Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 163


Chapter 163 News

Xue Caiyi knelt on the ground, her hair was scattered and her eyes were blank, she used to be beautiful Smooth and radiant skin, but also full of fatigue.

She has been kneeling for two days and two nights.

Yang Ziyu’s situation is not much better, his eyes are dull, and his body is on the verge of collapse.

Rao is because they have a solid foundation in martial arts, and they are repeatedly questioned and reprimanded, not eating or drinking, and some can’t bear it.

β€œWhat was the situation at that time?”

The person who asked the question had a majestic face, and his voice fell from top to bottom, with an unquestionable tone.

Similar questions, the two have answered countless times, this time it was Xue Caiyi’s turn, she did not think, and repeated:

“That night, we heard There was a dispute in the Jinzhou Senior Brother’s room, the sound was chaotic, and then there was the sound of fighting.”

“When we arrived, the Jinzhou Senior Brother had been killed, and Qin Wuying jumped out of the window to escape, not knowing. whereabouts.”

“Are you sure it’s Qin Wuying?” the voice asked.

“The clothes and body are very similar, but we haven’t seen the front.” Xue Caiyi said:

“But that night, the Senior Brother mentioned that they would meet Qin Wuying. , but he didn’t say what to do, and the one who can kill Senior Brother must be a black iron expert.”

“Most likely, it’s him!”

“Um… The voice was paused and asked again:

“What did you guys do that day, what Jinzhou said to you, all without omission and in detail, one after another.”

“Yes.” Xue Caiyi lowered her head and said in a muffled voice:

“That morning, we woke up from the Inn and went to visit Kinzhou Senior Brother as usual…”

“I went to Fenglaiju at noon and met Second Young Lady of Su Family. On the way, I met Lord He from the Yamen, and Jia Wan, a wealthy businessman…”

“At night…”

“Is there anything suspicious about Jia Wan?” After she finished speaking, her voice spoke again.



“Although Jia Family has black iron, it is not necessarily the opponent of Senior Brother, and it is even more impossible in just a few moments. , just kill and run away from the window.”

“Where is Zhou Jia?”

“The scorpion grass and black black bamboo in his yard are the handwriting of Inner Sect Xu Family, We have checked and he is really not related to this matter, but the Senior Brother dislikes him very much. He once said that Surnamed Zhou is arrogant and supercilious, and will teach him a lesson sooner or later.”

“Has he Possibly colluding with Tianshui Village?”

“Zhou Jia is an ascetic person. Although he is not likeable, he does not look like a traitor, and there is no reason.”


The field fell silent.

Long time.

“The two of you are to blame for the murder of Jinzhou. Kneel here first and wait for the outcome.”


The sound of footsteps gradually Away, Xue Caiyi and Yang Ziyu looked at each other and looked at each other’s haggard appearance, both face revealed a bitter smile.





Tianshui Village Law Enforcement Elder Di Shensi sat on the head, and His Highness knelt down with a dozen people.

A dull atmosphere reverberated in the city.

Di Shensi has been in charge of Punishment Hall for several decades, and it seems that he has never been so angry as today, with big eyes like copper bells.

“Okay, very good!”

“Qin Wuying really leaked out not one drop of water can leak out of this Kirishima business, and up to now, you are still covering up He, did a great job!”

“It seems that this Wudao is not the Wudao of Tianshui Village, but his Qin Wuying’s territory!”

“Elder.” One person bowed his head below:

“I didn’t lie to Elder, Branch Lord is indeed not here!”

“Not here, where is he?” Di Shensi growled:

“is it possible that, really, as you said, someone surnamed Qin was also killed. Someone deliberately framed the blame?”

“This…” Someone hesitated:

“It’s not impossible.”


A heavy object fiercely fell on the speaker.

Di Shensi’s face was full of anger:

“Old man didn’t know it was possible, but do you think the people in the Heavenly Tiger gang would like to believe it? Would the people in Xiaolang Island believe it? Will you listen to your explanation?”

There was silence in the field.

“I want to check the Kirishima vault.”

Di Shensi glanced at everyone, coldly said:

“Whether he did this or not , Kirishima needs to be responsible, take out the contents and see if it can quell Xiaolang Island’s anger.”

He is not afraid of the Heavenly Tiger gang.

But behind the Heavenly Tiger gang is Xiaolang Island, the Golden Lineage, one of the thirty-six meridians of the outer sect, and behind Xiaolang Island is the Xuantian League.


One man clenched his teeth and whispered:

“Branch Lord told me not to open the vault without his permission. , and the key to the secret vault is no longer on us.”

“Trash!” Di Shensi roared:

“A bunch of idiots!”

“It’s all at this time, actually…”


He gritted his teeth and stomped his feet, but he also knew that Kirishima had its own special features and had always been controlled by the Qin Family, even if It is difficult for Tianshui Village to intervene.

The people on the island only know the Qin Family, not the Tianshui Village.


A loud bang came from outside, causing everyone in the hall to look at each other in blank dismay.

What happened?

“Not good!”

