Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 178


Chapter 178 Identity



The porcelain shattered, the inkstone fell to the ground, and the ground was full of mess.

The two maids huddled in the corner, their faces pale and shiver coldly all over, lest Xu Chang, whose eyes were red, would vent his roar on himself.

“Young Master.”

Cai Qi opened the door and entered, and saw this scene, couldn’t help but frowned, moved towards the maid and waved:

“You guys Go out.”


The maid hurriedly left the room.

“Slut!” Xu Chang clenched his teeth, and his handsome face was twisted and ferocious:

“As early as when she was six years old, I should have pressed her into the sink to drown her. If you die, you don’t have to wait for her to grow up and come to provoke me over and over again.”

“Young Master.” Cai Qi’s complexion slightly changed.

Although it has long been known that the internal power struggle within the Great Clans is extremely cruel, and there is no family relationship between the brothers and sisters, hearing this still can’t help but feel chills.

Speaking slowly at the moment:

“This is the end of the matter. It’s useless to be angry and hurt my body.”


Xu Chang coldly snorted:

“How about, did surnamed Zhou agree?”

“He said he would consider it.”

“That is to say Didn’t agree?”

Xu Chang turned around suddenly and said angrily:

“Okay, now even people from a small place don’t take me seriously?”

“Young Master.” Cai Qi bowed his head:

“You also said that people in small places may not know what the Xu Family represents, but it doesn’t matter, he will It’s clear.”

“Even if it’s not clear, Cai will help him make it clear!”

His voice sank, his face filled with invisible pressure.

There is also a gap between black iron and black iron. A black iron in a small place with no background, it is best to be interesting.


He has a way to clean up.


Xu Chang relieved, slowly nodded:

“Uncle Cai does things, I can trust it. By the way, someone sent it just now Invitation, invite me to a banquet.”

“Oh!” Cai Qi raised his eyebrows:

“We just arrived and someone invited me, it seems that they are well-informed.”

“en.” Xu Chang nodded:

“It’s the villain of the Heavenly Tiger Gang, Yan Luo Zeng Conglong, and there is a woman named Qingxue. Uncle Cai knows this woman The origin of the gang?”

β€œHeavenly Tiger Gang.” Cai Qi shook his head, looked thoughtful:

β€œYoung Master, Heavenly Tiger Gang was quite chaotic during this time, for the position of Gang Lord You are fighting for me, we should not intervene.”

“After all…”

“There is Xiaolang Island.”

The current Heavenly Tiger The gang, the Vice-Gang Leader has been killed one after another, the gang is so big, there is no one in the middle of the black iron, and it will not be seen by the Xu Family.

But there is Xiaolang Island behind it.

Xu Family’s involvement may lead to misunderstandings.

Xu Chang this lineage has always wanted to expand its influence outside, and came to Shicheng for this purpose, but it should not be rushed, and it needs to be taken care of.

“I understand.” Although Xu Chang has an impulsive personality, he is not an idiot after all. Nodded said:

“I’ll see you in private, we don’t care who the Gang Lord is, but Having a good relationship will make things much easier in the future.”

“That’s good.” Cai Qi was relieved:

“When will I prepare for the carriage.”





Zhou Jia stands on the top of the tree, hands behind ones back, overlooking the silhouette.

The people who come jumped dozens of feet in one jump, soaring in the sky like a peng bird, movement method lithe and graceful, fast, almost can be called flying off the ground.

For the ordinary person.

The movement method of the other party is not much different from Feifei.

Feipeng movement method!

The Eagle’s Nest is a method obtained from the inheritance of an extinct civilization, and it has been improved many times, and it has finally succeeded.

In Zhou Jia’s opinion, this light-weight cultivation technique is even better than Xiaolang Island’s most popular Lightweight Art inheritance movement method.

Old Zheng has repeatedly escaped from the pursuit of powerhouses in the later period of Heitie, which is a great contribution.


The silhouette fell on the treetops without the slightest wind noise.

