Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 166


Chapter 166 Black Eagle

“Pop La La…”

A bird that looks like a crow flies It crossed the treetops and landed in the palm of one person.

The man took off the letterhead tied to the crow’s leg, unfolded it, his expression changed greatly, and he moved towards the courtyard not far away.

Under the bamboo pavilion in the courtyard, a few people were gathered, waiting for something.

The person with the letterhead hurried over and said anxiously:

“Brother Qin, it’s not good, the Third Young Lady couldn’t escape, and Miss Bai was seen through by surnamed Zhou. I’ve caught my identity!”


A handsome white clothed Young Master hearing this changed color and stood up suddenly:

“Bai Feng, Third Young Lady…”

“Where are they now? I’m going to save people!”

“Brother Qin.” The big man hurriedly reached out his hand to stop him:

“Don’t be impulsive, Zhou Jia, the Thunder Axe, is not an easy man. There are many Heavenly Tigers around to help Shadow Guard. I will undoubtedly die when I go there!”

“Not bad.” A woman in the field nodded echoed:

“Brother Qin’s concern is messy. Now in the past, I’m afraid it’s the other side’s trap. I think this matter should be discussed in the long run.”

“But I don’t have that much time.” Naxin said with a bitter face:

“surnamed Zhou is going to touch the white girl tonight, and it’s only for Liu Family If you can’t find us in one day, you will have to extinguish sect.”


The big man beard narrowed his eyes:

“It’s so vicious. The means!”

A few people can trust Liu Third Young Lady, otherwise they would not let the other party arrange a hiding place, but in the face of the death of clansman, will she keep it a secret? .

“I can’t stay here!” The woman looked gloomy:

“We need to move to another place as soon as possible.”

“No!” Qin Gu Yan shook his head:

“You guys go, I’m going to save Bai Feng and Third Young Lady.”

“Brother Qin.” Beard said angrily:

” You are confused, it’s obviously a trap, wouldn’t it be courting death if you go?”

“If you die, don’t you go?” Qin Guyan turned his head sideways, his face was solemn, and there was a firmness in his eyes. , and said loudly:

“Bai Feng is the favorite person of this Qin, and the Third Young Lady is kind to me. Knowing that they were killed, how can this Qin just protect itself and ignore it?”

” Such struggling on whilst at death’s door, it is better to die!”

There was silence in the field.

“That’s right!”

The people who took the letter were nodded:

“I’ve had enough of this cowering days, anyway, I’ll die sooner or later, Just fight with them, please have a good time!”

“Brother Qin…” Beard’s eyes flashed, suddenly shouted:

“Okay, He did not see the wrong person, so bloody , good man, since Brother Qin intends to do this, He will accompany you on a journey.”

“And me!”

“And me!”

β€œLife and Death Together!”

Everyone under the pavilion was in high spirits and agreed.


Qin Guyan shook his head and refused:

“This matter started because of me, and it has nothing to do with you. How can I make Er and others wait because of this Qin alone? This is absolutely impossible!”

“The surnamed Qin, you look down on us?” The woman shouted angrily.

“Don’t dare!”

Qin Guyan waved his hand hastily.

“Since it’s not, then there’s no need to say more.” Beard muttered:

“Since I’m a good friend, why would I watch you die alone today? Just with that surnamed Zhou’s either the fish dies or the net splits!”

“Well said!”

shouting loudly, from outside the hospital:

“As expected of my black hawk friends, several of them can see death as home, even if the cultivation base is insufficient, this temperament is enough to make some people feel ashamed.”


Before the sound fell, the door was moved towards both sides, and a group of three stepped inside.

The person in the head is nearly two meters tall, with broad arms and broad chest, and a pair of eagle eyes that are piercing, as if there is a cold glow inside, making people afraid to look directly.

Besides him, there is a man and a woman. The woman looks pretty and seems to be young. The man is blond and blue-eyed, but he is from the world of Fei Mu.

At this time, the three of them looked at them with the approval of the same kind of people.

“Big brother Fu!”

Seeing the person coming, Qin Guyan was ecstatic:

“You’re here.”

“Of course I want to come.” Black Eagle Fu Qiwu smiled faintly:

“If something happened to my friend, if Fu didn’t come, wouldn’t it be a laughing stock? It seems that I’m not too late, I should say yes Just right.”

“Everyone, let me introduce you.” Since seeing the person coming, the gloomy air on Qin Guyan’s face disappeared, and he stretched out his hand and said:

“This big brother Fu comes from the Eagle’s Nest, and is the black eagle among the thirteen eagles owned. When this Qin cultivation base was first established, it was thanks to the care of big brother Fu.”

“Eagle’s Nest?”

“The Black Eagle among the Thirteen Eagles?”

“It turned out to be him!”

