved towards Zhou Jia anxiously:

“Great Hero Yang on the island” I’m here, I want us to go meet you.”

“Yang Jinzhou?” Zhou Jia frowned, as if he knew something about it, but he didn’t plan to go, and immediately moved towards Wen Zhong and waved his hand:

“Tell him that I have something to do.”

“This…” Wen Zhong was stunned, looked at the two women, and then whispered:

“Director, I’m afraid Is it bad?”

“What’s wrong?” Zhou Jia’s face sank:

“I didn’t see me entertaining guests!”

” Yes!”

Wen Zhong’s plump body trembled, bowing his head hurriedly:

“Then… that villain retire.”

Said, hesitating After a moment, he finally went downstairs cautiously.

“I can’t see it.” Xu Xiuzhi’s beautiful eyes flickered:

“Brother Zhou’s status here is not low!”

“Small place, different Inner Sect.” Zhou Jia smiled lightly:

“Here, the tenth rank has already been counted as an expert, and Zhou is a member of the Xuantian League, so naturally it is cheaper than others.”


“Yes.” Xu Xiuzhi thought for a while, and nodded should be.

In the Inner Sect.

Although the tenth grade can be considered as an expert, it is definitely not rare, especially for some older people, who can also achieve tenth grade through penance, and it is even more common.

Only those ten grades of Heaven’s Chosen Child are considered a pick.

Zhou Jia……

In her eyes, it is too far from those Heaven’s Chosen Child.




The Casino.

Second floor.

The brocade flowery clothed Yang Jinzhou sat in the middle, holding an account book, slowly flipping through the eyes of the others.

Two youngsters, a man and a woman, stood behind him.

The man’s name is Yang Ziyu, from Yang Clan’s family, he is already Grade 9 at a young age, and he belongs to the Heavenly Tiger Gang with outstanding talent.

The woman is Xue Caiyi.

The two came with Yang Jinzhou and were invited by Lei Batian to handle this matter.

Heavenly Tiger Gang,

This is an affiliate of the Jinhuang lineage of Xiaolang Island of Xuantian League, and a large part of the benefits they get every year are shipped to the island.

This, even Lei Batian has to follow.

“Is everyone ready?”

The records in the account book made Yang Jinzhou feel dizzy, so he threw it aside and looked at everyone in the field:

“When we’re all set, we’ll start talking about business.”

“Yang…Senior Yang.” A man below said tremblingly:

“The Zhou of Xicheng Casino Supervisor, I’m not here.”

There was silence in the field.

Yang Jinzhou’s movements also froze in place.

The corners of his eyes twitched, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and his expressionfaint smile:

β€œZhou Jia?”


β€œ No one told him I was coming?”

“Pu Tong!”

Wen Zhong’s knees went soft, and he suddenly fell to his knees, trembling:

” Back to the senior, Director Zhou is… entertaining a distinguished guest, but… he can’t make it for a while, and he will definitely come when he is done.”

“Your guest?” Yang Jinzhou laughed:

“Where’s the distinguished guest?”

“What distinguished guest, more important than me, than today’s business?”

Wen Zhong was trembling with fat and did not dare to speak.

“Senior Brother.” Xue Caiyi said coldly:

“surnamed Zhou didn’t like us very much on the island. When you asked him to apologize, he left the island directly. Running away, I don’t give any face, it’s normal not to come this time.”


Yang Ziyu coldly snorted.

The Qian Family Casino, speaking of which starts from the Xicheng Casino.

Hufa Miao, who was in charge of Dongcheng Casino, is dead. Zhou Jia, the director of Xicheng Casino, is the highest Chief-In-Charge in this matter.

He won’t come…

Today’s greeting seems to have become a joke.

“Zhou Jia.”

Yang Jinzhou squinted, glanced at everyone, and then snorted coldly:

“Forget it!”


He stretched out his hand and pointed at Wen Zhong:

“What’s your name and where are you in charge?”

“The villain Wen Zhong , in charge of the financial accounts of Xicheng.” Wen Zhong said in a hurry.

“Responsible for the financial account?” Yang Jinzhou’s face sank:

“No wonder the account book is in a mess, come here, pull him down and hit a hundred big boards first, and eat the food first. Type out everything in your stomach!”


Behind them, the two of them should have moved towards Wen Zhongxing.

“Senior, spare your life!”

“senior, spare your life!”

Wen Zhong’s face was pale and his crotch was wet, but he didn’t dare to resist, he could only be The man dragged him downstairs, desperately begging for mercy along the way.

“Let’s go!”

Yang Jinzhou took a deep breath, suppressed his displeasure, and stood up:

“Don’t miss Old Qin’s time.”

“Yes !”

Xue Caiyi and Yang Ziyu should be.


At the wine table, the two exchanged glasses, chatting and laughing.

If there were other people here, they would never have imagined that the two people with a friendly face were actually from two opposing forces.

“It seems that Lord Lei Gang doesn’t want to make things worse.”

Qin Wuying put down the wine cup and said with a smile:

“Let Brother Yang came to talk, this Qin will give this face no matter what.”

He and Yang Jinzhou have known each other for more than 20 years, and they have a very good relationship.

Qin Wuying took over the Qian Family and wanted justice for the Qian Family.

As for Lei Batian, he asked Yang Jinzhou to come over and agree with him.

“This is a trivial matter, not worth mentioning.” Yang Jinzhou shook his head:

“Speaking of which, Hufa Miao’s death is also quite strange. So far, the murderer is still unknown. It can be seen that the person who killed Old Master Qian is not necessarily a member of the Heavenly Tiger gang, and it may not necessarily be someone who is making trouble.”

“en.” Qin Wuying was thoughtful, slowly nodding :

“Brother Yang said that there is something weird about this.”


He paused and said:

“The old grandfather of the Qian Family died, crying and arguing in front of me all day, always giving them an explanation, Brother Yang, don’t you think?”

“It’s simple.” Yang Jinzhou smiled lightly:

“Isn’t the Qian Family going to open a casino? Just keep running it. After the casino, the Black Tiger Gang won’t be looking for trouble, so the Qian Family also has a foundation.”

“To be honest, Old Master Qian has not had a good life for a few years. If he died sooner or later, it didn’t have much impact on the Qian Family.”

“Haha…” Qin Wuyinglang Laughing:

“I knew Brother Yang wouldn’t mind.”

Speaking, he lifted a wooden box from under the table and pushed it over:

” This is a little thought from the Qian Family, and I hope Brother Yang will accept it.”


Yang Jinzhou picked up his eyes, opened the wooden box, and the contents inside made him look A change, a rare surprise look.

“Qian Family, such a big hand, what else do they want?”

“speaking of which.” Qin Wuying smiled and waved his hand, changing the subject:

“Before I came, I just heard a news, I don’t know true or false.”


“According to Qian Family people, they There is a Battle Armor in the family, which is a treasure from the ancestors. It was the disappearance of the treasure that caused the old man to be angry and killed.”

Qin Wuying raised the wine cup:

“Of course , this matter is true or false, or two.”

“Let’s drink, drink!”

(End of this chapter)

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