Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 173


Chapter 173 is full of jokes

The characteristics of the earth star: the blessing of violence makes Zhou Jia, who is still an ordinary person, resist Even the power to crush the black iron powerhouse.

Mysterious soldier, Battle Armor, allows him to have strength control no less than that of black iron.

And the characteristics of the soldier, let him master the Zilei Blade Technique far beyond the level of ordinary black iron, and even use the weak to defeat the strong.

Five thunders…

Let thunder be a method and multiply its power.

Even the Furious Thunder Blade in his hand is a Peak black iron mysterious soldier carefully forged by Xiaolang Island for Lei Batian.

With heavy blessings, let him be a trifling mortal, and burst out the terrifying power that makes the black iron powerhouse also tremble and tremble.

“The sky hits five thunders bang!”

In the roar, the void suddenly thundered.

The rolling lightning suddenly appeared, the five-color light flame thunder knife energy, mixed with the tail flame of several zhang long, swooped down from the sky.

Blade light rolls, heaven shacking clap of thunder.

With Zhou Jia as the core, layers of ripples swayed in the air, moved towards all directions, and the walls and houses within a radius of ten zhang or so were shattered and blown away by the shock wave.

In the end, it turned into a sound wave of heaven shaking, earth shattering, and it exploded suddenly.

rumbling sound.

It is also clearly audible from ten several li away.

The core of the power explosion, the already devastated lobby, shattered and collapsed, wrapped in a tornado, and swept into the distance.

“Good boy!”

Shan Muhua was the first to bear the brunt, his eyes shrank suddenly, Shen Huangjue spared no effort under the pressure of the attack, and did not dare to hold back.

The six gates of foot, root, navel, abdomen, heart, and throat bloom brightly at the same time.

Break the sky!

As one of the three powers and six methods of Xiaolang Island, it is known as the splitting hand that can split the sky with only one hand. When it comes to power, there is no need to be weaker than the Zilei Blade Technique.

Shan Muhua’s cultivation base has actually reached the peak of the middle stage of black iron.

Even with injuries, the explosiveness is not general.



In an instant.

The thunder knives and hands collided in series, and rumbling sounds sounded one after another.

Under the aftermath of the fight between the two, the hard bluestone ground was like a soft cloth. It was gently torn and all split up and in pieces on the spot.

The mortal steps on the periphery who tried to get close, were shocked to death on the spot by the force before they got close.

Ten products!

Can’t even get close!

Compared with the overlapping palm shadows, the heavenly thunder and the blade glow are obviously more powerful.

“Not good!”

Nie Guanwen’s eyes twitched and he couldn’t help shouting:

“Let’s do it together!”

If not What he saw with his own eyes, he would never believe that a trifling Mortal Grade could suppress Shan Muhua.

Yuan Xisheng, Liao Elder and Fei Fairy Maiden Hua looked gloomy, swooped up without saying a word, and moved towards silhouette to greet each other.

At this moment.

They have long been unable to put mortal ranks on Zhou Jia’s body.

Elder Liao is the fastest. He transforms into an afterimage, like a ghost. His shapeshifting method is driven to the extreme, and the machete in his palm slashes hundreds of blade glows.

The blade glow is arc-like, closely linked with one another, covering the opponent.

Thousands of illusions!

Yuan Xi’s voice was silent, the Sanguan Shenhuang Jue did not leave room, and the drizzle sword turned into a continuous rain curtain, moved towards the heavenly thunder infiltrating.

Fairy Maiden Hua waved his colorful sleeves, his soft long sleeves suddenly straightened, and with a long sword, he pierced into the heavenly thunder.

Nie Guanwen took a deep breath, long hair fluttering, clothes hunting, and the strength of the fierce and unbridled came out, waving two steel claws to buckle to the field.

Five people, all black iron experts.

But here is spare no effort, besieging a Mortal Grade.

Even so,

no one dares to relax.

Zhou Jia wielded an angry thunderbolt, and the five thunderbolts continued, and the lightning became stronger and stronger.


