Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 174


Chapter 174 Black Iron

1 month later.

Xiaolang Island.

Zhou Jia, dressed in a purple robe, walks on a path dotted with flowers.

He is strong and burly. Although there is no flesh on his face, he is a little dull, and sometimes he opens his eyes, which gives people a sense of ferocity.

Even if it’s not malicious, it’s still hard to look at.

But at this time he.

It seems that he has gone through some kind of baptism, with no difference in appearance, subtle changes in facial expressions, but no hostility in the past, giving people a sense of tranquility.

It seems like a warm spring breeze, full of tranquility and peace.

Step lightly and relax.

When he came to the door of the small courtyard, he hesitated for a while before calling inwardly:

“Is Senior Brother Liu available?”

“Yes!” There was a series of messy noises in the house immediately, and as the door opened, Lewis, who was slightly messy, came out.

Behind him, there seemed to be a panicked figure.

“Master Zhou…, you’re here.”

Liu Yi subconsciously opened his mouth, but as soon as his voice came out, he stopped abruptly:

“I heard that Brother Zhou, on this long trip, actually got the black iron certificate on the way, it is really gratifying, I will take you to meet Elder Xue.”

While speaking, it is hard to hide the envy.

“There is Senior Brother Lao.” Zhou Jia nodded.

“Don’t.” Lewis waved his hands again and again:

“You’ve already advanced to black iron, so call me Lewis. You can’t be called Senior Brother.”

“The ceremony cannot be neglected.” Zhou Jia shook his head and turned to his side:

“Senior Brother please!”

“Okay, okay.” Excited.

Ordinary rank and black iron, although there is only one step between the two, the status is the difference between Heaven and Earth, one is aloof and remote, and the other is mediocre.

Zhou Jia’s attitude has not changed after he has obtained the black iron certificate, but this has already made him feel good.

The expression has also become a lot more cordial.

“Liu Elder once said that Junior Brother has a solid foundation and is more promising than other people on the island. I didn’t quite believe it at the time.”

Walking on the road, Liu Yiyu Quick voice:

“I can’t believe that in just two years, Junior Brother has already become a black iron!”


“It’s enviable!”

“I’m also good luck.” Zhou Jia smiled lightly:

“I passed by Heaveny Lightning Peak that day, and saw the heavenly thunder falling, had a feeling in the heart, just happened to have the Ultra Grade Origin Quality given by my uncle.”

“Just give it a try.”

“I never thought about it, I succeeded in one fell swoop.”

As early as a month ago, he figured out how to explain his entry.


Whether it is the Dalin Dynasty or the other world, there is the same saying that once someone realizes the Dao, cultivation base advanced by leaps and bounds.

In the period of the Dalin Dynasty, Martial Artist broke through Innate, mostly relying on perception.

Others can,

Zhou Jia naturally can.

It doesn’t matter if the process is true or false, but the cultivation base of Hei Tie realm cannot be false.

“Junior Brother is really amazing.” Lewis said with emotion:

“People are really incomparable. The middle stage of the dark iron is just around the corner.”

“There is not necessarily no hope in the later stage.”

After advancing to the dark iron, it can be described as one step at a time. Its own innate talent is far from enough.

Even if Liu Yi admires Zhou Jia’s perception, he still doesn’t think he is expected to achieve it in this life.

Zhou Jia smiled and said nothing.

While speaking, the two have come to the core of Xiaolang Island, the Dharma Hall.

“Elder Cui?”

Seeing the old man in the hall, Liu Yi’s expression was stunned:

“Isn’t Elder Xue on duty today?”

“Shicheng has something to do, he rushed over.” Elder Cui has white hair, wrinkles on his face, and his voice is even weaker.

I’m afraid I’m over ninety.

The average lifespan of a black iron powerhouse far exceeds that of an ordinary person, but the limit lifespan is still more than 100.

Senior in their 90s, it is long overdue to enjoy their old age.

“There’s something else going on in the city.” Liu Yi frowned and shook his head helplessly:

“Then I’ll ask Elder Cui to register for Junior Brother Zhou and teach him the cultivation technique. ”

Elder Cui waved his hand, his turbid old eyes fell on Zhou Jia, his face wrinkled and a little smile squeezed out:

“youngster, it’s very good.”

“thank you for your trouble, senior.” Zhou Jia surrendered.

“Advanced black iron, one of the three merits of cultivation can be applied for.” Elder Cui took out three volumes of books tremblingly from under the table and put them on the table:

“Gold Jade Gong, Shenhuang Jue, and Hundred Refinements ask the mind.”

“Which one do you choose?”

“senior.” Zhou Jia asked:

“Can you introduce one or two?”

“en?” Elder Cui was taken aback:

“Your Master didn’t tell you…”


As if realizing something, he nodded, said:

“These three cultivation techniques have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the grades are actually similar, but the cultivation Gold Jade has a convenient method. , that is to use the power of the cold pool on the island.”

“There is no cold pool, other foreign objects are also possible, but the progress is slow.”

