Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 172


Chapter 172 Earth Warriors: Five Thunders

Earth Warriors: Five Thunders!

Control Power of Thunder, go to Purple Mansion, enter Xiandu, cooperate with Divine Firmament, and go to Thunder Power on Sunday and Friday.

Thunder, the power increases.

The Origin Star on Lei Batian, unsurprisingly, is the Thunder genus, with the characteristic of five thunders, which means the ability to control thunder.

Zhou Jia closed his eyes.

As the Origin Star entered the body, a vast source of power surged forward, scouring the limbs and bones at an astonishing speed, expanding his cultivation base.

In just a short while, the tenth grade is already Perfection.

Sea of Consciousness, the light curtain flickered, and rows of subtitles appeared.

Name: Zhou Jia.

cultivation base: 10th grade Perfection.

Origin Stars: Tianyingxing (trait: Commander), Diyongxing (trait: Wu Lei), Dixiongxing (trait: Dragon-Tiger ), Dixingxing (trait: Violence), Earth Moxing (Trait: Listening to the Wind), Tianxuan Star (Trait: Qiankun Can), Di Fuxing (Trait: Water Remnant)

cultivation technique: Perfection of Three-Yuan Dharma

martial skill: 3rd-layer Shield Anti-Perfection, Purple Thunder Axe Perfection, Life Seizing Sword Mastery, Gnar’s Secret Breathing Technique Perfection, 9th layer Climbing Step Perfection, Iron Armor Mastery, Three Body Steps, Python Spit Beads…

As the source star enters the body, not only the cultivation base increases.

Some perceptions about Power of Thunder naturally came to mind.

The purple thunder axe is of extremely high rank. Even with the blessing of the characteristics of the palm soldier, it has sufficient background. Cultivation is still far away from the Great Perfection.



As the Sea of Consciousness trembled, the light curtain flickered.

The number representing experience behind the Purple Thunder Axe increases at a rate visible to the naked eye.

In just a few moments, it has climbed from the Perfection Realm to the Grand Perfection Realm representing the martial arts Grandmaster!

At the same time.

The Purple Thunder Axe method of Great Perfection has been transformed again, incorporating all the five thunders from the sky, and evolved into a ‘Five Thunder Axe Method’.

Five Thunder Axe: Mastery.

“Junior Brother.”

Yuan Xisheng’s voice drifted into his ears:

“Don’t hold your breath, I know that the master treats you well, but you Also, be clear about who is your master and who should get close.”

His voice was soothing and did not show murderous intentions, but the warning in it was obvious.

For today’s situation, Shan Muhua has prepared and planned for several decades. He has succeeded this time, and he is in good spirits. It is best not to offend him easily.

Although Zhou Jia is a true disciple, the bond between master and disciple is not deep.

If you ask for hardships and miss your old relationship, you are afraid…

It will be bad!

Shan Muhua frowned slightly, and displeasure appeared on his face.

At this time, he, just like Lei Batian not long ago, is at the peak of his life, and his decades of planning have been realized, and his heart is endlessly joyful.

The grievances and anguish of the past are gone.

There is also a domineering arrogance that overlooks all living beings, which arises spontaneously in my heart.

Without Lei Batian, the Heavenly Tiger gang is still around.

The plan of Bloodvine House to join the Heavenly Tiger Gang will not change.

Guo Wu dies, and Tianshui Village is about to fall apart. He will bring the Heavenly Tiger gang to a height that Thunder Tiger has never had before.

Shan Muhua’s name will also replace Lei Batian and become a region’s Overlord!

People in high positions don’t like someone to rebel against their will, especially at this moment, when they are complacent.

He is not worried that he is not strong enough to stabilize the situation.

Lei Batian can be today because of his own strength, and the most important thing is the support of Xiaolang Island.

These years.

Shan Muhua has long tied his interests to some people on the island.

Compared with Lei Batian, they are more willing to let Shan Muhua come to the stage, after all, it is more in their interests to do so.