Everyone was hearing this with discoloration and eyes Flickering.

Outside Shicheng, there are two gangs that are the most brutal and brutal, namely the Yunsong Water Bandits who looted the main waterway, and the unfathomable Eagle’s Nest.

Compared with the Yunsong Water Bandits, known as the chaotic army, the Eagle’s Nest is more mysterious.

Think back to that time.

Su Family, Xiaolang Island, and City Lord’s Mansion worked together to kill the Eagle’s Nest. Although many people were killed in the end, it was still not wiped out.

Even until now, no one knows where is the so-called Eagle’s Nest?

And the Thirteen Eagles are the leaders of the Eagle’s Nest!

Some people say that each of the thirteen eagles is a black iron expert, and the leader Lone Eagle is a peak powerhouse in the later period of black iron.

This is, of course, a lie.

The Su Family is so big, it is estimated that there are not so many black iron powerhouses.

But the strength of the Thirteen Eagles can also be seen in general.

Just like the black eagle in front of him, even if it is not a black iron expert, I am afraid that it is not far behind, and can crush everyone just by imposing manner.


Looking at the stunned and hesitant crowd, Fu Qiwu smiled indifferently:

“You guys hold your own identities and feel that Fu Qiwu smiled. A certain is just a shameless bandit who doesn’t deserve to get acquainted with you?”

“Don’t dare!”

beard hurriedly surrendered:

“With The identity of Fu… brother, we have climbed high!”

He originally wanted to call each other senior, after all, the name of the Thirteen Eagles is widely circulated, he heard about it when he was a child, but Fu Qiwu Obviously not too old.

Appears to be in his early thirties.

The voice exit was changed to Brother Fu.

“What is Gao Pan?” Fu Qiwu said with a smile:

“I didn’t care about Qin Guyan’s identity and cultivation base back then, and I wouldn’t care about it today, but I must be added to this trip.”

Everyone was hearing this and couldn’t help but be ecstatic.

Black Hawk is almost equivalent to a black iron powerhouse. With his shot, how could Zhou Jia be afraid of a trifling axe this time?

“Big brother, these people are good people.”

The woman next to Fu Qiwu said slowly:

“May I add me and Alva.”


“Hmm…” Black Hawk hesitated slightly, and then nodded:

“Alright, you’ve been staying in the Eagle’s Nest and lacked real combat, so you might as well see it today, it can also increase experience.”

As for the danger.

With him, is there any danger?

Qin Guyan and the others were even more overjoyed. Although they didn’t know the strength of one man and one woman, how could it be easy to follow Black Eagle?

It’s just…

This woman’s language is quite strange, her articulation is clear, and the words are different. It is different from the language of the Dalin Dynasty, and it is not the common language of the Ruins.

I don’t know which world it’s from?




Document Island.

Thousands of people fought on the battlefield, setting off bursts of roars.

The fire was blazing into the sky, and the black smoke was like a column.

Broken ships, like broken toys, are scattered on the water around the island.

The Heavenly Tiger, wearing a black jacket, helped the crowd break through layers of interception, and many arrows that could penetrate rocks fell forward like rain.

A body after another rolled down the hillside.




The banner of hunting in the wind, standing on the battlefield.

It seems to be a tragic picture, which is made up of human blood and corpses, which makes people’s blood rush up, and I can’t wait for a big kill.

And at the back of the battlefield, a dispute is unfolding.

“You can’t go!”

Madam Lei’s forehead was bulging with blue veins, her silver teeth were clenched, her eyes were bloodshot, and she said angrily:

“The surnamed Lei, If you are crazy, if you persist, your wish for a lifetime will be fulfilled, and you are leaving now?”

“Lao Qiu is in danger.” p>

“If I don’t go, he’ll be nine deaths and still alive!”


“It should be ten deaths without life! “

“You can’t go then.” Madam Lei stretched out her hands and stopped Lei Batian:

“If you go, all these time and efforts will be wasted. Tianshui Village, which has been around for a long time, may have all done useless work.”


She approached Lei Batian and whispered angrily in his ear:

“What’s in it for you to save Qiu Bowei?”

“Women’s words!”

Lei Batian’s eyes widened and he said angrily:

“Qiu Bowei is my brother. If he died, how could I not save him? If I don’t save him, wouldn’t I be a perfidious person?”

“Junior Brother!”

He turned sideways, looked towards Shan Muhua, who was coughing non-stop, and asked:

“You said, should I go?”

“Should go.” Shan Muhua nodded.

“You…” Madam Lei suddenly turned her head, looked towards Shan Muhua with an incredible look, and shouted loudly:

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“Sister.” Shan Muhua shook his head lightly and said:

“You should know Brother Senior’s temper, he is not the kind of treachery, he said he would not Turn your back on brother.”


