Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 177


Chapter 177 Guests

“Little Er!”

“Good wine and good food!”

“Hurry up!”

Several people shouted loudly, high-spirited and vigorous.

The second shop assistant who came to say hello was shiver coldly, and the back kitchen of the restaurant was even more hurried, lest this group of evil stars be unhappy.

Not long.

The table is already full of wine and vegetables.

Several youngsters fought each other, almost all of them were injured, but they didn’t care at all, just smeared some Golden Skin Medicine and ate and drank.

The exuberance of Essence, Qi, and Spirit is indeed completely different from the older Jianghu people.

“Little Er!”

Liu Zhang stopped the little Er who wanted to go downstairs, stretched out his hand and pointed to where Zhou Jia was:

“For that If a friend has a good pot of wine, it’s mine.”


The shopkeeper forced a smile on his face, nodded said:

“Let’s go get it if you’re young.”

It was inevitable that he would slander in his heart. With the behavior of this group of people, the boss of this table of wine and food would definitely not dare to collect money, but he even posted it to others.

Fortunately, it’s just a jug of wine.

Be patient!

Placing the warm drink in front of him, Liu Zhang gestured with a smile:

“You’re welcome, my friend, I’ll treat you.”

“Well…” Zhou Jia looked contemplative, looked at the other party up and down, and then slowly nodded:

“many thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” Liu Zhangzhan laughed, walked over, whispered Asked:

“You know Young Lady Chen?”


“Didn’t ask for advice?”

He looked A su, cup one fist in the other hand.

In Dashicheng, there are very few standouts in the younger generation, Chen Ying is one of them, and her father is a black iron powerhouse.

In Liu Zhang’s eyes, these existences are already the most Peak figures in the city.

Lei Prison, Lei Mei, and the Young Masters of the Su Family are a bit stronger.

There are many natural benefits to being able to climb into a relationship.

The person in front of him knew Young Lady Chen, so he was definitely not a generalist, and Young Lady Chen’s warning before she left seemed to mean something.

Looking at the person in front of him again, Liu Zhang couldn’t help feeling ripples.

This person has a plain appearance and a low temperament. He will definitely look like a crowd on the street, but he is actually a burly man, far exceeding ordinary people.

This is weird!

This person’s body shape and size should be the focus of others no matter where they are.

But if you don’t look carefully, you will subconsciously ignore his existence, as if the whole person is integrated into Heaven and Earth and doesn’t exist at all.

Liu Zhang didn’t know why, but he knew it was definitely not normal.

If he has enough knowledge, or has been instructed by experts, he will definitely understand that Zhou Jia at this time has already reached One with the Heaven Realm.



The Martial Artist fuses together with the surrounding environment, sympathetic and harmonious, which is a symbol of true transcendence.

Under these circumstances, every move can be wrapped up in the power between Heaven and Earth, the martial skill is extraordinary, and the source technique is as one wishes.

“I’m surprised that Thunder Palm is good.”

Zhou Jia did not introduce himself, but instead asked:

“Tie Yuanshen has also started, you Know someone from Tie Yuan martial arts hall?”

“en?” Liu Zhang’s expression changed:

“Do you know Hall Lord Luo?”

“Know …” Zhou Jia was thoughtful, then waved his hand gently, as if he didn’t want to talk more:

“Go back.”


Liu Zhang’s eyes flashed and he slowly retreated.

He has a martial skill, which is mostly passed down from Tie Yuan’s martial arts hall.

Hall Lord Luo has a Grade 8 cultivation base at a young age. Although he is not well-known outside, he is admired by everyone in his small circle.

It is said.

There is a mysterious senior behind the Hall Master, so martial arts hall has never encountered any trouble since its establishment.

Of course.

It is also because Hall Lord Luo is more low-key.

As if thinking of something, he glanced at Zhou Jia again.





The screeching from the stairs The sound, several silhouettes stepped upstairs.

After seeing the situation upstairs, especially Liu Zhang and the others who smelled bloody and disheveled, Xu Chang subconsciously covered her nose.

