Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 164


Chapter 164: Five Thunders in the Sky

Lei Batian threw out the letterhead and rubbed his brows. During this period of hard work, he was exhausted. , making him look tired.

He waved his hand and said:

“Go down!”


Director Zhao should be, and bowed down back off.

“I heard you went to find Han Clam?” Lei Batian turned his head sideways, looked towards the one silhouette in the house, and asked:

“Want Ultra Grade Origin Quality?”

“Yes.” Zhou Jia nodded, and said helplessly:

“Junior really wants to start as soon as possible, so as not to be stretched when it is used.”

He did not expect , he just walked out of Elder Han with his front foot, and before he had time to return to the island, he was approached by the other party.

I don’t know if it’s Elder Han who voluntarily informs, or there are too many along the line.

“Come to me if you want, why do you want to be far away?” Lei Batian shook his head and took a sip of the fragrant tea on the side:

“You are Junior Brother’s discipline , would I still not give it?”

Said, lightly snorted, as if blaming Zhou Jia for being too outspoken.

“No merit will not be rewarded.”

Zhou Jia surrendered:

“Ultra Grade is not an ordinary thing after all.”

“You!” Lei Batian stood up and pointed at a distance:

“It’s still too outlandish.”

“It’s okay!”

He nodded , moved his muscles and bones:

“Let me see, how popular is your purple thunder axe now?”

Yin fell, waved his hand, The inkstone platform jumped up on the ground, broke the air, and with a rush of air, went straight to Zhou Jia’s door.

The inkstone is made of heavy Nanshan ancient stone.

This stone is heavy and hard, and a small piece weighs dozens of pounds.

Under the blessing of invisible strength, the inkstone is as fast as a meteor, rubbing against the air, and even tiny sparks appear on the surface.

This swift and violent force is terrifying!

Zhou Jia’s eyes narrowed, before he had time to think too much, he leaned forward subconsciously, made an axe with his hand, and moved towards the incoming inkstone.

A moment ago, his muscles were still in a relaxed state.

The next moment.

My skin was already tensed, and a thunderous roar emerged from my mind, even with a tremor of the skin and a Destruction Power.


The vertical palm slashed on the inkstone, and a thread of electric light erupted from it, and the heavy and hard inkstone all split up and in pieces immediately.

With one hit, Zhou Jia’s face showed no joy, but a warning sign suddenly appeared in his heart, as if he was being targeted by an ominous beast.

The instinct of the fleshy body made the hair on his body explode, his body bounced like a bow, and a terrifying explosive force began to stir.


Lei Batian, who is far away several feet away, has round eyes, thunder is hidden in tiger eyes, and the electric light shines in place, disappeared.

Appeared again, already in front of Zhou Jia.

He used his hand as a knife, his arm bone as a blade, and the electric light wrapped around his arm, and the wall outside several feet in front of him silently cracked a gap.

The violent wind made Zhou Jia’s breathing stagnate for a while, and the warning signs in his heart increased greatly.

The arms swayed, like a giant axe waving in series, slamming at the person who came.




The two collided, and the room immediately froze. suffer.

The hard bluestone floor was like soft tofu under the feet of the two of them. There were cracks everywhere they passed, and the overflowing energy even destroyed the tables, chairs and benches in the house.


Lei Batian’s eyes lit up:

“You can walk freely, you can change endlessly, your purple thunder axe has entered the realm of transformation. !”

While speaking, the two have already fought dozens of tricks, you and I seem to be both equally excellent, but Zhou Jia’s face is red, but Lei Batian can speak in an orderly manner.

The tone is extremely steady.

Let’s judge!

“receive my move again.”

Lei Batian’s eyes froze, lightning suddenly gathered in the field, and a thunderous might that could destroy heaven and extinguish the earth instantly swept the surroundings .

Zhou Jia’s heart froze, and it felt like he was suffering from Heavenly Retribution. All resistance was useless.


It’s not enough to convince yourself like this!

A silent growl emerged from his heart, and the remnants in his body made him sway like a Dragon Snake today, accompanied by a flash of lightning.

Going against the trend.


Lei Batian tapped with one hand, Zhou Jia staggered backwards, sweating profusely.

“Master is good at palming!”

paused, and then he suppressed the throbbing in his heart and moved towards the opponent’s hand:

“Junior admires. “

He knew in his heart that the palm just now, if the opponent didn’t show mercy, he was afraid that he would not be an opponent even if he put on the treasure armor spare no effort.


Lei Batian carefully examined Zhou Jia and slowly nodded:

“You’re not bad either, when I was your age, It’s far inferior to you. It’s true that there are talented people from all over the world, and the new generation beats the old.”

“Master is too famous.”

“Modesty is a good thing, if you are too modest, you will It’s not right.”

Lei Batian shook his head, his expression was a little lonely, a kind of unwillingness to see youngster rising and getting old.

