Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 181


Chapter 181 begins

The so-called a sly individual has more than one plan to fall back on.

In Shicheng, there are also many industries secretly controlled by the Blood Vine Building.

One of them.

‘The owner of the Blood Vine Building’ sits in the middle, and on the table in front of him, there are several things found from Qingxue and Lao Wu’s place.

Zhou Jia picked up a chalcedony-like object and examined it carefully.

“This thing is called the source of marrow.”

Yang Xuan explained:

“Such a small piece, the inherent source power is comparable to thousands of sources Crystal, pure source power is condensed into essence, so it looks like this.”


Zhou Jia slowly nodded, and was a little puzzled:

“Such a pure and solid source power, I am afraid that there is no way to refining it, and it is not made by Innate, so what’s the use of making it?”

Tell the truth.

This kind of solid source power, even if it is a silver powerhouse, he doesn’t think he can directly refining it.

It’s like air.

After being compressed and liquefied, it is impossible and then absorbed through breathing. If it tries to condense into a solid, it is highly toxic to ordinary people.

Forcibly taken, but courting death.

“This…” Yang Xuan hesitated, and said

“I don’t know what it is for my subordinates, but whether it’s the military or the six clans, they are all secretly buying this thing. , there should be some special use.”

“No matter how bad it is, the source crystal can be exchanged.”

Shaking his head, Zhou Jia put down the source marrow and looked towards the black wood carving beside him.

β€œDivine Idol!”

This woodcarving, he also bought one in the Huo Family Fort before, the size of the two is almost the same, but the details are different.

The sculpture is said to be the Spiritual God of Feimu world.

Of course.

With Zhou Jia’s knowledge, I can’t tell which Spiritual God it is.

“Lord.” Lu Hu said:

“If my subordinates read it correctly, this Divine Idol should be the Light God of Fei Mu world, but it is only worshipped with the church. There are some differences in the Light God.”

“Are you sure?” Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows.

Even Yang Xuan was surprised, after all, the wood carving was dark in color and gloomy, and it was similar to God of the Dead.

As a believer, it is absolutely impossible to get the Spiritual God worshipped by oneself wrong.


Lu Hu nodded:

“The villain once solved the organization for the church and has some understanding of the Spiritual God they believe in. “

“Lord, please see, Light God is in charge of the holy fire, the sky, and the Divine Domain, which represent three kinds of authority respectively, and also refer to three kinds of weapons.”

“Fei Mu world’s There are quite a few Spiritual Gods, but none of them are the same as Light God.”

“Heh…” Yang Xuan lightly said:

“The Spiritual God, which symbolizes light, is carved into this kind of ooze. The appearance of a person is it possible that the Light God of Feimu World has also fallen?”

This is the Ruins World, even the Spiritual God of the other world can’t control it. Of course you can joke around.


After thinking for a while, Yang Xuan said:

“From what we found out, Old Wu was a year ago. He has already started to worship God in secret, and thinking about it now, his death is not like being killed by someone.”

“It’s more like a willingness…”

“Sacrificing !”

“It is after this sacrifice that Qingxue’s strength has skyrocketed, and there may be some connection.”

“In addition, it is our industry, among which A lot of them are used by them to attract believers, but fortunately, the time is short, and there are still some leftovers.”

Zhou Jia did not say a word, and his expression was gloomy behind the mask, looking thoughtful.

Some information Yang Xuan did not know, but presented it directly to him, among them was the matter of Lao Wu and Qingxue worshipping gods.

In their mouths, Qingxue is Goddess, Saintess, a carrier of some kind of existence.

There are many believers in this kind of Spiritual God.

There is also good news and bad news.

The good news is,

These believers are scattered in many places, and they are not connected to each other. They will not poke a hornet’s nest by killing Qingxue.

And Lao Wu and the others worshipped God not long ago, there were not many local believers, and their influence was even less.