“The foundation of the Shenhuang Art is solid. , dao fusion, Buddha and God three methods, but the ten-level Shenhuang Jue, no one has completed all of them since the person who created Gong.”

“Hundred Refinements asks the heart method to prolong life. After the injury, the recovery speed is amazing and the explosive power is amazing, but there is a disadvantage, that is, you will have to abstain from sex in the future.”

paused, he added:

“Shen Huang Jue, Hundred Refinements ask me about the law of mind. I can give it to you now, but the inheritance of Gold Jade Gong is with the master of the pulse, so you need to ask for instructions and wait.”

Zhou Jia sighed softly.

He is an impossible cultivation Hundred Refinements questioner.

Gold Jade is said to be able to be repaired, but in reality it is bound to be troublesome, and a foreign surname in Hantan on the island may not be able to borrow it often.

The choice is actually just one.

“I choose Shenhuang Jue.”

“en. ”

Elder Cui was not surprised by this. Most of the foreign surnames on the island are cultivators. After choosing this, he immediately pushed the booklet belonging to Shenhuang Jue, saying:

“It’s still the old rules. After transcribing it, hand it back within three days. Don’t spread it out, otherwise the sect rules will be dealt with.”

“senior.” Zhou Jia picked up the booklet and asked curiously:

“Since this skill has never reached the tenth level, how can it be proved that its tenth level is Does it really exist?”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Elder Cui chuckled, as if feeling that his worries were a bit unnecessary, but explained:

“Shen Huang The trick is that the senior on the island and the expert of the Floating Buddhist Temple lineage jointly created, and after the creation, the Master of Yanfa has reviewed it, and there is no mistake.”


Zhou Jia nods.

Since the fall of the Dalin Dynasty to the Ruins Realm, it has experienced life and death many times. During this period, several Legendary characters appeared, pulling strongly against a crazy tide, allowing the ethnic group to continue.

For example, Lv Shize, the first Alliance Leader of the Xuantian League, Zhang Baifeng, the first Baiyin powerhouse, and Master Yanfa are also Legendary. Although he did not achieve silver, his status and respect are more than that.

He is the master of the first silver powerhouse.

There is even a single person who created all kinds of methods, leaving behind thirty-seven kinds of Peak inheritance, which indirectly created a digital silver powerhouse. Until today, most of the inheritance of Inner Sect is left by this person.

The Master of Yanfa was born in Floating Buddhist Temple.

Through his cultivation technique, there is nothing wrong with it.

It is said.

After Master Yanfa returned to heaven, he left behind two relics, which have been circulating between Xuantian League and Imperial Court for later generations to worship.

“That’s right.”

Putting away the scroll, Elder Cui remembered something:

“Since you achieved Dark Iron in advance, then the Ultra Grade you applied for in the league Origin Quality, do you still want it?”

“en?” Zhou Jia’s expression moved slightly:

“Can I still have it?”

“Theoretically, No.” Elder Cui shook his head:

“Each source of Ultra Grade is extremely precious and cannot be wasted. Since it has been made into black iron, it will naturally be taken back by the alliance.”


He smiled mysteriously and said:

“Each lineage can be divided into a number of Ultra Grade Origin Quality, and one less will definitely cause trouble, if you If you want, there is still a way to think about it.”

“Of course, in the end, the things may not belong to you, but at least you can start with some source crystals.”

“And this Wait for the good things. Don’t give up the benefits for nothing, Zhou Jia.” Nod:

“Please, Elder Cui to help Junior occupy the place

It’s easy to say, easy to say.” Elder Cui stroked Must chuckle, it seems that in this process, he will inevitably start with some benefits.

“Elder Cui!”

“Junior Brother Zhou!”

Liu Yi returned to the great hall with a heavy tray in both hands:

“Get into the book!”

The atmosphere in the venue immediately turned silent.

Only the black iron powerhouse can be recorded on the outer sect heritage list, and re-engraved in the inner sect, recorded in the Dalin dynasty name book, for generations to watch.

This is Supreme glory for many people.





Li rarely picked up the broom and swept away the dust on the ground.

He is dressed in a grey cloth gown with a hunched back, like an old farmer who has worked hard for many years. Did you say it?”

“en. ”

Zhou Jia put down the scroll in his hand, picked up the fluff duster and swept away the dust on the bookshelf, nodded opened his mouth, the soundtrack sighed, and his face But there is no complicated change:

“Overnight, master, uncle, Senior Brother Yuan and the others were killed one after another, but no one knows who did it. I hope sect can give an explanation.”

“I went to see Senior Sister. She washes her face with tears every day, which is unbearable.”


Li Mo heard this and shook her head:

“Although Lei Batian is a mid-level dark iron cultivation base, even if he is the master of the veins, he may not be sure to kill him, even more how and others?”

“ This matter, most likely will stop here!”


He raised his head, glanced outside, and said slowly:

“At this time, it is estimated that no one will care.”

The current Shicheng has long been in a mess, like a mess with no clue, even the Su Family with a military background, during this time It’s also a jerk.

Of course.

Is it exciting or distressed, it is unknown to outsiders.

