Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Yuanxing


Huang Ying stomped on the ground with one foot, her body shot straight out, at the same time her arm was like a long sword, with a wisp of cold light moved towards Zhou Jia straight cut.


The long knife collided with the shield, and it was unsuccessful.

The so-called double-knife look away, single-knife look at the hand, one missed hit, Huang Ying did not stop there, shaking her wrist, the knife in her palm slashed back and forth.

The physical fitness of Grade 2 tiger bone made her dance the knife in her hand into a circle of knives, and the silhouette was almost invisible.

“Duh duh!”

Zhou Jia bowed slightly, held a shield in one hand, moved slowly under his feet, and kept waving the shield to block the incoming blade light.

Not long.


Huang Ying stopped and wiped the sweat on her forehead:

“Take a break.”

Every blow she makes seems to be simple, but in fact, she is trying to use the strength emission skill she has learned, which consumes a lot of physical strength.

Of course, the strength is also sufficient.

“en.” Zhou Jiap nods and looks at Chen Hui and the three of them:

“You come.”

“Again?” Last collapse:

“You don’t rest? It’s been several rounds.”

“No need.” Zhou Jia’s voice was cold:

“Don’t Complain, you are the weakest here, if you don’t practice much, in case of danger, no one may be able to save you.”


Although Zhou Jia’s words It’s ugly, but it’s true, Chen Hui only sighed, and greeted Dai Lei and Cheng Qi to take up arms and surround them.

Different from her.

In these days, Dai Lei and Cheng Qi fled and fought each other.

The three teamed up, and Zhou Jia only used a shield to resist, but there was a back and forth.

“Pong Peng!”


The club hits the shield and bounces high.

Grade 3 Zhou Jia has long physical strength and amazing movement speed. Although he is besieged, it is more than enough to resist.

It’s just that he’s a little weird.

Compared to Chen Hui and Dai Lei, Cheng Qi’s strength is a bit too strong, and his expression is even more gloomy, gnashing teeth from time to time.

When did you offend this guy?

On the contrary, it was the other party, who panicked and fled when he encountered the armored monster, and left himself behind.



A trace of electric light emerged from the shield and fell on Cheng Qi along the stick, instantly making his body numb and his hair standing on end.

“Pu pass!”

He fell to the ground.

“Cheng Qi!”

Chen Hui and Dai Lei hurriedly stopped and ran over.

“This is a good move, even that one-horned beast can electrocute.” Not far away, Fatty Han’s eyes lit up and shook his head again, the soundtrack is regretful:

” It’s a pity that it doesn’t work from time to time, and I don’t know if I can count on it when I really do it.”

“Big Brother Han.” After confirming that Cheng Qi was fine, Zhou Jia said:

“Let’s practice?”

“Again?” Fatty Han frowned, looking at him with a meaningful look:

“Zhou Jia, there is an old saying that is good , haste brings no success, with our strength, no matter how much we practice, we can’t compare to those guys.”

Gao Libing is a bastard.

Damn it!

But Zhou Jia’s frantic squeezing of himself is also not desirable.

Not to mention the difference of Grade 3, even if it is the same Grade 2 tiger bone, with the skills mastered by the four, they can also hang all of them.

“I know.” Zhou Jia’s eyes twitched and he said blankly:

“I still have some strength.”

He is Grade 3, The stamina is naturally higher than others, but after several rounds of rotation, the body has indeed reached its limit.

Close your eyes, a light curtain emerges in your mind.

Name: Zhou Jia

cultivation base: Normal Grade 3 Inner Strength (235/1000)

Origin Star: None

martial skill: Shield Reverse Entry (8/10), Source Power Entry (2/50)

The inner strength has increased a little, which should be energy intake. There is a fruit similar to coconut in the forest. Replenish energy.

If you eat more, your strength will increase, especially for newcomers who have just come to this world.

This is what Situ Lei said, it should be true.

And the promotion of the shield-reverse entry is due to his own efforts.

