Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 165


Chapter 165 Liu Family

Liu Family is nothing in Shicheng.

But outside the city, the Liu Family, with thousands of acres of farmland and more than 100 tenants, with three bedrooms and 47 people, is definitely a wealthy family.

Liu Residence.

A woman grabbed the energetic and bustling woman and whispered:

“Third Young Lady, you use your own money to entertain those messy ‘friends’ ?”


Third Young Lady looked handsome, with bright eyes and white teeth, and her fiery red outfit was particularly eye-catching. Hearing this rolled the eyes, she said to the woman who lowered her head. :

“I don’t allow you to say that about my friends, what a mess, they have names and surnames, and they all have big ambitions.”

“Enough is enough!” The woman Displeased:

“My daughter’s family, I won’t talk about you if you run around all day, and make a gang of scoundrels, how will you marry in the future?”

“Want to find someone to play, and the sisters at home aren’t enough?”

“hmph!” Third Young Lady hummed, the tape disdainfully:

“I want to communicate with them. , but mother, look at them, all of them are pedantic, do not seek progress, eat and wait all day long, what’s the motivation?”

“A good man should aim to be in the four directions, not seeking knowledge, You have to protect the other party!”

“If you want to protect the other party, you can ask your father to reduce or exempt the grains paid by the tenants, and if it is not a festival, you can send them something.” The woman advised:

“My mother is always worried that you will be in danger, and your father… doesn’t like it.”

“Don’t you like it?” Third Young Lady pouted:

“He’s afraid that I’ll get into trouble and cause him trouble?”

Speaking, she waved her arm:

“Don’t worry , I, Third Young Lady, do things alone, and even if you do get into trouble, I will definitely not cause you trouble.”

“You child, how did you talk?” The woman frowned.

“Third Young Lady!”

At this moment, a person crossed the wall and entered with a hurried face:

“Not good, someone is going out of town It seems to be related to Young Brother Qin, please inform them and hide.”

“Who are you?” The woman’s face sank, showing the majesty of Mistress in the second room:


“You are called a thief who entered without notice. Didn’t your family teach you etiquette? And you are a big man, what are you doing with my daughter?”


The person here is small and small, but has a big temper. Hearing this lightly, he doesn’t pay any attention to it.

In his opinion.

The Liu Family is a family of local tyrants.

“Come to me?”

Liu Third Young Lady didn’t care about mother’s humiliation, hearing this face changed, hurriedly said:

“You go to inform Xiao Liu, let them move quickly, I’ll go to Bai Feng, and meet at the same place after one hour, if either side doesn’t arrive, think of another way.”


The person who came was nodded, and the woman who was standing in the same place not knowing what to do coldly glanced at, one turned over and jumped out of the wall, disappeared.


Liu Third Young Lady said:

“I have something to do, go out first and come back later.”

“Don’t go!” The woman shouted angrily:

“Do you know what to do with yourself? Don’t cause trouble outside, you have nothing to do with your father, you don’t understand at all…”

“You don’t understand!”

Liu Third Young Lady suddenly turned her head and looked directly at the woman:

“Mother, I don’t want to quarrel with you , those people are my friends, my best friends, people for whom I would risk my life.”

Speaking, fluttering off the woman’s interception, hurried out.


The woman stomped her feet angrily behind:


“The man in this house, But your family!”





“jia !”

On the avenue, a group of riders galloped.

The galloping horse stepped on the ground, bringing out the smoke and dust, like a galloping earth dragon.


The man at the front had a bearless white face, his expression was cold, two long knives hung from his waist, and he suddenly pulled the reins to stop his momentum.

Others followed suit. More than 20 horses galloped, and they were able to stop at the same time.

Clothing and hunting, silently killing.

β€œMy lord.”

Shadow Guard Pei Ge stretched out his hand and pointed forward, coldly said:

β€œThere is Liu Family Village in front, and Liu Residence occupies it. Half the size of the village, most of the people in the village are tenants of the Liu Family, who farm for generations.”

“en. ”

Zhou Jia slowly nodded:

“Take all the Liu Family first.”


Pei Ge should be yes, wave his hand, and coldly order:


“Don’t miss one, dare to resist, kill!”


The entire group responded loudly, The horse rushed towards the Liu Family Manor, running wildly all the way, without slowing down at all, and flew towards the manor in sequence.

“Who are you?”

“You are so brave!”


The roar in the hospital changed in the blink of an eye Screaming, howling.

And even begging for mercy.

Shadow Guard is a personal soldier trained by Lei Batian. The weakest person in the cultivation base also has a Grade 6, and the leader Pei Ge is a top ten expert.

It is also a good player in Shicheng!

A trifling Liu Family outside the city, the clan has never produced a tenth rank in a hundred years, and faced with the wolf-like Shadow Guard, there is no resistance at all.

When Zhou Jia pushed in under the guards of two Shadow Guards, everyone in the Liu Family in the front yard had been restrained, kneeling and shaking.

