Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 169


Chapter 169 Eagle’s Nest

Zheng Changtu is nearly eighty years old. It has also started going downhill.

He walked out of the city with a hat and a gray mule, hunched over.

Three steps for a breath, five steps for a meal, it took a lot of effort to get out of Li Xu, and was crowded into a noisy place.


“Beheading again!”


Excited roar , from time to time in the ear.

This makes him, who has lived for several decades, still don’t understand, what’s so exciting about killing people.

Look sideways.

The characters who used to be aloof and remote in Tianshui Village were hanged from the gallows one by one, all with pale faces and empty eyes.

One of them was pulled down by the fiercely, and a brawny man with a ghost head knife stepped forward, opened his mouth and spit into his palm first.

Rubbing his hands together, loudly shouted grabbed the handle of the knife, fiercely slashed down.


Blood splattered and heads knelt on the ground.

The headless corpse swayed, blood flowing from its neck, and then slowly fell to the ground.


The crowd shouted.

The applause, the clamor, and the excited roar were heard one after another.

They are not just excited to kill, what really makes their blood boil, it should be the great character who once aloof and remote ended up in such a field.

That’s how things are in the world.

You won’t be too happy to watch people take off. There’s never been a lot of fun when someone collapses.

Zheng Changtu shook his head, pulled up the grey mule, seemingly ordinary movements, but walked out of the crowd with no difficulty.

His eyes swept across the surroundings quietly. In addition to the excited onlookers, there were also some people with hideous eyes in the field.

Most likely, it is the gang members of Tianshui Village.

The people from the Black Tiger Gang should have discovered them too, but they remained unmoved, letting these people hide in the crowd and disperse with the crowd.

“Brother Liu!”

“It’s still the old rules, let the mule cart leave you here first and take care of it for me for a while. After a few days, I will come to lead it again.”

The gray mule was deposited at a farmer’s house, moved towards the other party and waved goodbye, Zheng Changtu walked into the jungle step by step.

Dapeng rises with the same wind in one day and soars up to 90,000 miles!

Feipeng movement method!

One silhouette shoots straight into the sky and soars dozens of feet before falling to the treetops lightly.

The body is like a peng bird, spreading its wings and flying high, fast and elegant.

In the blink of an eye,

is Li Xu.

Such a mysterious movement method is almost as rare as a bird in the sky, even among black iron experts.


Cloud Mist Mountain.

Zheng Changtu’s silhouette broke through the clouds and appeared in a beautiful canyon.

Within the valley, surrounded by flowers and fragrant, beautiful and elegant wood houses stand in it, crowded and lively.

In contrast to the chaos and noise of the outside world, there is peace here.

Dense fog keeps the place isolated, like an Immortal Realm.

The Eagle’s Nest!


is the owned Eagle’s Nest.

The number of people living in the Eagle’s Nest has exceeded 1,000 households as early as ten years ago, with a population of nearly 10,000.

“Old Zheng!”

“Old Zheng!”

Along the way, everyone within the valley nodded and gestured, with rumu on their faces.

They all know very well that the Eagle’s Nest can have what it is today, and it relies on the ordinary-looking old man in front of him to develop step by step.

Everyone knows the Thirteen Eagles.

However, above the Thirteen Eagles, there is an unfathomable Old Zheng.


“Xiao Sun, are you going to pick honey again today?”

“Old Wu, your melons should be about to ripen, right? , don’t forget to give me two when it’s fully cooked, I’ve been looking forward to it for half a year.”

Zheng Changtu greeted everyone with a smile, with a friendly attitude, like an old man next door.

“Certainly, definitely!”


While speaking, one person leaps forward:

“But see Has it come to that person?”

“en.” Zheng Changtu was nodded, his face darkened again, he changed his amiability in front of others before, and said in a solemn voice:

“You have something on your body. Injury, you should continue the medicated bath, who told you to come out?”


Fu Qiwu bowed his head:

“I’ve been soaking for one day. one night, I feel hurt…”

“It feels useless.” Zheng Changtu shook his head:

“Go back and continue to soak for another three days, although the other party shows mercy, you don’t want it because of yourself The foundation is damaged, causing the failure of the breakthrough mortal rank, right?”


Fu Qiwu should be, and added:

“That person really came from The place you always mentioned?”

Although he is a bloodline from Earth, he was born in the Ruins World and has never been to Earth. Everything there is learned from his parents and the others.


Zheng Changtu nodded:

“You should thank your younger sister, if she is not used to the language there, I am afraid you have already died without a whole corpse, there is no escape.”

Fu Qiwu’s eyes narrowed.

He thought that several people could escape the disaster, relying on his own ability, knowing that someone reported that Zhou Jia actually appeared near Cloud Mist Mountain.

