Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 167


Chapter 167 Mighty

“I really feel pity!”

Zhou Jia has seen a lot Beauty.

On Earth, celebrities have outstanding looks and amazing beauty, and women in the ruins are even more charming, such as Mrs. Wang, Qian Xiaoyun, etc.

But compared with the woman in front of him, all of them pale in comparison.

The woman named Bai Feng has long hair like waterfalls, eyebrows like willow leaves, autumn water in her eyes, snow-covered skin, and a face like the morning glow.

The pink skirt is slightly bloated, and the simple and muddy maid’s costume, when worn on her body, can hardly hide her beautiful face.

The black clothed woman on the side is also quite outstanding, and she is more rebellious. At this moment, no one wants to see more.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the woman named Bai Feng.

She is like a rare treasure with a glowing halo.

With her.

The other women are all bleak.

As the leader of Shadow Guard, the first thing Pei Ge has to do is to be ruthless and ruthless, and there is a touch of softness in his eyes.

This kind of woman, I am afraid that no one will be reluctant to make a heavy hand.

“Evil thief!”

Bai Feng clenched her teeth and glared at Zhou Jia angrily:

“You must die!”

Even when she was cursing, her expression was pitiful, and there was a hazy mist in her beautiful eyes, like weeping.

“I can’t die?”

Zhou Jia leaned forward and pinched the woman’s chin with one hand. His eyes were like icy lake water, without a trace of waves, reflecting the appearance of a woman.

He seemed to smell something strange, he slightly frowned, and said slowly:

“You seem to be peeing your pants?”



Bai Feng’s lovable body trembled, with a shy and anxious face, wishing to commit suicide on the spot.


Zhou Jia hummed softly and flicks with the finger suddenly.


Bai Feng’s body stiffened, and her expression instantly slumped. She lowered her head and looked down, a trace of blood appeared in her abdomen, and then the severe pain spread throughout her body.

“My source power…”


She curled up, lying on the ground twitching slightly, only to feel the source power overflowing all over her body , with a feeling of being cramped.

“Bai Feng?”

The black clothed woman struggled to get close and roared at Zhou Jia:

“What did you do to her?”


Before she finished speaking, her body was also stiff, screaming and collapsing to the ground, twitching all over her body, veins on her forehead, and her expression was distorted.

The source power in the body is passing by rapidly.

In the library, there are many cultivation techniques, including methods of tormenting people, and even methods of abolishing the source power of others.

Just like this door of the Three Calamities.

One finger,

Injecting energy into the Dantian Qi Sea, eroding the bones and draining the marrow, and destroying the cultivation base.

“Drag it down!”

Zhou Jia waved his hands expressionlessly:

“Clean it up and send it to the house.”

“ Yes!”

The body trembled of the Liu Family hurriedly called in a few maids, and ran towards the bedroom with the two women who were still twitching and wailing.

“My lord.”

Pei Ge suppressed the regret in his eyes, lowered his head and asked in a low voice:

“Qin Guyan will really come? “

“Of course.”

Zhou Jia unceremoniously sat under the stone pavilion in the backyard and said slowly:

“I’m afraid there is no such woman. Men can just ignore it.”

“Yes!” Pei Ge nodded, glanced at Zhou Jia, and shook his head gently:

“Not necessarily.”

Zhou Jia closed his eyes and his voice was indifferent:

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t come, I believe Patriarch Liu can help us find where they are hiding. Say yes, Patriarch Liu?”


Liu Yuanzhong’s body was trembled, his forehead was sweating, and he was nodded.

The night is getting darker.

A red moon quietly appeared in the night sky.


The cold wind blows.

“Here it is.”

Zhou Jia opened his eyes with a calm expression.

Pei Ge listened attentively, his eyes full of blankness.

After more than ten breaths.

A slight voice made his eyes wary. At the same time, the look in his eyes towards Zhou Jia was even more unbelievable.

The same tenth grade, the difference is so big?




in the room.

The two women were pale, leaning against each other for warmth.

They only have a layer of tulle on their bodies, and they have a good figure inside.

“Is Brother Qin back?” Bai Feng muttered to herself, with the source power in her body dissipated, it was extremely difficult for her to even speak.


The black clothed woman’s voice is hoarse. She still maintains the cultivation base of Grade 3, but her muscles and bones are severely damaged. base .

She murmured in a low voice:

“Guyan is not that kind of person, he will never abandon us.”

“I would rather he Don’t come.” Bai Feng shrank his body, his eyes filled with horror:

“This is a trap…”


A muffled sound , from outside.

The two women were lovable body trembled, with hope and despair in their eyes, and their eyes swept across the floor of the house, revealing a deep fear.



Under the stone pavilion, Zhou Jia sits in the center, with an axe and a shield randomly placed on the reclining stone table , reached out and lightly grasped the mist that appeared out of thin air in the courtyard.

The fog is not thick, but it covers Liu Residence.

The weird fog affects sight and perception to a certain extent, and it seems to be getting thicker and thicker when you see it clearly.

“Original art?”