In the backyard, there are still some voices of resistance.


Two silhouettes jumped up the ridge and moved towards the outside of the courtyard.

“Your Majesty?”

The person standing beside Zhou Jia handed over to ask for instructions.

“Go ahead.” Zhou Jia nodded and said at will:

“Leave a live speech.”


Shadow Guard bows as it should, and leaps up the ridge lightly. The speed seems to be slow, like leaves in the wind, but it is actually surprisingly fast.

These people are also excellent in their martial skills.


Zhou Jia stepped in slowly, with Liu Family people kneeling on both sides, most of them bloody nose and swollen face, shiver coldly, and didn’t even dare to look up.

“Evil thief!”

A woman in red attire seeped blood on her shoulders and was pinned down. Silver teeth clenched and glared angrily, hissing loudly. Roar:

“You have to die!”

“Hmm…” Zhou Jia pondered:

“Who is she?”

“Go back to the Lord.” Pei Ge cupped his hands:

“This woman is Liu Third Young Lady. When we came in, she was packing her things and planning to escape, and there were a few accomplices around her. .”

“Some of them were beheaded on the spot by their subordinates.”

Saying that, he reached out and pointed to several corpses on the ground.

“I checked it out, and one of them is the son of the Lord of the Island of Mist. It seems that the Liu Family is indeed harboring the traitor of Kirishima.”


“Your Excellency!”

A fatty in a brocade clothes knelt on his knees, crawled close, and hurriedly said:

“This matter has nothing to do with it. Our Liu Family has nothing to do, the villain never knew about this… This lowly maid actually harbored the traitor you were looking for!”

“If you know, the villain will never allow it!”


Zhou Jia’s voice was indifferent:

“Who are you?”

“Liu Yuanzhong, now …LiuFamily patriarch.” Fatty is about forty-fifty years old, well maintained, but the matter is pale.

In his eyes, there was even more panic on his face.

β€œIs she your daughter?”

Zhou Jia pointed out Third Young Lady, indifferently said:

β€œHand over people first.”

“Don’t think about it!” Before Liu Yuanzhong could speak, Liu Third Young Lady said angrily:

“If you want me to betray my friends, I, Liu Third Young Lady, will never die. You can’t do it, thief, you are full of evil, and you won’t die sooner or later.”


Before she could finish her sentence, Pei Ge slapped her out.

It didn’t exert much force, but it landed on Liu Third Young Lady’s face, but she was directly knocked to the ground, and half of her cheeks bulged like air.

Beautiful cheeks have also become extremely hideous.

β€œDon’t pay?”

Zhou Jia squinted, revealing murderous intention.

At this time, everyone else has been caught, all of them are tough, either not opening their mouths, or bluntly saying they don’t know where they are.

“Big…sir.” Liu Yuanzhong raised his head and said tremblingly:

“This lowly maid is not the daughter of the villain?”

“Whose is that?”


Beside Liu Third Young Lady, a middle-aged man with a somewhat refined temperament trembled and looked pale:

“Little girl…”

Before he finished speaking, his body trembled suddenly, and he was hit by a huge force. meter away.


The man fiercely slammed into the wall, leaving a deep depression on the hard wall, his sternum was broken, and his whole body slipped against the wall.


Before landing, a mouthful of blood spurted out, his spirit was instantly sluggish, and his eyes were absent.

“It’s the father’s fault if he doesn’t teach him.”

Zhou Jia said lightly:

“It’s time to fight!”

“Dad !”


A roar of sorrow immediately sounded in the field.

Liu Third Young Lady struggled frantically, roaring again and again:

“The thief, I won’t let you go.”

“Hand over Qin Solid words.” Zhou Jia remained unmoved, bowed his head and said:

“If you don’t, I will kill your father first, and then kill everyone here one by one. If you hand it over, I can let them go.”

His voice was flat, showing no murderous intention.

But there seemed to be a cold current in the field, everyone was tight, and their hearts were chilling, and no one would question the authenticity of this statement.

Liu Third Young Lady’s body froze even more.

“Third Young Lady.”

The woman beside her was pale, and hurriedly said:

“Come on, where are those people? You Do you want to watch your father die? Do you want to harm the Liu Family?”

“lowly maid!” As I said, this lowly maid will cause trouble outside sooner or later, so it should be locked in the house, Second Brother is soft-hearted.”

The others in the Liu Family also looked at it.

Some are glaring, others are anxious and hopeful.

“Third Young Lady, you said, this is the trouble you caused yourself, don’t you want us to accompany you to die?”

“Third sister!”

“Third Sister, I beg you, your sister-in-law just got pregnant…”

“wu wu…”

One Time, there is chaos in the field, there are roars, coercion, pleading, and more often weeping, not knowing what to do.


Liu Third Young Lady clenched her silver teeth and trembled:

“Since ancient times, loyalty and filial piety have been difficult, you think I said If you do, he will let you go? He lied to you! And I promised Brother Qin that I would never betray them!”