At this time, a Tianshui Village gang hurried from outside:

“Elder, it’s not good, Heavenly The Tiger Gang suddenly appeared in the vicinity, moving towards the Martial Arts attack, and the leader seems to be the Heavenly Tiger Gang Vice-Gang Leader Qiu Bowei!”


” How?”

In an instant, there was chaos in the field.




The name of the tortoise shell body is ordinary, and even has a cheesy, but this skill, but It is an Innate martial arts not just in name only, but also in reality.

When it comes to rank, he is even stronger than Tie Yuanshen.

Iron body Great Perfection, the strength covers every inch of flesh, as if there is a layer of flexible and elastic iron armor, the defensive power is greatly increased.

And the tortoise shell.

It is because of the profound power of the tortoise. At the time of the Great Accomplishment, there is a treasure armor around the body, the strength is like a mountain, and it is calm and heavy.

The force is provoked, and the whole person shrinks in the turtle shell. Unless the attack power is several times the defensive power, it will hardly hurt the person inside.

The key point is that it consumes very little source power.

And this function is Great Accomplishment, and there is a certain increase in lifespan effect.

Zhou Jia closed his eyes, Tie Yuan body slowly merged into the tortoise shell body, a brand-new body training and hard work, appeared on the light curtain of Sea of Consciousness.

Iron armor!


Opening his eyes, Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.

Different from the blessing of the soldier’s characteristics, the newly formed iron armor body, although the integration of two martial arts, has not improved its rank.

It can only be said that it is similar to the tortoise shell.

The only advantage is that you don’t have to give up the foundation laid by Tie Yuanshen, you can cultivate an Innate body-hardening skill to the master stage.


The same applies, not surprisingly.

Otherwise, you can only give up the iron body and start the cultivation of the tortoise body from scratch.

“The inner liner of the ominous beast, the thousand golden grass, the three treasures of cutting marrow, the bear and tiger…”

“The ominous beast inner liner can be purchased at the shops in the city, spirit plant Some of the seeds are for Sanshui to inquire about, and they should also be found on the island.”

“I take medicine pill orally, I wonder if Tie Yuanshen’s medicinal bath is still effective?”

“Yes. If so, the two-pronged approach will be more effective!”


It was just dawn.

Zhou Jia’s silhouette has appeared in the library.

He took a broom and a duster in his hand to clean the dust in the building little by little.

Since childhood.

Zhou Jia likes to read books, all kinds of books, from the very beginning comics, martial arts, to later masterpieces, literary classics.

and even language.

Later, I chose a major, but also followed my own preferences.

Many people are confused and drowsy when they read a book, but for him, he can read for a day or two without eating or drinking.

The library has thousands of volumes. For others, cleaning this place must be hard work.

He could enjoy it.

Sweep the dust off the book, open a few pages at will, take a few more glances if you are interested, glance at it if you are not interested, and continue cleaning.

Unconsciously, the sky was bright.

I don’t know when Li, leaning on crutches, appeared on the first floor, lying on a rickety stool, bathed in the sun from the sky.

The halo shone through the cracks of the door and fell on the ground, showing the dust and insects flying inside.

The two enjoy each other while they are still and moving.

I don’t know how long.

Zhou Jia put away the broom and dust, and said goodbye to Mo Li.


Mo Li squinted his eyes, lazily said:

“You look very suitable here, and you will become a black iron in the future, you might as well come over here. Pick up my class, how about coming to the library?”

“It’s really nice here, the environment is quiet, no one is disturbed, and there are so many books to read.” Zhou Jia paused, then shook his head:

“But it’s still too early for Junior to achieve black iron.”

“Boy, you don’t have to be humble.” Mo Li glanced at him and said:

“Even if you have cultivated the breath-holding method, your qi and blood are amazingly strong. There are very few young people on the island who surpass you.”

“As long as your luck is not too bad, you will surely succeed. Hei Tie.”

After speaking, he adjusted his sitting posture slightly and said:

“This is a good place, every year Xuantian League has a new Martial Arts Secret Book, and even The cultivation technique breakthrough will be reproduced and sent.”

β€œIf you can gain from it, and even comprehend a new method, you can even directly enter the Inner Sect and enter the world of books.”

“The people there, even if they are… Baiyin powerhouse, will not offend.”

Zhou Jia’s eyes changed slightly, and he couldn’t help but feel a little moved.

The name of Tianya Shuhailou is similar to the gathering place of Earth’s Shangke Academy, and every one of them is a famous great character.

Their cultivation base may not be high, but their understanding of martial arts must be at the Grandmaster level.

All of them are heritage treasures of the Dalin Dynasty.

This is a different time than it used to be.

Nowadays, everyone who can enter the world and the sea of books has a solid ability, and even the silver powerhouse will go to ask for advice.

This kind of person, with a little effort, can cultivate a few black irons.

Zhou Jia has the Sea of Consciousness light curtain and innate talent. If he wants to, he can combine many cultivation techniques and he will be able to achieve his original martial skill.

It is indeed possible to enter Tianya Shuhailou.

And once you enter here, many disputes outside will never fall on you.