This made him understand that he and the others had been secretly followed.

Very likely.

The location of the Eagle’s Nest is revealed.

Fortunately, Zheng Changtu went out for a turn and found something, so that he could rest assured and not worry about the location of the Eagle’s Nest being leaked.

Earth people?

There are three types of people in the Eagle’s Nest.

Earth people, descendants of Earth people, other races.

Among them, those who come from Earth are naturally easy to gain the trust of some people, and most of these people belong to the upper layers of the Eagle’s Nest.

“Let’s just leave this matter.”

Zheng Changtu said slowly:

“I know you’re not angry, you blame your friend for being killed, but in In this world, there is no right or wrong, and there is no need to mention this matter in the future.”

“Maybe, Zhou Jia will enter my eagle’s nest in the future and become one of the thirteen eagles.”

“…” Fu Qiwu’s face sank, and he subconsciously clenched his hands.

“Cultivation work hard.”

Zheng Changtu is old and mature, and he sees Disciple’s resentment in his heart, but he doesn’t explain it. He just patted his shoulder and said:

“After a while, I will prepare you an Ultra Grade essentia.”

“Only by achieving black iron will you be free from the bondage of your physical body and mortal flesh, but you only have It’s a chance, don’t miss it.”


Fu Qiwu lowered his head.

“Brother Zheng!”

The two of them were speaking while a white robed old man floated in front of him, and nodded signaled:

“How is it?”


“A youngster with great innate talent.” Zheng Changtu replied:

“Have a chance, next time you meet him.”

“Also Good.” white robed old man chuckled:

“But for some years, I haven’t met anyone from us, and he is still a youngster who can defeat Qi Wu.”

“Yeah!” Zheng Changtu smiled faintly, looking up at a certain height in the mountains valley:

“What is the golden eagle doing?”

“Still researching.” white robed old man brows softly:

“He is too addicted to the demise of that race, and now he has been looking for something called worry flowers, which seems to be related to genocide.”

“Genocide…” Zheng Changtu’s eyes flashed:

“Just don’t touch that limit, it’s still too far for us.”

“Who said no “white robed old man shook his head and said again:

“There is news from Tianshui Village, the defeat of Lei Batian and the collapse of the battle, Guo Wuduan is afraid that he will go the way you said. .”


Zheng Changtu shook his head:

“Although Lei Batian is in the middle stage of black iron, his strength is not trivial, Guo Wuduan is courting death , Shicheng is expected to change in the future.”

“More than that.”

white robed old man raised his eyebrows slightly:

“The blood vine building, seems to be intentional Join the Heavenly Tiger gang?”

“en?” Zheng Changtu frowned:

“It’s weird.”

“It’s really weird.” The white robed old man is also full of faces I don’t understand:

“Xuetenglou and Lei Batian have always been at odds with each other. At this time, they even took the initiative to ask for peace. How did the ‘landlord’ think of it?”

Even if the two old people Experienced and knowledgeable, still can’t imagine what happened.

But they were all clear.


I am afraid that there will be changes in Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

Although the Eagle’s Nest does not get involved, it is natural for so many people to rely on this place alone, and they also need to contact people outside.

Once there is turmoil, the original material exchange is very likely to be affected.

Must be watched at all times.




β€œFifty-three years ago, Yunji Town, located in the mountainous area of Chongqing, fell into the ruins. Two hundred and nineteen people survived.”

β€œForty-one years ago, the islands and reefs of the Southern Sea were submerged by sea water, and the people and tourists on them came to the ruins together, and were rescued by the Eagle Nest. Fifty-three days to live.”

“Twenty-nine to twenty years ago, there were also two falls of the Earth people, one in America and one near Fort Huo Family . . . “

“Five years ago, we.”

Zhou Jia’s eyes flashed, looked thoughtful.

“According to Old Zheng, he should be the first group of people to fall into the Ruins Realm, and because Yunji Town has a regiment, the most people survive.”

“But also Because of the complicated environment at that time, the entire town disappeared without leaving any official records.”

“After that, there were more outbreaks, but fewer and fewer survivors.”

“According to the rules of the other world, Earth should have another 100 to 300 years before it all falls, and it will appear near Hongzeyu.”

“Of course.”

“It cannot be ruled out that the acceleration is due to some reason. Just like the Dili tribe, they were suddenly enveloped in white mist for some unknown reason, and they fell completely in just a few years.”

The same.

The so-called “nearby” is what Old Zheng said.


The area near Hong Zeyu includes tens of millions of miles. If it is farther ‘nearby’, I am afraid that Hei Tie will not be able to travel in a lifetime.

“Zhou Jia!”

A cold icy voice interrupted his thoughts:

“What do you think?”

