Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 176


Chapter 176 Invitation

The fifth layer dragon boat docked at the pier, accompanied by the boatman of Grade 7 cultivation base shouting loudly, A suspension extends from the bow to the shore.

β€œYoung Master.”

Cai Qi, who has a black iron cultivation base, reached out and gestured:

β€œYou please!”


Xu Chang nodded and walked towards the shore.

Behind him, Xu Xiuzhi and Qian Xiaoyun looked at each other, quietly suppressed the displeasure in their eyes, and followed to the pier.

Xu Chang is the Young Master of the Xu Family. Unlike Xu Xiuzhi, he is the direct descendant of the second room.

Although it is not as good as the most outstanding of this generation, it is also a rising star of Xu Family, far from being on the edge of Xu Xiuzhi.

He is coming.

There are bound to be twists and turns on this line.


The drizzle was hazy.

“It seems that we came today by accident.” Xu Chang covered his eyes with his hands, and the servant behind him hurriedly opened a paper umbrella to keep out the rain.

He flipped his sleeves and his face was displeased:

“This weather is the most irritating, the clothes are close-fitting, and it is extremely uncomfortable.”

“Near Xiaolang Island, although there is no severe cold or heat, it is rainy.” Qian Xiaoyun explained with a smile:

“It often rains here. Xu, look at the boatmen here, many lilies and scorpions.”


Xu Chang frowned:

“Let’s go!”

“Is there anyone here to pick you up?”

“Yes.” Qian Xiaoyun stretched out his hand and pointed forward:

“We also opened a shop here , has been informed by Feixin in advance, the carrier over there should be here to pick us up.”

While speaking, the carrier in the direction pointed to has already driven over, obviously seeing the person coming.

“This kind of car…”

Xu Chang was speechless, with a look of disgust:

“It’s okay, it’s okay, hurry into the city and end the ride here early. Let’s talk about the errand.”

“Young Master Xu said yes.” Qian Xiaoyun’s expression remained unchanged, and he waved towards the person who came to indicate:

“Let’s enter the city.”

Her expression was normal, but her heart sank.

Bad comers!





Stand along the street.

This is not a prosperous place, and food is not expensive, but there are many diners. After all, there are few rich people, and the majority of ordinary person families.

It’s not even time for dinner.

On the second floor there is only one person sitting by the window.

The window slanted out to cover the drizzle, but occasionally a strong wind blew, and some naughty raindrops would still fall on the man’s clothes.

Zhou Jia rubbed a mask, looked thoughtful.

The mask is bright red in color and looks like it is woven from some kind of rattan plant.

This item is a rare treasure.

Wear it on your face to cover your breath.

The weird shape gives people a chill from deep in one’s heart.

It is also the symbol of the owner of the Blood Vine Building. The owner of this mask has caused many bloody storms in Shicheng.


It fell into Zhou Jia’s hands.

Along with it, there are also several hidden places, which should be explored when there is time, maybe there may be unexpected joys inside.


Footsteps sounded from the stairs.

Zhou Jia flipped his hand and the blood vine mask was disappeared.

“Brother Zhou!”

Chen Ying, dressed in a red-clothed outfit, stepped onto the second floor and handed over her hands:

“You have a period of time. I haven’t shown up anymore, I’m really happy to hear that you have realized the realm of black iron once you have been enlightened!”

She sighed with emotion, and couldn’t hide her envy.


The two have a similar cultivation base, and now she is still a Grade 9, but the other party has already certified the black iron, and the status has changed the difference between Heaven and Earth.

For a time, it was hard to understand the taste in my heart.

“It’s just a fluke.” Zhou Jia smiled lightly and looked at the other party:

“Miss Chen is full of energy, and it looks like she is about to reach the top ten.”

“Lend your auspicious words.” Chen Ying’s beautiful eyes moved, and her eyes fell on the table in front of Zhou Jia, or the invitations on the table.

Immediately sighed:

“It seems that I am late.”

“Heh…” Zhou Jia was helpless:

“I chose this place to avoid trouble. I didn’t want to be found. I already have seven invitations here.”

“Now I have to add one more.” Chen Ying stepped closer and handed an invitation:

“Miss Mei wants to see you.”

“Lei Mei?” Zhou Jia took the invitation and put it aside. , said:

“Lei Cheng, Lei Ye, sons of Lord Lei Gang, Qiu Yingchen, son of Vice-Gang Leader, and even He Elder and Su Family, all sent invitations here.”

“It seems…”

He smiled faintly:

“The position of Gang Lord is fiercely contested.”

“Brother Zhou Zhou .” Chen Ying’s voice was solemn:

“The Heavenly Tiger Gang was broken out by Lei Gang Lord with a knife. The Gang Lord’s surname must be Lei, Lei Prisoner went with the Gang Lord, and the Gang Lord candidate was naturally chosen. Elected from the rest.”

“Lei Cheng is overweight and not aggressive enough. Now the situation in the gang is chaotic and he can’t do anything; Lei Ye is too young to convince the public.”

“Only Miss Mei, although she is a woman, is a woman, with a strong personality and not a weak man, especially like Gang Lord, who can inherit the position of Gang Lord.”

