Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 179


Chapter 179 Landlord

Is there someone behind?

black robed man heart startled, the silhouette standing on the spot is suddenly divided into three, the three silhouettes are each applying movement method, moved towards three directions.

It’s hard to figure out if it’s true or false.


It’s amazingly fast.

Shi Zhong and Yang Xuan also face changed, moving their bodies silently, with vigilant eyes moving towards the entrance.

The cave was already dim, with only a few torches shining in all directions, and the passageway at the entrance of the cave was even darker.

Even with the eyesight of the black iron powerhouse, I can only see a dark shadow, standing in it.

“Three body steps?”

A low, powerful, cold voice sounded:

“People from Feimu World?”

Along with the sound, the silhouette also slowly walked into the Cave Mansion. The expressions of Shi Zhong and Yang Xuan changed drastically, and they stepped back subconsciously.

“The landlord?”


The visitor is tall and burly, wearing a dark red robe, with a fiery red cloak behind his back and a waist hanging from his waist. A long sword with a spooky mask.

That mask…

It looks like blood-infested vines, woven by skillful hands, and the vines are like surging blood tendons, terrifying and terrifying.

Weeping blood ghost face!

The logo of the owner of the Blood Vine Building!

As the visitors stepped in, a gloomy, chilling, and eerie atmosphere silently enveloped the audience.


After being shocked, Yang Xuan first noticed something was wrong:

“You are not the landlord!”

“Not bad. !” Shi Zhong’s eyes flashed:

“The landlord has never worn a weapon with him, nor is his body so tall.”

Shan Muhua is tall and thin, and often pretends to be weak. The patient who came was burly like a Bello man, comparable to a black bear.

Both, completely different.

As for weapons…

No one knows what means the owner of the Bloodvine Tower is familiar with, but it is true that he does not often bring weapons.

“Who are you?”

Yang Xuan shouted:

“Why is there a ghost face of the landlord?”

Zhou Jia’s expression was hidden behind the mask, and he glanced at the audience with interest, and his gaze was paused on the black robed man who was suspected to be Fei Mu’s world Martial Artist.

Only then spoke slowly:

โ€œturn up without being invited is called a thief, and if you donโ€™t ask yourself, you are called a thief.โ€

โ€œIt seems that I am here , today is a thief!”

“Fart!” Shi Zhong said lowly:

“Who are you, dressed up as God, playing the Devil, the landlord is dead , what he left behind, as it should be by rights belongs to us.”

“Brother Yang!”

He looked towards Yang Xuan with a tense expression:

“What do you say?”

Yang Xuan’s eyes flashed, and then he vomited one mouthful of impure air, his body swayed slightly, and his muscles, bones, and flesh wriggled as if alive.

In the blink of an eye, the whole person grew stronger.

There is a more condensed meaning, which emerges on itself.


Zhou Jia tapped his hands, and the soundtrack praised:

“Yang Family Overlord Body, Yang Xuan, you are afraid that you have already cultivated to the Third Layer Come on, in your lifetime, you are expected to advance to the middle stage of black iron.”

“Except for Nie Guanwen, the Blood Vine Building is your greatest potential!”

“You don’t need to be pretentious.” Yang Xuan said in a muffled voice:

“The landlord is dead, there is no doubt about that. Do you really think that you can become the landlord of the Blood Vine Building by wearing the bloody ghost face?”

“Hehe …” Zhou Jia chuckled lightly:

“Then guess, where did I get this mask from?”

There was silence in the field.

Dendrobium in the corner is even more chilled.


No one has ever seen the real identity of the owner of the Blood Vine Building. It stands to reason that as long as you capture the face of the Weeping Blood Ghost, you can substitute the fake for the real.

How could the owner of the Blood Vine Building give the mask to someone else?

The real landlord is dead.

Then this person…

The murderer?

“Want to bluff us?” Shi Zhong coldly snorted:

“The landlord goes to deal with Lei Batian, the two sides should perish together, this bloody ghost face, I’m afraid your Excellency picked it up from there Right?”

