Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 175


Chapter 175 Cultivation

Zhou Jia has never been very clear about what Ultra Grade is, only he knows it World shards from the Fallen Ruins.

There are natural ones.

There are acquired synthetic.

But the ingredients will only come from world fragments.

Natural Ultra Grade essentia is relatively rare, each of which contains powers, but again, the physique must be consistent with it before it can be taken and refined.

Otherwise, it is courting death.

Acquired synthesis is a means of refining medicine.

The Ultra Grade Origin Quality issued by the Xuantian Alliance is all refined this time.

Compared to Innate Ultra Grade Origin Quality, it has no powers and its origin is weaker, but the advantage is that everyone can take it.

As described in the book.

Essence is a kind of existence that allows things to evolve, whether living or dead, once they are integrated, they will change.

Mortal surpasses.

The stone becomes refined.

Blade advancement!

And this kind of existence seems to only be born in the process of a world falling into the ruins.

Once it falls completely, there will be no more.


Zhou Jia brows frowned, puzzled and continued to read the scroll.

For more than 300 years, the people of the Xuantian Alliance have been involved in the fragments of the world that just fell into the Ruins World many times, and they have also explored them.

Coupled with the communication with other ethnic groups, there is finally a speculation.

This is speculation at this time.

I don’t know if it’s true or not.

Each world seems to instinctively prevent itself from falling towards the Ruins Realm, and in the process, some kind of Source Power will be released.

Contaminated with the existence of the source, which means possessing the essence.

And the influence of the Ruins World and the coverage of the Blood Moon caused some changes in the source material.


This is where to start.

Some beings will move towards the evolution of the good side, fleshy body, the source of will, and even the achievement of black iron.

And more.

Affected by the blood moon, he turned into an irrational monster, madly destroyed everything, and even dragged the entire world down.

It is pointed out in the book.

Compared to the vast and boundless Ruins World, the other world is too weak.

Even some beings with ‘Spiritual God’ cannot resist the devour of the Ruins World and cannot change the ending of the fall.

“So, the new world fragments are extremely important for both the Xuantian Alliance and the military, because it means that once they are occupied, they can obtain a lot of Origin Quality.”

“Ultra Grade essentia can also be refined from ordinary essentia.”


The following record made Zhou Jia’s eyes move slightly.

The existence of essentia can not only help mortals achieve Ultra Grade, but also accelerate the cultivation speed of black iron powerhouses, and even advance them again.

For some medicine pills, the source substance is required.


Whether it is an ominous beast born in a world fragment or a spirit plant, it is extremely precious.

More than ordinary needs.

Dark iron powerhouse needs more.

On the contrary, after the fall, even if the ominous beast is stronger and the spirit plant lasts longer, for the black iron powerhouse, it is not as useful as the source quality.

But there is a problem.

Ominous beast not to mention.

When a world falls into a ruinous world, the most drastic changes often occur within a few years. Trifling grows for several years, and spirit plants are mostly too young.

Even if the spirit plant is mutated, this is still the case.

In addition, the fragments of the world fall irregularly, and they cannot be prepared in advance, and the small fragments cannot even hold black iron.

Therefore, Ultra Grade source material cannot be provided in large quantities.


There are other dangers that come with it.


Zhou Jia tapped on the desk.

He seems to have heard from Old Zheng of the Eagle’s Nest that the race that died out hundreds of years ago has also done research on it, and there are some results.


The entire family perished.

Old Zheng is very conservative.

He is extremely opposed to exploring the mysteries of the Ruins World.

In his opinion, if there are secrets hidden in the depths of the ruins, it must be extremely dangerous, and taking the initiative to explore is tantamount to bringing about one’s own destruction.

Think about it.

Zhou Jia put away the scroll, intending to take it back and read it slowly.




This month, Zhou Jia used an excuse to travel around, mainly to distance himself from Lei Batian, The death of Shan Muhua and the others.


is to lay a solid foundation.

After a month of adjustment, his Essence, Qi, and Spirit have already reached a certain balance, and he will not be unable to control the source power in his body.

Dark iron!

Opening your eyes, Heaven and Earth seems to have peeled off a layer of veil, and the side that has never been seen before, and is difficult to find, is fully revealed.

The stems and leaves of plants and the limbs of insects and insects are vivid in my eyes.


The invisible source power surges like a tide.

The ground beneath your feet also seems to have a pulse, and countless densely packed Qi machines are intertwined in the ground and the void, merging into Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning.

After one hour, there will be light rain on the island.

The duration is one hour.

A kind of clear comprehension, which comes to mind quietly.

The fleshy body also became stronger and stronger. When he was within 30 feet, he was shot with light machine guns. As long as it was not a vital point, he would be fine.

Every move comes with great power.

Like an armored tank that can move flexibly, from the perspective of the past, it is indeed an inhuman existence.

Shen Huang Trick.

Zhou Jia bowed his head and reviewed the cultivation technique again. The experience he had asked for from Li Qiye flashed through his mind, and then he slowly closed his eyes.