She said As soon as it fell, the Liu Family caused an uproar.

The roars and scoldings were endless, and everyone was shaking with excitement, and some even wanted to pounce on her and bite her a few times.

Even his mother had despair in her eyes.

“Third Young Lady, they are your friends, and here are all your family members, don’t you even want family members for your friends?”

“I can’t betray you. Friend!”

Liu Third Young Lady showed a resolute expression, looked up at Zhou Jia:

“Bad thief, kill or cut at will, I am here, I will never Bowing to you!”


Zhou Jia chuckled, as if he didn’t expect things to go in this direction:


He waved his hand lightly and said:

“Let go of the Liu Family.”

“This…” Pei Ge hesitated. Click, and then nodded:


Once the Shadow Guard is finished, it immediately stops and takes a step back.

β€œLord many thanks!”

β€œLord many thanks!”

Liu Yuanzhong crawled closer, kowtow again and again, banging his head on the ground, banging his head The banging sound of :

“Don’t worry, my lord, this Liu will make sure to search the surroundings with all their strength, and give you all the gang of scoundrels of this slut one after another to find out.”

He gritted his teeth, his face filled with resentment.

looked towards Liu Third Young Lady’s eyes, even more hideous, if it weren’t for this woman, their Liu Family would not have had this experience.

“That’s right.” Zhou Jia nodded and said:

“I’ll give you one day.”

He raised a finger and said indifferently:

“After a day, I couldn’t find the person I wanted, so the Liu Family extinguish sect.”

There was silence in the field.

Just out of trouble, the ecstatic Liu Family members stayed in place, their bodies stiff, and their hearts were filled with fear again.

“I believe you can do it.” Zhou Jia stepped forward and patted Liu Yuanzhong on the shoulder:

“After all, the news rests with you Liu Family members.”


Liu Yuanzhong’s body trembled, looked towards Liu Third Young Lady, if the anger in his eyes really ignited, then he hated nodded:

“Don’t worry, my lord, I have a way to get her to say it.”

“That’s good.”

Zhou Jia nodded, and was about to turn around and take a step, but his footsteps stopped again. The first moved towards Liu Third Young Lady The people dressed as two maids next to him looked at:

β€œWho are these two people?”

β€œGo back to your lord.” Liu Yuanzhong replied:

“They are the maid next to this lowly maid, I’m afraid they know something.”

“The maid?” Zhou Jia faintly smiled:

“Grade 8 Are you a maid?”

He tone barely fell, and the expressions of the two women had changed drastically, one of them jumped up, waving her long sleeves, and the steel needles flew in disorder.

The steel needle is sharp and can pierce through gold and stone.

This disorderly lasing, not only included Shadow Guard, but also Liu Family members, and at the same time hurriedly shouted:

“Bai Feng, go!”


Zhou Jia’s silhouette suddenly appeared in front of the woman, his eyes were cold:

“Can you go?”

He stretched out his five fingers, and his roaring strength suddenly burst out. When they gathered, the surrounding steel needles collapsed like hitting a heavy object, and the punches also smashed towards the woman fiercely.


Several feet rippling with one punch.

The visible air wave swept through the huge backyard, and many silhouettes flew on the spot, and the silhouettes of the two women who were fleeing also staggered and fell.


Zhou Jia waved his long sleeves, and the two human skin masks were removed from the faces of the two women.


When he saw the appearance of the two women, he could not help but raise his eyebrows.

Others also have a stagnant breath.

Even Pei Ge, with a cold temperament, couldn’t help his heart skip a beat when he saw the appearance of one of the women, and his eyes were amazed.

“What a beautiful girl.”

Zhou Jia laughed even more:

“Press it down, Zhou will go over tonight!”


Shadow Guard should be.

In the crowd, two people dressed as servants looked at each other and quietly escaped while taking advantage of the chaos.

“Bai Feng is Young Master Qin’s sweetheart. He must not let that surnamed Zhou be contaminated. Spread the news quickly and let them save people.”




South Smoke Valley.

One after another silhouette appeared at the Taniguchi position, moved towards looking inside.

“Qiu Bowei was fooled.”

Wei Chou narrowed his eyes, coldly smiled:

“This time, how do I see him escape?”

Looking around, he was in a good mood, and a feeling of winning came to his mind.

This time there are merfolk Three Great Commanders, five leaders of the Yunsong Water Bandit, and experts from Zhengqitang and Xuevinelou, plus them.

With so many experts in ambush, even Lei Batian may not escape the disaster!

“Are you sure Lei Batian will come?” a person in the field said coldly:

“He has the upper hand over there, as long as he continues, he is expected to destroy Tianshui Village. Will you give up the victory to save Qiu Bowei?”

“Definitely.” Wei Chou nodded:

“Lei Batian is the most value emotion, value friendship, he will never watch Qiu Bowei helplessly I don’t care if I die.”


“Get ready, when Lei Batian arrives, we will join forces with the village owner to keep him here, Let him know how good I am.”

(End of this chapter)

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