Zhou Jia returned to his senses and looked towards the woman beside him:

“Young Lady Lei just make a decision.”

“hmph!” Lei Mei hummed, his face cold:

“Then attack.”

“Baimen, we both shoot.”

“Okay.” Qiu Baimen clenched his teeth, fiercely nodding .

Lei Batian has many sons and daughters, and there are many who stand out. Lei Mei is one of them. He has already established Grade 9 cultivation base at a young age.

In terms of strength, he is one point stronger than Lei Prison.

However, because Lei Batian prefers sons to daughters, Lei Mei is far less concerned about Lei Mei than Lei Prison, so she doesn’t even have a decent black iron mysterious soldier on her body.

Qiu Baimen is the daughter of Vice-Gang Leader Qiu Bowei.

Different from Lei Batian, Qiu Bowei has only one wife and two concubines, and fewer children. Qiu Baimen is one year older than Lei Mei, and he is already tenth grade.

The two daughters have been friends since childhood, and they are as close as sisters.

This time.

It was the force that was ordered to kill Tianshui Village in the city.

Qiu Baimen is petite in stature, but has Innate Divine Strength, that is, wearing heavy armor, holding two heavy mace, clenching his silver teeth and rushing to the courtyard gate.

The revenge of killing my father is vented here.


The mace swung, and a strong wind blew up ahead.


About one zhang high’s iron-clad gate, it was shattered by a heavy blow, and the silhouette in ambush was even more blown away by a huge force, screaming in agony more than.


Lei Mei’s eyes lit up, and he shouted loudly. At the same time, he jumped into the courtyard like a bird, and waved his fists, moved towards the people inside and killed them.

Her boxing technique is quite good, her steps are light and agile, and her fists are like meteors chasing the moon. Obviously, she has a solid foundation.

From this point of view, her choice is also correct.

Lei Heavenly Tyrant Blade Law is amazing, and the realm of Zilei Blade Technique is the best in Xiaolang Island for hundreds of years, and even wears a formidable power to hit five thunders.

But his children obviously did not inherit this innate talent.

In Zhou Jia’s opinion, Lei Prison is not suitable for cultivation Zi Lei Blade Technique.

But in order to inherit the father’s Absolute Art, he still chose the cultivated purple thunder knife, but the progress is slow.

Lei Mei is different.

She chooses a boxing style that fits her physique.

When it comes to the understanding of moves, he is far higher than Lei Prison, but unfortunately there is no black iron mysterious soldier, so he can only be regarded as a good Grade 9 expert.

β€œCome on!”

Zhou Jia stood outside the door and waved:

β€œEveryone who is taller than the rut will not be spared.”



Pei Ge responded with a greeting, and the others rushed to the courtyard, followed by a one-sided killing.

β€œLei Yue.”

β€œBig Brother Zhou.” Lei Yue stepped forward:


β€œ I feel…” Zhou Jia hesitated for a moment, then said:

“Lei Mei seems to be targeting me in the past two days?”

He is not familiar with Lei Mei, but he I have met a few times. They are nodded friends. The relationship between the two is normal, but there is no conflict of interest.

But these two days.

When acting together, Lei Mei seems to be targeting everywhere, full of malice.


Lei Yue opened his mouth, looked at Zhou Jia cautiously, and whispered:

“Big Brother Zhou, don’t you know? ?”

“Know what?” Zhou Jia frowned.

“Father intends to marry the fourth sister to you.” Lei Yue said:

“Perhaps, the fourth sister is not very…. Of course, with the strength of Big Brother Zhou, cultivation base, Fourth Sister should be satisfied.”


Zhou Jia was silent.

Why doesn’t he know about this?

But considering Lei Batian’s character, it’s not surprising.

Lord Lei Gang makes decisions and never looks at other people’s thoughts, as long as he thinks it is suitable, for example, now he may think Lei Mei and Zhou Jia are very suitable.

Status, identity, relationship, all appropriate.

It can be regarded as a kiss.

Lei Mei is his daughter. Although she has a high status in the Heavenly Tiger Gang, Lei Batian’s words can never be refuted, otherwise she will beg for a fight.

β€œso that’s how it is.”

Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

Although he is not familiar with Lei Mei, he also knows that the other person doesn’t like him, but someone who is good at romance.

No wonder!

No wonder Chen Ying didn’t come to him during this time.

Is this a ‘Famous Flower Owner’?

Shaking his head lightly, Zhou Jia stepped forward:

“Come on, let’s go in and have a look.”


Lei Yue should be.

The next day.

Lei Batian called.

Zhou Jia’s spirit is shocked, it is time to start the Ultra Grade Origin Quality!

(End of this chapter)

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