Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 161


Chapter 161 Repression

Dongcheng Casino.

Secret room on the third floor.

Yang Jinzhou, who was dressed in white cloth, sat cross-legged, clenched his hands, and closed his eyes to practice Xuan Gong in silence.

Although he is the eldest son of the Yang Family, his cultivation base and strength far exceed his peers, he still dare not relax in this chaotic and disorderly world.

Gold Jade is the inheritance of Jinhuang lineage Peak. Only after obtaining the certificate of black iron, can Cultivation be performed.

This skill can open the six secret orifices of the human body and stimulate potential. Each opening of one orifice will increase the strength of the body, and if the six orifices are opened together, it is expected to be silver.

Silver, he dared not think.

Dark iron!


This rank is not only instructed by the senior family, but also engraved on the rules of the Xuantian Alliance.

As long as you achieve black iron, you can even join the Xuantian Alliance and enjoy the worship in the alliance regardless of ethnic group or category.

There are countless creatures and races in the Ruins.

But from the contact of the Xuantian Alliance for more than 300 years, only if the existence of black iron can be achieved, can there be hope of continuation.

Other ethnic groups are all submerged in the long river of time.

Dark Iron powerhouse.

It is the foundation of the continuation of a group.

The six major ethnic groups in Hongzeyu have nothing common with each other.

The warriors and mages of Fei Mu’s world rely on various means to purify their own thoughts, ignite the divine fire, and feed back the fleshy body’s transformation.

Bello people are promoted by bloodline.

The Imperial Family has evolved through countless generations and is born with black iron, and these practices also make the Bello giants mostly ignorant.

The extraordinary natural talent of the Dili tribe, the white clothed Dili is pure and flawless.

merfolk relies on sharpening, and after the tenth rank, there is a limit to break the barrier, like a fish leaping over the dragon gate, it becomes black iron, and it does not melt into flesh and blood.


The Dalin Dynasty relied on the Cultivation method to polish the flesh, strengthen Essence, Qi, and Spirit, until it reached the limit of breakthrough fleshy body and achieved the realm of black iron.

Dark iron,

detached from the physical body and mortal flesh.

It seems to be able to observe the real world, and every breath and breath can sense the source power floating in Heaven and Earth, and the qi in the dark.

Feel the killing intent, subdue the evil spirits, suppress the weird…


only black iron can do it.

Not to mention the amazing resilience, explosive power, fighting ability, and if there is substantial spirit strength, it completely separates it from the tenth grade of ordinary order.



The clutter made Yang Jinzhou frowned.

“What’s the matter?”

Getting up, he stepped open the door, and saw several people outside confronting himself, an invisible anger echoed in the field.

One of them stared at Xue Caiyi and Yang Ziyu, and the people in the casino were all panicked and didn’t know what to do.

“Senior Brother Yang.”

Zhou Jia turned around, looked towards Yang Jinzhou, his voice was cold:

“Did you let people search my place?”

“Not bad.”

Yang Jinzhou was expressionless:

“Someone reported that you hid a lot of things in the process of targeting Qian Family, So I’ll have someone search your place.”

“I was going to let you know.”

He lightly snorted, and continued:

“But If you’re not here, you can only do a strong search.”

Zhou Jia squinted and looked at each other for a while, when the atmosphere in the field became more and more depressed, Fang slowly nodded:

“It doesn’t matter. , since the search has been completed, shouldn’t the squat grass and black black bamboo in my room also be returned to me?”

“The squat grass and black black bamboo.” Yang Jinzhou raised his eyebrows:

“I was about to ask you, why are there so many things in your room?”

“Although such spiritual objects are not uncommon, the ones in your room are too much. More, I don’t know what explanation Junior Brother wants to make?”

“Explain?” Zhou Jia said calmly:

“Why does Zhou Jia explain?”

His own room was rummaged through, the things in the dark room were searched, and if it was not convenient for planting, he would find another place to live.

I’m afraid it’s my own things, and my brain will be swept away.

This is still to be explained.

In my heart,

How can I not be angry!

“That’s our thing!” Yang Jinzhou was about to speak, when he saw two women break in, Xu Xiuzhi raised his neck high, and said:

“That’s our Inner Sect What the Xu Family wants.”

“Xu Family?” Yang Jinzhou narrowed his eyes.

“Not bad!” Xu Xiuzhi nodded:

“My father is Xu Ming, you should have heard, I am doing business with Zhou Jia now, those things are what we want Yes.”

“Xu Ming…” Yang Jinzhou looked contemplative:

“Xu Ming, Xu Family’s foreign affairs director?”

Xu Ming’s status in the Xu Family He is not high, but he is in charge of commerce and wealth. For the outer sect, he is already a rich man not just in name only, but also in reality.

He also heard about it.

“That’s right!” Xu Xiuzhi nodded heavily, and stretched out her hand forward:

“Now that you know, hand it over, right?”