There were also people in the Dalin Dynasty who cultivated the origin art, but there was no corresponding inheritance, and the physique was different, so there were not many people in cultivation.

Cultivation has success, less.

Unexpectedly, there is someone who is proficient in Origin Art and can cover such a large area. The cultivation base of this person is probably not lower than Grade 9.

Pei Ge’s expression sank.

According to the information they got, Qin Guyan should not have this and the others in the entire group.


The muffled sound came from outside the hospital.

Immediately after.

It was just a series of shouting and killing.

“Liu Family, they dare to fight for their lives, it seems that it is indeed a misunderstanding.” Pei Ge turned his head and looked towards Liu Yuanzhong with a fatal smile.

It was very lively outside at this time, but most of the people who started the operation were the Liu Family Nursing Home, and the Shadow Guard of the real Heavenly Tiger gang had not really made a move.

The Liu Family is just outside the city, and there are not many experts in the family.

It is already doing everything possible to intercept the incoming enemy.

“Yes, yes.” Liu Yuanzhong was nodded again and again, with gratitude on his face:

“My Liu Family and those people outside are absolutely irreconcilable, and spare no effort, even if it is If you run out of manpower, you will not hesitate.”

Zhou Jia indifferent expression, his eyes moved, looking towards the side courtyard.


Taking advantage of the fight in the front yard to attract attention, a group of people crossed the wall and entered, one person in white clothed in the lead, and rushed straight to the bedroom.

About him, there is a beard, a woman, three powerful breaths, sprinting in a triangle, and the fierce and powerful air roars out first.

A few others followed closely behind them.

“Qin Guyan!”


The Shadow Guards around him roared when they saw the people coming.

Qin Guyan is a cultivation base expert. Ordinary Shadow Guards are not opponents, but Shadow Guards are numerous and proficient in combined attacks, so they are not inferior.

As for the people behind him…



The screams continued.

Some of them are from Shadow Guard, and some are from people who break into the village.

“Your Majesty.”

Pei Ge’s eyes flashed and he whispered:

“My subordinates are negligent in their duties, I am afraid they have miscalculated their strength. “

Although the current situation is that Shadow Guard still has the upper hand, but the other party secretly has a source technique expert, it is not easy to solve.

Now cup one fist in the other hand:

“Please fight!”

“en. ”

Zhou Jia slowed down Nodded:



Pei Ge should be, body flashed, has been disappeared in place, only to see two wipes The mournful blade light, moved towards the person who came and slashed away.

Ten products!

Moreover, it’s not an ordinary tenth grade.

With his shot, the situation on the field was instantly reversed.


Zhou Jia didn’t have much joy on his face when he saw this. Instead, he was surprised and moved towards the top. Shi Ding blocked his sight.

But he couldn’t stop the ferocious imposing manner.

Catch the thief first to catch the king.


They’re targeting me?



In the void, a sharp and harsh chirping sounded, and the chirping even shook the fog of several feet, causing the stone pavilion to be on the verge of collapse.

A black shadow emerged from the sky and swooped down from above.

Even across the top of the stone, the fierce murderous intention still gave people a feeling of trepidation.

“You’re so brave!”

Liu Yuanzhong’s master was eager, but he was not afraid. .

As a Liu Family patriarch, he also has a Grade 8 cultivation base.


is definitely not weak.

Never mind…


The black shadow above is like a goshawk hunting, and Liu Yuanzhong’s plump body is instantly divided into two, blood and flesh are flying all over the sky.

Grade 8, unable to withstand a single blow.

After the black shadow kills, the imposing manner is even better, the hands are stained with blood, the blood light is prosperous, and the whole person is like a blood eagle swooping down.

The flesh and blood in the sky gathered together under the attraction of strength, turned into a huge blood-colored eagle claw, and caught it from the air.

Zhou Jia sat on the stone bench, his head slightly raised, his face doesn’t change, his eyes were silhouetted against the top-down silhouette and the hideous blood claws.


He stomped lightly with one foot, and the shield on the side immediately bounced up to meet Bloodclaw.


The moment the seemingly fluttering shield collided with the blood claws, an amazing force erupted, and the naked eye immediately appeared at the contact point. shock wave.


The octagonal and six pillars of the stone pavilion were all shattered and blown away.

The shattered stones are like countless arrows, moving towards all directions and splashing, hitting the ground and walls, and instantly riddled with holes.

The blood claws pressed against the shield and continued to fall.

The terrifying energy swayed in the air, like a flying mountain, and the solid foundation stone of the stone pavilion below also sank a little.

Zhou Jia raised his hand and squeezed lightly with his five fingers, just holding the holding part inside the shield.

A circular force shield emerges out of thin air.

3rd-layer shield against!


The two silhouettes, one up and one down, stagnate at the same time.

And a terrifying energy also swept all directions along where the two were, and even swept away the fog of Liu Residence.

Zhou Jia felt as if he was carrying a mountain, his body bowed slightly, and then his arms exerted strength.

Shield shock!


The broken stone pavilion was completely shattered, and the silhouette above was also shot out.