“If Gang The position of Lord is relinquished to someone with a foreign surname, not to mention that he is dissatisfied with helping the middle-aged and the elderly, Brother Zhou is deeply loved by the Lord Gang, I am afraid that he will not bear it?”

She said it clearly and eloquently, obviously it was too early. Be prepared.

Today is not like it used to be.

Zhou Jia has achieved black iron, and his status has naturally become respected.

And the original old black iron powerhouse in the gang, Shan Muhua, Qiu Bowei, Jiuru, Liao Elder, etc., died and disappeared.

At this time, Zhou Jia spoke, and the weight was different.

As a former friend of the other party, Chen Ying was invited to come as a lobbyist.

Never mind…

“You should be clear.” Zhou Jia sighed softly and said:

“The position of Gang Lord, you and I don’t care. It’s only after what the pulse master says.”

Behind the Heavenly Tiger Gang is Xiao Langdao, even Lei Batian has to listen to the pulse master’s arrangement, and the position of Gang Lord is no exception.

“Of course.”

Chen Ying nodded, and added:

“But even if you are the master of the pulse, you must also consider the opinion of helping the middle-aged and the elderly. Some people choose the same one, and they will not reject it if they think about it.”

“After all, what Xiaolangdao wants is not a Heavenly Tiger gang that all split up and in pieces”

Zhou Jia was silent.

“Brother Zhou.” Chen Ying took a deep breath and said:

“As long as you promise to nominate Miss Mei to be the Gang Lord, every month from now on, you will get a share. Grain of Heavenly King Pill, and promoted to Elder.”

Heavenly King Pill?

Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly.

During this time, he deliberately flipped through the medicine pills needed by the black iron realm in the library.

There are roughly three categories.

A class.

All of them are made from Heaven and Earth Treasure containing Origin Quality. These precious medicines, like killing ominous beast, can rapidly increase source power.

And, no drug resistance.

As long as there is a continuous medicine pill, you can always increase the cultivation base.

Of course.

These medicine pills are extremely rare and expensive.

The second category.

It is made of some of the substances containing the original substance, mixed with ordinary spirit plant, inner core, and blood refinement. The medicine efficacy is not weak, and the price is expensive.

Tianwang Dan is such.

One tablet.

It can be worth more than a month of ascetic cultivation of ordinary black iron experts.

The third category.

It is a medicine pill made from spiritual medicine with enough years, inner core with huge blood essence, etc. The medicine efficacy depends on the formula.

Yes, not worse than the first category.

But most of the medicine efficacy is not strong.

And taking the same medicine pill for a long time will cause drug resistance. Fortunately, compared with the previous two types, this type is easier to obtain.

After thinking for a while, Zhou Jia said slowly:



The first voice Pause, he looked out the window with his head down.

In the misty drizzle, one after another silhouette appeared on the long street.

The silhouettes are all dressed in strong suits, holding swords and soldiers, their wet long hair clinging to their clothes, and an invisible chilling meaning permeates.

There used to be many pedestrians on the street, but now they are far away.


A table against the wall was kicked to pieces.

The man with the power of destroying the table violently shook his wet long hair, his triangular eyes with a strong anger, moved towards the opposite side:

“You are Who?”

“Liu Zhang!”

In the rain curtain, a youngster with bare hands stood proudly.

Compared with the group of people on the opposite side, there are also several people behind youngster, but the number of people is several times different.

β€œIron Fist Liu Zhang?”

triangular eyes squinting:

β€œYou want my site?”

β€œ Not bad!” Liu Zhang moved his fists and stepped forward, but his voice did not fluctuate:

“Han Du in the yamen said that whoever has the most fist here is in charge, as long as the 40% of the yamen is not filial. Less is enough.”


triangular eyes opened and vomited:

“surnamed Han is really not a thing, I’m sorry I spent money on him So many Originium.”

“It’s useless to talk too much.” Liu Zhang coldly said:

“surnamed Shen, are you leading people to retreat by yourself, or do you want this Liu to help? , don’t blame me for not reminding me, this Liu’s fists don’t recognize people!”

“Fuck you”

triangular eyes roared:

“Brothers, Come with me, chop him!”

In the roar, triangular eyes stepped on the ground, water splashed in all directions, and he penetrated the heavy rain curtain, wrapped blade light moved towards Liu Zhang and fell head-to-head.

“Go to hell!”

This blade is fierce and fierce. Although it lacks flexibility, it is also powerful.

Grade 7!


Liu Zhang squinted his eyes and groaned, his body advancing instead of retreating, a layer of black glow covering his body, and at the same time his five fingers clenched fists towards the blade light.

When the imposing manner erupted, the cultivation base was also revealed.

Grade 7!

Same as Grade 7, but he is obviously stronger.


The fist and the knife collided. Although Liu Zhang had a stronger cultivation base, he still suffered from the loss of no weapons. His body froze and he had to take a step back. .

At the same time, a group of people behind triangular eyes rushed over.


