Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 160


Chapter 160 Thieves

The century-old Aristocratic Family is naturally very deep.

The study.

Qin Wuying threw a few thick account books on the table, leaned back, spit out one mouthful of impure air, and revealed a soothing and comfortable face.

“Tianmu, land deeds, shops…”

“There are still relationships that have been managed for so many years, all belong to my Tianshui Village, Miao Kun died well, and Old Master Qian also died. Good job!”

If Miao Kun didn’t die, Qian Family would not ask him for help.

If Old Master Qian didn’t die, even if Qian Family took refuge in Tianshui Village, they would definitely hand over all these things one after another.

It’s no wonder that some people in the outside world speculate that the wind and rain surrounding the occurrence of the Qian Family stone during this period were actually secretly done by Tianshui Village.

If he hadn’t known about his own family affairs, he would have thought so too.

β€œBranch Lord.”

One person knocked on the door and entered, holding two brochures in his hand:

β€œThis is the information my subordinates have checked.”


Qin Wuying nodded and did not pick up the booklet:

“What’s the result?”

“Should It’s true.” The visitor pondered for a while, and said:

“It is very likely that the Qian Family really has a Battle Armor, and the quality is very high, so that it can be free from penniless. We have come to this day.”

“It’s just that, even within the Qian Family, little is known about it, and those who have actually seen it may only be those two or three people.”

He raised his head and continued:

“Qian Wenshen died, and Old Master Qian was also killed. The last second master who saw Xuanbing Battle Armor died on the night of Old Master’s death. The dark room should also be killed by the person who killed the Qian Family Old Master.”

“So, no one in the Qian Family has seen this thing now.”

“That is to say .” Qin Wuying lightly buckled the table and said slowly:

“Is there any, or two?”

“Branch Lord!” /p>

“According to my subordinate’s analysis, most likely yes.”

“Even if yes, so what?” Qin Wuying glanced at him, waved his hand, and said casually. :

“Give something to Yang Jinzhou, he is very interested in it, there is no need to worry about something that is probably, possible, and possible.”



The visitor bowed his head, and there seemed to be some unwillingness in his voice.

But he didn’t dare to disobey the Branch Lord’s order. He looked up at Qin Wuying, who had no expression on his face, before bowing and stepping back.


Watching the subordinates leave, Qin Wuying snorted coldly:

“You can kill Lord Qin, even if you rely on Xuan The soldier Battle Armor is definitely a black iron expert, how can you easily provoke it.”

“The enemy is in the dark, and I am in the light, but I’m just asking for trouble!”

” Branch Lord.” A soft voice came from the corner:

“Then we really don’t want it?”

“If there is a chance, we will naturally fight and grab it.” Qin Wuying was not surprised by the voice in the shadow at all, and explained:

“There is no chance, then it’s another matter.”

“Qian Family’s request, will Yang Jinzhou agree?” The voice Sure enough, I turned to another question.

“Why didn’t he agree?” Qin Wuying chuckled:

“This person has a very small heart, and we have given a lot of things, so that’s all about the Qian Family. No need to mention it again.”





Name: Zhou Jia.

cultivation base: 10th grade Perfection.

Origin Stars: Tianyingxing (trait: Handing Soldier), Dimensing Star (trait: Violence), Dimoxing (trait: Listening to the Wind), Dixiongxing (trait: Dragon-Tiger ), Tianxuanxing (trait: Qiankun Can), Di Fuxing (trait: Yushui Can)

cultivation technique: Perfection

martial skill: 3rd-layer Shield Anti-Mastery , Purple Thunder Axe Perfection, Yin Killing Life Seizing Sword Mastery, Gnar Secret Breath Perfection, 9th layer Climbing Step Perfection, Tie Yuan Body Perfection, Three Body Step, Python Spit Beads…

Benefits Due to the increase of the cultivation base and the blessing of Dragon-Tiger, many cultivation techniques that used to develop slowly have gradually become Perfection.

Tie Yuanshen, because of frequent medicated baths, is even about to have a Great Perfection.

Take the Slime Grass Juice every once in a while, although the 9th layer climbing step is only Perfection, but the movement speed is comparable to Great Perfection.

Although it may be worse than the black iron expert, but looking at the tenth grade of the ordinary, there are few who can compare with it.

For months.

The light curtain cultivation technique has not changed much, but the improvement progress is amazing.

Opening his eyes, the curling blue smoke came into view.

The incense incense, which is worth ten Origin Stones, is made by the Xuantian Alliance and the Dili tribe. It is the most suitable for meditation.

This thing was used by experts of black iron, but it is now lit on an unremarkable awning ship.


Unbridled laughter came from the deck:

β€œThe fish is hooked again!”