And the only threat, Vice-Gang Leader Qiu Bowei, is dead, and no one in the Heavenly Tiger gang can go against his will.

“Director Zhou.”

Fairy Maiden Hua and Yu Zhengfu approached with a smile:

“Revered Master got what he wanted today, congratulations, This thunder tiger is a tyrannical person, causing trouble everywhere, and he has more than arrogance and lacks arrogance.”

“Which can be compared to the brilliant method of being a single landlord who bears humiliation?”

Said, reaching out to probe :

“Give me something.”

Yu Zhengfu should be at least fifty years old, but the cultivation technique is special, and the beauty is good. Early ten.

Her eyes are charming, she is surrounded by flying flowers, and when she is walking, there is a scent of flowers, which makes people subconsciously unable to resist her words.

“Single master’s palm technique is exquisite, but he is not good at Blade Technique, let alone Cultivation Zilei Blade Technique. This knife falls into his hands, I am afraid that he is entrusted by inhumans.”

Zhou Jia He smiled lightly, withdrew the knife to separate Yu Zhengfu’s movements, and said:

“Instead, Zhou, and Lei Gang Lord learned of common origins, this knife combination should be owned by the next, I want to come to Lei Gang Lord Spring. If you know, you will have no opinion.”




Everyone looked surprised and looked towards Zhou Jia incredulously. Shan Muhua’s face was gloomy, and the slate under his feet suddenly shattered.

“Junior Brother!”

Yuan Xisheng hissed:

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Single Landlord?

Is this what a recipe should be called?

Is this Junior Brother crazy?


“Very good!”

Shan Muhua’s facial muscles twitched and nodded:

” Lei Batian finally has a few loyal subordinates, I just can’t think of it, in addition to Qiu Bowei, there is still someone I have a discipline?”

“Very good!”

He His face sank:

“Since you don’t care about the relationship between master and disciple, Shan does not mind killing relatives righteously. Since you are loyal to Lei Batian, then go and accompany him!”

” shua!”


tone barely fell , and there was a sound of gold and iron in the field.

Yu Zhengfu shook her head gently, with regret on her face, but instead of advancing, she retreated, and gave up her position to others behind her.

To deal with a trifling mortal, she doesn’t need her.

“Director Zhou, I’m offended!”

The person who spoke seemed to be Surnamed Xu, who often appeared beside Shan Muhua, ran before and after, and also mixed with Zhou Jia Familiar face.

He then sneered and swooped in, without any intention of caring about his old feelings.

He held a sword in his right hand, and the sword light flickered, but his left hand was holding down something, which was suddenly activated.


The crossbow barrel hidden between the sleeves is softly trembled, and dozens of bone-penetrating needles as thin as cow hair and coated with highly poisonous shoots out. .

Poison needles are sharp, good at breaking hard skills.

Under the cover of sword light, it makes you can’t guard against it.

With this move, Xu Kaizeng secretly counted several experts who were both tenth-rank. Although the technique was not on the table, it was enough to win.

Zhou Jia’s expression remained unchanged, as if he had not noticed the incoming poisonous needle, until the poisonous needle approached a foot in front of him, and then he made a move.


The sound of the knife whispered softly.

The sound is transparent and loud, like a bronze bell and a big Lv, which oscillates in all directions.

Blade light at first sight!

The extreme speed at the time of the knife even broke the sound barrier, forming a roar similar to a sonic boom, followed by waves of sound waves visible to the naked eye.

Purple Thunder Blade Technique—Heavenly Jade Thunder.

In Xu Kai’s eyes, a blade glow resembling a thunder appeared in front of Zhou Jia, and then the thunder zigzagged, branching into branches like a growing branch.

Every branch, just before the bone-penetrating needle.

The thunder is violent, but it is beautiful here.

The blooming thunder is like a slowly unfolding picture. Dozens of poisonous needles as thin as a cow’s hair are revealed one after another.


