Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 170


Chapter 170 Peak

The wind was cold.

Although there are no Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter in Shicheng, it is divided into two seasons, cold and hot, but the change of seasons is not obvious, and usually you can’t feel the difference.

Only in the evening do you notice the difference.

Zhou Jia paced forward, the restlessness in his heart gradually calmed down.

Once upon a time.

He is extremely eager to meet people from Earth. After all, in this strange world, only people there are subconsciously recognized by him as the same kind.

Only can we warm each other and resolve loneliness.

But over time, this feeling faded away.

Even if I really met someone from Earth, I wasn’t as excited as I imagined, and I was already subconsciously considering various options.

Maybe it was because of too much experience that made him more defensive, and it was not easy to trust people anymore.

Maybe it is my hometown, which has gradually become blurred.


As Zheng Changtu said, most of the world in this old man’s life lived in the ruins, and his friends, wives, children, and even enemies were also here.

I have lost my hometown.

The ruins are his roots.

In addition, Earth will fall in the future, and the existence in memory will no longer exist.


All will be brand new.

No more, what he looked like.

“What you are asking for is not your old friend, nor your hometown, but peace of mind.”

When he was leaving, Zheng Changtu sighed with emotion, as if persuading Zhou Jia, but also like While talking to himself, looking at the sky from afar, he said:

“I wonder if Lingnan should be good.”

“But said, my hometown is where my heart is at ease.”


step one stopped, Zhou Jia looked up.


A dark carriage, accompanied by the driver waving the reins lightly, stopped beside him.

The curtains are lifted:

“Here it is.”

“Gang Lord.” Zhou Jia cupped his hands towards the other side.

“My teacher.” Lei Batian said loudly and waved:

“Get in the car.”

“Yes, my teacher.”

Zhou Jia should be on the carriage.

From the outside, the carriage looks like it’s bigger and more unremarkable, but the inside is a place of charm and beauty, which is comparable to a small half-room carriage, enough for eight people to sit reclining.

Soft and comfortable like goose down.

The wooden table is placed in the middle, with a few dishes on it, and more of it is a jar of fine wine.

Lei Batian wears soft armor, carries a wine jar, and pours it into his stomach.

“It’s cool!”

Wiping the drink from the corners of his mouth, he smiled and looked:

“Don’t worry, I’m done with the matter at hand when I’m done. , I’ll take you to get Ultra Grade.”

“How did the painting I gave you last time look like?”

“thunder technique, extremely firm and fierce, just In spite of being so fierce, the uncle was able to evolve Five Elements, which has reached the state of endless life, Junior admires.” Zhou Jia handed over his hands and sighed on the tape.

“Not bad!” Lei Batian raised his eyebrows, seeming to be a little surprised, and said nodded:

“Don’t listen to such a domineering name, but only rely on domineering You can realize this truth in just a few days, it’s amazing.”

“Sure enough, I didn’t see the wrong person.”

He laughed, from He took out a volume of books from the drawer under the table and threw it over.

“This is the method. You have time to try and practice. If you don’t understand anything, you can come and ask me, of course, it depends on whether I am free.”

“This… …” Zhou Jia hesitated for a moment, then nodded:

“many thanks, Master.”

Zilei Blade Technique is one of the three techniques and six techniques of Xiaolang Island, which also means that Xuantian League is the most peak of the martial skill ranks, and it is stronger than it.

I am afraid that it is no less than the famous inheritance of Inner Sect.

With such a cultivation technique, he will not be unmoved.

Lei Batian is even more domineering. He is the only one in the world who knows this skill, and if he spreads it more than one person, he may be found weak, but he doesn’t care.

Only speaking.

He trusts Shan Muhua and Zhou Jia as well.

More self-confidence.


The carriage drove out of the city gate and rushed towards the forest.

The horse pulling the cart shook its hair lightly, and its hooves were windy. It jumped several feet, and even walked on the air for a short time, and the speed was comparable to that of a black iron expert.

The halo on the carriage seemed to come from Fei Mu’s world.