“Sorry .” Yang Jinzhou shook his head:

“The origin of things has not been verified, so I can’t give them to you, and this is the place where the Heavenly Tiger gang is, so how can outsiders come in casually?”

“Send off!”

Said, with a big sleeve, he immediately chased away the person, without giving the slightest chance to explain.





Zhou Jia stroked the axe and shield, looked thoughtful.

At this time, it was late at night, the starlight was dim outside, and the houses were closed. Only he was still dressed in strong clothes and a long-distance dress.


The subtle sound of breaking the air, which is very different from the wind blowing leaves, also raised his eyebrows and showed surprise.

Is it actually delivered to your door?


The window sash was knocked open by a huge force, and a black shadow suddenly rushed forward.

The shadow was in the air, slapping his palms in series, whistling at one point, like a heavy hammer hitting his chest from the air.

At the same time shouted:

“Boy, hand over the treasure armor!”

“…” Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly, holding the shield on top:

“What treasure armor?”

“Pretend to be confused!” The shadow shouted lowly, slamming his palm on the shield, Zhou Jia, who was so powerful, retreated again and again, his energy surging like a tidal wave Non-stop:

“If you don’t pay, you will die!”

The shadow is a black clothed person.

The black clothed person is bare-handed, and there is an unparalleled power between the fist and the palm, enough to open stele and split stone.

“I don’t understand what you said at all.” Zhou Jia grunted, 3rd-layer shield spare no effort, and suddenly sent the person flying.

At the same time, holding an axe in one hand, moved towards the black shadow:

“very late at night sneak attack, certainly not a good person, go die!”

axe The light shone, the thunder suddenly appeared, and the electric light seemed to tear the void, wrapped in an axe blade, and suddenly appeared in front of the black clothed person.


The streamer flickered, the silhouette of the black clothed person was disappeared under the axe blade, his hands were raised, and he tapped Zhou Jia’s waist rib like an illusion.


Zhou Jia was surprised, his shield blocked, and the axe light changed again.

Heavenly Jade Thunder!

After all, the person who came here was unable to avoid this move directly, and he pressed his hands down suddenly, and the terrifying force of the intersection of virtual and real burst out.


The ground shook lightly, and Zhou Jiaโ€™s body as if was struck by lightning, retreated several feet.

“Gold Jade!”

“Break the Sky!”

“Tread the Clouds!”

He shouted, Shocked and angry:

โ€œWho the hell are you?โ€

โ€œJunior Brother, itโ€™s me.โ€ The black clothed person froze, helplessly tore off his hood, and his expression turned pale Calmly.

“Senior Brother Yang?” Zhou Jia was taken aback, then slowly put away his axe and shield:

“It’s you!”

“Why did you arrive at this time? I’m here, what is the so-called treasure armor?”

“You don’t need to worry about that.” Yang Jinzhou frowned, and lightly snorted:

“Unexpectedly, Junior Brother’s axe It’s no wonder that Lei Martial Uncle has praised him so many times, and even I have to do my best.”

“Don’t dare.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“Senior Brother something?”

“en.” Yang Jinzhou nodded:

“Come with me.”

“This time?” The window looks at the sky.

But seeing the crescent moon hanging high outside, cloudy clouds covering a corner, and the cold wind whistling is endless, it is definitely not a good time to visit relatives and friends.

Slowly said at the moment:

“Only the two of us?”

“Not bad.” Yang Jinzhou turned over and jumped up with a look of impatience:

“Follow up quickly.”

Zhou Jia rubbed the handle of the axe, smiled faintly, and got up to follow.




Qin Wuying let out a black robe, and stood in the middle of the courtyard with his hands behind his back, cold wind whistling came , Clothes hunting in the wind.

The new Qian Family patriarch Qian Guxing stood behind him with his hands down, looked up from time to time, opened his mouth to speak, and pressed back.

The two are waiting.

and the others here.


A dark shadow fluttered to the ground as the breeze blew past.

followed closely from behind, a big man with a stout figure also landed on the field. Seeing the two people in the field, the big man’s expression seemed a little surprised.

“Brother Qin!”

“Brother Yang!”

Qin Wuying and Yang Jinzhou greeted each other, smiled at each other, and understood each other tacitly. Full.

“Fortunately not humiliated.”

Yang Jinzhou pointed at Zhou Jia with a casual expression, and said:

“Man, I brought it to you, pick it up Come down and do it with you.”

“It’s your job!”

Qin Wuying nodded, looking towards Qian Guxing:

“Qian patriarch, I know You have accumulated a lot of anger in your heart these days, but people cannot be resurrected from the dead, you have to learn to look back.”

“Qian Family,”

“It’s up to you to keep going. !”

He mood grave, as if teaching earnestly, with expectations for the Qian Family in his voice.

“Yes.” Qian Guxing bowed his head and bowed his head to be taught.