“Actually, it’s the same with whoever you do business with.”

Zheng Changtu said with a smile:

“Before, we worked with Tianshui Village, Heavenly Tiger Gang, Even the merfolk and even the water bandits have done business, and it is not a bad idea to be with the Xu Family.”

“Old Zheng is very open.” Zhou Jia jumped off the treetop and said:

“But I only know Qian and Xu two women, and I’m not familiar with that Xu Chang.”

“So…” Zheng Changtu looked thoughtful:

“Then, do you want me to help? You solve people, and you will avoid troubles later.”

He jumped down closely from behind, gestured on his neck, and said:

“Relax, our Eagle’s Nest often Doing this kind of thing can definitely make people unknowingly, and people will not suspect you.”

“Forget it.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

” Xu Family, after all, it is not easy to provoke.”

Inner Sect Eight Great Families, the reason why they are famous is because each of them has once given birth to a silver powerhouse, and Xu Family is one of them.

Even though no such presence exists today, the heritage is still deep.

Compared with Xiaolang Island, it is far inferior.

“As you wish.” Zheng Changtu threw away a package:


Zhou Jia waved his sleeves, vigorously beating, inside the package The two things that were drawn out were also a token and a mask.

He had heard of these two distinct things.

The eyebrows are slightly raised at the moment:

“What does Old Zheng mean?”

“Everyone knows that there are thirteen eagles in the Eagle’s Nest, but they don’t know that the thirteen eagles have never been This is the identity token and mask of the Skyhawk.” Zheng Changtu said:

“As long as you are willing, you will be one of the Thirteen Eagles in the future.”

“What’s the matter, Old Fang will let me know, you have the Eagle’s Nest as your backing.”

“Heh…” Zhou Jia lightly said:

“This kind of thing It seems too casual, Zhou has never even been to the Eagle’s Nest, and he doesn’t know who the rest of the Thirteen Eagles are.”

“Tell you a secret.” Zheng Changtu mysterious smile:

“No one knows the identities of all the Thirteen Eagles except me, and even the Thirteen Eagles themselves only know the identities of a few familiar people.”



Zhou Jia was dumbfounded, thought about it, and put away the token mask:

“When can I go to the Eagle’s Nest?”

“Don’t worry.”


Zheng Changtu refused again, but finally let go:

“When the time comes you’d better wear a mask, some people don’t welcome outsiders, especially Bai Ying, since his wife died After that, he… became a little abnormal.”

“I will talk about business matters myself, and leave!”

Before the sound fell, a strong wind blew up in the field, Immediately the silhouette skyrocketed, like the Great Roc Spreading Wings, and a few soars were disappeared.

Zhou Jia watched the other party away, bowed his head and looked towards the mask in his palm with a strange expression.

“Eagle’s Nest?”

“Xiaolang Island Disciple, Heavenly Tiger Gangbangzhong, Sky Eagle among the Thirteen Eagles, and…”

He flipped over with one hand, and the mask in his hand changed accordingly:

“The owner of the blood vine building!”

The mask woven by the blood vine was close to the cheek, accompanied by a kind of female-like The feeling of brushing the palm of the hand, the mask has been close to the face.

Let the head shake and exert force, the mask will not fall off the face.

There is also a weird gloomy and cold aura that surrounds the body.


With the sound of scales and armor colliding, Zhou Jia’s figure suddenly increased in size, and the clothes on the outside were broken, revealing the mysterious battle inside. Armor.




The cave.

one after another silhouette walking cautiously through the narrow passage.

They were all dressed in soft armor, with heavy shields in their hands, and their bodies huddled behind the shields. Even so, they were still cowering.

It’s getting dark outside.

In the cave, it was even darker, and only the torch in their hands could barely see the front and back.

“Hurry up!”

The urging voice sounded from behind:

“If you don’t want to die, just move forward!”

“Shizhong!” Behind the crowd, a man in a black robe said:

“Are you sure you’re here?”