The bad news is,

Every Goddess and Saintess has an envoy by his side, and the strength of this envoy is usually stronger.

This angel may be eyeing him.


It should be eyeing the landlord of the Blood Vine Building.

“The landlord.”

Seeing that Zhou Jia was silent, Yang Xuan asked for instructions:

“This thing is ominous, do you want to destroy it?”

“The landlord.”


“en. ”

Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

“You!” Yang Xuan turned his head, pointed at a Shadow Guard, and threw a pill at the same time:

“Destroy it!”


Shadow Guard took the pill excitedly, stepped forward to pick up the sculpture, thought about it, and threw it out violently, raising his hand to shoot the hidden weapon.



His hidden weapon is a Thunder Fire dart, it explodes when it encounters anything, and the burning flame is still very strong of adhesion.

The wood carving was hit by the hidden weapon, shattered immediately, and was disappeared in flames.

“It’s okay.”

After waiting, seeing nothing out of the ordinary, Yang Xuan’s tone relaxed:

“It seems that the so-called god is here. It’s not good either…”



The Shadow Guard standing in the field exploded, flesh and blood flying all over the sky, and the bones and internal organs were twisted and crushed by an invisible force.

Even Zhou Jia never noticed when the problem occurred.

The field was quiet.

The corners of Yang Xuan’s eyes twitched, and his hands trembled slightly. Fortunately, he let a Shadow Guard try, otherwise he might not have a good end.

“That’s it!”

Zhou Jia forcibly suppressed the ripples in his heart and said calmly:

“This is the end of this matter, and there is no need to mention it in the future.”


Yang Xuan lowered his head:

“By the way, there is one more thing, I forgot to report.”


“The merfolk that Shi Zhong had invited before, the body is gone.”


Zhou Jia looked up:


“That place will be abandoned in the future. If there is an order, I will notify you separately.”


Yang Xuan should be.




At this time, there was a dull drum sound outside the house.

“Those who are pregnant are not eligible, those who are taller than a rut, and those who are over sixty years old are not eligible, and those who are exempted from military service for reasons, rewards, gifts, and merit are not eligible.”

“The rest!”

“All recruits!”

“It’s time for recruiting again.”

Yang Xuan turned his head and looked towards the outside of the house.

Seemingly aware of the restlessness of the people in the city and the impending wind and rain, he sighed with emotion, and when he returned to his senses, the landlord was already disappeared.

Small courtyard.

Zhou Jia took out a bottle of precious medicine and smiled.

These things are all accumulated by Shan Muhua for many years. For a person who has opened six levels, the hidden treasure is naturally not Mortal Grade.

Among them, nearly 30% are precious medicines containing the essence.

“Two months!”

Zhou Jia’s eyes flickered:

“After the conscription period is over, you can break through!”

And the precious medicine in his hand is enough for him to break through the two levels.




Xiaolang Island.

Above the great hall, several people sat.

The people here are rarely heard of in Shicheng.

However, their words and deeds have affected the clothing, food, housing and transportation of many people in the city, and even birth, aging, sickness and death.

“The conscription has passed.”

This generation, the pulse master of Jinhuang lineage is the Yang Family.

Yang Shizhen is over 70 years old, but his Essence, Qi, and Spirit are still at Peak due to the cultivation base in the later period of Hei Tie, so he glanced at everyone and asked:

“Heavenly Tiger’s position in helping Gang Lord, what do you think?”

“Lei Cheng, the name speaks for itself, is mature and considerate, treats others with kindness, and is deeply loved by the gang, I think he should be chosen. For the new Gang Lord.” An old man said in a muffled voice.

“Third Uncle.” Although Xue Xiao is a woman, her temper is the hottest. He heard the voice:

“You won’t be taking advantage of Lei Cheng, right? Temper, obediently and honestly, it’s okay to be a rich man, how can you be a Gang Lord?”

“In my opinion, Qiu Yingchen should be chosen!”