Accompanied by the shouting and killing, various hidden weapons such as crossbows, dark arrows, flying needles, iron lotus seeds, etc., take the first shot and fly all over the sky for a while.

“pu pu!”


The screams sounded.

The two groups also fought together.


Liu Zhang stomped the ground, his leg muscles trembled, and the ground sank suddenly.

Fisting, the rain curtain shattered in front of him.

The triangular eyes oversee an area, and it is not easy to be born. With a flick of the long knife, it slashes from top to bottom, and the rain curtain is divided into two halves.


The blade light slashed downwards, but the incoming punches snapped.

From a hard horse’s strong collision, he turned into an old turtle and shrank, his whole body was abruptly restrained, and the next moment was like a tiger stretching out, roaring in the mountains and forests.

In an instant.

The transformation of rigidity and softness is natural.

The incoming blade light was also cut off.

The triangular eyes shrank, inwardly shouted not good.

He didn’t have time to change the Blade Technique, only with a roar, the blade light once again flourished, abandoning the defense and turning into a heavy sword to slash at the opponent.

Liu Zhang opened his eyes, open a pair of tiger eyes, full of brilliance, and he crashed into the sword curtain.

His body was like a tiger, his arms were like spears, and his fists seemed to be mixed with muffled thunder, smashing the heavy swords into pieces.


In the rush of energy, one silhouette flew out.

“Dang bang…”

The long knife also fell to the ground.


The silhouette fell to the ground, spitting blood, and before he could struggle to get up, he was slammed into the face by a fist, and his entire head was shattered on the spot.

The corpse is raised high.

“Stop it all!”

Liu Zhang, covered in blood, roared up to the sky:

“The surnamed Shen is already dead, do you still want to accompany him? ”

The shouting was silent.

Everyone is doing business with a knife and blood, but they will not die for nothing. The strongest person on their own side has been killed.

Keep going and you’ll be safe.

“get lost!”

Liu Zhang didn’t take the opportunity to make a ruthless attack, open a pair of tiger eyes and glared in all directions:

“While I haven’t yet, Get out of here before you change your decision!”

The others looked at each other in blank dismay, and as one of them retreated quietly, the people who had followed the triangular eyes backed away one after another.

After a short while, he had gone thoroughly.

“big brother!”

“Brother Liu is mighty!”


Almost the rest All of them were injured, but they were not dissatisfied and excited. One of them even shouted:

“Occupying this street, we will earn thousands of Yuanshi every month in the future. Follow Big Brother Liu, It’s really delicious and spicy.”

“Yes, yes!”

A group of people won, but no one noticed that Big Brother Liu’s face changed back and forth in their mouths , It took a long time to suppress the strangeness on his body.

“Let’s go!”

Liu Zhang waved:

“Let’s have a drink first and celebrate!”

“Why don’t you go? The place.” One person stretched out his hand and pointed to the restaurant next to him:

“This one is fine!”


The whole group of people shouted again and again, the restaurant The people inside are all shiver coldly, and when they come in, they have to be entertained.

Second floor.


Chen Ying face revealed disdain:

“A group of scumbags.”

“You don’t care?” Zhou Jia’s expression was indifferent:

“They occupy all the territory that originally belonged to the Heavenly Tiger Gang.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Chen Ying coldly snorted:

“Wait for a free hand, it’s ours or ours, let them watch for the time being, things will be spit out sooner or later.”

“Smart If you do, you can do a job in the gang in the future.”

“That Liu Zhang, although his strength is not very good, and the cultivation techniques he has learned are ordinary, but he is brave enough to be able to use it.”

Zhou Jia slowly nodded:

“Gang Lord candidate, let me consider it again.”

“Brother Zhou.” Chen Ying opened her mouth to speak, After thinking about it, there is a stop.

She knew very well that the relationship between the two of them could only be said to be okay before, but it was not close, and if they pushed too hard, it might be self-defeating.

Immediately asked:


“I will go.” Zhou Jia nods:

“Fanmei Wait a minute, miss.”

“That’s good.” Chen Ying’s expression relaxed, and then she said two more words, and then said goodbye.

When I was going downstairs, I happened to meet Liu Zhang’s entire group who was going upstairs noisily. When I saw Chen Ying, who was beautifully dressed, one of them lit up.

Just as he was about to speak a few words of flirting, he saw Liu Zhang’s face sullen, his body leaning against the aisle, and he said respectfully:

“Young Lady Chen.”

“en?” Chen Ying turned her head sideways:

“You know me?”

“We met two years ago.” Liu Zhang was excited:

“I didn’t expect to see Young Lady Chen here today. It’s really the blessing of three lifetimes.”

“en.” , said:

“It’s hard to become a gangster on the street. If you have time, you can find the fifth man on Yafang Street. If you want, you can follow me in the future.”


Liu Zhang’s eyes lit up and his whole body trembled with excitement:

“many thanks Young Lady Chen!”

“en. ”

Chen Ying was satisfied and walked downstairs, while saying without thinking:

“In this place, you can eat when you eat, drink when you drink, and don’t provoke other people.”


Liu Zhang should be, subconsciously looked towards the silhouette that was left on the second floor.

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