In the roar, the lightning in the field was excited.


Shan Muhua was coldly snorted, his palm was suddenly closed, and a hazy clear light appeared on his body, which also made his movement method fuzzy.

Clear light movement method!

It is also one of the three powers and six methods of Xiaolang Island.

“ka-cha cha…”

A cracking sound emerged from Shan Muhua’s body, a black energy immediately covered the whole body, and the strength between the fists and palms followed An increase.

“Several decades!”

“My several decades are wasted!”

He clenched his teeth and glared angrily:

“Thanks to Lei Batian, he found a lot of Heaven and Earth Treasure, spiritual object secret medicine for me, which gave Shan the confidence to make a comeback.”


“What is it?”

In the roar, he changed his fists and palms, keeping one side.

Although he kept clamoring in his mouth, Shan Muhua also knew that even if he spared no effort, he should not be the opponent of the person in front of him.

But he has company!


The sudden surge of Zhou Jia’s breath is so terrifying, it must be a secret technique that stimulates potential. This kind of secret technique is absolutely impossible and lasting.

As long as you persevere…


The thought of turning was cut off by the oncoming thunder blade glow.

His idea is good.

How could it be…

The blade glow wrapped in lightning swung vertically and horizontally, blooming recklessly, one after another thunder appeared out of nowhere, and kept blessing on it.

The surging thunder made Zhou Jia’s mind keep rising.

One knife, one more knife.

Blade light is like a sea, galloping endlessly.

Lei Batian’s self-created thunderstorm is incredibly powerful, and it has become stronger and stronger with the passage of time.

Hundred zhang around.

The source power in the void is like a funnel. Under the control of an inexplicable force, they collide with each other and bloom with tiny thunder.

The thunder poured into the field and landed on the blade glow.

The blade light is rolling and galloping.

Splintering hands,

began to collapse.


A crack appeared in the black iron mysterious soldier in Shan Muhua’s hand.


The body is clear, body tempering black glow, chopped down in the thunder, and cracked into gaps.


Shan Muhua roared up to the sky.

Yuan Xisheng and the others clenched their steel teeth and attacked frantically.

Zhou Jia, who was in the middle of the chaotic vortex, spared no effort on the 3rd-layer shield while swinging the knife.


Void lingers.

Time seems to freeze here.

Yuan Xisheng’s sword, Nie Guanwen’s steel claws, Liao Elder’s machete, Fei Fairy Maiden Hua Yu Zhengfu’s hidden sword, fell on the shield.

blade light , approaching Shan Muhua.


The shield shatters.

Zhou Jia vomited blood, wrapped in thunder and dashed with strength, and the Thunder Blade roared furiously.

“You want a knife!”

“I’ll give you a knife!”

“Go on!”

“Go on! ”

Blade light, one after another, slammed into the silhouette in front of him one after another, smashed the black iron mysterious soldiers, cut off both arms, and penetrated from the head to the chest and abdomen.


The blade was stuck on the bone and was tightly bound by a pair of unwilling bloody hands.

Shan Muhua,


Zhou Jia’s body softened.


Nie Guanwen roared furiously and rushed towards him:

“Landlord, surnamed Zhou, I want you to die!”

Elder Liao also gritted his teeth. The two of them were confidants whom Shan Muhua had cultivated for many years, and even their lives were given to each other.

Seeing this, I rushed forward desperately.


The steel claws and scimitars slammed on the Xuanbing Battle Armor, knocking Zhou Jia several feet away, approaching again, but the oncoming An axe light.

Five Thunder Axe!

Zhou Jia’s eyes were lightning wide, and he held an axe in his right hand, like Heavenly God controlling the thunder, waving his arm, moved towards Liao Elder fiercely slashing.

He clenched a fist in his left hand, and all the energy in his body exploded.


The axe blade slashed into Elder Liao’s neck, and five thunders erupted.

The punch also slammed into Nie Guanwen’s body, and with one hand, he pulled out a beating heart.

“Pa screech!”

The five fingers exert force, and the heart is crushed.

