Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 168


Chapter 168 Encounter with the Origin Star again

Zhou Jia is sturdy and his axe and shield weigh hundreds of kilograms. Even for a high-end Martial Artist, it’s a weight that’s hard to ignore.

Casting Lightweight Art is even more cumbersome.

At this time, he was like a catkin, fluttering in the wind.

With just a slight tap on the foot, the whole person is like a leaf gliding downwind in a gust of wind, swept forward silently and extremely fast.

A flash is several feet.

In addition to the cultivated land outside the city, the dense jungle and the disorderly growth of tree branches cannot slow down his movement method.

The past farmers and mountain people only saw a flash and disappeared.

Like a ghost!


The silhouette flickered and floated lightly to the top of the tree.

The leaves bowed their heads slightly under the force, but the branches seemed to be unaware, and still swayed with the wind without feeling heavy at all.

Zhou Jia hands behind ones back, looking down with his head down, his expression indifferent.

He often takes the sapling juice, his body is like a hundred orifices open, transparent and smooth, and the source power is surging, almost not limited by the body.

With the blessing of listening to the wind innate talent, you can feel the flow of wind in the air.

This also makes his light-weight cultivation technique more subtle, changeable, and able to do as one pleases.



It can be slowed down!


The clothes were fluttering in the wind, and Zhou Jia’s silhouette fell silently from the top of the tree, stepping on the soft fallen leaves without making any sound.

The sturdy body and invisible coercion made the surrounding birds and insects chirping all in silence.

Not far away.

A corpse was sitting next to a tree, with a sword standing beside it.

Half of the corpse was charred black like carbon, half of the body was colorful, and the face was twisted.

Qin Guyan!

He died after all.

The cause of death was not the fire thunder detonated under the bedroom, but the Poisonous Arrow in the hands of the Shadow Guard.

In the case of Huo Lei alone, he was seriously injured at most, but when he escaped, he was shot by a dark arrow, and after the poison was released, there was no cure.

In this case, it is undoubtedly a burden to continue to carry it.

As a last resort.

The fugitives left him behind.

Zhou Jia was not surprised by this result.

Heavenly Tiger’s Shadow Guards are all elites in the gang, with more than Grade 7 experts, and they are usually Qin Guyan’s fathers and ten-level experts.

It is with no difficulty to encircle and suppress a few juniors with ease.



The strange sound came from the corpse.

The already dead body suddenly straightened up, his neck twisted, and a pair of lifeless eyes stared at where Zhou Jia was.


Zhou Jia was not moved by the sudden change.

He looked up at the blood moon in the sky, and with a wave of his hand, a double-edged axe shot out of the back, penetrated the corpse’s chest, and nailed the corpse to a tree.

In the blade of the axe, the thunder force erupted.


The electric light shone, swept away the evil energy, and the violent force ripped apart everything around it, and the corpse of mutation immediately turned into flying ashes.

Leaving an electric axe alone, it digs deep into the tree trunk.

Zhou Jia stepped forward, raised his hand and pulled out the sword beside him, flicked it lightly, and made a loud noise.

Although this sword is not a black iron mysterious soldier, it is no longer Mortal Grade. Cutting iron like mud is considered an easy task, and it is also a Peak weapon on the ordinary level.

He flipped the sword in his hand, pulled out the double-edged axe, moved towards the depths of the jungle and glanced at it, he turned back with a calm expression.

Long time.

Not far away, the ground trembled slightly, and Fu Qiwu, whose face was pale, jumped out from the ground.

Two women and a man appeared one after another.

“Gu Yan!”

Half of his cheeks were filled with scalded white phoenix eyes full of sadness, weeping in a low voice, his delicate body fell to the ground weakly, trembling again and again.

“Let’s go!”

Fu Qiwu covered his chest and coughed lightly:

“If he finds out that something is wrong and comes back, none of us can escape. Drop it.”

“Big brother.” Fu Shuyi said in a low voice, with a cautious soundtrack:

“That person is so powerful?”

Fu Qiwu’s face sank.

He has been in the tenth grade for seven years, and he has a deep background. He will soon be able to attack the black iron. The martial skill he has learned is not Mortal Grade, and he has Xuanbing in his hands, and he has a lot of fighting experience.

Ask yourself, even in the face of an expert who is new to the black iron, there is still a resistance.

Before this trip, he even felt that the plan was a bit superfluous. As long as he made his own move, he would definitely be able to take Zhou Jia and force the opponent to release him.

In order to prevent the other party from taking all on one throw, let others take the first shot and lead away the guards around Zhou Jia, so it is foolproof.

I never thought…

Fu Qiwu’s eyes shrank and his eyes were full of horror.

The aura on that man’s body, the horror of the axe, is like a black iron powerhouse, and he has almost no resistance in front of the other party.

The once proud strength was crushed like crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

At that time, I’m afraid no one would be able to see that he who was struggling in front of Zhou Jia was actually a black hawk who was owned and who had despised a certain black iron expert.


