Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 171


Chapter 171 Lows



Cold The wind remains.

The galloping carriage is the cold wind that makes asserts the senses, like a knife whistling.

The driver of the car was flushed and his eyes were frenzied. He even opened his shirt to face the cold wind and released his excitement.

In the carriage.

Zhou Jia sat cross-legged, with a halo in his eyes.

The billowing blade light and the heavenly thunder are still in sight.

Blade light came and went, the mighty lightning seemed to weigh down the sky and the stars were dim, and the power to destroy everything was endlessly rising.

Even the powerhouse in the later stage of the black iron, in that thunder, is like a powerless grasshopper, which is submerged in an instant and has no resistance.

Five thunders bang in the sky!

Five thunders,


There is no beginning and no end!

“How’s it going?”

Lei Batian flushed and gulps down his belly.

“Admiration!” Zhou Jia returned to his senses, and said sincerely:

“Master’s Blade Technique is amazing, he has entered the realm of transformation… No, it should be close to the road, control five Thunder Power, One with Heaven and Earth.”

“Haha…” Lei Batian laughed:

“That’s right, but it’s still wrong.”

His five fingers are empty, and his eyes are lightning:

“It’s not One with Heaven and Earth, but I am the sky, my heart is the heart of the sky, the Power of Thunder between Heaven and Earth, all of them. for me to use.”

Zhou Jia’s eyes moved and he was once again in admiration.

Although the two have similar meanings, they are actually completely different.

One with Heaven and Earth, man and heaven are in the same position, while Lei Batian replaces heaven’s heart with his own heart, and he is higher than heaven.

This does not mean a real ‘day’.

It’s a mood.

A kind of mood


Lei Batian did not use the Blade Technique to induce thunder, but controlled the Power of Thunder, evolved the five thunders, and reached a state of endless life.

This is no longer a pure martial skill.


Divine Ability!

Perhaps only the word ‘Divine Ability’ can describe the power of five thunders.


Perhaps he drank too hastily, Lei Batian spit out a mist of wine, the mist was bloody, and his expression also showed apathy.


Zhou Jia complexion slightly changed.

“It’s okay!”

Lei Batian waved his hand, his face full of indifference, blood spurting out, although his complexion was a little pale, his eyes became brighter.

The breath is weak and the spirit is more and more high.

“Guo is not an easy person after all. He can entangle with me for most of his life. What’s the worst thing about getting hurt, so happy!”

laughed, Lei Batian mentioned wine again The altar was filled with blood and water in his mouth and poured into his belly.

“Let’s go get the Ultra Grade source material and solve another problem by the way.”

He put down the wine jar, his eyes flashing wildly:

” Once this matter is resolved, Shicheng will be divided into two parts of the world, and Black Tiger Gang will be able to stand on an equal footing with the Su Family, and the century-old foundation will be achieved.”

“It’s not in vain…”

“I Thunder Tiger came to this world!”


Zhou Jia looked up.

Tonight, looks very busy.

But looking at Lei Batian’s expression, it seems that he was in high spirits at the time of the wedding night and Gold List inscription, as if he had reached the peak of life.


After killing Guo Wuduan, he should be able to dominate the two sides of the Shicheng waterway.

Life Peak,

No more than that!





The driver swiped the reins lightly.

The carriage stopped slowly in the deep forest.

The two walked down the carriage and moved towards a courtyard in front of them.

I’m afraid no one would have thought that someone would build such a courtyard in this forest, covered with greenery and deserted.

The courtyard is not big, with only two entrances.

The objects used are all exquisite, and the interior decoration is more careful everywhere.


Lei Batian stepped forward and waved, and the courtyard door opened on its own.

There were only a few guards in the front yard, but none of them were experts from Grade 9 and above. Zhou Jia also saw two familiar faces.


One after another A powerful breath emerges, as if Dragon Snake is entrenched.


“This is a courtyard that I built in secret in order to avoid the enemy in the early years, just in case of emergency.”


” p>

Lei Batian knew what he wanted to ask, and waved his hand with a smile:

“Go, your Master is inside.”

“Senior Brother!”


“Gang Lord!”

While speaking, the door to the main hall in the backyard was moved towards both sides, and the entire group filed out, all with ecstasy, moved towards Lei Batian.

Shan Muhua and Yuan Xisheng were also in the crowd.

There are also Zen Master Jiuru, Fairy Maiden Hua, Elder Liao and the others, all of whom are Peak experts in the gang.

“Gang Lord has won!”

“Sure enough, Guo’s own courting death, how could he be Gang Lord’s opponent?”

“Haha… …”

Everyone obviously knew where Lei Batian went, and rushed back this time, with a high-spirited and vigorous expression, the result was self-evident.

“That’s right!”

Lei Batian glanced at everyone and said:

“Guo Wuduan is dead!”