Daomen martial arts focus on Vipassana.

Cultivation technique One introduction, the fleshy body is like a drawing out of the body, it comes to mind, the pure and vast source power flows and circulates in the body in an orderly manner.


Three pulses and seven rounds of ten major levels, slightly flickering, but erratic and difficult to comprehend.

The spell of Fei Mu world focuses on spiritual ideas.


The Sea of Consciousness trembled slightly, a cold current emerged from the back of the head, rushing towards the whole body, pulling the source power at the same time, and operating according to the cultivation technique in the body.

source power, and gradually grow.

Essence, Qi, and Spirit, also slowly getting stronger.


Zhou Jia stopped and cast his consciousness towards the Sea of Consciousness light curtain.

Name: Zhou Jia.

cultivation base: Black Iron Break (2/10000).

Origin Stars: Tianyingxing (trait: Commander), Diyongxing (trait: Wu Lei), Dixiongxing (trait: Dragon-Tiger ), Dixingxing (trait: Violence), Dimoxing (trait: listening to the wind), Tianxuanxing (trait: Qiankun Can), Di Fuxing (trait: Yushui Can)

cultivation technique: Introduction to Shenhuang Art.

martial skill: 3rd-layer Shield Anti-Perfection, Five Thunder Axe Mastery, Life Seizing Sword Perfection, Gnar’s Secret Breath Perfection, 9th layer Climbing Step Perfection, Iron Armor Mastery, Three Body Steps , python spit beads…


He seemed a little surprised, slightly hesitated, he took out the medicine pill that had been prepared a long time ago, took it and sank into the cultivation again among.


Black Iron First Level (5/10000)


Opening his eyes, Zhou Jia pondered in his heart, and a smile gradually appeared on his face meaning.

Unsurprisingly, thanks to the trait of Dragon-Tiger, his physique fits the road, which is the rumored Cultivation genius, and the progress is amazing.

It will take three or five years for others to break the First Level at the earliest.

Slow, ten-twenty years.

Xiaolang Island Black Iron, in addition to Xue and Yang, have practiced spirit refinement Huangjue more, whether it is predecessors or now, there are three and four cultivators.

Martial Artist achieves black iron, usually around forty years old.

After passing the third and fourth levels, the age is almost 60 or 70. Even if it is a black iron powerhouse at this age, the fleshy body has already begun to decline.

Continuing the cultivation will make little profit.

There are very few who have broken the fifth and sixth levels, and they must have taken a lot of spiritual objects. If not, it is almost impossible to achieve.

“Two years!”

Zhou Jia whispered to himself:

“Two years can break the First Level.”

This is still the cultivation technique he has just done. If he is not proficient, if he is proficient in cultivation technique, the time may be shorter.

The only problem is the medicine pill.

Advanced Black Iron, the effect of Spirit Rain is greatly increased again.

However, it is still a bit difficult to increase the source power of the black iron expert. After all, it is just an ordinary spirit plant and does not contain source quality.


not yet to the point of ignoring the source material.

Breaking one or two levels is not a big problem, and the medicine efficacy will be weaker as it goes on.

The increase in the effectiveness of the spiritual rain spell may not keep up with his own needs.

“It seems that we need to look around in the library to see if we can find a suitable medicine pill recipe, otherwise we will have to think of another way.”

“en ?”

“It’s not necessarily that there is no way.”

Zhou Jia didn’t forget that he has other ways of doing things, and he may have a high-quality medicine pill.

As for the situation of Shicheng and the Heavenly Tiger gang, he no longer intends to pay attention to it. Even if the situation is stable, it will take a few months.

even more how.

And the upcoming draft.

We have been recruiting for several months.

In short.


It’s business!

Don’t forget the original intention, and you will always be.

Zhou Jia has never forgotten his original intention, strengthened his strength, and even…

Welcome to his hometown.

Time flies by.




Smell Water City.

Xu Xiuzhi crossed her legs, sitting by the window on the second floor of the restaurant, drinking tea leisurely.


It is her business with Qian Xiaoyun.

Thousand Spirits Pavilion!

The reason for this name is her attention, which means that her store will sell thousands of various spiritual objects in the future.

At that time, I wanted to get the Spirit Pavilion.

Unfortunately, there is already a 10,000 Spirit Pavilion in the city, and its reputation is not small, so it can only be second to none.

Thousand Spirits Pavilion has gained some fame on this street after a period of development, especially with the sale of a large number of crepe grasses.

“Are you really going there?”

The cubicle.

Qian Xiaoyun’s voice came with a faint worry.

“en.” Yan Ji nodded:

“The master said that although I have experienced fighting, I have never encountered real danger, and temperament will eventually have some flaws.”

“Beast Valley experience has many benefits.”

“But.” Qian Xiaoyun frowned:

“Too dangerous!”

“In this world, how can there be anything that is not dangerous?” Yan Ji shook his head with a smile:

“Brother Zhou has already certified the black iron. I don’t dare to try taking Ultra Grade, this time it’s time to fight.”