“It’s not right.” Yang Yunyi shook his head:

“The Heavenly Tiger gang was shot down by Lei Batian with one hand and one foot. The prestige is so great that even me can’t intervene. I am afraid that choosing his surname will cause resistance.”

“Isn’t this better?” Xue Xingjian said:

“The Heavenly Tiger gang should not be named Lei, it should be Xiaolangdao, if the Gang Lord is owned by the Lei Family, who would know Us?”

He sneered and said bluntly:

“The reason for changing the surname now is to let them understand who is the real master.”

“It’s too hasty. !”

“Not bad!”


Although there are no outsiders here, this practice still arouses the dissatisfaction of many people, especially It’s someone who has a plan.

“Everyone.” Until the only two foreigners in the field, Nalan Yede said:

“Have you found any clues to the murderer of Lei Batian and Shan Muhua? “

There was silence in the field.

Everyone was discussing the choice of Heavenly Tiger to help Gang Lord, and they quarreled with each other.

This generation Xue Family patriarch Xue Lietu said in a deep voice:

β€œLei Batian Shenhuang Technique has broken six levels, plus the perfect control of Zilei Blade Technique, ordinary He is also not his opponent in the later stage of Hei Tie.”

“Guo Wuduan, the owner of Tianshui Village, was also considered a great man of a generation, but he also died in his hands.”

“Additionally Top order Muhua, Yuan Xisheng, etc…”

He sighed softly and said:

“Even if it’s me and the master of the pulse, we can’t be sure to solve all the people.”


The implication is that I intend to deal with this matter very quietly and not continue to pursue it, so as not to provoke unnecessary disasters.

“Is it possible.” Someone whispered:

“They fought each other, perish together?”

“How is it possible?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, I have seen Lei Batian taking care of Shan Muhua all these years, how could such a thing happen?”

There was an uproar in the field.

“I’m just talking.”

“nothing serious…”


Yang Shizhen frowned gently, To stop the noise in the field, I can’t help but feel depressed.

Compared to the Heavenly Tiger gang, although these people on the island are more powerful, they obviously lack the sophistication of people and do not have much experience in doing things.

Sure enough.

The matters of the Heavenly Tiger gang can only be left to them to handle themselves. It is better for these people on the island to rest assured.

“Send a letter.”

After waving his hand, he said indifferently:

“Tell Lei Cheng, Lei Mei, Qiu Yingchen and the others, Gang The Lord’s candidate Xiaolangdao will not be overly involved, and it depends on their own choice.”

“Whoever the Heavenly Tiger gang supports, this Yang will not refuse.”

“The Vessel Lord !”


Immediately, there was a voice of resistance in the hall.

Especially some people who don’t like the depression of Xiaolang Island’s ascetic cultivation, they have long thought of joining the Heavenly Tiger Gang to be free and easy, and naturally they are extremely unhappy.

When Lei Batian was around, they couldn’t reach the Heavenly Tiger gang.


How can we miss this opportunity again?

“Let’s do this first.”

Xue Lietu said:

“The Heavenly Tiger gang can’t continue to mess up, until the Gang Lord is elected, Let’s talk about other things.”

The heads of the two families have come to a conclusion one after another, and even if others have opinions, they can only obey them obediently.

At the same time.

Xue and Yang, one from each, joined the Heavenly Tiger gang.

One is for the Heavenly Tiger gang, so as not to be coveted by outsiders, and the other is to strengthen Xiaolang Island’s management of the Heavenly Tiger gang.

From behind the scenes, gradually turned to the front.




β€œElder Zhou!”

Lei Mei waved his hand, and someone presented himself. On top of a thick shield:

“What you want.”

“many thanks.” Zhou Jia folded his hands, and his eyes lit up when he saw the shield.

This shield is mixed with a lot of mines collected by the Blood Vine Building. It was forged by experts from Heavenly Tiger, and it is already a black iron mysterious soldier.