Xu Xiuzhi, who was wearing a long goose-yellow dress, had a red light on her face and shouted excitedly with a fishing rod in her hand, completely forgetting to maintain her dignity.

When the fishing line was put away, a black fish with gold line was thrown onto the boat.

“Golden thread fish.”

Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows:

“It’s rare, this kind of fish is delicious and only has a single thorn. Popular with wealthy households in the city, but the number is too small.”

“Miss Xu is lucky!”

“Yes!” Xu Xiuying laughed:

” I said that I was lucky, of course, the location and bait you chose are also good, and watch me catch a yellow phosphorus fish.”

Speaking, put the bait, and threw away the fishing rod again.

Qian Xiaoyun looked at the sky and Xu Xiuying’s excited look, knowing that she didn’t plan to go back any time soon.

“It’s okay!”

With a sigh, she lit the stove beside her:

“I’ll show my hands too, so you can taste my craft. “

“Brother Zhou!”

“Do you have wine here?”

“There is wine.” Zhou Jia nods, turning his hands to lift the The boat board, revealing the rows of various drinks below:

“Not only wine, but also several appetizers. Although not exquisite, they have a unique flavor.”


Xu Xiuzhi gave a high five:

“Today we will go boating on the lake, drink and fish, and learn a pre-school scholar, but unfortunately I can’t write poetry, where are you? ?”

The two shook their heads.


She grinned and laughed at herself:

“It turned out to be some ruffians!”

” A reckless man also has the benefits of a reckless man.” Zhou Jia raised the wine jar with a smile:

“At least, fish and meat are always available, so I won’t be hungry and groaning.”

” Well said!” Xu Xiuzhi nodded:

“Zhou Jia, I found that you are not only stingy, but also very interesting, but unfortunately I didn’t go to the Inner Sect, otherwise I would definitely play with you often.”

“If Miss Xu can be more generous, I’ll welcome you here at any time.” Zhou Jia replied unceremoniously.

The past few days, he accompanied the two girls on a scenic tour, and he understood each other’s mood. Xu Xiuzhi was a bit unruly, but not willful.

I know how to advance and retreat, no wonder I became friends with Qian Xiaoyun.


As expected, Seo Suzy laughed and didn’t care.


At this time, a three-story ship floated forward, and a man bowed down from above and shouted:

“Kill you all. The fish brought up, we bought it.”

“Not for sale!”

Before Zhou Jia could speak, Xu Xiuzhi raised her eyebrows upwards, shouted:

“Where are you going, there are no fish here.”

“You this girl, your mouth is so broken.” One person probed, frowned:

“Let’s see The fish you catch is your luck, don’t know what to do, and quickly bring the fish on the boat.”


“It’s nice to have you guys. !”


Xu Xiuzhi suddenly threw the fishing rod in his hand and said angrily:

“If you disturb me fishing, you dare to say harsh words, Can’t you get a fight?”

“It turned out to be a savage girl.” One person on the boat lowered his head, and when he saw Xu Xiuzhi’s appearance, his eyes could not help but light up:

“So handsome Girl, I like it.”

“courting death!”

Xu Xiuzhi’s face sank, he stepped on his feet, jumped up, swooped on the board of the big ship, and was in the air , waved his sleeves and shook out flying needles.


All of a sudden, someone above couldn’t dodge and screamed again and again.

However, to be able to sit on such a ship with such a domineering attitude, how could there be no background, and two figures flew in the cabin immediately.

“Little girl, what a vicious method, let me meet you later!”

“Wang Wu!”

Xu Xiuzhi’s cultivation base is not low , the actual combat is not strong, and it shows a disadvantage in two moves, and immediately shouted:

“I haven’t come to help!”


Kishi On the side, several silhouettes shot out, one by one stepping on the water without a trace, and a few ups and downs jumped to the board of the boat, taking down all those who did it.

As the daughter of the Xu Family, she will never go out without guards.

Xu Xiuzhi stopped the movement method, her pretty face flushed red, her heart surged with anger, she pointed her finger at one of them:

“That person just humiliated me and pulled out his tongue! “


The guard should be, with a blank expression on his face, he actually pulled out the man’s tongue.


The man who lost his tongue was full of blood, rolling back and forth on the boat, screaming again and again, and the others were also chilled.

In front of Zhou Jia, Xu Xiuzhi behaved a little savagely but not willful, and she was sensible and sensible, like a lovely girl next door.

That’s because in her opinion, the two are in the same class, and these people are not worthy of her aloof and remote attitude.

If you don’t like it, you can kill it at will.

It would be a big mistake to think that she is kind.

As for revenge…

The people on the big ship are not fools. The guards on the other side are all Grade 9 and 10th-grade experts. How could they dare to provoke the forces behind them?


The Wu Peng boat was swimming along the river, and the two people on the boat seemed to have forgotten Xu Xiuzhi.