He glanced at Huo Zhen, who was sleeping beside him, his eyes widening. Soft Light:

“Only when I achieve Hei Tie, can I take Zhen’er to Feimu world to seek medical treatment, otherwise, the journey will be too dangerous.”

” “…” Qian Xiaoyun opened his mouth to speak, then lowered his head slowly.

She knew that since Yan Ji had already made a decision, no matter how much she persuaded her, she would not change it.


That’s the Valley of the Beasts.

The beast valley is bottomless and contains countless ominous beasts.

It is the place where the Xuantian League Disciple has been trained. Many people rely on beheading the ominous beast in it, and their strength has improved greatly, and even advanced black iron.


The Beast Valley is dangerous.

Even if it is a black iron powerhouse, once it goes deep into it, it is difficult to guarantee that it will not be in danger.

If the Xuantian Alliance would spare no expense, they would have the strength to kill the ominous beast within the valley, but they didn’t do it, and they even had Disciple casualties every year.

It is for the disciples’ Disciple experience.

This world does not allow people to enjoy it safely, not even an inner sect disciple.

“I’m leaving!”

Yan Ji straightened her things and looked at Qian Xiaoyun tenderly:

“Wait for me to come back. “

“…” Qian Xiaoyun subconsciously avoided the other party’s gaze, and finally couldn’t bear it, slowly nodded:

“en. โ€

walked out In the compartment, Qian Xiaoyun looked a little dumbfounded.


Xu Xiuzhi frowned:

“I haven’t made up my mind yet?”

She rolled the eyes and said:

“Yan Ji is good enough for you, and for you and Zhen’er, she can even give up her life. If someone was so committed to me, I would have devote one’s life to.”


“I’m just…” Qian Xiaoyun opened his mouth and sighed helplessly:

“Let’s talk about it!”

There are no secrets between the two women, her Xu Xiuzhi was very clear about it.

Yan Ji is very good, and she cherishes Huo Zhen very much, treating her as her own.

“As you like.”

Xu Xiuzhi shrugged:

“Let’s go!”

She stood up and said:

โ€œsurnamed Zhouโ€™s achievement of black iron is said to be due to Insights Heaven and Earth, which is beyond my expectation.โ€

โ€œBrother Zhou achieved black iron Tie, I’m not surprised.” Qian Xiaoyun swept away the distracting thoughts, said with a smile:

“He has a firm temperament and a deep foundation. If there is no accident, he will become a black iron sooner or later, but it is so fast, indeed Unexpected.”

How many years has it been?

Not long after arriving in Hong Zeyu, the other party actually obtained the black iron certificate. It is no wonder that Yan Ji couldn’t wait and decided to take a risk.

The two women went downstairs and counted the goods. Xu Xiuzhi asked about Zhou Jia again:

“He said that this time, he will introduce us to a Big customer, it may involve tens of thousands of people’s material needs, do you know the situation?”

“I don’t know.” Qian Xiaoyun shook his head:

“It seems that he is in Shicheng. It’s been a good life, maybe I have made friends with some forces.”

“Ten thousand people!”

Xu Xiuzhi raised her head, her eyes filled with hope:

“If we can maintain this business path, our Thousand Spirits Pavilion will be on the right track, and I will be able to say that in Xu Family in the future. It’s time to talk.”

Qian Xiaoyun pursed his lips and glanced at the middle-aged man with bearless white face.

Dark iron!

This is the black iron expert that Xu Family arranged for Xu Xiuzhi some time ago.


As the business of Thousand Spirits Pavilion is getting better and better, Xu Family is paying more and more attention to Xu Xiuzhi, but it is not good for Qian Xiaoyun.

The business that Xu Family is interested in, how could she be a weak trifling woman taking nearly half of the revenue?

Her background can’t hold up such a big appetite.

Yan Ji is going to the Beast Valley this time, I am afraid she also has this consideration.


At this moment, a pleasing voice sounded.

“I’m not your sister-in-law.” Qian Xiaoyun subconsciously frowned:

“What’s the matter?”

The tall, thin, white man with pointed mouths Yuan cautiously approached, rubbed his hands, and said:

“Sister-in-law, Miss Qian is going to Shicheng to meet Brother Zhou, right?”

“en.” Qian Xiaoyun’s beautiful eyes moved slightly:

“What’s the matter?”

“Is that so.” Bai Yuan smirked, took out a purse from his body, and handed it over:

“The first time In 2018, I borrowed some source crystals from Brother Zhou, and it’s time to return it to him, I’ll ask Miss Qian to carry it over.”

“By the way…”

He licked Licking his tongue, bowed and said with a smile:

“Help brother to say something nice in front of Brother Zhou, the small things of the past are gone.”

“Heh… “Qian Xiaoyun hummed softly, and then nodded:

“Got it.”

Shaking the purse lightly, there were probably twenty Origin Crystals in it.

(End of this chapter)

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