Nie Guanwen’s strength is actually not weak, but he is too injured, and he is not as good as Liao Elder, even Zhou Jia’s punch can’t be caught.

“Director Zhou…”

Fairy Maiden Hua’s face was pale, and the figure that was about to pounce suddenly stagnated, and he retreated silently, his expression was even more stiff. Fear:

“This is… a misunderstanding, I was being coerced.”


Before she could finish her sentence, she was roamed heavenly The thunder light covered, but for a moment, even the rockery behind her was completely shattered.

Zhou Jia turned around and looked towards Yuan Xisheng.

At this time, he was covered in blood, his face was covered in murderous aura, the axe blade in his hand was wrapped in thunder, and countless fine arcs flickered around him.

With one step, there is a light shock in all directions.

“Junior Brother.”

Yuan Xisheng was terrified and subconsciously regressed:

“Speak up if you have something to say!”

“master …Shan Muhua is dead, his position can be taken by you, Heavenly Tiger Gang and Blood Vine Building will all be yours from now on.”

The faster he spoke, the more excited he became:

“Junior Brother, with your strength, who will Heavenly Tiger help?”

“As long as the black iron is achieved, even the two families on Xiaolang Island will not be able to accept it. There will be opinions, it is not with no difficulty to achieve black iron with your background.”

“As for the blood vine building…”

His eyes flashed, and he said:

“I can help you!”

“I know all the hidden locations of the Blood Vine Building, the list of all the personnel, and the means by which Shan Muhua manipulates them.”

“As long as I come forward, you can take over the Blood Vine Building completely.”

“How is it?”

Yuan Xisheng hurriedly said:

” We senior and junior brothers work together, no…, I am willing to assist Junior Brother and control the forces that originally belonged to Lei Batian and Shan Muhua.”


Zhou Jia step one stopped.

Yuan Xisheng was overjoyed:

“Junior Brother, do you agree?”


Double-blade Make a thunder, cross the winding curve in the air, cut into the face door, and cut into the skull.

Shan Muhua’s body stiffened.

“It’s a pity.”

Zhou Jia approached slowly, slowly pulled out the axe blade, and spoke in a low voice, his voice hoarse:

“I don’t believe you .”

“Pu pass!”

The silhouette fell to the ground.


Blood-covered Zhou Jia stood in the ruins with a lonely silhouette.

Around the body.

No more living.

Looking around, there is a rushing cold wind, broken walls and ruins, corpses and pieces of meat everywhere, a mess, and a strong smell of blood wafts to the nostrils.






The shrill voice of the driver echoes through the jungle.

The luxurious carriage and exquisite carriage are pulled by the Pegasus, driving on the complex mountain road, and the interior is full of bumps.

In the carriage.

Mrs. Lei Li Lianyun was wearing a luxurious long dress with a flying phoenix on her head, delicate makeup on her face, and her hands tightly holding the skirt.

Across from her.

Lei Prison clenched the thunder knife tightly, the veins on the back of his hands burst out, and his eyes flashed back and forth, showing his uneasy mood.

“How long is it?”

Li Lianyun seemed a little anxious, she suddenly lifted the curtain and asked the driver:

“It’s almost there. ?”

“It’s coming soon.” The driver said in a shrill voice, nodded:

“Wait a minute, madam, it’ll be there soon.”

“No Call me Madam again.” Li Lianyun frowned, she had heard enough of this title, and felt nauseated every time.


She finally stopped listening.

She is also a wife in the future.

But not Mrs. Ray!


Mrs. Shan!

She is no longer Shan Lianyun, but Li Lianyun.

Lei Prison remained silent, his face tense, and the hand holding the knife trembled slightly.

Not long.


The carriage stopped.

“Husband…, miss.” The driver jumped off the carriage with a cautious face:

“Something’s wrong, the smell of blood is too strong.”

” Bloody smell?”

Li Lianyun coldly snorted, got up and got off the carriage:

“Tonight, it should have been bloody, this is a happy event.”


“Come down!”

