Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Shield Rebel

Aaron the cloak, Wu Ying the whip girl, Stu Lei the double Sabrewielder, and Gao Libing, who is lustful and has the stunt of flying knives, These are the members of that mysterious quartet.

Aaron is cold and weird, and the whip girl is cruel and cold, and Gao Libing needs to say more.


Stuart should be the best tempered of the four.

At least, on the surface.

“I don’t know archery.”

Dumping the iron tire bow handed over by Zhao Gang, he shook his head gently and threw it back:

“However, I can teach you how to exert strength.”

Speaking, pacing:

“You are already Grade 2 tiger bone, with tough skin and rough flesh. The skeleton is hard, but it is impossible to have a realm without it, you also need to learn to master the power in your body.”

“Both are Grade 2, can you control the amount of strength, and even master some secret skills, the difference between Heaven. and Earth.”

“Please also ask Mr. Situ to teach me!” Zhao Gang’s face turned serious.

“It’s easy to say.” Situ Lei chuckled:

“It’s good for us if you are stronger, but time is limited, how much you can learn depends on your own perception.”

“Come on!”

He moved towards Zhao Gang and waved his hand, signaling him to approach.

Then lightly probed with five fingers, buckled towards Zhao Gang’s waist and ribs, changed the claws, and grabbed his thighs, arms and other muscles one after another.


Zhao Gang groaned in his mouth, cold sweat broke out on his face, his body twisted involuntarily, and he took out an arrow bend bow and place arrow with his backhand.


The bowstring trembled.


A dark shadow flashed past, and an arrow was instantly pierced into a big tree dozens of steps away, and the arrow entered the tree one foot. Feather, which only exposed the tail section, trembled rapidly.

The trees here are extremely hard and cannot be broken by ordinary people.

The scene in front of me also made everyone except Situ Lei change their color.

This kind of speed…

This kind of power…

Zhou Jia clenched the shield in his hand, and was shocked.

If he can’t find out in advance, facing this kind of attack, he is afraid that he has been hit by an arrow before he can react.

Once you are hit by an arrow, you will die.


Zhao Gang couldn’t help but sucked in a breath of cold air:

“I feel that my strength has nearly doubled. , even with an elephant standing in front of me, I can… shoot through!”

But it’s not without a price.

He only felt that his whole body was sore, especially the place where Situ Lei grabbed it, the pain was unbearable, and he could barely move.

On the contrary, it is a heat flow, which keeps moving along the sequence of the force just now.

This is…

strength emission skill?

With a move in his heart, Zhao Gang hurriedly restrained his distracting thoughts, closed his eyes and carefully felt the changes in his body, the squirming of every muscle.

“en. ”

Taking Zhao Gang’s reaction into the entire scene, Situ Lei slowly nodded.


Turning around, he looked towards Zhou Jia:

“Bring the shield here.”

“Yes. “

Zhou Jia’s eyes moved, and he hurriedly handed it over.

“Good luck with the shield.” Taking the shield, Situ Lei gestured with it in his hand, and then said with a casual compliment:

“What do you think, the shield What is it used for?”

“body protection, to block other people’s attacks and prevent themselves from being hurt.” Zhou Jia answered this point without hesitation.

“It’s only right.” Situ Lei was not very satisfied:

“If it’s just body protection, a giant shield that can protect the whole person is the mainstream, but Some shields will not be that big.”


He glanced at Zhou Jia and said:

“The function of the shield is to fight Stop your opponent’s attack!”

What’s the difference?

Zhou Jia was taken aback.


Situ Lei beckoned:

“Slash me with an axe!”

Zhou Jia looked surprised, seeing The other party’s face was casual, and he couldn’t help laughing in his heart, how could he hurt the person in front of him.


After calming down, he clenched the giant axe in his hand, exerted force on his waist, and threw his arms violently. The giant axe slashed towards Situ Lei in an arc.

The power is amazing.