“What a broken place!”

He waved his sleeves lightly, his face filled with displeasure:

“Put out irrelevant people.”


One person walked out from behind, and walked towards Liu Zhang and the others with a cold face, showing a sense of alienation:

“Several, my Young Master, please You go down!”


“It’s just…”

youngster is high-spirited and vigorous, and has just experienced a major Sheng, in the mood, hearing this immediately raised his eyebrows and clapped the table.


The other side’s face darkens and his eyes are cold light.

“Okay!” Liu Zhang got up at the right time to stop the anger of his brothers, and said:

“I’ve already had enough to eat and drink anyway, let’s go!”

Saying that, he gestured to several people.

The people who went upstairs this time were all brocade, flowery clothed, with extraordinary bearing, and sturdy guards.

You and the others don’t need to get in trouble.



Liu Zhang urged his brother to go downstairs, and the shopkeeper’s humility came after a while , does not seem to accept the food and drink money.

When the restaurant was emptied, the guards also went downstairs one after another, Xu Chang handed over and approached:

“Brother Zhou, I have long admired the name!”

“Your Excellency is ?” Zhou Jia got up and spoke, looking towards Xu Xiuzhi and Qian Xiaoyun behind, and the two women returned a helpless smile.

“Xu Family Xu Chang.” Xu Chang said with a smile:

“Thanks to Brother Zhou for taking care of his sister these days, I heard that Brother Zhou was enlightened and became a black iron. this Xu turn up without being invited, I hope you don’t mind.”

Said, motioning for his subordinates to present several boxes.

“Little, it’s not a respect.”

“Brother Xu is being polite.” Zhou Jia nodded:

“Sit down.

“This place is simple and there is nothing to entertain. Brother Xu, don’t mind.”

He thought it was just the two girls Xu and Qian, who were familiar friends with each other. The identity of the person is unusual.

So I chose such a place.

I never thought about it.

Also came outsiders.

Qian Xiaoyun came closer, handed a money bag, and whispered:

“Bai Yuan gave it, I said it was for you to bear with me.”

Bai Yuan?

Zhou Jia understands.

In fact, he had already forgotten what happened in those days, and he would not take it seriously, and the identity of the Outer Sect Disciple of Xiaolang Island is also good.

But Bai Yuan obviously doesn’t think so.

I don’t want to be revengeful for him.

Black iron…

In the case of rare silver and an extreme powerhouse, no matter where the black iron expert is placed, it is the existence of Megatron.

“My younger sister has always been a restless temperament. It’s a pity that after so many years, I can’t do anything.” Xu Chang sat down and said:

“This time, thanks to Brother Zhou Jia helped me to make some achievements.”

“No.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“Ms. Xu is talented and intelligent, and she is especially good at business. The cheapness of the two girls is really blushed with shame.”

“Hey!” Xu Chang waved his hand:

“I don’t know what my younger sister is like, don’t you brag She, I’m afraid she will go to heaven.”

Xu Xiuzhi’s face was stiff, and she took the initiative to get up and pour the wine.

Zhou Jia smiled and said nothing.

Some people are always used to belittle the people around them to get closer to outsiders. People around them are always able to forgive, which also contributes to the arrogance of such people.

This Young Master Xu seems to be.

I don’t know if it’s stupid.

Otherwise, I have another idea.

“Of course.”

Xu Chang continued:

“It’s up to her to make small troubles, but the business is gradually on the right track. , I’m afraid it’s not good to let her temper.”

“I heard that Brother Zhou has a big business to introduce?”

He raised his wine glass and indicated:

“You might as well talk and listen.”

“This…” Zhou Jia hesitated, looking towards the two women Xu and Qian. Don’t talk about business.

“Tell the truth.”

Zhou Jia hesitated slightly, saying:

“Zhou is not good at business, but he has a way in hand, thanks to two girls Clear it up.”

“This is because someone heard that Zhou knew two girls, so I want to introduce one or two below, whether it is successful or not.”

“Then Just let him come over.” Xu Chang’s eyes lit up:

“Relax, this Xu will also benefit from Brother Zhou’s benefits.”