“Even if it’s not, it’s your lucky chance to take advantage of their both sides to suffer!”

He didn’t believe that someone could solve Heavenly alone. The Peak experts of Tiger Gang and Blood Vine Building, at least no one in Shicheng can do it.


Certainly not!



Zhou Jia tapped his palms, and the soundtrack exclaimed:

“Good guess .”


“There is no prize!”

“Brother Yang!” Shizhong voice mentioned:

“Today is the internal conflict of the Blood Vine Building. We shouldn’t let outsiders take advantage. The three of us will work together to solve this person, and then the things will be divided equally.”

“One of three fights, even if he is the real landlord , don’t be afraid!”

“hmph!” Yang Xuan coldly snorted, glanced at the black robed man beside him.


Shi Zhong had already brought outsiders here.

“I have no opinion.” The black robed man said:

“At first, I will propose that things should be divided equally, but other things don’t matter, but I want to take the most of the treasures here. share.”

Yang Xuan’s eyes flashed.

I’m mysterious, and it must be related to the death of the owner of the blood vine building. It seems that he wants to take over the things of the previous owner.

He finally got rid of the previous owner of the Blood Vine Building, how could he repeat the same mistakes?

I was condensed in my heart, and was about to make a decision when I heard Zhou Jia say:

“I heard that some time ago, Xiaolang Island went to a youngster for more than ten years. He has entered Grade 7 at the age of 1, so he can be said to have boundless prospects!”

Yang Xuan’s body stiffened, his eyes fixed on each other, his eyes were full of fear.


“Don’t worry.” Zhou Jia said calmly:

“As long as you continue to do things for me, the youngster will be fine. Otherwise… Xiaolang Island is not a safe haven.”

“Brother Yang!” Shi Zhong face changed and said anxiously:

“Don’t be fooled, just solve it. This person is still afraid of his threats? Do you still want to continue to be controlled by the Blood Vine Building?”

Yang Xuan struggled, his hands were even tighter and looser.

Long time.

Fang shook his head slowly, and said in a harsh voice:

“I can’t take risks.”

“A wise choice.” Zhou Jia’s voice tape smiled:


“Don’t worry, I’m different from the previous owner of the Blood Vine Building. As long as I work hard, I will never treat you badly.”


Shi Zhong roared loudly. :

“Even if I die, I will never want to be manipulated by others!”

“Brother Shui, come on!”

In the roar, his hands The giant hammer has been smashed out.

One Hammer, No Bloodstone was also famous in his early years. He didn’t leave a living hole under the hammer. Later, he was controlled by the Blood Vine Building and became a murder puppet.

For more than ten years, he has been thinking about getting rid of the blood vine building all the time.

The one-handed hammering method has reached a peak realm under the tempering of these years.

This is full of anger, went but never returned, the huge Cave Mansion immediately roared with strong wind, and countless gravel crash-bang fell from the wall.


The air, under this hammer, also banged violently.

The air waves roared and roared in all directions, and Dendrobium in the corner screamed and flew out, and his head broke blood for a while.

Yang Xuan’s eyes flashed, he was about to stop his steps, and a blade glow suddenly appeared in front of him.

It was the black robed man who intercepted it.


The black robed man movement method is amazing, two machetes protrude from the black robe, like a clever poisonous snake, slashing in a flash, covering several feet in front .

Yang Xuan’s footsteps stopped, his fists rubbed, one after another smashed the blade glow.

The black robed man didn’t entangle, he used his strength to jump up, moved towards Zhou Jia and rushed towards where Zhou Jia was. The two machetes were hidden behind the stone, begin to stir.


Yang Xuan’s expression remained unchanged, but his feet slowed down slightly.

For a while.

He was at the back, knowingly or not, causing Zhou Jia to face the siege of Shizhong and black robed man alone.



A sword roar that seemed to come from the depths of Nine Nether resounded from the field.

Together with Jian Yin, the huge Cave Mansion is like suddenly falling into the abyss, and a bone-piercing cold from the heart quietly emerges.