A crisp sound, the poisonous needles flying all over the sky.

Xu Kai’s eyes shrank, and before he had time to make a move, the thunder in front of him suddenly gathered and passed his pupils quietly.


Zhou Jia stood with a knife, the person in front of him was stiff, and a blood line emerged from his forehead, extending downward, divided into two straight.

“Pu pass!”

Two corpses fell to the ground left and right, each with a dead eye.

The flesh and blood at the wound coagulated, and at that moment, it was scalded by the high temperature of lightning.

The field was quiet.

Even a few black iron experts couldn’t help but shrink their eyes.

Purple Thunder Blade Technique is just as fierce as it is powerful, but it also means that it is difficult to perform subtle transformations, let alone yin and yang.

And now.

In the hands of Zhou Jia, the violent Blade Technique is like a woman’s embroidery, which is exquisite and exquisite.

Especially the last knife, which was as fast as lightning, tossing and turning like thunder, and seeing thunder in a silent place made several Hei Tie feel a chill in their hearts.



The hearts of the people behind Xu Kai were chilling, but they didn’t dare to stop.

The people who came today, without exception, are all elites in the gang.

The cultivation base is the worst, and also has a Grade 8.

The five people who shot were more Grade 9 and 10th-grade experts, and one of them had a sword in his hand, and even a black iron mysterious weapon.

Blade light and sword shadows are vertical and horizontal, murderous intention is roaring, and the power is prosperous. Even if it is a black iron powerhouse, I am afraid that I have to avoid the edge for a while and find another opportunity.


A flash of electric light emerged from the center.

Power of Thunder swept away the demons, swept away the four directions, and when the sturdy and unpretentious force touched the foreign object, the attacking attacks melted away one after another.

Purple Thunder!

The blade light is violent, unscrupulously unleashing its power.

Several people only felt that their eyes were bright, and there was nothing in their perception except the vast thunder. When the blade light passed, everything stopped.


“pu pu!”

Blood splattered, and one body after another fell to the ground.

Zhou Jia stood with a knife, thunder spread all over his body, and then quietly retracted into his body.

One shot.

Five killed!

He was able to do this before, but it would have to be violent, spare no effort, and impossible to keep the corpse intact.


Blade light is easy to use.

This is because Zilei Blade Technique Great Perfection has entered the realm of transformation, but also because of the blessing of the five thunders, the power of thunder is multiplied.

For others, even with the same cultivation base and realm, the power is impossible so terrifying.


Liao Chang, Old Hu, trembled and couldn’t help shouting angrily:

“With such a Blade Technique, Liao is far from asking himself. No wonder you are so loyal to Lei Batian, I’m afraid you got his true biography!”

“It’s really true.” Nie Guanwen narrowed his eyes and said:

“I heard that, In the Xuantian League Inner Sect, some people are extraordinary natural talent, shocking and stunning, but they can kill Hei Tie even though they are ordinary.”

“Before, this Nie thought it was nonsense, Or exaggerated words.”


He stared deeply at Zhou Jia, implicitly fearful:

“Only know that this is Really!”

With the Blade Technique revealed by Zhou Jia, there is absolutely no problem in killing people who are new to the black iron, and even a few people are not sure of winning.

This is not because they are afraid of Zilei Blade Technique.

It’s their wounds.

Nie Guanwen, who was the most seriously injured, almost turned half of his body into coke, but even so, the powerful resilience of the black iron powerhouse still allowed him to move as usual.

“The landlord.”

Nie Guanwen looked towards Shan Muhua:

“This child must not stay, it is already so young, given time, I am afraid it will not be The second Lei Batian.”


“Probably better than Lei Batian!”

Shan Muhua’s face was gloomy. He didn’t say anything, but his eyes were full of grimness.

Several people have the same idea, as usual, the amazing Zilei Blade Technique, which is absolutely impossible to be accomplished by Zhou Jia, must have been carefully directed by Lei Batian.

