Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 162


Chapter 162 Book Building

Xiaolang Island.

Dressed in a navy blue robe and dressed as a Taoist, Lewis pushed open the gate of the dilapidated courtyard and led Zhou Jia to the library on the island.

The yard is wide, littered with fallen leaves, and overgrown with weeds in the corners, apparently with very little care.

“Although he has excellent literary skills, he can also enter the Inner Sect, and his status is respected.”

Liu Yi waved his hand and swept away the spider web in front of him, and said:

“However, clear comprehension martial arts fundamentals, familiarity with many methods, and even bringing forth the new through the old, self-created cultivation techniques, can ordinary people do it?”

“So this collection of books The garden is gradually abandoned.”

Zhou Jia followed behind, silently nodding.

The so-called literary arts refer not to the so-called literary accomplishment, but to the understanding of many martial arts in the world, and the insight into the human body.

Since the establishment of Xuantian Alliance.

The Martial Arts Secret Book in various sects is open to the world.

Although some people have poor innate talent in martial arts, their perception is astonishing.

No matter how bad it is, with your own knowledge, you can also improve the existing method.

Although these and the others are not strong enough, they are all treasures of the Xuantian Alliance, and they have a special evaluation system, which is called Wen Gong.

Nowadays, the method passed on by Inner Sect Eight Sects and outer sect thirty-six meridians of the Xuantian League has far more formidable power than ever before, and it was created like this one after another.

Once upon a time.

Many people who fail to learn martial arts and who are old and infirm will be exhausted and immersed in all kinds of martial arts, taking pride in creating their own cultivation technique.


You can make a name for yourself in history and do your best for the continuation of the ethnic group.


The Xuantian League and the others are well treated and enviable.

But when the manpower is exhausted, the same is true of the cultivation technique. After deducing many methods, people find that the method is gradually repeated more and more.


Less and less!

In order to get out of the way, some people directly modify the existing cultivation techniques of their predecessors, and they claim to be original and take the opportunity to enter Inner Sect.

Some people even colluded internally and externally, forcibly stuffing some people who knew nothing about the martial arts.

Because of this, there was an uproar within the Xuantian Alliance.


Censorship is getting tougher.

The flourishing of Wengong is that there are very few places for people living in the comprehend cultivation technique in the inner sect and the outer sect.

Only Inner Sect, there are some people who are really addicted to the cultivation technique.

The library used to be such a place.


The lack of lubrication of the door shaft made a harsh and harsh sound. Lewis pushed the door open with some effort, and then a piece of dust assumed the senses.



He opened his mouth and spit, and waved his sleeves to shake the dust. After the line of sight was clear, he continued:

“Although it’s a bit deserted here, but after all, there are a lot of books in it. It is said that there are 108,000 volumes of cultivation techniques, which were recorded in the league.”

“Apart from secret biography, Inner Sect has, we have outer sect.”

In this regard, Zhou Jia indifferent expression.

It is indeed not small here, but to say that there are 108,000 volumes of methods, I am afraid that it is impossible, and many of them must be unwatchable.

A truly useful heritage should be kept elsewhere.

In the eye.

is a huge Book Collection Building.

There is a fifth layer in the building, which is said to be the unified system of the Xuantian League. There are thirty-six outer sects. Every place has such a Book Collection Building, the outer sect fifth layer, and the inner sect is the 7th layer.

Inner Sect Book Collection Building, with all the true biographies of the outer sect thirty-six meridians.

And the outer sect.

Only own faxes.

In the middle of the first floor, there are three huge jade pillars. The jade pillars are engraved with the patterns of Dragon and Phoenix Symbols of Auspiciousness, and there are several large characters on the top.

Gold Jade works!

Shen Huang Jue!

Hundred Refinements

It is one of the three powers of the Jinhuang lineage three powers and six methods.

“Don’t get excited.”

Seeing Zhou Jia’s eyes flashing, Liu Yi chuckled lightly:

“The San Gong Scroll here has already been taken away, and I will leave it here. The content is just the directory, but there is a general outline, if you are interested, you can take a look.”

Said, meaning:

“Anyway, there will be time in the future.”

Zhou Jia slowly nodded, glanced one after another across the three jade pillars, and paused on Hundred Refinements:

“I don’t think I’ve heard of it, but someone cultivated this cultivation technique. ?”

“Because it has a lot of drawbacks.” Lewis said oddly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Abstinence is required!”


Zhou Jia understood.

“Speaking of which, the origin of this skill is quite extraordinary.” Liu Yi stepped forward and said as he walked:

“The first owner of our Xiaolang Island is the Imperial Court. one of the founders of Jinhuang lineage.โ€

โ€œThat Princess is both talented and beautiful, attracting many young and talented people, but he is determined to devote himself to Martial Arts and his life If you don’t marry, you will inherit a Peak secret from the Imperial Family.”