“Man, Brother Yang brought it.” Qin Wuying gestured to where Zhou Jia was, and looked at the past, as if looking at another dead object:

” He will leave it to you to solve it, you Qian Family Old Master can’t die in vain, but from now on, this matter will stop and don’t mention it again.”


The last sentence, his voice is heavy.

Qian Guxing’s body trembled, and he felt unwilling, but he knew that he had no negotiating capital at all, so he could only slowly nodded.


“Okay.” Qin Wuying’s expression relaxed:

“Go, kill him and end this matter.”

Qian Family is unwilling, so it is difficult for him to use it willingly. Naturally, it needs a place to vent, and it is easy to choose a candidate.

These many accidents originated from the casino and should also be collected from the casino.

The blood sacrifice, the head of the casino, can calm the grievances of the Qian Family.


Yang Jinzhou also agreed with this, and even he took the initiative to ask the director of the West City Casino to do the transaction.

Both parties agree that the opinion of the parties becomes irrelevant, after all, it is just a pawn used to achieve the goal.

Qian Guxing took out a dagger from his body and walked towards Zhou Jia, his eyes were red:

“Our Qian Family has come this far, all thanks to you, today I’ll chop you up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades to sacrifice the spirit of our ancestors!”

In his eyes, Zhou Jia in front of him is no longer a person, but the catastrophe of the Qian Family , only killing can relieve hatred.

He wanted to kill more.


You can only bully the person in front of you.


Zhou Jia looked odd:

“Senior Brother brought me here because of this?”

Yang Jinzhou looked coldly, without saying a word, his expression was icy.


Zhou Jia sighed and shook his head lightly:

“However, Senior Brother really thought that this person could kill Did you miss me?”

Qian Guxing paused, showing hesitation, he only has Grade 9 cultivation base, and his martial skill is loose, so he is impossible to be Zhou Jia’s opponent.

“Don’t worry.”

Qin Wuying looked at it coldly, the tape was impatient and urged:

“With us here, what are you afraid of? The lamb is to be slaughtered, hurry up.”


Qian Guxing’s spirit was shocked, and he approached with a dagger.

Qin Wuying and Yang Jinzhou looked coldly, Hei Tie expert’s will had substance, like two mountains, firmly suppressing Zhou Jia.

With the strength of the two of them, the tenth grade trifling…


A large hand stretched out and held Qian Guxing Throat, under the stunned expressions of several people, the five fingers exerted force and crushed the throat.

Zhou Jia’s expression was icy, his hands loosened, and he let Qian Guxing fall to the ground.

The field was quiet.

“You **courting death!”

Qin Wuying’s eyes are wide open, roared, and the dignified temperament that controls everything is gone, only the red eyes are wide open.


The air shook, and his silhouette suddenly appeared in front of Zhou Jia.

The roaring anger turns into a terrifying fist, if there is a real essence, it might press, as if a terrifying giant beast is releasing anger.

Around ten zhang or so, the air instantly boils.

A fist, with the power to destroy the mountains and the sea, slammed it out.

Yang Jinzhou also looked cold.

He never imagined that, under the gaze of the two black iron experts, Zhou Jia, instead of being afraid, actually killed their men.

How could he?

How dare he!


A silent roar resounded from the field.

Yang Jinzhou’s body tightened, and the next moment, his eyes were filled with horror, and the previous disdain and anger were all disappeared.


Zhou Jia body trembled in the face of Qin Wuying rushing towards him, directly provoking violence.

He is a tenth rank, with a deep background, no less than a person who first entered the black iron. After arousing violence, the vitality of the blood is comparable to the black iron ominous beast.

Silk white smoke is used from the inside of the muscles and bones, the flesh is taut and bulging, and the body has grown a lot.

Xuanbing Battle Armor!

โ€œbang! โ€

Unscrupulously blooming qi and blood, with the blessing of the mysterious soldiers, Battle Armor, suddenly gathered into a bunch, and then like a fire beacon skyrocketed again.

The terrifying power caused ten zhangs around him. or so, all hoop in place.

The ground,

sinking silently.

The silhouette that Qin Wuying swooped in also froze on the spot. .

โ€œDie! โ€

The low roar was not much, but it was like Heavenly Godโ€™s imperial order, which exploded in my mind, causing a dull thunder to reverberate, and at the same time the fist slammed down.

Zhou Jia swung towards the opponent. Fist.

โ€œPeng! “

In Yang Jinzhou’s horrified eyes, Qin Wuying’s body was hit by the huge fist, and it shattered like a bubble.

The head shattered, Blood and brains splattered.

Flesh, bones, and internal organs were instantly smashed into blood slag by giant force, forming an arc, moved towards the front 180-degree sputtering.


The flesh and blood hit him, and it seemed to be a little warm.

But Yang Jinzhou’s heart was cold.

It’s like the cold winter of La Jiu!

“That’s right. “

Zhou Jia strode forward, his eyes cold under the armor:

“From today, this matter should be over.” โ€

(end of this chapter)

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