In Yang Xuan’s perception.

A pitch-black sword glow protrudes from the scabbard of the mysterious person and points on the incoming giant hammer.

The giant hammer in Shizhong’s hand weighs more than 800 kilograms. With the full outburst of the black iron powerhouse, a house made of steel essence can also be shattered.

The sword glow is dim and weak, while the giant hammer is violent and fierce. There is a difference between the two as heaven and earth. They collide with each other, and the sword glow bends down immediately.

But next moment.

The sword glow bent to the extreme, and suddenly burst out with the power to tear everything. The dark sword glow even made no foreign object exist in the perception.

Life Seizing Sword!

Great Perfection!


The sound of ghost chirps reverberated in the field.

Stone’s body stiffened, his arms were raised high, the middle door was wide open, a blood stain appeared between his eyebrows, and the fear in his eyes gradually lost its luster.


The black robed man turns with the electricity, the blade light fills the sky, and the silhouette is divided into three parts, moved towards the passage and rushes away.

Shi Zhong’s strength is clear to him, the two are not equal to each other, Shi Zhong spares no effort, but he can’t even hold on to three moves in front of his opponent.

How could he not be afraid?

There is no hesitation in the moment, inspire Bloodburn Secret Technique, Person and Blade Unity, and rush forward.

The three-body step is a secret tradition of the church. After the transformation to Paladin, the three-body step is even more wonderful, making it difficult to distinguish the true from the false.

Black robed man’s Blade Technique is equally good.

It seems simple and straightforward, but it cuts straight to the point where the sword glow can’t help, and when Zhou Jia retracts his sword to defend, he suddenly bursts out and flees.

He’s clearly experienced when it comes to running away.

The dark shadows flickered eerily in the passage, blinking several feet, like a ghost.


coldly snorted from behind.

Immediately, countless cold and bone-piercing sword lights rushed forward, like a wave, covering all the winding passages of dozens of meters.


“pu ๅ‘ฒๅ‘ฒ…”

Countless sword lights were strangled madly, black robed man insisted desperately, but it was only Final Struggle, with the sword light closed, black robed man also stiffened in situ.


The shirt is torn apart.


The corpse fell to the ground.


Under the mask, Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows slightly.

merfolk, the cultivation is the secret technique of the church, and it seems that there is also a Martial skill of the Dili tribe, which is mixed with the stone in the blood vine building.

What is the origin of this person?

Shaking his head, he stopped thinking about it, no matter what status he was in front of him, it was the same after death.

Turning around, Yang Xuan facial expression grave.

The two black irons are so unable to withstand a single blow in front of each other. In terms of strength, I am afraid they are not much worse than the previous owner of the blood vine building.

Seeing Zhou Jia, he slowly lowered his head, and the soundtrack was respectful:

“The landlord.”

He is stronger than Shi Zhong, but his strength is limited. .

The opponent kills two people in the stone with no difficulty, so killing him will not be troublesome. The three of them joined forces just now, and I am afraid they are not his opponent.

“en. โ€

Zhou Jia nods, looking towards Lu Hu who is shiver coldly in the corner:

“Who is this person?”

“This person’s name is Lu Hu.” Yang Xuan replied:

“The strength is mediocre, but he is proficient in organs and secret locks, which can be used in many places.”

” Is that right?” Zhou Jia looked towards Lu Hu:


“Lou… the landlord.” Lu Hu was pale and covered in blood, hearing this kneeling on his knees. The ground kowtowed eagerly:

“The villain is indeed proficient in such skills. The villain learns from the door, and the tutor is an Imperial Court Grade 1 locksmith. It must be useful.”

“I will open secret doors and secret locks, please forgive me!”

“I can spare your life.” Zhou Jia’s voice was indifferent:

“But You have to prove your strength, and don’t play tricks in front of me, are you right?”

Lu Hu’s body stiffened, then he kowtowed heavily, trotted to the wall, stretched out his hand and groped for a note down, then press successively some unremarkable bumps on the wall.