“It’s been hard work for you these past few days.”

Qian Xiaoyun handed over the grilled fish, said with a smile:

“Xiuzhi’s temper , not everyone can stand it, it’s hard for you to accompany us around, going on a scenic tour.”

“Fortunately, I’m just fine, take the opportunity to avoid some people who don’t want to. The person I met.” Zhou Jia took it, glanced at the other person, looked thoughtful and said:

“You have something on your mind?”

“I have been frowning for the past few days. “

“Hmm…” Qian Xiaoyun froze and lowered his head.

After a long time,

Fang said slowly:

“Big Brother Yan, proposed to me.”

“Really. Zhou Jia was not surprised by this. Yan Ji estimated that he had fallen in love with Qian Xiaoyun many years ago, and immediately said:

“Did you agree?”

“I don’t know.” Qian Xiaoyun’s eyes were dull, staring at the slightly undulating water, and her voice was lifeless:

“I’m sorry for training sword.”

She didn’t Agreed to Yan Ji, but did not refuse on the spot, that has already explained the problem.

Qian Xiaoyun does have Yan Ji in his heart.

Thinking of eachother and Life and Death Together with her husband, she couldn’t help closing her eyes, but tears rolled down her cheeks involuntarily.

“Brother Zhou, am I a bad woman?”

Zhou Jia did not say anything.

He didn’t know what to say.

Yan Ji has a good character and treats people with sincerity. Even if Qian Xiaoyun brings a child, he is still willing to marry her without hesitation.

It must be true.

Otherwise, as Yan Ji, marrying the daughter of the Black Iron Aristocratic Family will help him even more.

And Qian Xiaoyun, because Huo Xunjian turned against his father and brother, even killed his brother himself, and took Huo Zhen to Hong Zeyu at the risk of mortal danger.

Feelings are real.

But now…

But she is also clearly attracted to Yan.

Everything is true, only the time is different.

Zhou Jia subconsciously looked towards an object in the universe, and his expression couldn’t help gloomy.

“No need to blame yourself.”

His eyes changed and he said slowly:

“You are worthy of your former husband, you can only say that the world is messing with people, If you want to come to Master Huo, Young Master will know what he knows, but he won’t say anything.”


Qian Xiaoyun shook his head, his voice was choked, and tears were raining down.




β€œthe past few days, very happy!”

On the carriage, Xu Xiuzhi stretched his waist and said to Zhou Jia:

“Next time you go to the Inner Sect station, I will definitely receive you well.”

“This It doesn’t matter.” Zhou Jia said:

“As long as you start with Ultra Grade, everything is easy to say.”


Xu Xiuzhi waved, A look of pride:

“When I do things, I have never missed a beat. When you wait for the news, I will send you an Ultra Grade source within a year and a half.”

“However, do you have enough foundation?”

After the tenth grade, it takes several years to consolidate the foundation before trying to break through, otherwise it will be a waste of Ultra Grade source quality.

“It’s okay.” Zhou Jia said ambiguous:

“Start with things first, and save the worry of waiting when the time comes.”

” It’s up to you!” Xu Xiuzhi shrugged:

“Let’s take a look at your goods, and then we will leave, I hope what you have in hand is worthy of our continued cooperation in the future.”

“rest assured.” Zhou Jia is quite confident about this:

“Let’s look at one of the places first.”

This time, Qian Xiaoyun and Xu Xiuzhi came here not just to talk to him There is another thing that is more important than Ultra Grade.

Qian Xiaoyun, with the help of Yan Ji’s influence, opened a shop with his own capital, and with the help of Xu Family’s relationship, he got through the business road.

There are trade routes, shops, and goods.

Ordinary goods can only support the normal operation of the store, and it is naturally impossible to make a lot of money.

Zhou Jia wrote to say that he has a way to provide them with cheap and beautiful goods, so he came here.


The carriage stopped.

The three alighted in sequence.

“I put things in my residence. Although there are not many here, it is enough to prove that what Zhou said is true, so the two of you don’t need to worry.”

Zhou Jia pushed the outer sect, said:

“As the letter said, I will often provide such goods in the future.”

“I hope so.”

Xu Suzy nodded, looking curiously into the courtyard.

“In the backyard.” Zhou Jia stretched out his hand and pointed back, his expression suddenly changed, his figure flickered, and he was suddenly disappeared in place.

The extreme speed also makes the two girls heart startled.

“What’s the matter?”

Qian Xiaoyun’s beautiful eyes flashed:


“Go and have a look! ”

The two women jumped to the backyard, and the place was in a mess. The door of the house was opened, and the inside had already been searched by people.

Zhou Jia clenched his fists and stared at the field:

“Who did it?”

“Who did it!”

(End of this chapter)

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