Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 180


Chapter 180 Goddess

Riverside Residence.

An elegant Inn in Shicheng.

The Inn is located on the upper floor where the four rivers of the inner city meet.

This day.

The Inn has emptied of foreign guests, just to entertain two people.


“Both of you please!”

As the door opened, Heavenly Tiger helped Elder Zeng Conglong warmly greet him.


Once from the dragon body, the body is not high, but the voice is very loud, and the beard face is more arrogant, but this person’s reputation is mostly known for being vicious and sinister. Can only say that you can’t judge a person by appearance.

He greeted him with a big laugh, cup one fist in the other hand:

“This morning Zeng felt full of energy, and he was puzzled until he heard that there was a noble person When I came, I suddenly realized.”

“It turned out that I was waiting for you.”

“Young Master Xu, I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time!”

“This time it’s Cai Brother, Xuantian Alliance Inner Sect Hei Tie, really extraordinary, and the difference between Heaven and Earth from those of us unorthodox.”

“Elder Zeng is very polite.” Cai Qi handed over.

Xu Chang nodded gestured, her eyes were involuntarily attracted by the white clothed woman behind her, and she didn’t want to look away for a long time.

The woman has a beautiful face and a graceful figure, her skin is as bright as jade, and her beautiful eyes are like stars. A simple gift is impressive.

Dressing up in white clothed clothes adds to the heroic spirit that is rare in the daughter’s family. The heroic spirit is weak and makes people want to protect themselves.

The eyebrows are charming and the face has a divide splendor.



Obviously it is a pair of diametrically opposed words, but when placed on this woman, it seems as if it should be by rights, and it seems to have achieved a wonderful balance.

Even Cai Qi, who is experienced and knowledgeable, couldn’t help but praise him.

What a woman!

“Young Master Xu.”

The woman’s voice was crisp, like a happy lark, which also brought Xu Chang back to her senses:

“Little girl clears the snow, see you I’ve been to Young Master, and I’ve seen senior.”

“It turns out that you are Qingxue Girl.” Xu Chang’s eyes lit up, and she couldn’t help saying:

“As expected, you are a person like the breeze and the skin. Like Bai Xue, seeing the girl today is really the blessing of three lifetimes for this Xu person, and it is worthwhile to come here.”

“Young Master Xu.”

Qingxue beautiful eyes Slightly turned, with anger and shame.

It was considered rude to say that when we first met, but her charming expression showed her displeasure without making people unhappy.

The scale is just right.



Zeng Conglong gestured:

“Zeng Mou is ready For food and drink, just wait for the two of you to be seated, Shicheng is not as good as Inner Sect, small place, don’t mind the two of you being neglected.”

“Don’t dare.”

Maybe it was the reason of Qingxue, The depression in Xu Chang’s heart was swept away, full of energy, and even his eyes seemed to have light:

“Both of you first please!”

Although he is ordinary Rank, but as a child of the Xu Family, the people who come and go are all black iron, and they are not stage fright.

It’s just the identity, it’s different.

The four of them sat down one after another and exchanged cups, and the atmosphere became more and more eager.

Especially Qingxue, the first time I saw this woman, she was clothed whiter than snow, heroic, and seemed extremely difficult to get close to, but she was exquisite on the wine table.

Especially towards Xu Chang’s attitude, the detached, sometimes charming smile almost drew people’s souls out.

“Since Gang Lord was killed, Heavenly Tiger gang people have been alarmed, and there are wolves glare around like a tiger watching his prey.”

Zeng Conglong put down his wine cup and sighed:

“As the saying goes, the hearts of the people are united, the mountains move, and the Old Guys of us all know that the Heavenly Tiger gang can’t continue to mess up like this.”

“Gang Lord candidate , it must be decided as soon as possible!”

Cai Qi and Xu Chang glanced at each other and both smiled.

The Heavenly Tiger gang today is just a puddle of muddy water. As outsiders, they don’t know what’s going on inside, so they won’t rashly intervene.

A fragrant wind wafted, Qingxue sat down near Xu Chang, said with a smile:

“Actually, there are only a few candidates for Gang Lord, and it’s almost the same. , we are just worried about making trouble for this position.”