The stone wall shook lightly, slowly opening a crack, revealing the dark room inside.


Yang Xuanโ€™s face changed, and he took a deep look at Lu Hu:

โ€œGood boy, you clearly know that there is a dark room hidden here. , but never said it, the guy in the stone died rightly!”

“I don’t dare.” Lu Hu fell to his knees, his body shrunk into a ball:

“Little People are also in order to guard against the unexpected, afraid that the stone will kill the donkey, so they keep one hand to protect themselves. “

Zhou Jia motioned:

“Take out the contents.”

Shan Muhua’s temperament is gloomy, even if it is in the secret room, it is difficult to protect Safety, in case of poisoning, let Lu Hu try it first, and he can also guard against one or two.


Several books, one after another, were placed in front of Zhou Jia.

In the past several decades, Shan Muhua has been seeking medicine and asking for medicine, not a fake, but a real achievement. He even compiled a Poison Scripture by himself.

Others seek medical attention to save people.

He seeks medical attention, but in order to kill people and control others.

Three kinds of strange poisons, all of which are inevitable.

Shaking his head, Zhou Jia swept the Poison Scripture and his eyes fell on a cultivation technique called the Serpent’s Breath Conditioning Method.

Shan Muhua has been pretending to be sick for so many years, not only famous doctors, but also Lei Batian, the pulse master and the others have not found any clues, relying on this skill.

“Heavenly snake restrains its breath…”

“Precious medicine!”

With a wave of his hand, the things in front of him were disappeared, and all of them were collected into the universe.

These methods also made Yang Xuan and Lu Hu, who saw them in their eyes, feel even more fearful. It seems that this is not a martial skill that can be explained.

โ€œWhere is Lao Wu?โ€

Turning around, Zhou Jia spoke slowly.

The several black irons controlled by the Blood Vine Building, Shadow Guard, the master of the stone, Yang Xuanzhang fought each other, and Lao Wu had various channels in his hands.

The dark lines of the Blood Vine Building, the secretly controlled shops, the staff installed by the Great Influences, etc…

These are all under the management of Lao Wu.

Talk about trust.

In addition to believing in Yuan Xisheng, Shan Muhua is probably the old Wu, not even Nie Guanwen, who normally appears in his place.


Yang Xuan raised his eyes and said cautiously:


“Dead? “Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows.

Old Wu is the weakest among the black irons in the Blood Vine Building, but no matter how weak he is, he is also a black iron, and he also has the identity protection on the surface.

Immediately asked:

“Who killed it?”

“His concubine.”


Zhou Jia’s voice is weird:

“His concubine, kill him?”

“It’s true.” Yang Xuan is also puzzled:


“My subordinates don’t know how his concubine became a black iron, but this woman can be considered a person of status in Shicheng now.”

“What’s her name?”

“Call Qingxue!”


Zhou Jia waved:

“Go find her.”


The things in Old Wu’s hands are almost the lifeblood of the Blood Vine Building, so he can’t ignore it.


Yang Xuan bowed his head and bowed his head in a respectful manner.

He understood.

The Blood Vine Building will inevitably reappear.

Zhou Jia was lost in thought.

He was able to compete with black iron at the time of ordinary rank, and now he has achieved black iron. Although the divine brilliance has not broken one level, thanks to the blessing of Dragon-Tiger mysterious embryo, the background is no less than two. Guan people are weak.

Use the Great Perfection Realm’s Life Seizing Sword, which can cut three levels of expert.

Incites violence.

A person who can defeat the God-Huang Jue to break through the five levels.

If you hold an angry thunder knife and a double-edged axe, with the blessing of five thunders, it will be even stronger.

On the contrary, it is the Xuanbing Battle Armor, which can increase the perception of Power of Heaven and Earth at ordinary levels. It is not very useful now, and it is almost useless after breaking three levels.


Except for a few late-stage black iron powerhouses, in this stone city, be fearless!

(End of this chapter)

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