“It is also the Hundred Refinements method.”

Before he came to jade pillar, he said :

โ€œOur fleshy body contains a lot of potential, just Yin-Yang Joined Together, it takes a few months to create a new person.โ€

“The head, internal organs, hands, feet, muscles and bones are all available. In my opinion, this should be the case, but in the eyes of some people, it is difficult to understand.”

“The regeneration of broken bones still needs to be counted. Years, why is it so easy to create a human?”

“Some people comprehend this skill based on this point, using the ability to cut off the ability to give birth to children, and turn it into a hidden ability of their own, which is impossible for a capable person.”

Zhou Jia was a little dumbfounded.

The truth,

seems to be the truth.


No wonder no one learns!

“The true method of the Imperial Family is more extreme. It is said that it can become silver, but there are only some special people’s cultivation. After all, the Imperial Family does not want to become extinct.”

Liu Yiqing He smiled lightly and walked forward again, and at the same time the voice raised:

“Elder Mo!”

“dฤซng lรญng lรญng…”

The rapid bell, from Every corner of the library rang, telling the guards that there was an outsider breaking in.

The bell rang for a long time, but no one came.

Even if the library is abandoned, it is still the center of Xiaolang Island.

When Zhou Jia first entered Xiaolang Island, he was told that he should enter this place with caution, otherwise the sect rules will deal with it.


It’s really abandoned!

“It seems that Elder Mo is not here.”

Lewis frowned, looked at Zhou Jia, slightly hesitated, and said:

“Otherwise Junior Brother Zhou wait here first, I’ll go to Elder Mo, he probably knows where the cultivation technique you’re looking for is.”

“It’s a job!”

Zhou Jia hand over.

“You can read the books here.” Lewis indicated:

“Even if you can’t increase your strength, you can increase your knowledge.”

“Senior Brother That’s right.”

Zhou Jia nodded and picked up a book.

The book is covered with dust, and with a slight shake, the dust hits my face. The moisture-proof means here is obviously laughing, and the writing inside is blurred.

It’s not that you can’t see it, but you have to guess.

If you want to follow Cultivation, most likely will be cultivation deviation.

Most of the books on the first floor are based on the basics of the martial arts, and the level of the martial arts is not high, but some of the descriptions of the martial arts realm are eye-catching.

Ming Chapter Treasure Book!

This is a book written by a man with a clear title.

There are not only the detailed division of the tenth grade of the ordinary order, but also the three layers of black iron, and even some speculations about the realm expert of silver.

The Taoist Mingzhang is a Martial Artist of the Black Iron Early-Stage, and his cultivation is the divine brilliance of Xiaolang Island.

โ€œBlack Ironโ€ฆโ€

Zhou Jia turned over the description of Hei Iron expert, looked thoughtful.

According to Daoist Mingzhang, black iron is just a general term. Any creature whose origin reaches a certain level can be called black iron.

The most basic ones are defense, explosion, and resilience, which are as different as heaven and earth from ordinary rank.

The Martial Cultivation Art and the source power spell are based on these three aspects to develop more mysterious extraordinary abilities.

Such as evoking lightning, calling the wind and summoning the rain, and even soaring into the clouds and mounting the mists, etc.


Zhou Jia looked thoughtful, rolled up his sleeves, and flexed his fingers and stroked his arm lightly.

Under the blessing of source power, the sharp nails are comparable to small iron swords, and the solid flesh will split a bloody mouth in an instant.

However, the powerful fleshy body repairs wounds spontaneously. In just a few breaths, the opening with blood will become a bloodstain.

After a while, it’s hard to notice.

Check what’s in the book.

“Defensive power is a lot worse than real iron, and so should explosive power, but Cultivation’s method can make up for it.”

“As for resilience…”

Zhou Jia’s eyes flashed:

“It should be the Dragon-Tiger relationship, which is stronger than ordinary black iron.”

Overall , Although he is not a black iron, he already has some abilities of the black iron powerhouse, and there is still a lot of room for improvement.


He is at the tenth rank, and his progress is less than half. When he reaches Perfection, he is afraid that the defensive power is not bad for black iron.

A small trembling in both ears.

Zhou Jia slowly closed the book.

โ€œZhou Jia?โ€

A hearty voice sounded.

“Yes!” Zhou Jia turned around, saw the person coming, and couldn’t help but be surprised:

“Mo Li Senior Mo?”

“It’s me. ?”

The man came nodded and approached with crutches.

The gray mixed hair and the wrinkles on his face indicate that the person who came here is already old, but his voice and eyes are still young.

He has a high-spirited spirit that belongs to youngster.

The blood is surging, and it is even more terrifying.

Mid-Dark Iron!

“I heard that the Yang Family boy died?”


“The people from Tianshui Village did it?”