Hold the shield and swing it gently.

There is no air-breaking sound, the movement is smooth, and it seems to have no weight, but even heavy artillery strikes will never break this shield.

Grip with five fingers.


A layer of invisible strength quietly enveloped the surroundings.

It’s like a circular shield that tightly wraps Zhou Jia without leaving any gaps.

The four-phase shield shakes!

After the 3rd-layer shield against Perfection, after many days of rummaging in the library, Zhou Jia incorporated a body protection method called Sixiangjin.

It is called,

The four-phase shield shake.

Four-Phase Shield Shock: Mastery!

After several blessings, the rank of this shield technique is also excellent among the Innate Martial Skills, second only to Xiaolang Island’s Three Powers and Six Techniques.

Unless in the middle stage of Dark Iron, I am afraid that the shield defense cannot be made unstable.

The gang strength was solid and heavy, and the invisible pressure also made Lei Mei subconsciously retreat. When he came back to his senses, he couldn’t help applauding:

“The circumference of Dragon Fruit is really The talent is extraordinary. In just a few months, the cultivation base seems to have grown again, and Lei Mei admires it!”

“It’s an award.”

Zhou Jia looked at the other party, and there was a hint of surprise in his eyes. :

“Ms. Mei’s cultivation base has also increased a lot during this time, I’m afraid it’s not far from the black iron.”

In his opinion, the aura on Lei Mei’s body The prosperity has been no less than the ten grades of many Cultivation for many years, and you can even try breakthrough.

It looks like it.

Lei Mei also had a chance.

But he was not surprised by this. With the background of the Heavenly Tiger gang, it was no problem to push one’s cultivation base to the ordinary peak in a short period of time.

Especially when the other party has the support of many people.

“These days, Elder Zhou has to work.” Lei Mei sternly surrendered.

“It should be.” Zhou Jia’s expression was indifferent:

“Since it is the order of the pulse master, Zhou should obey it. I don’t know where Miss Mei plans to go today?”

“He Zhuzhu, the 13th Brother.” Lei Mei said:

“He Zhuzhu is one of the three major bosses in the gang, and is highly respected, even in front of my father. There is support, this time I want to get his support first.”

“And 13th Brother.”

She sighed and said:

” Nowadays, the family business may not be guaranteed, and I don’t want to have disputes within my family, and the result is that outsiders are cheap.”

He Ming!


Zhou Jia nods to express his understanding.

He Ming is located in the south of the city, and the distance is relatively close. The entire group will naturally go there first, but unfortunately, the other party is not at home today.

I went to a restaurant for a banquet instead.

It wasn’t Lei Mei’s banquet.


Seeing Lei Mei’s displeased face, Zhou Jia said slowly:

“Miss Mei said she was coming?”

“Not bad.” Lei Mei nodded, his face tightened:

“Let’s go to the restaurant!”

He knew he was coming, but avoided meeting somebody, He Ming Her attitude has obviously changed, which is extremely detrimental to her.

Came to the restaurant and was stopped again.

“Ms. Mei, the person you’re looking for is not there.” The shopkeeper shyly bowed and apologized:

“Otherwise, you can ask somewhere else.”

Lei Mei’s face turned blue, his hands clenched tightly on the reins, a smile appeared on his face after a long time, moved towards Zhou Jia and said:

“Elder Lei, today Why don’t you go to the 13th Brother first.”

“He Master…”

“Come back at night!”

She didn’t believe it, the other party could keep hiding .

“Miss Mei, you are the leader of the gang.” Zhou Jia shook his head gently:

“How can you be trapped by such trivial matters.”

“I’ll come!”

He sighed softly and walked upstairs.

“What are you doing?”

The two guards guarding the stairs changed color when they saw it, and stretched out their hands to stop them.


Zhou Jia waved his hand, and the two of them flew out.

cultivation base: Shenhuang Jue First Level.

(End of this chapter)

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