But there is nothing I can do.

“You know, what was the trick I just called?”

“I was about to ask for advice.” Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up.

The palm just now has a variety of changes, and it contains Power of Thunder. It is extremely fierce, but it is not the same as the Zilei Blade Technique. It seems that there is another mystery.

Reborn Zi Lei Blade Technique, but obviously stronger.

“The sky beats the five thunders bang!”

Lei Batian looked at it, and said solemnly:

“The name is called the five thunders bang!”

“…” Zhou Jia opened his mouth and said reluctantly:

“Good name.”

“haha!” Lei Batian hearing this Laughing:

“This Lei has learned all his life and is proud of this cultivation technique, but you are the first to say a good name.”

“Too hypocritical!”

The laughter fell, and he turned his head and asked:

“Would you like to learn?”

Zhou Jia face surprised, looking up .

“For the Ultra Grade, don’t look to Lao Han.” Lei Batian waved his hand, opened the drawer beside him, and threw two things:

“I’ll give it to you. A Shadow Guard, you take them to get rid of a few people in Kirishima, when the time comes come to me to change the Ultra Grade Origin Quality.”

“No merit, no reward, no merit or merit. .”

Zhou Jia took the things, a token, a picture scroll, hearing this nodding:


“You want to pass the five thunders of the sky to Zhou Jia?”

Mrs. Lei made strong tea for Lei Batian as always, came behind him, and rubbed lightly for him shoulders, and said with displeasure on the face:

“This cultivation technique, how can you pass it on to an outsider if you don’t even teach it to prisoners.”

“You think I don’t want to pass it on. Prisoner?” Lei Batian shook his head, helplessly said:

“He can’t even master the Zilei Blade Technique, even if the cultivation day hits five thunderbolts, he won’t be able to get in, and it’s a waste of time.”

“Zhou Jia is different.”

His voice paused, and there was an inexplicable emotion in his eyes:

“He is the one I have met in my life, except for me In addition, the person who is most compatible with Zilei Blade Technique has repaired the cultivation technique to a realm of perfection in just over a few years.”

“With time, it may not be the second me!”


“I took a detour when I was young. He taught me what I taught, and it is not surprising that he has one day surpassed this Lei.”

“Then you can’t pass him on.” Madam Lei held her hands hard and said solemnly:

“You pass him on, what will happen to the prisoners?”

“younger generations will do all right on their own.” Lei Batian waved his hand, his face indifferent:

“And Zhou Jia is Junior Brother’s discipline, not an outsider, the prisoner will be Heavenly Tiger to help Gang Lord in the future, You need someone to help you . “

“Like me, there is no Junior Brother’s hard work, nor the Heavenly Tiger Gang today. “

“I can share weal and woe with Junior Brother, and the prisoner and Zhou Jia should do the same. Now the good relationship is for the prisoner’s future plans.” “

“hmph!” Mrs. Lei lightly snorted, her eyes flickering:

“Outsiders, after all, can’t be trusted, don’t mess with your prisoners.” “

Lei Batian laughed without saying a word.

He wasn’t worried about it.

Like he trusted Shan Muhua, Zhou Jia and Lei The relationship between prisoners will certainly continue the previous generation, mutual support and trust.




Zhou Jia end Sitting in the tavern, rubbing the token with one hand, unfolding the scroll with the other, and savoring it carefully, it seems that there are many secrets hidden in it.

On the table, there is some food.

This time , there were not many guests in the tavern, and the doorman also took a rest, squinting, leaning on the doorpost and falling asleep.

One old and one young walked into the tavern.

The old man has a vicissitudes of life and walks tremblingly. The young man is a girl in her early 10s with two straws stuck on her back.

“gu lu…”

Looking at the things on the wine table, the girl rolled her throat and reached out to grab it.

“Pa! “

The old man’s complexion greatly changed, slapped the girl on the back of the hand, and scolded in a low voice:

“What are you doing?” “

“grandfather.” “The girl’s eyes were red and her voice trembled:

“Hungry! “

“I’m hungry!” “

“I can’t take it even if I’m hungry.” “The old man drank lowly:

“If you offend the master, do you still want to live? “

“You two!” When the shop assistant heard the movement, he slapped a shivered, trotted and shouted:

“I was just the one who didn’t see it, and was tricked in by you guys, asking for a beating, isn’t this a place where you can come in?” “

“Get out of here!” “

Said, pushing and shoving people away.

“Master!” “

The old man couldn’t resist, and bowed to Zhou Jia, with a flattering smile on his face, begging:

“You poor old man, our grandfather has already We haven’t eaten for two days. We can’t thank you enough for a meal. “

Zhou Jia put down the scroll and touched his waist subconsciously.

