Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Bullying

The crowd gathered again, whispering in groups of three or four.

“They want us to travel ahead, or even… to die!”

Zhao Gang is a member of the Provincial Bow and Arrow Association, and his bow skills are a family tradition. By killing the wolf head monster has broken the limit twice.

The so-called limit is a term invented by Fatty Han himself.

In those four people, it seems to be called otherwise.

He put away the arrows scattered on the ground, lowered his voice and opened his mouth with worry on his face.

“So what?” Fatty Han narrowed his eyes:

“Do you think we have a choice?”

Zhou Jia squatted aside, hearing this sigh.


These people acted brutally, murder without blinking an eye, it is impossible not to agree, as for resistance… let alone there are four people in total, even if there is only one, the people present together are afraid that they are not opponents.

A single unicorn can cost them a lot.

even more how.

Also point at each other to leave this ghost place.

“That’s right.” Zhou Jia asked:

“How about Jin Fu?”

“Dead.” Fatty Han was expressionless :

“I saw with my own eyes that his body was eaten by several wolf-headed monsters. Fortunately, he didn’t suffer much when he died, and he thought he would walk more safely on the road.”

“Everyone else fled, and then met some people intermittently. Gangzi was the team that joined at that time.”

Zhou Jia’s eyes dimmed.

Dai Lei and Cheng Qi disappeared, Huang Jinfu was killed, Dr. Qin, Tao Hong, Su Qiang… all just met and lost their lives one after another.

“This ghost place!”

Zhao Gang cursed in a low voice, and said again:

“Big Brother Han, do you think they can send us back? Isn’t he kidding us? Why do I feel unreliable?”

“Shh…” Fatty Han lowered his eyebrows:

“Be careful they hear.”

Zhou Jia quietly raised his head, and saw the lightly picky man glanced at several people with a sneer on his face, his eyes filled with sarcasm, and then waved:

“Go away when you’re ready. Well, there’s a group of people waiting over there.”

Anyone else?

It seems that these four people not only found them.


“Dai Lei!”

“Cheng Qi!”

“Hui Hui!”

I saw an acquaintance here, Chen Hui rushed over with an excited face, and the man and woman on the opposite side were also overjoyed. Bu Chengqi’s expression seemed a little strange.

Zhou Jia withdrew his eyes.

If he read it right, Cheng Qi and Dai Lei should have held their hands together just now, and their attitudes were also very intimate.

“You guys are fine, it’s really good!”

“You guys are fine too!”

“By the way, where have you been in the past few days? “

The two women hugged each other, crying and laughing for a while, unable to hide the excitement in their hearts, Chen Hui also talked about her own experiences these days.

“What did you just say?”

Cheng Qi became more and more wrong, his face suddenly sank, and said:

“You and Zhou Jia were caught Stuck in one place for several days and didn’t come out until today? Are you two together these days?”

“Yeah!” Chen Hui replied, and was immediately taken aback.

As if thinking of something, her expression subconsciously changed, and hurriedly said:

“What are you thinking, I’m good friends with passerby A.”



Cheng Qi’s face was a little unsightly.

A male and a female together alone are trapped in one place. It is normal to comfort each other in despair.

What he encountered was not that kind of desperate situation!

When he thinks of some scenes that are not suitable for children, his heart can’t help twitched, I have never touched this body…

“What are you thinking?”


Dai Lei reached out and patted him, rolled the eyes:

“Huihui is not that kind of person, you think they are the same as…”

“hmph !”

Chen Hui hummed lightly, keeping her neck up so as not to look at Cheng Qi, although she was not at ease, she was confident, after all, she didn’t really do anything.

“Yes, I thought too much.” Cheng Qiqiang laughed, his expression still a little unnatural.

As a boyfriend, how could he not realize that Chen Hui’s expression changed just now, there must have been something between these two people.

Damn it!

Thinking about, he subconsciously clenched his fists.

“You, come here!”

Here, Zhou Jia was stopped by someone, and when he looked back, it was the man with light eyes, who was looking back and forth. he.

“Gao…Mister Gao.”

I don’t know what the people here are called, Zhou Jia approached and tentatively opened his mouth, he already knew the other person’s name:

“Are you looking for me for something?”

“en.” Gao Libing nodded, stretched out his hand, grabbed the shield from Zhou Jia without asking, and looked up and down in his hand :

“The wood that can generate electricity is rare.”

He tapped with his hand and scratched with the dagger. Disdainfully threw it over:

“The material is ok, it’s barely finished, you brat is lucky.”