Quiet in the field.

Although they had already guessed the result, when Lei Batian announced it personally, everyone couldn’t help but feel excited and laughed one after another.


Vibrate one side.

Some people even shouted unscrupulously to express their feelings.

For several decades, Tianshui Village and Heavenly Tiger have helped each other fight against each other.


It is still his own side that wins. In the future, Shicheng will be so big and his power will be almost under control.

How not to get excited!

“Let’s go!”

Lei Batian waved:

“Have a banquet, today we are open to eat Hah!”

Immediately asked Said:

“Are those people here?”

“It should be soon.” Yuan Xisheng handed over:

“The news of Lord Gang’s victory spread, they It won’t take long for him to come over, today is the day of the double happiness of Gang Lord.”

“Haha…” Lei Batian laughed:

“That’s right!”


“Let’s go in!”

Everyone crowded around him, filed in, and with a single order, all kinds of rich food and drinks were brought up one after another.

โ€œGive it!โ€

Lei Batian took out a porcelain bottle from somewhere and threw it to Zhou Jia:

โ€œYou want the Ultra Grade Origin Quality!โ€

“Senior Xie.” Zhou Jia took it, put it in his arms, raised his glass and drank it all at once.

“Junior Brother prepared Ultra Grade Origin Quality so early?” Yuan Xisheng sat in the adjacent seat, raised his glass with a smile, and whispered:

“Actually, Junior Brother Brother’s age, there is no need to worry about breakthrough. After a few more years of stability and solid foundation, there will be a greater chance of breakthrough.”

“Senior Brother said yes.” Zhou Jia nominated:

“I am also prepared.”

“en.” Yuan Xisheng nodded:

“It’s good that you have an idea.”

“That’s right.” Zhou Jia asked in a low voice:

“Who else is coming?”

He could see that although everyone in the venue was eating and drinking happily and in high spirits, they were actually a little restrained. what are you waiting for.

“A very important person.”

Yuan Xisheng squinted his eyes and looked inexplicable:

“You will find out later.”

Didn’t wait long.

Accompanied by a series of shouts from outside the hospital, everyone in the house put down their belongings one after another, only Lei Batian still gulps.

Seems to have no interest in what’s going on outside.

The shouting stopped shortly after.

The sound of heavy footsteps, the sound of chains rubbing against the bluestone floor, is getting closer.


A cold wind burst through the door, whistling swept the audience, the wind roared, and a silhouette with disheveled hair and blood all over appeared in front of the door.

silhouette Tall, burly, imposing manner is extraordinary.

His hands and feet were bound by heavy chains, and even his shoulder blades were pierced by steel claws, but his figure was still standing tall.

“Nie Guanwen!”

Lei Batian stopped what he was doing, moved towards the person who came and looked at him, his voice was a little emotional:

“After all, we are still See you!”

Nie Guanwen?

Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly.

As far as he knows, since several decades ago, there has been no expert surnamed Nie in Shicheng, but the owner of the Blood Vine Building, rumored to be surnamed Nie.

“Lei Batian!” Nie Guanwen raised his head, his loose hair fluttered back, revealing his facial features like a knife and axe, and open a pair of tiger eyes glared at him:

“I I don’t agree!”

“I don’t agree, so what?” Lei Batian squinted and snorted coldly:

“The truth in the world is that powerhouse is respected, and your Nie Family is not as good as Black. Tiger Gang, you’re not as good as me, so what if you don’t agree?”

His voice sank, suddenly shouted, like a muffled thunder, the roof even trembled wildly, and countless bricks and tiles quietly cracked.

Nie Guanwen was silent.

Long time.

Only then said:

“From today onwards, the Blood Vine Building will be merged into the Heavenly Tiger Gang, and the head of this Nie will also be left, but the descendants of the Nie Family, you can’t kill another one !”

“No problem.” Lei Batian coldly snorted:

“As long as your juniors don’t court death themselves, this Lei is self-disinclined to pay attention to.”

“How can I trust you?”

“Since you’ve already come here, do you still think you have a choice?”

Nie Guanwen closed his eyes, his face full of sadness.

Since it was rumored that Lei Batian was going to fight Guo Wu decisively, many people in the Blood Vine Building had different hearts.

They knew very well that without the anger of Tianshui Village attracting the Heavenly Tiger gang in front, the Blood Vine Building could not escape the killing of Lei Batian.

Only Nie Guanwen can save the lives of others.


The moment Lei Batian won, his defeat was declared.

At this time, Zhou Jia also understood that today is not just the Peak of Lei Batian’s life, but the Peak of the Heavenly Tiger Gang.

Destroying Tianshui Village and Naxueteng Building.

Even if it is the Su Family, I am afraid that it will be suppressed by the Heavenly Tiger gang in the future.

“Nie, you are a formidable person.”