Zhou Jia moved his hand for a while and said:

“I also heard that after the uncle left, the Heavenly Tiger gang didn’t want to find the murderer, but instead argued. Grab your rights.”

“The same is true of Tianshui Village. The Two Great Influences are falling apart, and the city is in chaos. The main source has been sending people into the city for the past few days, just to rebuild the Heavenly Tiger gang.”


“easier said than done!” Mo Li sighed:

“The Heavenly Tiger gang was shot down by Lei Batian, how can outsiders know the inside, not to mention those people who don’t know what to do? Will serve.”


A Great Influence, the internal affairs involve all aspects.

When outsiders suddenly settled in, they couldn’t figure out the details. Xiaolang Island didn’t know at all which places were profitable and which departments were important.

even more how.

Xue and Yang have no one who is good at dealing with such things.

I’m afraid it’s most likely, like supporting Lei Batian, to choose another spokesperson, but in a short time, it’s definitely too late.

“Wait until things are stable and it’s almost time for conscription.”

Mo Li sighed, not knowing what to think, sighed lightly:

“speaking of which, you have been outside all this time?”

“en. ”

Zhou Jia nods:

“Junior cultivation base has not grown for a long time. , so I went out to relax, I never thought that I would have an occasional insight, but I had a chance to advance to the black iron.”

During this period of time, he did travel far away.

Wandered around the Inner Sect.

By the way, see if you can meet the source star.

What a pity!

The source star seems to depend on luck. Sometimes you don’t want to, but you can come across it. You take the initiative to look for it, but you have no clue.

Of course.

As he traveled far, he also paid attention to the news of all parties.

Appear as a new black iron expert when it feels right.

Change to the past.

The new black iron will certainly attract everyone’s attention.

But this time.

Everyone’s eyes were attracted by Shicheng, and no one cared about a new black iron.

“After you advance to black iron, you have three years to recuperate, and sect will not send you to work during this period.” Some tasks.”

“If it’s only on the island or Shicheng, it’s fine, but sometimes it will help the military to suppress bandits, I’m afraid it will be a little dangerous.”

“Let it be fate. Let’s go!” Zhou Jia didn’t worry about things that haven’t happened yet, but took the opportunity to ask questions about Cultivation:

“Senior, how long does it take to break a level in the Shenhuang Art? “

“The time is different for different people.” Li said:

“The short time is three to five years, and the slow is ten-twenty years. There are also some.”


“Of course, if you can have a foreign object to help you, or if you are willing to sacrifice your life to hunt down the black iron ominous beast, the speed will be even faster.”

Three or five years?

ten-twenty years?

Zhou Jia frowned.

Shen Huang Jue is based on the Taoist method, exemplified by Buddhist martial arts, combined with Fei Mu’s world secret technique.

Ten levels, named after the three pulses and seven chakras.

It is divided into foot, root, navel, abdomen, heart, throat, forehead, top, magic sea, and dan.

The first level is the easiest, and the tenth level is the hardest. Although the difficulty increase is not large, it is an exaggeration that the first level takes so long.

It’s no wonder that no one has reached the tenth level since the day he created his merits.

The two were gossiping, neither too fast nor too slow, like a pair of old friends.

It’s different.

Zhou Jia has become a black iron, and Li has lost his aloof and remote attitude.


While chatting with oneself, the three of them entered the library, and the first one handed over.

There are very few outsiders here, and Zhou Jia couldn’t help but look back.

“Senior Brother Le!”

The surname is Le, over 50 years old, but the cultivation base is only Grade 9, it is said that he joined because he married a woman from the Xue Family Xiaolang Island is not very concerned about Cultivation.

“Junior Brother Zhou is also here.”

Seeing Zhou Jia, the person who came was excited, and hurriedly pulled the two youngsters behind him, saying:

“Come here you two, meet Elder Mo and Martial Uncle Zhou.”

“Elder Mo!”

“Martial Uncle Zhou!”

Youngster’s voice is crisp, with a faint hint of inability to let go. Judging from his age, he is around seventeen or eighteen, and his cultivation base is Grade 7.

“Newcomer’s Disciple?” Mo left his mouth.

“Yes.” Senior Brother let him help with other things:

“The elders of these two boys have something to do with me, so I will pay attention to it, and there is no island, so I will arrange it. Coming here to work is also a good way to sharpen your temper.”

“Please give more advice when you have time.”

“en. ”

Mo Li put down the broom, and one of them hurriedly took it over and cleaned it diligently.

“There’s not much to do here, just be careful not to damage the book.”

Zhou Jia retracted his gaze, feeling a little melancholy in his heart.

Once upon a time.

He is extremely uncomfortable when others call him uncle and uncle.


After all, it is getting old, not youthful.

Shaking his head, he focused on the volume of books in his hands.

Details of source quality!

This is a volume of books introducing essentia, including Ultra Grade essentia, and some records in it caught his attention.

The Ruins?


World Fragments…

Over the years, the Xuantian Alliance has not only made progress in the martial arts, but also explored the mysteries of the Ruins Realm.

(End of this chapter)

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