“I don’t know yet.” Zhou Jia lowered his eyebrows:

“But Xue Caiyi and Yang Ziyu said that they saw Qin Wuying’s silhouette appear next to the body of Senior Brother Yang, I’m afraid it is the most likely He did it.”

“Why?” Mo Li rested his chin in his hand and asked with great interest:

“How did I hear that the boy from the Yang Family and Tianshui Village Qin Wuying has a good relationship?”

“I don’t know.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“I heard that it was because of a treasure from the Qian Family. Shadow killed Senior Brother Yang, then escaped and never showed up again, I’m afraid he has already fled with his treasure.”

“hehe…” Li Mo laughed lightly:

“You are suffering from Because of this, he was assigned to work here?”

“It doesn’t really matter.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“Although the pulse master is angry, he doesn’t want to anger others, just I heard that there is a lack of people to take care of it, so I asked Junior to help.”

“As a reward, you can choose a high-quality cultivation technique.”

“Haha!” Mo Li smiled. :

“Boy, there’s no need to be secretive here, I don’t know what kind of temper surnamed Yang has, he’s impossible not to be angry.”

“The people who come here, They are all punished, but I don’t have so many requirements here, you can leave at any time if you want.”

Said, eyebrows raised.

Zhou Jia smiled wryly.

He didn’t have too many restrictions, but right now it was the pulse master’s anger, so naturally he wouldn’t be so ignorant to touch the other party’s bad head.

As for the superior cultivation technique…

He already had a share.

“Tell me!”

With a cane, Li Mo walked to the only seat in the room and sat down step by step:

“What do you want? What kind of cultivation technique?”

“Cultivation of body-hard gong.” Zhou Jia said:

“Body-hard gong mainly through medicine cultivation.”

“en?” Mo Li raised his eyebrows, as if he had never seen such a strange request before, shook his head and pointed to the fourth floor:

“There, the third and fourth rows , there may be the cultivation technique you are looking for.”

“many thanks!”

Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up.

His iron body, because of the Top Grade medicine bath and the blessing of Dragon-Tiger, has been a Great Perfection not long ago.

Nowadays, it is time to learn another hard skill.

In addition.

The 9th layer is not far from the Great Perfection. When the time comes, it is estimated that I need to learn another Lightweight Art to completely make up for the shortcomings of the movement method.

The Library is worthy of being the place where Xuantian League collects methods. After a little searching, I found a few methods that meet the requirements.

Thick body!

Five Poison Treasures!

Tianhuang body tempering tips!

Tortoise body…

“tortoise body?”

Mo Li took over the dilapidated cheat book, nodded, and found a good copy elsewhere. The non-destructive cheats were handed over:

“Every morning, come here to clean one hour of hygiene, and every evening, come here to check whether the fireproof and waterproof equipment is complete.”

“The rest of the time, you are free.”

“That’s right.”

“Working here is punishable, but not paid, but here’s the ‘cultivation technique’, you are Feel free to watch.”




great hall.

The ancestors of Jinhuang lineage have many descendants of the Imperial Family, and the great hall is also splendorous and majestic.

Eighteen stone pillars inlaid with gold up to several feet stand in the middle of the great hall, the dragon’s eyes are wide open, looking towards the people in the hall, giving people a silent coercion.

“Bang dang…”

A piece of gold fell on Lei Batian and rolled to the ground.

“No clues!”

The pulse master Yang Fujia trembled and roared loudly:

“A big living person, can he still be missing? Bring the head back to me.”

“The Vein Master.”

Lei Batian’s eyebrows are downcast, his face is like a rock, unchanged:

“Stone City How big, if Tianshui Village insists on not handing over people, this Lei can’t do anything about it.”

“Tianshui Village…” Yang Fujia’s face muscles twitched:

“They How do you say?”

“They said it wasn’t Qin Wuying who did it.” Lei Batian raised his head and said:

“The silhouettes that Xue Caiyi and Yang Ziyu saw at the time were just like Qin Wuying. Wuying, but no one can prove it, that is Qin Wuying.”


“Since that day, Qin Wuying has been disappeared, and they suspect that they have been killed. .”

“Ha…” Yang Fujia raised his head, his face twisted:

“Qin Wuying disappeared, which means that he may still be alive, and Jinzhou’s body is in the backyard. Leave it alone, it has been impossible to survive.”

“The Pulse Master.” Lei Batian reminded:

“The blood moon may appear at any time, and the body cannot be kept forever.”



A muffled sound interrupted him.

Yang Fujia lowered his head and stared at Lei Batian, as if he wanted to see his deep in one’s heart, before slowly nodding for a long time:

“You always think Deal with Tianshui Village.”


He said slowly:

“This time, I promise you!”


Lei Batian raised his head suddenly, and there was a substantial thunder gushing out of his eyes.

(End of this chapter)

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