“Of course I’m sure.” Shizhong is short in stature Strong, carrying a giant hammer that is one person tall, he said in a muffled voice:

“The cunning rabbit has three caves, and the landlord naturally has several hiding places. This is one of them, and the most The key one.”

“If I wasn’t sure he was dead, I wouldn’t dare to come here.”

“The owner of the Blood Vine Building.” The black robed man’s voice was slightly obvious. excitedly said:

“It is said that this person is not only a powerful person, but also a doctor and a poisoner who has shot various Heaven and Earth Treasure several times.”

“There should be a lot of precious medicines here, right?”

“Of course.” Shi Zhong narrowed his eyes:

“The landlord has three magic weapons, and he is looking for Qianlixiang. , killing people with great pains, and accusing people of three colors of poison, as long as we can get one of them.”

“In the future, we will not worry about nowhere!”

“hmph!” black robed man coldly snorted, with disdain in tone:

“It’s all shady things, I prefer him to leave some source crystals and precious medicines here, it doesn’t matter if they are or not.”


Shi Zhong shook his head in disbelief.

The identity of the other party is different, and these methods are not used, but in fact, these three methods are indispensable for the blood vine building to continue to this day.

The sage, once contaminated, can be found even thousands of miles away.

And extremely difficult to remove.

It’s the most amazing for chasing and locating people, which also makes no one dare to betray the blood vine building, and even dare not kill the wicked people in the blood vine building.

For fear of being approached.

Wanrenku is a kind of strange poison. It is said that even the dark iron powerhouse with flawless body perfection can be poisoned to death.

Three-color poison is the goal of his trip.

This poison is the key to controlling the Shadow Guard of the Blood Vine Building. Once taken, it needs to be taken for a long time and cannot be stopped, otherwise it will be tortured until it is extremely miserable.

Many Shadow Guards are controlled by this poison.

The reason why Shi Zhong determined that the owner of the Blood Vine Building was dead was because no one had given Shadow Guard three-color poison for so long.


A lot of Shadow Guards have already died, and many more are crazy, and it is estimated that they will not live for long.

If he can get it.

You will be able to control a large number of competent men at once.

The Shadow Guards of the Blood Vine Building are all mortal-level experts, and they are controlled by poison. In order to get the three-color poison, they are willing to do anything.

Let them die, whatever!


A scream came from the front.

Someone accidentally touched the mechanism, the poison qi and dark arrows in the passage were activated, and the pathfinder walking at the front immediately screamed again and again, and in the blink of an eye, there was no sound.

There was only a terrified gasp.

Several unrecognizable corpses lay on the ground in front of them. The poisonous poison and even the thick shields had corroded large holes.

“Go on!”

Stone’s face didn’t change:

“Speed up!”

For the deaths of these people, he Not at all.

For this trip, they specially arrested nearly a hundred people, as well as a lot of wild beasts and living creatures.

even more how…

He turned his eyes and landed on a short and thin man with fast-moving eyes, saying:

“Lu Hu, how long is it?”


Lu Hu shuddered when he heard the sound, raised something similar to the Eight Diagrams Disk in his hand, gestured back and forth, replied :

“The distance should not exceed ten feet.”


“pu ε‘²ε‘²…”

Miserable The cry sounded again.

Immediately afterwards, there were cheers:

“There is a door ahead!”

“There is a door!”

“We When we get there, will you let us go back when we get there?”

“Quick!” Shi Zhong’s eyes lit up:

“Go over!”

The crowd was cowering, but the coercion of the two people at the back was obviously greater than the trap in front. As a last resort, they continued to approach the stone gate.

Along the way.

Poisonous Arrow, traps, iron nets…

When they actually came to the door, only seven or eight people were left, and then two others were hit by the hidden weapon on the door. , fell to the ground on the spot.

“I believe what you said now.” The black robed man nodded:

“There are so many traps, and the iron will kill you when you come. , there must be treasures hidden here.”

“Of course.” Shi Zhong smiled:

“When did I deceive my brother?”

” Lu Hu, go to open the door!”