Lei Batian tapped his palms:

“For the sake of several decades , I’ll give you a ride.”

Shan Muhua got up, covered his mouth and coughed lightly:

“I’ll come!”

He picked up the jug , poured three bowls, and the soundtrack sighed with emotion:

“I think back then, the three of us also drank together at the same table and talked happily. >

As if thinking of the past, the coldness in Lei Batian’s eyes also dissipated a little, took the wine bowl, and looked towards Nie Guanwen below.

“I said, women are a scourge!”

“This Lei is lecherous, but never indulged. You, the surnamed Nie, did not hesitate to be my enemy for the sake of a woman. Unwise?”

“It’s not just women.” Nie Guanwen narrowed his eyes, stared at Lei Batian, and reached out to take the wine bowl:

“You are too domineering. Now, even without that woman, if the Nie Family is standing in front of you, sooner or later, it will be inevitable.”

“In that case, why didn’t this Nie start earlier?”

“Haha…” Lei Batian smiled and waved his hand:

“As expected of an old friend, you still understand me, but now, everything doesn’t matter, I’ll send Brother Nie on his way.”

Said, raising the wine bowl.

“Come on!”

Shan Muhua sighed lightly, raised his bowl and said:

“The three of us drink this cup together, which is also considered to be the year. The relationship is over.”


The three of them raised their heads and drank.

Time seems to have returned to several decades ago, when three youngsters were high-spirited and vigorous, but now, all of them are full of gray hair.


Nie Guanwen waved his hand, slammed the wine bowl in his hand, and glared at Lei Batian:

“Lei, this Nie will learn again today Once, your Purple Thunder Blade Technique!”


In the roar, he was hunting all over his clothes, and the chains danced wildly like snakes, and the ground was with him. It shattered at a touch, and the walls were swept down and collapsed.

โ€œZilei Blade Technique?โ€

Lei Batian sighed with emotion.

Once friends are still far away from me after all.

As early as ten years ago, Zilei Blade Technique is no longer his reliance, but there are very few people who can make him perform the five thunders.

And the other party.

I still think that my strongest method is Zilei Blade Technique.


Nie Guanwen roared and rushed forward, each chain with the thickness of the arm like a Poison Dragon coming out of a hole, rubbing the air with force, and swooped on the silhouette above.

The imposing manner is terrifying.

But compared with Guo Wuduan, it is much weaker.


Lei Batian slowly raised the knife:

“Just let me send you off myself.”

Spring thunder explodes!

The dazzling lightning suddenly appeared, collided with the chain, the thick chain was like a poisonous snake that was nailed seven inches, inch by inch broke apart.


Nie Guanwen flew back and Lei Batian vomited blood.


Lei Batian swayed, staggered, and looked puzzled.

“Senior Brother!”Shan Muhua’s complexion greatly changed, hurriedly flew to help:

“How are you?”

“It’s okay.” Lei Batian waved his hand :

“Maybe with Guo Wuduan…”

“pu!” , a sharp blade emerged from the front chest, not stained with blood.



Countless lightning emerged from Lei Batian’s body, smashing the roof, smashing the ground, and sweeping all directions , blooming recklessly.

And one silhouette has already taken a step to avoid thunder.


Lei Batian staggered, holding a knife and roaring:


He didn’t understand, and couldn’t figure it out at all, why the biological brother of several decades would plot against him when he reached the peak of his life and nail him to a low point.

The long sword on his body still runs through his heart, but the pain in his body is not as good as the betrayal of his brother.

Angry, unwilling, sad…

Rise in the mind as much as possible.

Lei Batian roared up to the sky, hair scattered and fluttered, blood slid from his heart, like silver mercury as heavy as lead stone, falling to the ground drop by drop.


Inside the house.

A riot erupts.

Fairy Maiden Hua rushed towards Zen Master Jiuru, who was still seriously injured, while Liao Changlong killed the Dharma protector and supervisor on the side.

Others are still dazed, and have already died under the knife of their ‘companion’.

In an instant.

The entire lobby was stained with blood.

More than just the lobby.

There were also screams and screams outside.

The accident happened suddenly.

Yuan Xisheng gently pressed Zhou Jia, who was about to move, and said in a low voice:

“Junior Brother, don’t act rashly, just wait and see.”

Zhou Jia’s face was gloomy, his eyes one after another swept across the crowd, watching Master Jiuru was killed by Fairy Maiden Hua, and then looking towards Lei Batian.

And Shan Muhua with a calm expression.

Nie Guanwen struggled to get up from the ground, choking with blood, but with ecstasy on his face, he walked to Shan Muhua’s side, one-knee kneels:

“Subordinate, I’ve seen the landlord!”

“Fortunately not to be humiliated!”

The chain on his body, the pipa bone that runs through it, is actually a disguise.

The landlord?

Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows.

Lei Batian also made a move.