“When the time comes, relatives are sad and enemies are quick.”

Speaking, he reached out and brought the wine glass to Xu Chang Before lips:

“Young Master Xu said, is this the truth.”

The beauty is on the side, with a beautiful figure that can be grasped, and the warm breath almost sticks through the clothes The skin also made Xu Chang feel hot.

Now nodded:

“Ms. Qingxue said yes.”

“Brother Zeng.” Seeing this, Cai Qi hurriedly said:

“This is the housework of the Heavenly Tiger gang. As outsiders, it is not convenient for us to intervene.”

“Brother Cai is too worried.” Zeng Conglong shook his head:

“Who is the candidate for Gang Lord, not to mention Brother Cai, even Zeng Mou doesn’t care, he just doesn’t want to cause disputes within the gang.”

“If the two of you can talk a little… “


“No problem!”

Cai Qi’s words were interrupted by Xu Chang’s wave:

” We are in business, and naturally we don’t want Shicheng to be chaotic. If we can solve such a problem early, it will be convenient in the future.”

“Uncle Cai, do you think so?”

Cai Qi’s expression darkened.

If the other party said something nice, when the time comes it’s not just that.

“It’s still early.” Qingxue filled the two with drinks with a smile, and said:

“It will be the time of conscription soon, and this time is considered Gang The selection of the Lord also needs to be put down, maybe when the time comes has already been decided.”

“What the lady Qingxue said is.” Xu Chang nodded, leaning on the other side subconsciously.

The two of them put their shoulders and arms together, smiling, and the distance is getting closer and closer, and they can even clearly perceive each other’s breathing.

“Drink, drink!”

Zeng Conglong raised a glass, as if he didn’t realize it:

“Speaking of which, Qiu Vice-Gang Leader’s son should Chen is also an inner sect disciple of the Xuantian Alliance, but he has been staying in Shicheng and never had the opportunity to consult an inner sect expert.”

“Brother Cai, if you have time, may wish to give some pointers.”

Qiu Yingchen,

This time Heavenly Tiger is one of the candidates to help Gang Lord.

Cai Qi frowned, and was about to open his mouth to refuse, when his ears suddenly trembled.


Qingxue also stopped the movement of her hands, and the expression of laughing with Xu Chang became solemn, her beautiful eyes filled with doubts, and she looked out:

“It seems…”


With a muffled sound, Zeng Conglong slapped the table and stand up suddenly, and the strong wind rushed open the doors and windows , the fragile window paper is all split up and in pieces, and he roared out with his eyes wide open:

“How dare you come here to make trouble!”

“Huh? “…”



The abnormal sound came from outside, the sound came from all directions, and it was accompanied by The screams and wailing from time to time also caused the faces of several people in the house to change color.

Their eyes were startled, and their hearts were even more angry.

This is Shicheng.

Several people are the most Peak people in the city.

How dare anyone come here to make trouble?

“Clear the snow!”

A hoarse voice drifted in the wind, flickering from east to west, and the location was unpredictable:

“Kill The people from the Blood Vine Building took our things and wanted to get out, do you really think that if you achieve the black iron, you can be unscrupulous?”

“The Blood Vine Building?”

” How could it be!”

The complexion greatly changed and jumped out of the house one after another.

In the hospital.

The guards who were originally placed on the periphery have turned into corpses at some point, and the only remaining guards are also facing the siege of many black clothed persons.

These black clothed persons are vicious, attacking but not defending. They are fierce and unafraid of death. Even if they break their arms, they don’t say a word.

With such a ferocious method, even if the guards are stronger, they are not opponents.

One by one, dying one after another.

Just a moment.

The riverside residence is full of corpses, and the smell of blood is pungent.

“Shadow Guard of the Blood Vine Building!”

These methods made Zeng Conglong’s face tense, and he rushed to the battlefield.


A black shadow came from the dark, and it swung both fists in midair.

“Black Iron!”

Cai Qi and Qingxue shrank their eyes, just as they were about to make a move, they all stopped.

A blast of cold murderous intention came from the air.