The driver’s way of driving the carriage is even more remarkable, all the way over mountains and mountains, going straight to the distance.

“Master.” The wind whistled in his ears, and the carriage gradually drifted away. Zhou Jia couldn’t help but frowned, put down the booklet in his hand and said:

“Where are we going?”

“I’ll be a friend.” Lei Batian kept drinking and drinking, and the more he drank, the more energetic he became. Now his eyes are brighter and his spirits are high:

“One has been entangled with me for most of the time. Friends for life!”

His tone was ferocious, with a vague killing intent, which also made Zhou Jia subconsciously frown.


Lei Batian put down the wine jar heavily, with excessive force, cracks appeared on the surface of the wine jar, and a little wine overflowed from it.

“That person killed my younger sister, killed a few of my children, and even killed a few of my brothers!”

He raised the wine jar and drank it all in one go , and said with a smile:

“But I didn’t suffer. I caught his wife and played one day one night in front of many people, and then sent it back.”

“To be honest, that woman is very moist, but unfortunately she committed suicide after returning home.”

He shook his head and sighed with regret.

“And his son!”

“Unlike me, he has very few sons. Half of them were killed and maimed by me, and they were alive to hear my name. Just cry, and don’t cry when you mention my name.”


Lei Batian laughed:

“For the first half of my life, He pressed me so hard that I couldn’t raise my head. For the rest of my life, I want him to repay double, this is the principle of my life!”

“Zhou Jia, do you think I did the right thing?”

“I don’t know.” Zhou Jia shook his head and said calmly:

“Why should my uncle care what others say?”

“Haha…” Lei Tyrant Heaven Crazy laughed, With long hair flying upwards, the Furious Thunder Blade on the side trembled excitedly, and the electric light flashed around him:

“Zhou Jia, if you are not my Junior Brother’s discipline, I must snatch you over, you It’s too much for my appetite.”

“The past few days, how are you getting along with Meier?”

“Young Lady Lei has a tough personality.” Zhou Jia said:

“Junior is hard to catch the eye, it’s not easy to get along with.”

“That’s because you don’t have enough means.” Lei Batian opened his eyes, loudly said:

“Woman, it’s just a plaything, you don’t have to be polite to her, you can go up if you want, she will definitely be your woman in the future, I said that.”

“And that Qiu Baimen, Chen Ying, if you want, you can take it together!”

“Man, do what you want, what does cowering and dilly-dallying look like?”

“Of course.”

He paused and said:

“Brows need to be bigger, she is my daughter after all, I want to give her mother an explanation, I chose ideal husband, her mother No opinion!”

Zhou Jia was dumbfounded and shook his head helplessly.

Lei Batian…

Really domineering.

He had already guessed who Lei Batian was looking for tonight. At such a critical juncture, he could still drink happily. The temperament was really amazing.

โ€œGang Lord!โ€

The carriage stopped smoothly, almost no abnormality was felt in the carriage, and the driver said in a solemn voice:

โ€œWe are here!โ€


Lei Batian’s eyes widened, his eyes were full of lightning, like two groups of violent thunder, on the verge of breaking out at any time.


The Thunderbolt Knife bounced on its own and landed in his palm.

“Get off!”






The carriage stands still on the high slope.

As you can see, the tall trees are connected together, and the densely packed leaves are blown by the night wind, like a surging tide, all the time.

Zhou Jia stood in front of the carriage, staring at the tall and burly silhouette in front of him.

The terrifying aura, in his perception, was like a fire beacon rising into the sky, pressing down the Heaven and Earth air in all directions.

A violent force gathers quietly in the void.


Although the void hasn’t changed, Perfection Realm’s Purple Thunder Axe allows him to detect the power of begin to stir in advance, which is even more frightening.

Far away.

Several li are open.

Another powerful aura surged up, like an ominous beast with open fangs.

“Guo Wuduan!”

Lei Batian murmured in a low voice:

“You should regret that you offended me?”

His voice was not loud, but he was hardly affected by the air barrier, and his words were clearly transmitted to the distance.