“It’s you?”

His eyes were wide open and he glared at Shan Muhua angrily:

“The owner of the Blood Vine Building, is that you?”

“No.” Shan Muhua smiled lightly:

“Senior Brother, apart from me, who else can understand the Heavenly Tiger gang’s movements so clearly, even several decades have not been eradicated by you. “

“Who else saves Nie Guanwen except me that day?”

“Why?” Lei Batian’s body swayed, the hand holding the knife trembled, angrily roared:

” p>


“Do you remember when you first saw me and Lianyun?” Compared with Lei Batian’s anger, Shan Muhua’s expression was indifferent :

“You said at the time that our siblings are very similar.”

“But in fact…”

He sighed softly and said in a sigh:


“We are not sisters and brothers, but husband and wife.”

There was silence in the field.

Lei Batian stared straight at Shan Muhua with complicated eyes, and it took a long time to smile sadly:

“Junior Brother, you really gave me a big surprise!”


“So, since then, you’ve been using me? The brother’s love I always thought was fake from the very beginning?”

“Senior Brother is lecherous, well Known.” Shan Muhua said:

“At that time, I was not strong enough and had a low status. How to fight against you, it would be better to use the Senior Brothers, which can be worshipped on Xiaolang Island, and I was also forced to helpless. “


Lei Batian roared, one after another with a long knife, referring to everyone in the cutscene:

“Despicable villain, say it again.” High-sounding, still a despicable villain, this Lei is really blind all these years, and he is actually with you!”

“You, you, and you, turned out to betray me, and they all deserve to die!”

“Zhou Jia!”

He roared and looked at Zhou Jia who was being held down by Yuan Xisheng. Although he knew that he had not betrayed him, his eyes were still cold.

“Shan Muhua!”

“Even if you betrayed me, you think you can kill me just by waiting for these bastards?”


He roared up to the sky, lightning emerged from his body, blasted the remaining roof ridge above, and almost wiped out the huge house.

The mighty power also makes other people look gloomy.


If Lei Batian’s strength is intact, even if he is injured, everyone here is by no means his opponent.

“Senior Brother, why do you do this.”

Shan Muhua is face doesn’t change and moves closer:

“For years, I have been searching for Doctors ask for medicine, but they are all for today, the strong tea you drink every day, is there no doubt in Dao Heart?”

“Shan a certain doctor for many years, only after suffering untold hardships found a poison that can be poisonous. Senior Brother’s poison has been completely activated today, do you feel that your flesh and blood are biting like ants again, and you can’t exert your strength?”

“Even if I don’t do it, you will die today.”


Lei Batian swayed and turned pale.

“Many thanks Senior Brother.”

Shan Muhua smiled lightly:

“Not only did I have the status I am today, but also helped me Raised a good son.”

Lei Batian’s body froze, his eyes fixed on something, his voice hoarse:

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing.” Shan Muhua said:

“Senior Brother also said that Lei Prison looks like me?”


Lei Batian vomits blood violently.


Shan Muhua flickered and appeared in front of Lei Batian in an instant.


The silhouette of Lei Batian fell heavily to the ground.

He was all over his body, his muscles and bones were broken, his cheeks were also hit several times, his skull was twisted and deformed, and his whole body seemed to be pinched by mud.

Only a sense of grief and anger lingered on it.


In the roar, the broken silhouette on the ground flew away suddenly, the broken arm flicked the thunder knife, and the chest and abdomen roared:

“Five thunder bang!”

“Get out!”

“Let’s go together!”

In an instant, everyone in the field changed color. , although no blade light was seen, but also felt an inexplicable crisis, subconsciously moved towards Lei Batian and rushed.




The dazzling lightning swept all directions, one after another silhouette fell When they went out, some of them were blackened and lost their vitality, while others staggered backwards with blood spout from mouth.

And the silhouette in the middle, swaying, staring at someone, and finally fell to the ground.

“Pu Tong!”

Lei Batian’s eyes were wide open and he couldn’t rest his eyes.


Shan Muhua opened his mouth to spurt blood. Seeing this, he couldnโ€™t help laughing, state seems crazy.



“Lei, you’re dead after all!”

” Several decades!”

“I’ve waited for several decades! I’ve been tortured by several decades by your side, and you’ve been tortured by several decades. p> He laughed heartily and piercingly, even with tears in his eyes and an injury attack, and still laughing wildly, like a madman, venting his depression for several decades.


A silhouette, walked slowly to Lei Batian, reached out and grabbed a note, and then slowly picked up a piece of Furious Thunder Knife.

“Good recipe.”

Shan Muhua took a deep breath, raised his head and said:

“Give me the knife.”

“Well…” Zhou Jia pursed his lips, stroked the blade, and said slowly:

“I think it’s better for me to keep this blade for myself.”

(End of this chapter)

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