Lu Hu should be, take a deep breath and come to the stone gate, put on gloves and explore carefully on the stone gate For a moment, then his expression changed slightly.

“Found it!”

After a moment.


As the stone gate moved towards both sides slowly, a Cave Mansion covering an area of more than 100 square meters slowly appeared in front of several people.

There are no tables, chairs and benches in Cave Mansion, only boxes are placed in the corners.


There seem to be a few more quiet rooms.

The two looked at each other, drove the living people in first, tried the traps inside, and then stepped inside.

“Original Stone!”

“Original Crystal!”

“This is…”

“Precious Medicine!”


black robed man shook open boxes, and there were many dazzling things neatly stacked in them, and he couldn’t help being overjoyed.


“Three-color poison!”

Shi Zhong also walked out of a quiet room with two black iron treasure boxes in hand , the complexion changes back and forth.

“What’s the matter?” black robed man said:

“The thing has arrived, why are you unhappy?”

“The thing has already arrived. ,but……” Shi Zhong sighed lightly:

“These are just medicines, no medicine recipes.”

Without medicine recipes, it means that once the things on hand are used up, there will be no follow-up.

“Maybe in other places.” There is no limit to human greed. Before he came, black robed man only wanted to get some Originium stones and precious medicines.

Now, want more.

“Other places?”

Shizhong shook his head secretly.

The owner of the Blood Vine Building is secretive. Even if he has been with the other party for more than ten years, he still does not know the true identity of the owner. Not much is known about such places.

Although there are still hidden locations, there is a high probability that there is no benefit, and it is more likely to be a cover used to hide people’s eyes.

“That’s it!”

He sighed softly:

“Let’s deal with people first!”

When the sound fell, his silhouette It has been disappeared in place, but seeing the afterimages circulating in the field, the surviving Pathfinders fell one after another.

It was too late to even let out a scream.

Shizhong stretched out his five fingers and was about to kill the last person when his expression suddenly changed.



“be careful!”


A roar of energy.

One silhouette suddenly burst into flames, fighting with Shi Zhong in close quarters.

This last survivor is a black iron expert!


In the muffled sound, Shi Zhong was swept away with a kick, smashed into the mountain, and the two iron boxes in his hand were also snatched away by the silhouette.

Black robed man silhouette flickering, seeing that it was too late to intervene, first blocked the door and retreated.

“Yang Xuan!”

Shizhong propped up his body from the gravel, corner of the mouth flow blood, his eyes staring at the silhouette:

“You didn’t die?”

“I’m disappointed.” Yang Xuan reached out and wiped his face, lifted the human-skin mask, revealing a face with a scar on it, coldly said:

“This Yang did not follow the landlord.”

“It seems that you have not gained the landlord’s trust.” Shi Zhong first gave a disdainful smile, and then said:

“Since you are here, I want to come here for the owner’s treasure, but do you think you alone can defeat the two of us?”

“Two?” Yang Xuan sneered:

“How much strength do you have left?”

He made a sudden shot just now, but he had already injured the opponent.

“Even if there are seven points left, it’s enough to help Brother Shui take you!” Shi Zhong looked gloomy, and reached out his hand to slowly pick up the giant hammer behind him.

“Seven points?” Yang Xuan hummed softly, looking towards black robed man:

“Your Excellency really want to fight this Yang to the death?”

” What I’m asking for is just what I have in hand, may you and I join forces to solve the surname Shi, everything else here is yours!”

“Brother Shui!” Shizhong face changed:

“Don’t fall for his alienation plan!”

“…” The black robed man’s eyes flashed, he had already seen Yang Xuan’s strength, and he was not fully sure of taking him down, while Shi middle.

“Why is this?”

black robed man suddenly chuckled:

“There are so many things here, even if the three of us are divided equally, it is more than enough!”

“Big… lord.”

At this time.

Having been huddled in the corner, Lu Hu, who was silent, said tremblingly:

β€œThere is another person behind you.”

(End of this chapter)

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