He stopped immediately and said indifferently:

“Children, give them two cakes.” , get out! “

“This…” The kid was stunned, then nodded:

“Yes.” “

“Thank you, please, thank you for the reward!” The old man looked excited, and at the same time pulled a piece of the little girl to his knees, moved towards Zhou Jia and kowtowed again and again.

“Two cakes, what’s there to thank?” “Not far away, a guest at another table sneered disdainfully:

“Old Guy is confused, you are so ignorant when someone kicks you out of the house. ”

There were three people sitting on the table, two men and one woman, all youngsters in their prime. The one who spoke was the woman.

They were well-dressed. You know you’re from an extraordinary background.

“I don’t dare. “The old man shook his head again and again, his face pale:

“I am grateful if you can give us a piece of cake. “

He didn’t dare to offend either side, and now he just asks the other to say a few words, otherwise the cake that is about to come to his mouth may be gone.

“pa!” “

Two Originium Stones fell to the ground.

One of the men on the table said coldly:

“What can two biscuits do, eat After a full meal, I took these two Originium Stones and took care of my body to find an errand. “

The old man’s eyes were shining, and the girl had obviously never seen Originium, her face was blank, and she didn’t understand why the grandfather was so excited when she rushed over.

It was the second shopkeeper on the side, her eyes Flickering, greed is fleeting.

“Thank you, Lord! “

“Baby! “The old man shouted:

“Quickly kneel down and thank you for your reward! “

The girl didn’t think much about it, she knelt down and kowtowed, causing the three of them to laugh.

“When you have money, sit down to eat.” The woman on the table waved her hand with a smile, and moved towards Zhou Jia’s provocative opening:

“I think who dares to drive you out? “

Zhou Jia frowned, slowly put away the scroll, and was about to stand up when a crash-bang rushed into a group of people outside the door, all with murderous intentions on their faces.

The crowd was full. There are twenty or thirty people, silently sealing the huge tavern, no one utters a word, but everyone who has been terrified by the invisible baleful aura is terrified.

“Lord! “

The man at the front glanced at everyone in the field, and then quickly walked to Zhou Jia, one-knee kneels, and said in a muffled voice:

“I found it, Kirishima was arrested.” After the breach, the people around Qin Wuying fled in all directions. One of them, Qin Guyan, was a descendant of Qin Wuying’s own family. He was Grade 9 at a young age and was their main leader. “

“This person is good at making friends, and he has several close friends. The three daughters of the Liu Family outside the city have sworn to him as siblings of the opposite sex, and a group of people are very familiar. “

“Liu Family. “Zhou Jia nods:

“Let’s go! ”

A group of people came and went in a hurry, and their movements were orderly and not chaotic at all, and also made other people in the tavern shiver coldly.

Wait until the people are far away, The other people took their breath away, and the two men and one woman on the table looked at each other, and they could see the horror in the other’s eyes.


Qin Wuying?


Qin Wuying?


These are all levels that only Shicheng Peak experts can touch.

Liu Third Young Lady!

One of them slapped the table and stand up suddenly , then cautiously looked around all around, lowered his voice and said:

“Go! ”





Standing on the shore, you can see the waterways.

A group of people stood here quietly, moved towards the distant view.

The person in the head was tall and thin, with a clear face, wearing a long gray coat, long hair unrestrained, and temperament There is a sense of detachment in the quiet.

It is Guo Wuduan, the owner of Tianshui Village.

“The owner of the village. “

Branch Lord Wei Qiu said in a low voice:

“Will they come?” “

“Yes.” Guo Wuduan spoke indifferently, but his voice was unquestionable:

“The Yunsong Water Bandits have been at ease for so many years, and they cannot do without our Tianshui Village. As long as they want to continue like this, they will definitely come.” “

“This time the Heavenly Tiger gang is aggressive, even if there are Yunsong water bandits, I’m afraid…” Wei Chou glanced at the village owner and said in a low voice:

” Would you like to ask those people for help? “

“That group of people is too weird. ” Guo Wuduan frowned, shook his head and said:

“I’m afraid it’s easier to invite the devil than to send him away, don’t worry, things haven’t reached that point yet.”

“Yes. !”

Wei Chou should be yes, and sigh again:

“The surname Lei is really ruthless this time. It will lead to a war between the two sides.”

“Lei Batian, you have always been careful.” Guo Wu’s expression remained unchanged.

His conflict with Lei Batian has a long history.

When the Heavenly Tiger gang was first established, Tianshui Village was already a huge monster, and Lei Batian grew step by step in Shicheng, expanding the scope of Great Influence. Naturally, there were many disputes between the two sides.

Even the death of Lei Batian younger sister has something to do with Tianshui Village, and the hatred is deep.

“Come on!”

One person drank low.

But on the water in the distance, a small boat is like a sharp arrow, sticking to the water surface, crossing a white waterline, and rushing fast.

(End of this chapter)

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