Not so,

How can it be so great?

Not so,

Why are you loyal to Lei Batian?


Flying Fairy Maiden Hua Yu Zhengfu smiled coquettishly, her body swept forward lightly, her plain hand stretched out, and a soft sword wrapped around colorful embroidered lightning flashed out :

“Director Zhou, please enlighten me.”

She is like a flying flower, her posture is lithe and graceful, and the 36-way flying Hidden Sword in one hand is even more rigid and soft. Attack from unexpected places.

The colorful embroidery trembled lightly, and the sword light had already fallen like rain, which was unusually sharp.

Liao Elder squinted his eyes, threw his body silently, and launched a surprise attack from Zhou Jia’s back.

Yuan Xi sighed softly, flicks with the finger, the sword that had been sheathed also jumped out, the drizzle of Sword Art followed closely from behind.

In the face of Zhou Jia, a Mortal Grade, the three black iron powerhouses chose to join forces.

The Blade Technique just now was too terrifying, and the three of them had no chance of winning, especially when Lei Batian’s dying counterattack injured them.

Even if the injury is not serious, it still affects the performance of strength.


Zhou Jia bowed his head and laughed lightly.

The explosive force pushes the source power in the body, and a blade light that is fast and violent to the extreme also appeared in the field.

Purple Thunder Blade Technique!

Spring thunder bursts!

Heavenly Jade Thunder!

Winter Thunderbolt!

The furious thunder!


The thunder blade glow tore the void, aroused violent waves, and collided with the three black irons, as if a group of lightning exploded.

We only faced each other for a while, and we couldn’t tell the difference between the strong and the weak.


An illusory shadow suddenly appeared in the field.

Shan Muhua’s face was cold and solemn, and his body was like a ghost. He used the 64-style sky-shattering hands one after another. With the blessing of the black iron mysterious soldier’s celestial silkworm glove, one shot hit the blade light one after another.

He has opened six of the ten levels of Shenhuang Jue.

When it comes to cultivation base, it is no worse than Lei Batian. Although he is injured now, he is still a Peak expert, but he still chooses sneak attack.

As it was not too long ago.

Through backstabs, poison, and words, Lei Batian was furious and powerless, and a series of attacks sealed the victory.

It still does.

No one could have guessed that Shan Muhua, who is the master of one party’s power, would still take action against his own discipline when three black iron powerhouses had already taken action.


A shot is spare no effort.

Even Zhou Jia didn’t think so.

As expected of a character who hides his true temperament for several decades, as long as he can win, he doesn’t mind being called base and shameless at all.


In the roar, a huge and condensed aura emerged from the field.


The armor that appeared out of thin air, the tearing of the clothes on the body, and the violence that inspired Zhou Jia’s body suddenly jumped a head.


The breaths of several people collided.

“3rd-layer shield!”

“Shield shock!”

“get out of my sight!”

Zhou Jia roared, his mighty strength erupted, accompanied by dazzling lightning, several silhouettes were smashed into the air by him.

Among them.

It also includes Shan Muhua!

“How is it possible?”

“Xuanbing Battle Armor!”

“The treasure of Qian Family?”

In the middle of the moment, a few black iron powerhouse complexion greatly changed, and Yuan Xisheng, who responded the fastest, turned his thoughts and shouted anxiously:

“It turns out that you killed the grandfather of Qian Family, I’m afraid it is Yang Jinzhou and Qin Wuying were also killed by you, right? Junior Brother Zhou, everyone underestimated you!”

Old Master Qian Family!

Yang Jinzhou!

Qin Wuying!

These people are all genuine black iron powerhouses!

Several black irons in the field were discolored, and in addition to fear in their hearts, their murderous intentions greatly increased.

This child is not only powerful, but also insidious and sinister, and must not be let go.

“Want a knife?”

Zhou Jia whispered as if he had never heard it:


“To you!”

“Pick me up and hit the five thunder bang!”

(end of this chapter)

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