Murderous intention If there is any substance, it is bitingly cold, and the surrounding vegetation is instantly frosted, and the night starlight seems to have dimmed in perception.

And expert!


In the darkness, one silhouette walked slowly.

The person who came was tall and burly, with a blood-red strange mask on his face. Surrounded by many Shadow Guards, his scarlet eyes fell on the two of them.


“The owner of the Blood Vine Building?”

Qingxue narrowed her beautiful eyes, then shook her head:

“Impossible, you’re not him. Old Wu said that the owner of the blood vine building is dead. Who is he? Where did you get the bloody ghost face?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am.” Zhou Jia Indifferent voice:

“Where’s the stuff?”

“hmph!” Qingxue coldly snorted:

“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about , this is Shicheng, you dare to show up for someone who can’t see the light?”

“It seems that you won’t shed tears they see their own coffins.” Zhou Jia shook his head, looking towards Cai Qi :

“This matter has nothing to do with your Excellency, it’s a private matter of our Blood Vine Building, please step aside.”

“Impudent!” Before Cai Qi could speak, Xu Chang had already Angrily said:

“Things that hide their heads and show their tails are also deserved to be boiled shamelessly here, Uncle Cai, teach him a lesson, Qingxue rest assured, nothing will happen.”

Qingxue hearing this , smiling back, also made Xu Chang elated.

Cai Qi’s expression did not change, but looked at Zhou Jia coldly:

“Your Excellency is leaving now, there is still time.”

“Heh…” Zhou Jia Qinghe:

“Xu Family, what a big face!”

“It seems you know.” Cai Qi raised his head:

“That’s not enough. Get out of here!”

“It seems that you don’t understand.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“even a powerful dragon cannot repress a local snake!”

“Don’t think that you can be supercilious if you have made a black iron and rely on the Xu Family.”

“In that case, I don’t mind letting you understand a truth!”

“Here is Shicheng, not the Inner Sect resident, a dark iron Early-Stage, Xu Family, Inner Sect’s background will not play a role here.”

“You guys!”

“Do A wrong decision!”

The voice curled, the silhouette fluttered, and the two of them tightened their bodies at the same time.

While Cai Qi was vigilant, he also felt a little strange from nowhere, as if the other party’s words sounded very familiar.

Where did you hear it?

“Be careful!”

Qingxue’s low drink brought him back to his senses instantly, and Zhou Tianjin swept his body.


The silhouette of Zhou Jia swayed, instantly approaching the two of them, a pair of scarlet eyes stared at Qingxue, and the voice echoed in the air:

“The aura on your body makes me feel very familiar.”

“What is your origin?”

The reason why he said so much is not long-winded, But on Qingxue’s body, he did feel a familiar aura.


Mrs. Wang of Huo Family Fort!


Qingxue hummed softly and flicked her fingers.

Refers to the arrow technique!

This is a spell that is widely spread in the Feimu world. It can burst out energy from the fingertips, and the formidable power can be large or small.


only slightly windy.


fits through walls several feet away.

But even Cai Qi, who knows a lot of Fei Mu’s world-renowned mages, has never seen such a terrifying arrow technique in front of him.

one after another The energy pierces the air, and the extreme speed even causes a gas explosion, and the waves of air visible to naked eyes explode in front of him.

The energy shot straight for dozens of meters, piercing through two walls made of bluestone one after another.

More than one arrow!

The complexion of Qingxue, who was still soft and gentle just now, turned cold.

In an instant.

The tens of meters in front of him were covered by countless air arrows.

Two rows of bluestone walls with a length of more than ten meters, there were countless holes in an instant, and the deafening rumbling sound sounded only a moment later.


Cai Qi’s eyes narrowed, unable to bear sucked in a breath of cold air.

Xu Chang at the back collapsed even more, subconsciously taking a few steps backwards, and seeing Qingxue’s eyes again, there was more fear.


Zhou Jia stood within the shrouded range of the air arrows, the sword light pulsating around him, the gloomy wind whistled, forcibly resisting the attack The air arrow, the voice also became cold.

“Who the hell are you?”

“You are new to the Black Iron, but you have such a strong source power, and you are still using the spell of Fei Mu world. I heard you not long ago. Obviously never practiced martial arts!”