After a pause, he said again:

“Senior Brother, according to the clues we collected, this It should be a trap for you.”

“The trap, I want to go even more.” Lei Batian said in a muffled voice:

“This shows that the other party’s purpose at first is me, old man. Qiu is only involved in it, how can I let him carry it alone?”

“Not only Tianshui Village, but also Xuetenglou, Yunsongshui Bandit, and even merfolk.” Shan Muhuasu The voice said:

“Guo Wuduan hasn’t shown up at this time, most likely is there, they set a trap, just waiting for you to pass.”

“Haha … …” Lei Batian laughed loudly:

“The surnamed Guo looks down on me and has prepared so many experts, but this Lei wants to see and see, can their methods keep me?”


Said, holding a knife and wanting to go.

“Lei Tiger!” Madam Lei was trembling with anger, grabbing Lei Batian’s clothes, and even ignoring her:

“Do you understand, Qiu Bowei is helping His power is no less than yours, he is in charge of the finance of the gang, and everyone depends on him for food.”

“You have great martial arts, but the people in the gang will recognize him or not!”

“He’s dead, it’s good for you too!”

“Damn talk!” Lei Batian was furious. This kind of remark is usually enough to complain. At this time, it is still Said in front of Shan Muhua.

This woman is crazy!

“I’m very awake!” Mrs. Lei shared the bed with him for so many years, how could she not understand what Lei Batian was thinking, and immediately said:

“Qiu Bowei has been looking at our mother all the time. The two are not pleasing to the eye, and even Mu Hua and Xisheng are not happy with him, you know that.”

“In case…”

“In case something happens to you, He survived, what about us people?”

“Don’t worry.” Lei Batian frowned, said with displeasure:

“I’ll be fine, and Lao Qiu is not that. Kind of people.”

“cough cough…” Shan Muhua coughed lightly, and said:

“Senior Brother, the so-called know people know face but not heart, Qiu Vice-Gang Leader, maybe Not the kind of guy you imagine, maybe once was, but certainly not now.”

“en?” Lei Batian’s face sank.

Different from Mrs. Lei, he can treat her words as a woman’s words and pass them on at will. Shan Muhua doesn’t speak often, but he doesn’t speak aimlessly.

Immediately said in a muffled voice:

“What do you mean?”

“Over the years, Qiu Vice-Gang Leader handles most of the finances of the gang.” Shan Muhua took out a booklet from his body and handed it over:

“The elder sister asked me to investigate secretly to see if there were any omissions. At the time, I felt that it was unnecessary, but later I discovered that sometimes a woman’s intuition is true. Very accurate.”

He coughed twice and said:

“Over the years, Qiu Vice-Gang Leader has been respectful to you on the surface, but secretly kept a lot of financial reports. , and even secretly raise elite soldiers.”

“The evidence is here.”


Lei Batian grabbed the booklet and flipped through it. Opened, his face became more and more ugly, and finally his wrists trembled slightly, and he couldn’t even hold the booklet.

“How come?”

“How come?”

“Senior Brother.” Shan Muhua said in a low voice:

“Maybe Qiu Vice-Gang Leader didn’t mean to betray you, he was just prepared, but what he has done over the years has obviously been far from you.”

Difficult, the ancients honestly cannot be deceived by me!”


When the booklet fell to the ground, Lei Batian staggered backwards and sat on the chair with a dazed expression.

He didn’t want to believe it, but the evidence was solid.

Shan Muhua has no reason to lie to him, after all, what is in the booklet will be known after checking it back.

“This is also a good thing.” Seeing this, Mrs. Lei slowed down, comforted:

“Qiu Bowei has stretched his hands too long over the years, and many people in the gang are him I am often uneasy about this.”

“He is dead, and I am at ease.”


” One day you let the prisoner take over as Gang Lord, if Qiu Bowei doesn’t agree, can our mothers still resist?”

“Don’t say it!” Lei Batian waved his hand, his face pale Ferocious:

“I see!”

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath:

“Just right, let’s settle Tianshui Village first today!”

β€œbang! “

The voice fell, and he was wrapped in thunder, like a bolt of lightning, swooping at the front line, and the fierce thunder blade light shredded one after another line of defense.

“Sister. “

In the room, Shan Muhua smiled indifferently:

“You prepare strong tea first, and wait for Lord Gang to wash the dust.” “

“Got it. “

Mrs. Lei rolled her eyes at him and patted her towering chest:

“You scared me just now, I thought you really wanted Thunder Tiger to rescue Qiu Bowei.” . “

“Don’t worry. “Shan Muhua shook his head:

“How could I disagree with you? When Tianshui Village is resolved, and then the blood vine building is unified, the Heavenly Tiger Gang will be the second Su Family.” “

said, smiling softly.

(end of this chapter)

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