Xuantian Alliance, never allow trivial matters to disturb the people of Tianya Shuhailou, each of them’s time is extremely precious.

If you can enter it.

The Martial Cultivation Art, you don’t have to worry anymore, just focus on Cultivation.

“You’re excited?”

Mo Li chuckled:

“In Tianya Shuhai Building, you can not only watch all the true biographies of Thirty-Six Meridians, but also You can see the secret methods of other ethnic groups.”

“The tortoise shell has traces of Fei Mu’s world cultivation method, and Gold Jade has integrated secret techniques of several ethnic groups.”


“Some of the extinct Huang Jin Clan groups can also be seen in their legacy.”

“Gold?” Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly:

“There are Huang Jin Clan groups in the world?”

“Of course there are.” Li Mo rolled the eyes and said:

“It’s just extinct.”

Then he said slowly:

“There is a rumor that is widely circulated in the market, saying that you must not try to break through silver, otherwise the ethnic group will be determined. Recruit Heavenly Retribution.”

“When a certain ethnic group has the breakthrough gold of life, then this ethnic group is not far from extinction!”

“But…” Zhou Jia frowned:

“Junior heard that some existences are born with the order of gold.”

“Not bad.” Li Mo nodded:

” That kind of existence is an exception. Perhaps it is precisely because they are born of gold that they fall into the ruins and are not subject to Heavenly Retribution.”

“And those who are not originally have to suffer from this tribulation.”

“Has no ethnic group ever been successful?” Zhou Jia asked.

“Judging from the news from our Xuantian Alliance.” Mo Li shook his head:


He said with a distressed look on his face .

From some manuscripts issued by the Imperial Court during this time, it seems that the man wanted to try one or two, but was severely restrained by others.

Disputes are vaguely visible from the newspapers.

The military thus flies into a rage.

The Zhenwu Army withdrew its garrison in Death Canyon, which attracted hundreds of millions of ominous beasts to the south, destroyed several large cities, and nearly wiped out the two outer sects of the Xuantian League.

Now, there is still a lot of trouble.

Zhou Jia said goodbye and left.

For him, silver and gold are too far away and out of reach.

Black iron is the real existence that can be touched.

day after day.

Dusting in the morning, reading books at night, and staying obediently and honestly in the yard for cultivation at other times, and even going out to the island for fishing, gradually put it down.

Sanshui brings news from time to time that Wen Zhong has collected.

Because of Yang Jinzhou’s death, Heavenly Tiger helped Chaotianshui Village to attack. After seven days of effort, Kirishima was destroyed, leaving only six of the eight major rudders in Tianshui Village.

After half a month.

Two iron experts in Tianshui Village were killed by Lei Batian’s men.

Xue Family patriarch on Xiaolang Island, the late Heitie powerhouse Xue Hu appeared on the battlefield, forcing Tianshui Village to retreat again and again, City Lord’s Mansion failed.

Su Family’s attitude is ambiguous.

With the support of Xiaolang Island, the Heavenly Tigers have won many times on the battlefield. The situation in Tianshui Village is not good, and the fundamentals have shown instability.

The two forces were originally at the disadvantage of Tianshui Village.


With the support of Xiaolang Island, the ending seems to be doomed.

The disturbance from the outside world has not broken Zhou Jia’s peaceful life. He is now focused on Cultivation, waiting for news from Xu Xiuzhi.

Until a certain day…

“Ultra Grade?”

Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows slightly and looked towards Sanshui:

“Are you sure?”

“Sure.” Sanshui nodded heavily and said:


“Wen deacon specifically instructed that this time, in order to completely defeat Tianshui Village, the gang will give out a lot of treasure rewards to the gang members.”

“Among them, there are two Ultra Grades. Origin quality.”

“Really.” Zhou Jia nods:

“I know.”

A day later.

Zhou Jia appears at the place where Heavenly Tiger Gang is in charge of housekeeping.

β€œElder Han.”

He moved towards one of them handed over:

β€œMy proposal, how do you feel?”

“Thirty source crystals.” Elder Han stroked his beard and said slowly:

“It’s a bit low.”

“The price is easy to say.” Zhou Jia said:

“As long as you give me an Ultra Grade source, we can talk about it later.”

“This is the reward that Gang Lord promised to issue. If someone finds out that the package is stolen, I’m afraid it’s inappropriate.” Elder Han frowned, and said with a puzzled face:

“Actually, with Brother Zhou’s strength, if you go to the front line to fight, it shouldn’t be difficult to get started. The old man feels that one of the Ultra Grade sources may be for You prepared it.”

“It’s too dangerous.” Zhou Jia’s face was serious:

“Zhou has never been adventurous, and he doesn’t like trouble. If he can solve it with money, he will It’s best to use money.”

“Heh…” Elder Han smiled faintly, with contempt for Sanlian in his heart.

A timid is timid, what do you say you don’t like taking risks?

“Fifty source crystals!”

He extended the hand and said:

“Fifty source crystals, I can guarantee, when the time comes one of the Ultra Grade Origins, which will definitely be delivered to Brother Zhou.”

β€œWithin a month!”

(End of this chapter)

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