Lei prisoner got out of the car with a sullen face, and the three walked along the path, through many fallen trees, Came to a ruin.

Blood water,

flowing and drying in the ravines.

One after another corpses fell to the ground.

The corpses were piled up disorderly, the broken clothes fluttered in the cold wind, and a broken blade was slanted into the ground.

The meaning of chilling has not dissipated, and the blood-reeking qi is tangy.

In the field.

A large tiger-skin chair stands firmly at a high place, and a tall silhouette sits on it, looking down on her appearance and looking down.

Li Lianyun’s expression froze in place.


She was full of anticipation, and now, her eyes were fixed on a corpse that was almost divided into two in the field.




She staggered, unable to care The ground was covered in blood, and the long skirt chosen by blood essence was allowed to be stained by the dirt, and hurriedly rushed to the body.

“How could it be?”

“How could this be?”

Li Lianyun’s face was full of panic, her hands were nowhere to be placed, and sometimes she wanted to put together a list Mu Hua’s corpse was sometimes decapitated by the mud on the side.

It finally turned into a shrill, desperate scream:

“How could this happen!”

“Zhou Jia!”

Compared to Li Lianyun, Lei Prison’s performance was much better. After scanning the many corpses in the field, he turned his attention to the only living person.

Angrily asked:

“What happened here?”

“It’s very simple.” The voice on the tiger chair was hoarse and tired:

“the mantis stalks the cicada , unaware of the oriole behind , Shan Muhua sneak attack Lei Batian , both sides suffer , but it was me who took advantage.”

“Yes You killed my father?” Lei Prison glared angrily.

“Your father?” Zhou Jia said calmly:

“Which father?”

There was silence in the field.

Even the crying Li Lianyun looked back.

“…” Lei Biao gritted his teeth, his eyes flashed back and forth, and after a long time Fang Fang muttered:

“Your Master!”

“Heh… “Zhou Jia hummed lightly, meaning unclear:

“So, you already knew it.”

Immediately nodded:

“Yes, Shan Muhua It is indeed in my hands.”

“You are so courageous, you have committed the following crimes and violated human ethics.” Lei Prison shouted angrily:

“Ding San, kill him! “


The driver with a shrill voice heard the sound, his body flashed, like a ghost-like moved towards the top, and the cultivation base was already tenth grade.

The driver of Zhou Jia has heard of Zhou Jia’s name, but he doesn’t care.

Just a good youngster.

even more how.

Just by listening to the sound, I know that the other party should be injured, and the injury is not light.


A flash of axe appeared, mixed with the piercing whistling of Tearing the Heavens and Splitting the Earth, rushing towards him.


The thunder exploded, and there was another pile of minced meat in the field.

Lei Prison figure stopped, panic appeared on his face, he moved towards the road where he came and ran wildly without saying a word, even his own mother ignored it.


A blade light crossed the void, swept across dozens of meters, and penetrated into his body.


Lightning emerges.

The silhouette turned into coke and fell to the ground.

“Heh…” Li Lianyun looked back, her expression was not very sad, but she slowly lowered her head to look at Shan Muhua’s body, her expression sluggish.

“Several decades, several decades, I’ve never really been your wife.”

She muttered to herself, looked up towards Zhou Jia, and pleaded with her eyes:


“After death, I want to be with Mu Hua.”

Zhou Jia looked indifferent:

“There is no afterlife in the Ruins World.”

“It’s okay.” Li Lianyun smiled miserably:

“I’m already satisfied to die together.”


Her body trembled, a stream of blood spurted out of her mouth, and her body slowly fell to the ground, her hands still holding Shan Muhua’s body tightly.

cold wind whistling.

Zhou Jia looked up with a complicated expression.

Once upon a time, his heart was filled with ambition, and for some reason, he was suddenly disappeared, and there was only a long sigh.


With a sigh, there was a porcelain bottle in his hand.

He killed Hei Tie and Mortal Rank one after another, and also kept pouring into the body with one after another source power.

These source powers have made a certain boundary crack.

This volume is over!

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