“This way…” Zhou Jiaws nod, looked towards the two women:

“What do you mean?”

“What opinions can they have?” Xu Chang bro frowned:

“Brother Zhou told me so.”

Xu Xiuzhi clenched her hands tightly, her pretty face froze, Qian Xiaoyun sighed softly, and stretched out her hand to quietly hold the back of her sister’s hand.

“Brother Zhou.”

Qian Xiaoyun said slowly:

“You said in your letter that his business may involve tens of thousands of people, It’s just for daily needs, I’m afraid it’s not a small amount.”

“Maintaining this kind of business requires all aspects and specific details. We need to see them and then discuss them in detail.”

“It’s true.” Zhou Jia: “It’s true.

“Ms. Qian said yes.”

“It’s more than that.” Xu Chang’s eyes moved, and his voice suddenly turned cold.

“I’m afraid I don’t know, Brother Zhou, business with more than 10,000 people does not come from ordinary people. Can you guarantee that those people are coming from the right way?”

“If you encounter trouble, Ordinary person can’t solve it!”

“Brother Zhou doesn’t want to be in trouble, right?”

Zhou Jia picked up the glass and took a sip.

Until now, he finally understood.

It turns out that this Xu Chang is here to grab business.

As a member of the Xu Family, he has a higher identity than Xu Xiuzhi, probably because the business run by the two women is getting better and better, and he has other ideas.

Looking at the attitude of the two women, it is obvious that they are a little unwilling.


“It’s a bad coincidence.”

He put down his glass and said with a smile:

“The one who My friend has something to do today and can’t come, we’ll talk about him later, but a batch of goods in Zhou’s hands can be taken away.”

“That’s fine!” Xu Chang nodded:

“However, we need to talk about the price. In the future, when our Xu Family does business with others, we will pay a part of the deposit first.”

“I heard that Brother Zhou needs to pay the full amount, which is a little scary. Is something wrong?”

Zhou Jia squinted.

“Xu Chang!” Xu Xiuzhi couldn’t hold back the anger in her heart any longer, and slapped the table and stand up fiercely:

“What do you want to do?”

“I negotiated the business here with Xiaoyun, and Thousand Spirits Pavilion didn’t use your channel. What’s your business?”

“Damn talk!” Xu Chang complexion greatly changed:

“I’m your brother, how can I ignore you?”

“Brother Xu.” Qian Xiaoyun said with a sullen face:

“Thousand Spirits Pavilion, Yan Ji and I are the majority, Suzy is just a support, I can make the decision, even if I don’t eat that, I’m afraid there will be no outsiders to intervene?”

“Outsiders?” Xu Chang coldly snorted:

“Younger sister, you see it, others treat me as an outsider, you do business with such a person, how can I be a big brother like me?”


“Don’t worry about it!” Xu Xiuzhi said angrily:

“I do my own business and earn the money I should earn, and it has nothing to do with you!”

“get lost!”

She pointed backwards behind her:

“Take your people, get out of here!”


Xu Chang was furious, smashed the table with one palm, and the wine splashed all over the floor:

“Xu Xiuzhi, you are so bold, you just talked to me like that. ?”

“Miss.” Cai Qi on the side also said in a muffled voice:

“Young Master is here because of the lady’s intention. As a woman, it’s really not good for you to show your face. Might as well listen to Young Master’s arrangement.”

“It’s not good to show your face…” Xu Xiuzhi trembled all over:

“Why don’t you talk about it when I’m doing business at first , now that there is hope for our business, I will show up.”

“Xu Chang!”

“I tell you, I just withdraw my part of the money. , and it will never be cheap for you!”

“Damn words!” Xu Chang angrily said:

“It’s getting more and more outrageous…”


Zhou Jia raised his voice and got up helplessly.

He moved towards the cupped the hands of several people and said:

“This matter is really something Zhou hadn’t considered, as Young Master Xu said, I don’t know the origin of those people. I don’t know, it’s really inconvenient to deal with it more.”