“Regret?” In the void, an illusory voice echoed:

“Guo has many things to regret in his life, but this one has never been regretted, maybe I have regrets, but I only regret that I didn’t solve you sooner.”

“Fortunately, it’s not too late today!”

“haha…” Lei Batian laughs facing the sky :

“The surname is Guo, it’s up to you, today’s place is your burial place!”

“Suffer to die!”

Yin Luo .

A dazzling thunder appeared on the spot, and there was a rolling thunder in the sky, and the meandering electric light crossed several li and slammed into the jungle.

The electric light fell on the top of the tree only a few times, and then it was cut down.

blade light!


The jungle night sky, suddenly brightened.

The thick thunder tore the void, cut to the tall and thin silhouette below.

Purple Thunder Blade Technique – Winter Thunder Thunderbolt!

Guo Wuduan raised his head. He was tall and thin, and under the light of the blooming thunder, he became more and more small, weak, and powerless.


A Feimu world voice spit out from his mouth.

The moment the sound fell, the hesitations, concerns, and distractions in his eyes were all disappeared, only an unyielding, fearless high-spirited fighting spirit rose into the sky.


The sound of the sword murmured softly.

The voice is not loud, but it seems to be passed down from Nine Nether, low and tactful, making people unable to help indulge in it, and involuntarily moved towards the endless darkness.

The dark sword qi is almost indistinguishable in the night, and the sword qi is like vortex, quietly wrapping the sky thunder.

Black Death Sword!

Different from Lei Batian, Guo Wuduan’s inheritance is more messy, and he is not the traditional Martial Artist of the Dalin Dynasty.

Instead, it integrates the cultivation technique of the other world.

Different from the Dalin Dynasty.

The other world, when it didn’t fall into the Ruins World, also gave birth to a silver powerhouse.

Even rare.

But there really was.

Such as the Legendary Master of Feimu World, the white clothed Saint of the Dili tribe, and even the merfolk, there have also been Supreme Emperors.

Their heritage must be stronger than the Dalin Dynasty.

Black Death Sword,

that’s how it was born.

In Feimu world, there is a special group of people who take pleasure in killing, but do not believe in Death God, but War God.

The Sword Art that is circulated in the family has the ability to capture the soul.

By blending with the martial skill of the Dalin Dynasty, the black death sword created has the meaning of death, and all things are destroyed by the blade.

And the 9th layer Fengxiang Gong, Guo Wuduan has been repaired to the Seventh Layer.

cultivation base ,

Dark iron late stage!

When it comes to the background, he is obviously stronger.


Death, thunder collided with the night sky, and a wave of air emerged.

In a radius of 100 meters, the earth burst open, and trees surrounded by several people rose from the ground, and the smoke and dust spread out in a circle like a mountain.

Inside, there are only two people facing each other.



Lei Tyrant Heaven Crazy roars:

“After so many years, the original surname is Guo You have been hiding your clumsiness, making me think that your strength is the only one, and it is not until today that you have fully developed your cultivation base.”

“It’s better, this Lei can also fight happily!”


Guo Wuduan coldly snorted.

He has indeed been hiding his clumsiness, making the opponent think that he is not an opponent. This spare no effort is to solve the opponent in one fell swoop.

But he didn’t expect that Lei Batian’s background would become more and more abundant.

Ten levels of Shenhuang Jue, I’m afraid I have already completed the sixth test.

“Shen Huo!”

With a low moan, his eyes suddenly brightened.

A trace of invisible flame from naked eye emerged from his Sea of Consciousness and instantly appeared in the whole body. The fiery pain also stimulated the potential of fleshy body.


The sword intent pointed to, a lacquer Black Sword aura about ten Zhang or so long, already running through the void.


As the electric light shone, Lei Batian dodged several feet, surrounded by thunder, brilliant blade light, and cut out a lightning of dozens of meters.

The blade light and sword light intertwined with each other, as if the shotgun swept the surroundings in a disorderly manner, and rows of tall trees fell one after another.