From what Yang Xuan found out, although Qingxue’s usual performance was quite scheming, his cultivation base was almost negligible.

The temperament,

also different from today!

Such stunning, previously impossible is not known, that is to say such a change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, only happened in a few months.

“You talk too much.”

Qingxue coldly snorted, while suppressing with the arrow technique, waving long sleeves, stream of light cover down:

“Cai senior, please also take action. This man has been troubling the stone city for decades, and his hands are full of blood. He is a wanted criminal by the Yamen and Xuantian League.”

The streamer fell, and some turned into invisible mountains , some evolve into thousands of chains, and some are even more murderous intention cold and severe.

It’s all an extraordinary spell of formidable power!


Cai Qi’s eyes flashed and he flew towards him.

He also doesn’t understand Qingxue’s identity, but it doesn’t matter.

Even in the medium term, it is severely limited.

If you take action from the side, you will be able to solve the problem.

As for the question of Qingxue’s identity, when the ‘Blood Vine Building’s owner’ is resolved, the sect will be answered, and someone will naturally come to ask.

Heaven and Earth Strike!

great circulation If the boxing technique is all-encompassing, Zhou Tianjin, who has broken the two orifices, can even make the black iron mid-term expert, and should be avoided temporarily.

Not every black iron cultivation technique has to pass ten levels.

Zhou Tianjin only has sixth layer.

Cai Qi, who has already developed his second skills, has very few opponents in Dashicheng, so it is no wonder that his imposing manner is full.

The fist strength collided with the sword light, and was about to break the sword, when suddenly my heart jumped.


The strength of the comers is far stronger than imagined!


At the moment when he was in shock, the violent sword qi roared up.

It seemed like a dark night emerged from Zhou Jia, covering all directions in an instant, and everything in perception turned into darkness.

Deadly murder!

Great Perfection!

sword intent suppression!

“pu pu… ”

The sound of the blade cutting the flesh sounded, Cai Qi’s heart froze, fist strength exploded frantically, but he couldn’t stop the more and more wounds on his body.

And the core of the sword intent is not him.

It’s clear snow!



A scream came from the darkness.

The sound was like thousands of thorns just pierced into the eardrum, Xu Chang was hit hard, and his body staggered backwards, and Cai Qi couldn’t help groaned.


Behind the clear snow, a strange dark figure appeared out of thin air.

The black shadow has a pair of bat-like wings, half of the body is hidden in the snow, and the other half of the body is floating in the air.

A divine, Death Aura emerges from the shadowy body with wings outstretched.



Qingxue and Heiying roared at the same time, their voices overlapped, and there were several inner Destruction Power sounds. Halo, moved towards Zhou Jia and blasted away.

At this moment, the aura on her body also increased several times.

Dark Iron Mid-Peak!

However, it may not be suitable for some aspects, so that ‘it’ cannot perform too complicated techniques, and can only use the most basic spells such as the arrow technique.


Zhou Jia coldly snorted.


Under the Xuanbing Battle Armor, the fleshy body rose again, and the violent sword qi expanded, actually including the small courtyard of the riverside residence.

Heavenly sword qi intertwined into a net, moved towards all the crazy killings inside.


In an instant, the house collapsed and shattered, and countless rocks all split up and in pieces.


One after another silhouette was blasted away by sword qi, and he vomited blood in the air.


It was smashed into pieces by the endless sword qi.


Zeng Conglong’s heart in the distance jumped wildly, and suddenly burst out with all his strength to temporarily force Yang Xuan to retreat. The fearful Xu Chang fled outside.

At the same time, he raised his hand to activate the unique communication signal of Heavenly Tiger Gang Elder.

He even shouted:

“The landlord of the Blood Vine Building is here to commit a murder, come and arrest him!”

“The landlord!”

Yang Xuan wanted to chase after him, but when he saw this, he hurriedly stopped and looked at the arena.

The sword light dissipated in the field, and Zhou Jia stood in the field with two corpses lying in front of him.

It was Cai Qi who was terrified, and Qingxue who was a little weird.

He looked thoughtful and waved lightly:



(End of this chapter)


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