Black Eagle Fu Qiwu shouted in a deep voice:

“Ben Lei Axe, it’s so good, but Fu underestimated you! ”

Although Zhou Jia has some reputation, he is mostly praised by his mouth, and there is almost no real record with people.

Therefore, very few people know the specific strength.

Fu Qiwu thought it would be easy to win.


“receive my move again, the eagle’s claws will turn eighteen!”

He fell to the ground, his legs were bouncing, and his whole body became human. Make a black dotted line, pounce on where Zhou Jia is, and grab out with both hands.

The sharp claws can easily tear rocks and steel.

The glove that is as thin as cicada wing is actually a black iron mysterious soldier, even if it is a Peak weapon, it can be easily smashed on the spot.

Ten Peaks!

The martial skill is amazing!

Black Iron Profound Soldier!

Which type of person is considered the strongest ten-rank, the one who collects all three is.

Fu Qiwu, obviously this and the others.

“Eagle Claw Art?”

In the face of the incoming attack, Zhou Jia’s expression remained unchanged, his arm shook slightly, his shield twisted like a sharp arrow, and stopped in front of the eagle’s claws .


“peng~ peng~!”

The two attacked and defended, and it was dozens of moves in an instant.

Fu Qiwu’s offensive was fierce, and his Claw Art was exquisite, but Zhou Jia, like a huge turtle shell on his back, blocked them all.

“What a hard shell!”

Backing up, Fu Qiwu narrowed his eyes, and his flesh roared suddenly.

“Three orifices, break!”


A qi energy far surpassing the previous one emerged from his body, as if breaking fleshy The limitation of his body, his Essence, Qi, and Spirit soared.

“Just defending, it’s useless!”

With a low snort, he lunged forward:

“Pick up your axe and let me see See your axe!”


The shield and the eagle claws collided again, and the 3rd-layer shield finally couldn’t support the body protection energy, and was The eagle’s claws tore open a hole.


Zhou Jia opened his mouth and stood up slowly.

Fu Qiwu’s eyes shrank, and he didn’t realize until now that his fist assault just now didn’t make the opponent move.


No opponents stand up!

How is that possible?

“It’s just you, it’s worthy?”

Zhou Jia got up, his flesh trembled, his spine trembled, and a powerful blood that made people jump out of his body.


The pure qi and blood made Fu Qiwu’s breathing stagnate.

Five fingers clenched a fist, and the nearby air seemed to be pulled away, into the fist, fiercely moved towards the incoming eagle claws.


With a muffled sound, Fu Qiwu felt that he had been hit head-on by a big mountain, and he had almost no resistance and retreated again and again.

“I want to see my axe.”

Zhou Jia twisted his neck and made a light move with one hand. to the opponent.

And then a seemingly random slash.


The entire Liu Residence seemed to be lit up with the light of the axe. .


As far as the axe blade can reach, the ground in front of several feet sags abruptly, countless cracks extend from the backyard to the front yard, and one silhouette spews blood backwards.


“too weak!”

Zhou Jia strode forward, like is a giant with a thunder in hand.

The double-edged axe slashes horizontally and vertically, without the slightest subtlety, but with a terrifying force, it can press the opponent to keep retreating.

With every axe, Fu Qiwu vomited blood, and his breath became more and more sluggish.

The field was quiet.

Pei Ge, who was about to turn around to help, froze in place, his eyes twitched, his face filled with a wry smile, and a sense of fear appeared in his heart.

Even if they belonged to the same faction, he was still a little frightened.

This man…

Is he really a man?

“Save people!”

Qin Guyan is even more scared witless, in his mind he has always been astonished, and his strength is only inferior to Branch Lord Qin Wuying, Fu Qiwu.

In front of surnamed Zhou, how impossible to withstand a single blow?

Fortunately, he reacted fast enough, shouting loudly, and while others were distracted, he broke through Shadow Guard’s interception and rushed into the bedroom.

A few people broke open the doors and windows and saw two women in tulle leaning against each other on the bed.

“Bai Feng!”

Qin Guyan was overjoyed and jumped into the room first.


The two women shouted:

“Be careful!”


Before he finished speaking, a dazzling red light emerged from the ground.

The red light pierced through the soil, rolled and roared, and swept all directions with Destruction Power in a lightning-quick manner.


Fast ablation under red light.


A black light appeared out of thin air, covering several silhouettes, and then swept away before the explosion sounded.

At the same time, there was a clear cry:

“big brother, run away!”

Fu Qiwu’s face was pale, hearing this spit a mouthful of blood , as if it had stimulated some potential, and the body backwards crazily.

After a few flashes, he jumped out of the manor.

Zhou Jia squinted and held the axe and hesitated.

He had the absolute certainty to keep people, but that voice…

Earth people?


Pei Ge jumped forward, showing shame:

“A few people escaped, but Qin Guyan was in the middle of the explosion. , even if he doesn’t die, he will live soon, and there are still a few people who are captured.”

“en. >”Be good, I’ll go out.”

(End of this chapter)

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