“Let’s just leave the matter here.”

Seeing Qian Xiaoyun’s mouth to speak, Zhou Jia added:

” As for this batch of Crested Grass, Chong Xuan Bamboo, etc., they were also unhurried for a while, and after a few discussions, it would not be too late to find Zhou again.”

Said, cup one fist in the other hand. :

“I have something to do next, so let’s say goodbye first.”

He just wanted to do business in a safe and secure way. Don’t want to cause trouble.

As for the two girls and Xu Family.

Let them figure it out for themselves, and then move on.


As the quarrel continued, Zhou Jia had already gone downstairs, paid for the wine and table, held up an oil-paper umbrella, and walked slowly into the drizzle.




The sky is getting darker.

It was raining,

still pattering.

The wind,

is getting more and more urgent.

The chaotic wind blows the rain curtain back and forth, even if the fan of the oil-paper umbrella is large enough, it still cannot stop the slanting rain curtain.

Zhou Jia walks in the rain, letting the cold rain soak his body, not feeling any hindrances, and enjoying himself.


On the dimly lit street, he stopped.

“Brother Zhou.” One person stepped closer and said:

“I’m here to disturb you.”

The person who came came had hands behind ones back, and the body was bathed in the rain curtain, but there was an invisible layer of energy surrounding the whole body, which made the finer The rain is separated.

“Cai Qi is here.”

cupped the hands, Cai Qi said with a scrutiny attitude:

“This time I came with Young Master, In addition to business, I just want to get to know Brother Zhou.”

“Brother Cai.” Zhou Jia wanted to nod, and walked slowly with umbrellas:

“It’s easy to talk about things under the auspices, just discuss it. , doing business, do it with anyone, it doesn’t really matter Zhou Mou.”

“You can’t say that.” Cai Qi shook his head:

“Young Master, Miss, after all It’s a family, it’s not good to hurt the relationship, it’s better for Brother Zhou to take the initiative to speak up, and it saves some trouble.”

“Well…” Zhou Jia faint smile:

“Your Excellency Do you want Zhou to be this villain?”

“Brother Zhou, it seems you don’t understand.” Cai Qi frowned:

“It is the Xu Family who do business with you. !”

“A branch of Xu Family.” Zhou Jia reminded.

“That’s the same.” Cai Qi was displeased:

“Compared with the Originium earned from doing business, the relationship with the Xu Family is the most important thing. , especially for an outer sect black iron with no background.”

“If you want to go further, be smart.”

His tone, there was Persuasion means, but also with a little arrogance.

A veteran black iron powerhouse treats the arrogance of new black iron.

Inner Sect Black Iron’s disdain for Outer Sect Disciple.

“Da…” Zhou Jia stopped and said:

“If it is said that the Xu Family is the master of the internal sect, it is okay for Zhou to give in a little or two, but a trifling Xu Family unremarkable descendant.”

He looked towards each other and said with a smile:

“Brother Cai, it seems that Xu Family’s face is too high.”

“en?” Cai Qi’s face sank, and anger appeared in his eyes:

“Your Excellency is too concerned about yourself, a junior who has just entered the black iron, with no background, although his potential is good, he must Looking at how the future will develop, is it worthy to discuss the length in front of the Xu Family now?”

“You are believing or not, as long as Young Master Xu’s words, from today onwards, the goods in your hands will no longer be shipped. Can’t handle it!”

He looked coldly, lightly snorted, and the tape threatened:

“Walking water, planting boats, but it’s always a thing!”

Zhou Jia’s smile subsided.

“Black iron and black iron are also different.” Cai Qi said:

“Don’t think that if you achieve black iron, you can be supercilious, don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth, if you Thinking that he can be unscrupulous, Cai doesn’t mind letting you understand some truth.”

Said, coldly snorted, and walked away.

Only echoes echoed:

“You can become a black iron, which means you are a smart person, don’t be so unwise.”

“Xiaolang Island , Heavenly Tiger gang, they don’t have your backing, what can you compare to Xu Family?”

“You should know how to choose!”

(End of this chapter)


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