Guo Wuduan’s face doesn’t change, and the sword light is continuous.

From a distance, the lacquered Black Sword light, like a long snake that devours everything, baring fangs and brandishing claws, is chasing a throbbing electric light.

Sometimes thunder blooms, sword light sweeps.

Wherever I passed, rocks, giant trees, and soil were all cut off and chopped.

The silhouettes of the two were entangled, tossing and turning, the huge jungle, countless towering trees, collapsed at a speed visible to naked eyes.


Zhou Jia’s eyes shrank and his heart froze.

The strength of these two people is far beyond his expectations, and the confidence that once killed Hei Tie expert with one punch has also quietly dissipated.

Dark iron late stage, dark iron Early-Stage, the strength is very different.

Just like Grade 9 and Grade 3.

Although they are of the same rank, they are completely different.

With his current cultivation base, even if he spares no effort, wears a treasured armor and incites violence, he is afraid to approach the area where the two are fighting.

With a single blow, they have the power of heaven shaking and earth shattering.

Such terrifying power can be manipulated to the smallest degree, and the lethality is condensed at one point.

For the control of their own power, both of them are also general figures of Grandmaster.

The sword light rolled, and everything was dead silent wherever it passed.

Thunderous Roar, nothing that cannot be broken.

Zhou Jia took a deep breath, his eyes fixed on the field, listening to the wind with all his strength, not letting go of the two of them fighting.

This kind of confrontation, with his current cultivation base, is almost impossible to see.

Not to be missed.

The sword qi whistled and the blade light roared, and the two who were fighting were almost indistinguishable.


Guo Wuduan’s Sword Art is colder and more sinister, and it is not lacking in depth. The background is obviously deeper, and it seems that there is still some potential to be tapped.

And Lei Batian.

It seems to have spare no effort.

Of course.

It’s not that Lei Batian is not strong enough, on the contrary, Zilei Blade Technique is simply magical in his hands, and he can even attack against the trend.

The duel between the two is equivalent to a fight between a Grade 6 and a Grade 9.

Grad 6 has a significantly weaker cultivation base.

But with a Blade Technique, he did not lose out at all, and even in the case of overwhelming majority, he forced his opponent to take the defensive and backslid again and again.

โ€œZhou Jia!โ€

Lei Batian roared towards the sky:


โ€œThe sky beats five thunders bang!โ€



In an instant, lightning rolled on the scene, Dou Da Thunderous Roar came out, unscrupulously showing its power Yes, the hurricane Blade Qi swept all directions, and there was nothing to see in the field except for the heavenly thunder blade light.

The confrontational battle situation tilted in an instant.


Guo Wu hummed in a low voice, his fleshy body glowed with a subtle black glow, his eyes were even darker, sword light and fleshy body almost fused together.



He swung his sword frantically, slashing more than a hundred times in an instant, and the strength in his body gradually disappeared.

But he didn’t remain unmoved. With his heritage, he could hold on to the three breaths. How long could Lei Batian hold on to such a terrifying outbreak?

The other party’s cultivation base is far lower than your own!


Two breaths!

In the perception, all directions are the thunder blade glow, endless, endless, endless, with the passage of time, the power actually increases instead of weak.

Three breaths!


Guo Wuduan roared up to the sky, fleshy body cracked one after another gap, the sword intent swept across, and the dark sword light pointed to the middle of the thunder.

“It’s impossible!”


The heavenly thunder burst once again, and countless thunder blade lights swept a hundred meters away, Guo Wuduan’s final blow was completely crushed.

“Guo, do you know what I hate most about you?”

In the smoke and dust, one silhouette stepped forward, with a strong anger in her voice Meaning:

“It’s not that you killed my younger sister, my son, it doesn’t matter, this Lei can be forgiven, but you have seriously injured me for eight years!”

“Eight years !”

“I originally could achieve the later stage of Black Iron, and even that step!”

“It’s you who ruined my future!”

In the roar, the blade light fell and the head rolled.

(End of this chapter)

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