Faced with his attack, Situ Lei’s expression did not change, but at the moment when giant axe was about to fall, he took the initiative to raise his shield against it.


The axe and shield collided, Zhou Jia leaned back, involuntarily taking two steps back.

When he returned to his senses, a long knife was already in his throat.


Situ Lei withdrew his sword and said lightly:

“I’m not as strong as you, just to interrupt your offensive. , it can make your body lose balance and let others be slaughtered.”

“This move is the basis of shield technique, you can call it shield counter.”

Shield counter?

Zhou Jia’s breathing was rapid and his eyes were bright:

“Please also ask Mr. Situ for guidance.”

He didn’t use all his strength just now, but the other party’s personality Blocking, it did make him unable to resist. The timing was just when the force was insufficient, which not only interrupted his offensive, but also caused counter-injury.

This kind of skill is far stronger than his previous reckless resistance.

“It’s easy to say.” Situ Lei threw the shield:

“Be sharp-eyed, grasp the time well, and try several times to do it, but in order to use it flexibly, you need to fight frequently. Just do it.”


Zhou Jia should be.


As Situ Lei said, each of him will give some pointers, but he doesn’t care how much he can learn, and he will never teach again if he can’t learn it.

And there are not many who can get his guidance.

In addition to Zhou Jia, Zhao Gang, and Fatty Han, there are two others.

One is Wang Shizhong, a middle-aged man who is somewhat bald, and the other is a woman, Huang Ying, the only woman among the five.

The five of them are Grade 2 tiger bone.

Of course.

Zhou Jia is actually a Grade 3 strong, but Situ Lei and the others did not have the ability to see the strength of others at a glance, and mistaken him for tiger bone.


In less than ten days after entering this place, it is theoretically impossible to make an unqualified ordinary person into a Grade 3 strong.

So they simply didn’t think about it, some people have achieved inner strength early.

“Strength emission skill is the foundation.”

After Situ Lei left, the five gathered around to exchange experiences, Fatty Han was the first to speak:

“Other Only on this basis can you exert the most huge might.”

“Not bad.” Zhao Gang nodded, with some regrets in his eyes:

“Unfortunately, you have all learned the ability, then I don’t.”

Stuy Lei is not good at archery, but seems to be proficient in other weapons, and everyone except him has learned a unique skill.

It’s like the shield counter that Zhou Jia learned.

“Be content.” Although Huang Ying is over 30 years old, she still has the same charm, her figure is plump and hot, hearing this beautiful eyes doubled:

“You are archer, don’t go to the front, we are much more dangerous.”

“Yes.” Fatty Han nods:

“And we are just learning, whether we can learn or not is a matter of course. , you have been learning archery for more than ten years, and no one can compare to this.”

For Zhao Gang, several people envied him.

In fact, except for Zhao Gang, several people have their own advantages.

Huang Ying is a woman, but she graduated from a sports university and is a top student of the only one 211 sports university in China.

After graduating, I worked as a Sanda coach.

Wang Shizhong’s baldness is not due to malnutrition, but due to excessive hormonal secretion during exercise. He takes off his clothes and is covered in tendons.

Fatty Han needless to say.

Have a strong foundation and dare to fight, these days with so many people through the forest off-road, the urban elite atmosphere has long been worn away.

Only Zhou Jia, a liberal arts graduate, is relatively common.


He closed his eyes, Sea of Consciousness sprinkled the starlight, and a series of subtitles appeared.

Name: Zhou Jia.

cultivation base: Normal Grade 3 inner strength (234/1000).

Source Star: None

martial skill: Shield Anti-Introduction (2/10), Source Power Introduction (1/50)

The subtitles are a little more Changed from Mortal Grade third rank to Mortal Grade Grade 3, which is not bad. In addition, two sect martial skills have been added at the bottom.

Opening his eyes, he looked thoughtful, and a ferocious flashed in his eyes:

“A few of us try it out?”

“Alright! ”

(end of this chapter)

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