His face is bitter and his heart is full of chills:

“Let’s go!”

“cough cough…”

“ Fortunately, this person’s Lightweight Art is not very good, otherwise we will not escape, I am afraid there is some strange bloodline on surnamed Zhou?”

“Forget it!”

Fu Qiwu He waved his hand:

“Let’s go back to the Eagle’s Nest first.”

He was seriously injured after just carrying a few axes from the opponent, and he watched his brother die tragically. talk.

Fu Shuyi nodded, helped the weak Bai Feng who was crying, and swept away.

A few silhouettes, blinking disappeared.

In a few moments.

One silhouette landed lightly, looked towards the direction where the few people were going away, and looked thoughtful in his eyes.

The person here is Zhou Jia.

He hesitated slightly, and moved forward, faster than a few others, more agile and swift.


Somewhere at the foot of a mountain.

Zhou Jia stopped, looked up towards the mountain surrounded by thick white mist, his eyes narrowed, and there was a surprise in his eyes.

The source star!

In my mind, Apocalypse twinkled slightly.

Discover the Origin Star!

Discover the Origin Star!


“I can’t think of it.”

He murmured in a low voice:

“travel far and wide looking for something, only to return and find it easily.”

“I searched almost all over the stone city, except for the one on Lei Batian, I have never sensed the source star, there is one here.”

However, judging from the brightness of Apocalypse’s twinkling, the distance is still far away, and it should be hidden in this thick cloud.

The mist is thin and should be waved away.

But the fog here is very strange, as if it was imprisoned by an invisible force, the wind will not disperse, and it will not shake.


It’s even weirder.

Even with the characteristics of listening to the wind, it is difficult to hear what is inside. The fog seems to confuse people’s perception, which is why Zhou Jia stopped.

“Eagle’s Nest…”

His body is slightly sideways, looking towards a vigilant mountaineer with a hunting knife in his hand, a medicine basket and a bow and arrow on his back, and bows his hands politely. :

“Dare to ask my old man, where is this place?”

“You came here, you don’t know?” The mountain people had just left the bushes when they encountered such a strange person, I have been vigilant in my heart.

At the moment, he took a step back and said:

“This is Cloud Mist Mountain.”

“so that’s how it is.” Zhou Jia nod:

“many thanks!”

The sound fell, and the whole person was disappeared in place.

He has also heard the name of Cloud Mist Mountain. It is one of the two fog scenes near Shicheng, and it is tied with the fog island in Tianshui Village.


He also passed by, but didn’t get close. After all, there are rumors that there are many ominous beasts here, and sometimes there are even black iron monster beasts.

And the huge Cloud Mist Mountain, I am afraid that only here can I perceive the source star above, and other places are too far away to feel it.

Thanks to someone leading the way.

Seeing the silhouette disappear suddenly, the mountain people were startled, took a step back in a hurry, and rushed into the forest in a hurry, and disappeared.






The horse team slowly drove towards the city gate. When it was not enough to approach the city gate, the front rider lightly pulled the reins and slowed down.


Pei Ge looked back:

“Looks like something happened ahead?”

“en.” Zhou Jia nodded and indifferently instructed:

“Let’s take a look at it personally, we should be our own people.”


Yes , with a wave of his hand, one person has already galloped past.

Not long.


The rider returned and surrendered:

“Not long ago, Qiu Vice-Gang Leader was surrounded and killed by people from Tianshui Village. Yangu, Lord Gang was furious and captured some experts from Tianshui Village.”

“Now, to be executed in public!”

“Execution?” Zhou Jia raised his head:

“But there is another way?”

While speaking, the entire group rode around the chaotic crowd and moved towards the city gate. Many Heavenly Tiger gang members could be seen from a distance. Come and go.

A busy scene.

“There is a saying.”

The rider nodded:

“The people who were captured are all the famous great characters in Tianshui Village, among them there are also The two black iron powerhouses have now abolished the martial arts.”

“Gang Lord announced that one person will be killed every day.”

“warn others from following bad examples!”

Kill one person a day?

Zhou Jia looked back and looked towards the crowded crowd. The chaotic noise over there also made his ears buzz, and he had to stop to listen to the wind.

Although listening to the wind is good, sometimes it is also easily affected by noise.

“Is it Director Zhou in front?”

At this time, a group of people rushed to usher from the city gate:

“In Xialin Nanhen, Zhou Does the supervisor still remember me?”

“Lin Nanhen?” Zhou Jia nodded, remembering that the two of them had met once in Xiangyuan, and the other was the person next to Elder Jiuru:

“What’s wrong with Brother Lin?”


Lin Nan hated nodded, and his face was full of grief:

“Because of the sneak attack in Tianshui Village, Vice-Gang Leader was killed and Jiuru Elder was also seriously injured. Although Lord Gang broke Tianshui Village, he was still heartbroken, and ordered all gang members to wear filial piety for three days starting from him.”