It’s really hard work!

This light curtain is purely a product, except that it can display some things digitally, I have not found any other use.

The six-point increase in the shield counter is due to Zhou Jia’s hard work.

That is to say.

When he is proficient in his own martial skill, the data will increase. There is no direct addition of points to drive the martial skill proficiency, which is very regrettable.

You can also see the importance of famous teachers.

Stuart Lei pointed out a little, and there are two points, and Zhou Jia practiced hard day and night for two days, only added six points, which is still entry level.

apart from this , I also learned a lot of news in the past two days.

For example.

This world Not all nights have a red moon.

This is very important, because only when the red moon is hanging in the air will the corpse undergo mutation and become the walking corpse in his mouth.

As long as it is a corpse, mutation will occur!

And every time the red moon appears, the strength of the last mutant corpse will increase a little.

For this reason, destroy the corpse and evidence becomes the instinct of all living creatures.

apart from this.

The dangerous things in the forest are not only wolf head monsters and mutant walking corpses, but also man-eating trees, snakes in the water, and strange birds in the sky…

All kinds of energy There are countless things that kill people.

Being trapped in the palace for a few days was a blessing in disguise for Zhou Jia, who had never encountered so many hardships.

Of course, more is unknown.

What kind of world is this?

Can I go back?

How did they get here?


“The fog is dissipating.”

Eating the pulp, Zhao Gang said:

“Depending on the situation, use Before long, the fog surrounding the forest will disappear completely, which seems to be very important to those four.”

“en.” Fatty Han nods:

“Although I don’t know. The reason, but they want us to get to the place as soon as possible, it should be to kill the monster before the fog clears.”

The four of Situ Lei are not often in the team, but their every move is seen by everyone In the eyes, some situations can also be analyzed.

The foursome didn’t mind showing their emotions.


In their eyes, the crowd is not worthy of their deliberate cover-up.

“I asked.” Huang Ying said in a low voice:

“The people who came from Earth were concentrated in two hours. They all came here.”

β€œHow many people would it take?”

Zhou Jia complexion slightly changed.

Although there is a winding mountain road, it is also one of the two main roads from the city to the countryside, and the daily traffic flow is amazing.

“There must be quite a few.” Huang Ying’s eyes drooped slightly:

“There should be thousands, but now, there are only fifty-seven left.”

Zhou Jia was silent.

Fifty-seven people are all here, maybe there are still scattered people in the forest, but a few people are almost impossible to survive here.

“Don’t think about it so much.” Fatty Han said:

“Most of the survivors have already been purchased, and they can protect themselves even in danger.”

“hmph!” Zhao Gang coldly snorted:

“I’m afraid someone won’t let us do.”

Several people’s hearts sank.

There are so many of them, even if they encounter a pack of wolf-headed monsters, they are not afraid, but they have to be held hostage by those four people and go to places that they know are dangerous.

Speaking of which, there is only unwillingness and anger in my heart.

But no one dared to resist, and those who resisted were not even able to leave their bodies.

“Let’s go!”

At this time, the silhouette of the whip girl Wu Ying appeared on the branch and moved towards the crowd:

“There is a werewolf in front of you. Resident, you go to practice your hands, and then you will arrive at the place, don’t look like you are going to die or live.”

She glanced at everyone coldly, with a disdainful smile:

“Hurry up. !”

“Which one is slow, don’t blame me for not having long eyes on my whip!”

Her whip is so powerful that many people have seen it, and no one dares to say more at the moment. Scattered up and moved towards one direction.

Not long.

A place similar to an ancient simple camp appeared in front of everyone.

At the same time.

In the distant jungle, a piece of red light shrouded about a certain distance.

There, it should be the destination.


Zhou Jia stopped abruptly, his eyes looked suspiciously towards the location of the red light.

In my mind.

The stars seemed to sense something, the halo suddenly burst, and the subtitles fell:

Found the source star!

(End of this chapter)

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