“Yes.” Zhou Jia bowed his head:

” It’s nothing, I’ll go first.”

“Wait!” Gao Libing frowned, the tape was displeased:

“Did I say let you go?”

“…” Zhou Jia took a deep breath and said in a muffled voice:

“What else is there to do with Mister Gao?”

“Bring the things on you. Gao Libing stretched out his big hand, seeing Zhou Jia stunned, snorted directly tore off the package on his body.

With a flick of the hand, the contents of the package immediately fell to the ground.

“Sure enough, I felt that there was something wrong.”

Gao Libing’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly picked it up and wiped it on Zhou Jia’s clothes. Wipe off the dust on it:

“Original Stone!”

“I found it with the shield, I don’t know that the unlucky guy died in such a place, it is probably Four Grade 5.”

The other party’s words and actions didn’t take Zhou Jia seriously at all.

But people are under the eaves and have to bow their heads.

Zhou Jia lowered his head and said nothing, like a piece of wood.


Putting away the Originium, Gao Libing picked up the phone on the ground again.

He should have touched someone else’s phone during this time, pressed the button, and the screen lit up with the remaining battery, revealing a familiar smile.


Gao Libing raised his eyes and smiled:

“This woman is very beautiful, where is she?”



Said, rubbing the photo on the phone screen with one hand, while looking up at the people around him, his attitude was extremely light.

Zhou Jia gritted his teeth and shook his head: “She didn’t come to this place.”


Gao Libing nodded:

“That’s a pity, otherwise I can still play…”

Before he finished speaking, his expression suddenly changed, and he kicked Zhou Jia with his foot up.


He made no sound with his legs, but his speed was astonishingly fast, and there was a strong force inside, which directly kicked Zhou Jia several meters away.

The severe pain made Zhou Jia’s expression contort, and he twitched on the ground.

“What the hell is that expression on your face!” Gao Libing looked coldly:

“courting death!” The next one is lost, and it will be smashed by stepping on it.

The sound of ‘ka-cha cha’ made Zhou Jia’s body stiffen, his eyes were red in his curled body, and his hands were tightly clenched.

The crowd was scattered, everyone took the scene in the entire scene, but no one said a word.

Chen Hui opened her mouth and wanted to come over, but was stopped by Dai Lei and Cheng Qi.

“What’s the matter?”

At this moment, Situ Lei, who had two knives hanging from his waist, stepped forward, glanced at him, and shook his head speechlessly:

“surnamed Gao Yes, this person still has some use, you take it lightly.”


Gao Li was coldly snorted, reaching out and pointing at a tall woman in the crowd:

“You, come here!”

The complexion of the woman changed slightly, her eyes were looking towards the people around her, but she faced her gaze, and everyone she knew turned their heads to avoid open.

Dai Lei and other women who understood what was going on were subconsciously relaxed.


The woman still moved towards Gao Libing and walked over, her face was pale and her feet were weak, she was almost carried away by the other party.

As for Zhou Jia.

Still breathing on the ground.

It took a long time to slowly prop up and pick up the fragments of the mobile phone on the ground.


“Some of the living creatures that enter here are not strong in physique, and some can be directly imported.”

“Mr. Situ , what is an entry?”

Compared with the other three people in the same industry, Situ Lei should have the best temperament, and he was not angry when hearing this, and explained:

“For the tenth grade, Grade 1 leather, Grade 2 tiger bone, Grade 3 inner strength, Grade 4 exchange blood, after passing Grade 4, you have a certain amount of self-protection here.”

β€œ A difference of Grade 1, the difference between Heaven and Earth.”

“Of course, if you are really fighting, if you have a sharp weapon and a brilliant martial skill, using the weak to defeat the strong is also a common thing. “

“I don’t know when it came into the product.”

“Mr. Situ, how many are you?” Zhao Gang said cautiously.

A person’s strength should be a secret. I never thought that Situ Lei would not care, saying:

“I am Grade 6, cutting marrow.”

“Where’s Mister Gao?” Fatty Han glanced at Zhou Jia, who was squatting beside him, and asked:

“He’s so powerful, shouldn’t he be strong?”

“Heh…” Situ Lei chuckled:

“He’s Grade 5, Yi Jin, but his skills are good, so he can be seen as Grade 6.”

“Okay. It’s over!”

He seemed impatient and waved his hands:

“These are of no use to you, you just need to know, now I have everyone Say a few words, how much you can learn depends on your ability.”


(end of this chapter)

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