“Three days later, send Vice-Gang Leader and the others are on their way.”

“Lin is responsible for the notification, and everything from Director Zhou is here.”

The so-called Dai Xiao is not a complete set, such as Zhou Jia In this way, you only need to wrap a strip of white cloth around your waist, which is mainly a situation.

However, at this time, some things are inconvenient to disturb.

Ultra Grade source quality, you can only put it aside for a while, and then talk about it after the matter is over.

Zhou Jia took the things that were sent, and nodded responded.



In the early morning,

cold wind whistling.

The withered and yellow leaves swirled on the ground, reluctant to leave for a long time.

Pedestrians curled up one by one, yawning and walking towards their goals with tired faces that had not yet woken up from sleep.

The morning tea shop has already opened.

Tofu brain is also on sale.

The number of people who eat is, as always, very few.

Scalding boiling water, bubbling white smoke, the smoke surrounded the tattered banners, making the busy silhouette behind it a little blurry.

“Boss, a bowl of bean curd brain, two fried dough sticks, and a salted boiled egg.”

Zhou Jia greeted him from a distance, and skillfully pulled over the stool. Sitting down, he took out two chopsticks and threw them aside.

The chopsticks were fished out of the hot water. Although they didn’t look good, they were considered clean and hygienic, but they were wet and he habitually shook them.

And a spoon.


I was thinking to myself, one person handed over a spoon, said with a smile:

“Don’t mind old fogey sitting here? “

“Of course.” Although there were still many vacancies in the field, Zhou Jia still didn’t mind, nodded, and asked casually:

“Old Mister doesn’t come here often.” ?”

“en. ”

The person in front of him was full of white hair, wrinkled, and had a three-inch beard. The body is a little thin.

Like a farmer who is used to working hard.

<>The old man heard thisp” nodding, pulled over a stool and sat down: “I used to come here when I was young, but I rarely come in these years, mainly because I don’t have the energy of the year.

“Little Brother come often?”

He took the plate from the stall owner, sized up the food for the two of them one after another, and tore them cautiously. In the next slice, he explained:

“When you’re old, you can’t eat too much, or you won’t be able to digest it.”

“Indeed.” Zhou Jia nods:

“The taste here is alright, I will come and try it when I have time.”

“Yes.” The old man sighed with emotion:

“The taste in memory always makes people feel The aftertaste is endless, especially in places where life is unfamiliar, it is rare and precious.”

“You mean it?”

Zhou Jia’s expression did not change, stirring gently Tofu Nao, take a sip:

“Where does Old Mister come from?”

“Chongqing.” The old man said with a smile:

“A rough calculation, It’s been fifty-three years!”

“I used to think that I would never forget the appearance of my hometown, but now, those memories have been blurred, and the old one has gone away one after another, fortunately I can still be there from time to time. I met someone who spoke the local accent.”

He sighed in a melancholy manner, glanced at Zhou Jia, lowered his head and ate the tofu brain with small mouthfuls.

“So long…” Zhou Jia paused slightly:

“Eagle’s Nest, are all people from there?”

“That’s not true. ” The old man shook his head:

“The lair was the product of an extinct race hundreds of years ago, and it was later discovered. The old fogey was also the first group of people to settle in it.”

“Not many from my hometown.”

“Fortunately, the old fogey has some prestige there, plus the clansman newspaper group to keep warm, most of us can have the final say about the nest.”


“Among the thirteen people, seven of us are our own.”

“This way…” Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

“Many thanks for what happened yesterday.” The old man looked up and said with a smile:

“The younger generation is always worrying and makes trouble everywhere. Fortunately, I met Old friends, show mercy, otherwise they won’t know where they died.”

“It was an unprovoked disaster.” Zhou Jia’s expression was indifferent:

“Just explain it.”

“That’s right.” The old man nodded, and sighed again, the tape was helpless:

“I’m afraid the youngster is stubborn and doesn’t want to look back.”

“Forgot to ask.”

He looked towards Zhou Jia:

“How long has Little Brother been here?”

“About five years.”

“Five years? It’s amazing!”

“When I first came, good luck was nothing.”

The old man knew it.

It is true that some people, Luck That Goes Against Heaven’s Will in the novice area, achieved high quality early, and they are expected to be black iron at a young age.

Zhou Jia, that should be the case.

“I want to visit the Eagle’s Nest.”

Zhou Jia put down the spoon, took out the handkerchief and wiped his hands:

“Can Old Mister arrange A moment?”

“…” The old man’s eyes narrowed, and after a long time he said in a deep voice:

“Once, we invited a person in, and he was also from our hometown, old fogey Naturally I feel trusted.”

“But soon.”

“People from Su Family and Xiaolang Island came to the door.”

Zhou Jia Action 1 Paused, slowly nodded:

“I understand.”

It seems that even if you have the identity of Earth people, it is not necessary to go to the Eagle’s Nest to get the Origin Star. Easy.

(End of this chapter)

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